Seo In Young and Crown J Announces “Divorce” in Newspapers

The Ant couple Crown J – Seo In Young from MBC star wedding variety We Got Married placed a “divorce” notice in local newspapers, announcing their impending departure in their own style from the variety show today.


The notice wrote (translated by gomdorii):

The Ant couple is breaking up,
thanks you guys for giving us so much of your love during that time

To my hubby ant who pretended to love me for the year!

Crown J!! I was really happy… and thank you.

– From the wife of the ant hubby in We Got Married, In Young

picture credit to snowy22@soompi

On the 22nd, Seo In Young appeared on the live radio broadcast on MBC Radio’s (91.9Mhz) ‘Jungoh’s Hope giving song’ and expressed her thanks to Crown J with whom she had been a pretend couple with for an year on We Got Married. She shedded tears as she read out her letter to Crown J and listening to listeners’ requests. In Young also revealed that she had prepared a special event during their last day of filming for We Got Married.

72 thoughts on “Seo In Young and Crown J Announces “Divorce” in Newspapers

  1. Seo In Young can cry?!
    Haha just kidding.
    That’s cute how they put their divorce notice out in the newspaper.
    I have a love/hate relationship with the Ant couple but I can’t deny that,
    The show will have an even more empty hole when they leave :[

  2. aww that’s so sad..
    i stopped watchign wgm b/c it got boring and new couples just dont appeal to me. but i guess i’ll tune in for their departure b/c i like this couple, just not enough for me to stick through the whole show.

  3. well who can deny that they actually seemed real and had chemistry i mean that was the only reason i kept watching them..and Crown J’s sweetness ^^

  4. thanks coolsmurf for the information and gomdorii for the translation. sob sob i never know seo in young will be crying for their departure. i thought she was strong.Looking forward to seo in young special event for crown j. It seems all the four original couple wept while leaving. It is too much for me to take when hwangbo cried and now seo in young. Gosh this show made me cried alot when the couple depart.

  5. my favorite couple of wgm! i’ll miss them dearly! It’s gonna be hard watching them say goodbye…they’ve become very attached. they’ve worked together countless times on music and performances; it’ll be really difficult to say goodbye.

  6. Man, theyve been together for so long. All the original 4 couples who left cried. WGM may not be doing so well now, but no doubt it has made a great impact on all those was part of it. I think Ant couple’s departure will probably be the saddest one of all. Sigh.

    Can anyone imagine Crown J & In Young, the stylish bickering couple, crying? OMG SO SAD.

    Ah, hopefully someone loves them enough to sub their parts.

  7. Aww man…after they’re gone, it’s going to be the end of all the old and original couples. I’m going to miss them so much. They weren’t my favorite couple, but I was really fond of them…

  8. my fave couple! I’m sure they’ve been really happy together on the show. Aah, gonna cry for their departure, cos I’m already crying reading this article!

    Ant couple jjang!

  9. I think the ant couple had the greatest chemistry out of all the couple, although they were not my favorite. Seo Inyoung must really feel attached to crown j, cuz she did all these things. She doesnt seem like the type to show lots of emotion.

    Good luck to the both of them.

  10. Ant couple is actually really cute…
    i will miss them… al lthe bickering and whining…
    but i guess inyoung needs her rest…
    she looks really pale in all the latest wgm episodes…

  11. that is so sweet of her to place a notice in the newspaper. had given up watching wgm for quite some time, after the departure of anbi. but now i rreallyyy want to watch their last ep!!!

  12. *sniff

    I was a fan of all the original couples to some degree, they just have a chemistry that the new couples haven’t developed yet. I’m not the biggest Mania fan, but I am going to miss them (pre Don Don). I hope they see each other in America, I can see them staying friends, if they don’t start dating.

  13. I missed the Lettuce couple, and now Ant-Witch. Kinda regret for watching this program, it only brings sadness to the viewer at the end. Why can’t they make the departure a little more positive instead of sobbing and heartbreaking. WGM sucks!

  14. Seo In Young cried ……. gosh… all girls from the orig couples were sad and cried in departure… what a terrible show it is …

  15. I’m gonna miss them I actually think more then the lettuce couple or Alshin. When things were sad they made me ROTFL and I do the “A” sign alot now. As attractive as the other guys are I want a hubby like Crown J a slave xDDD
    and well Seo In Young… you had cute moments that’s pretty much it.

    Man WGM is dying.

  16. Wow, all the good couples are leaving, I really hope that in the future they would do some kind of reunion with the old couples. That would be the best and I’m guessing many people would love to see that.

  17. in young cry?? thats like rare haha.

    but they are leaving too? gosh! all the couples had left.
    what left is there for me to watch?

    it started with sucha happy atmosphere..still remember..alshin, ansol, CIY, and hyungdon. Then they renew some couple. But the greatest takeover was SSANGCHU COUPLE! they leave an impact on me. seriously.

    this show is getting boring. Even kangin joining in doesnt hyped me up.

    but wouldnt it be great if they put all the guy groom from each of the boybands? JJ/Yunho,Changmin, TOP/GD, Heechul/Eeteuk/Kyuhyun, Kyujong. The studio will be pack with fans haha.

  18. all i could do now is smile for them since all the times they (all the couples) spent together on WGM was really too wonderful to put into words

  19. so sad… i love the “new arrival”/ant couple!! they will be missed…i watched WGM, it felt like a whole different show…. i miss them already

  20. so sad.
    the ORIGINAL WGM couple is leaving.
    the note is sad but hopefully they can still be friends and what not!
    SIY can cry, she cried in KAIST too..
    I dont want to see them leave…

  21. This is really too sad… I just started to recover a bit from Joongbo’s departure and now, watching Inyoung cry, it just hurts…

    I vow to never watch a reality show like WGM again… It just makes me really sad to see the ppl I like on the show cry.

  22. lovethemboth.
    AntCouple, goodlucktobothofyou.
    Keepthefriendship. Watchovereachother.


  23. Our oldest couple T.T

    Regardless of how much chemistry can be seen between other couples, Seo In Young and Crown J definitely has the most. When other couples argue, they will have a silent treatment or something. But with these two, despite the fact that they love to argue, they got to the point that when they do have a fight, they will learn to compromise and such. I have to admit that I didn’t like them at first, but I fell in love with the couple after I started watching them around the tenth episode.

    Like a few others, seeing Seo In Young cry is not something that can be seen any day. There are times where she seems like she takes advantage of Crown J, but like she said on YSMM, she usually tests guys for a year before deciding on what to do with them.

    I know it’s just a reality tv, but if these two do end up dating one day in the future, I will be really happy because even though they are different, yet similar, in some ways, the two of them do work out well with each other.

  24. one of the most entertaining couples..i am so saddddd!!!!i wanna know why though…uggh,,i am so’s like,when i’m gonna watch the new couples i’ll still miss the old couplesssss!!!…

  25. what’s even more sad that this are actual feelings shown,i mean i know it’s artificial and it’s like a role playing show but i am gonna missss them!

  26. I love these 2 just like I love the Lettuce couple & the AlShins. WGM wouldn’t be the same after they leave.

  27. aww~ another couple divorce!!!
    they’re not my fav. couple..
    but seeing they leaving the show makes me sad…
    crown j has been really good to in young…
    just hope that they would become real couple..

  28. I already feel that I’m going to really miss them.
    I haven’t watched the show in the past month after Al-Shin’s departure, but i feel like i want to watch this episode. D;

  29. Hey guys, just wanna tell you that ktinsj(gomdori) has decided that he/she will sub the ant couple parts this week. Thankyou gomdori.

  30. the last original couple is leaving??I’m sad T_T I really like the Seo In young/Crown J couple, even though they argued alot they definately had GREAT chemistry. You could tell that even though it was a fake relationship, it was a loving one…omo…..She’s crying? That’s such a shocker but we all now that In Young is a loving person.She really must have cared for Crown J and the rest of the WGM cast.Whats the show going to be like after they leave? I guess I’ll have to get used to the newer couples if thats possilbe lol

  31. i will miss the AntWitch couple, no other couple can replace them in attitude & style.

    i saw some subbed stuff of SIY in KAIST, she seemed pretty cool with the other students, & she had a crush on one & they were cute together, maybe it is the guy who sent her that text on WGM.

  32. the show will be dead. inyoung changed so much thanks to crown j, and revealed a loveable side of her, anyone can see that and im sure they will keep in touch, they’re quite alike and awesome together

  33. Seeing the Ant Witch crying is a good way to sum up 2008 We Got Married.This show has a spell to make anything impossible becomes possible..
    i would never have a thought that Seo In Young can cry, but then..
    Everybody knows that In Young is going to America for a vacation, and Crown J is going there too..
    Who knows they might return as Mr and Mrs Ant, officially..
    I expect the unexpected…

  34. WOW!!! Ant couple is one of the best for me they are always funny and i think their love was awesome many memories for us to remember. Goin’ to miss them lots AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

    Fav memory: When they when to the water-park, the fight at the baseball field and the fight on the Ant tour lol Fighting

  35. i heard muish is not going to sub WGM anymore… is there anywhere else i can download the subs ? can anyone tell me pls ? i am a fan of WGM.

    Many thanks !! 🙂

  36. i am not a fan of Ant couple, even at first, i really like to watch em together, but since their relationship is flat every episode, i am no longer following their ep like i follow JoongBo ep..

    however, i feel sad for InYoung when she cried, since its time for their farewell as well.

    Hwangbo and Inyoung is the type of person who wouldnt let their tears shown to others, but during their farewell, i guess the tears cant be hold, and let it out burst. that’s why we can see, their feelings can not be considered as fake, and they really feeling upset since its their last time together.

  37. among all the couples I love ANBI the most and then JoongBo and Ant couple came 3rd…
    but I predict that the Ant couple are the most likely to get married to each other in real life because of their pretend marriage…
    And because both of them have a song that features each other…

  38. well, i love crown j and so jealous of inyoung..
    but they’re so damn funny..
    it’s not fun without them…
    the new couples are boring..
    marco sondam bi?? no way!!

    btw, inyoung can cry?? she’s a witch!!

  39. They were one of my favorite couples. But I’m alright about their departure from show. I do think the Ant couple are even more exciting when the first season couples were still there. They blended in more. Now…maybe producers can’t think of any new material for them to make Ant couple stay alive, and I would assume the Ant couple have their own career to focus on. One year is a long time…I mean, most non-married couples can’t even last 6 months. Well just like most Ant fans, I hope some real life spark will occur between the two in the near future. Thanks for article and happy 2009 to all!

  40. Seo InYoung is not very evil afterall…
    i guess she is one of those who look really tough and rude on the outside, but love fills her heart inside ^^
    fighting ~~ Ant Couple~
    and i hope inyoung would have a good vacation in the states

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