Son Tae Young 5 Months Pregnant Photos

Photos of Son Tae Young were uploaded onto various Korea portal sites recently with the post title 5 months pregnant Son Tae Young.


From the photos, we can see that Son Tae Young doesn’t quite look like she is 5 months pregnant, with her tummy still looking quite flat. Since returning from a vacation in Australia with her husband Kwon Sang Woo on 11th December, Son Tae Young has been staying at their Samsung-dong most of the time, awaiting for the arrival of their baby in Spring 2009. Many fans left comments, praising Son Tae Young for looking so radiant still and wished her all the best.


22 thoughts on “Son Tae Young 5 Months Pregnant Photos

  1. Still not happy about how they had a shotgun baby. That baby be fricking cute or I’m not forgiving them.

    But yea, since this IS her first baby, her tummy has never stretched before so it looks small. But once she has another baby it will be quite noticeable.

  2. that is ok .. for 1st time her pregnancy.. coz she never pregnancy before… after 5 months.. the baby will grow up fastly… dont worry her baby will be small…. its normal for young girl who never pregnamcy before…

  3. My mom was the same way!

    She was pregnant with my eldest sister and they (both her and his family) didn’t know she was even pregnant until she was about 8 months when my dad went to buy her some fruits…. obviously, they figured out when my mom kept eating a certain (for preggo) fruit!

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  5. @VALXD what does your forgiveness matter.
    It’s their life, if they wanna have sex before marriage, let them be. It’s not up to you to decide whether they did wrong or not.

    Anyways, she’s a pretty mommy.

  6. LOL ^ agreeed what does it have to do with your forgiveness? What nonsense.

    Yea I kinda suspected it was a shotgun baby hopefully it wasnt because of the baby that kwon sang woo was forced into marriage. Hope the baby got big eyes and beautiful skin just like both of her parents !

  7. thin women don’t show the first few months, especially if they have a fast metabolism. remember that the only reason women get larger is because they eat much more, not because the baby’s large.

  8. 5 months? and that little??? I’m getting worried!
    Her stomach should be pretty big right now. She needs to eat more! It’s a bit unhealthy for the fetus.
    I can understand celebrities not wanting to get fat, but if you’re pregnant, you really can’t help it. You need to gain some weight for the baby.
    Just pick up on some exercising after he/she is born.

    On the other hand, I can’t wait for the baby to be born!! ^^
    Kwon Sang Woo + Son Tae Young = PERFECT BABY
    I swear that baby would have the pefrect genes!!

    @Bernice: Well, if she was 5 YEARS pregnant, she’s have a freaking gigantic stomach…. JK… ^^

  9. Yeah she have the tell tales of pregnant woman, like her breast actually bigger than when she was in the wedding pics. Because she is so thin.. we can’t really see the baby’s bump. Example : Nicole Kidman , she was 8 mth pregnant but look like she was just 4 mth pregnant. But Sunday Rose was born perfectly.
    So hopefully, KSW n STY will have healthy and cute baby that everybody will adore !
    Coz we girls kinda spewing when he got married… so this better be a good and cute baby :p as compensations for us KSW fans !! Hahahaha

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