Lee Jae Won and Female Trainee Clears Up Rape Confusion

Former H.O.T member, Lee Jae Won who was accused of rape last Friday by a female trainee, gave his side of the story in a phone interview yesterday.

Lee Jae Won

In a phone interview with Edaily SPN, Lee Jae Won pleaded his innocence at being misunderstood by everyone, “I swear to God that I did not force or lure Kim (the female trainee) to drink alcohol. Nor did I resort to violence. Despite the numerous news reports which say otherwise (false reporting) and caused me lots of hurt, I have to say sorry for creating such a ruckus. I hope that the other party will not suffer any hurt because of this whole issue as well.”

According to Lee Jae Won, he explained that on 10th December, he was with the female trainee, his manager and another person named Lee. All 4 were together drinking until the very end. The female trainee, Kim was dead drunk and couldn’t control herself anymore. Lee Jae Won and his manager could only bring Kim to a motel near her home in Yeoksam. Kim’s outer jacket was a mess with her vomitting, so they took it off and washed it before leaving together. But Kim misunderstood the whole thing and the rape allegation followed.

Lee Jae Won was hauled up for questioning on the morning of 19th December but reached an agreement with Kim at noon to settle the issue. But the agreement did not reach the police station until the late hours and Lee Jae Won was only released from custody and cleared of all charges by 11.15pm.


The following is a translation by fULL_mOOn@Soompi of a message by the female trainee, Kim to Lee Jae Won’s management company, expressing her regret over what had happened and clearing the misunderstanding.


“On the night of 9th December, I met with 2 managers of the company and also Lee Jae Won. We went out to have some drinks and after one of the managers left, the rest of us continued to drink till I got drunk and was vomiting continuously. As such, Jae Won Oppa and the other manager was worried about my health but unsure of the exact location of my house and thus they sent me to the motel. I was alarmed the next morning, when I found out that I was in a motel! Those who left the night before had also played a prank on me and thus the misunderstanding was even deeper. I thus, sued Lee Jae Won and the 3 managers but later withdrew my appeal after knowing the truth.

I felt that there is a need for me to speak up since there was misinterpretion between the news and the truth. I grew up listening to H.O.T and hope to build a friendly hoobae – sunbae relationship with Jae Won oppa. I sincerely hope that this would not affect H.O.T’s reputation and Jae Won’s solo activities.”

56 thoughts on “Lee Jae Won and Female Trainee Clears Up Rape Confusion

  1. she should have cleared things up before even trying to sue them >.<.. but good to know it was all a misunderstand.. but this misunderstanding has caused a huge dent to lee jae won’s career.. =(

  2. She should have asked from the truth before suing him!
    She tarnished his image. She almost/has ruin his career!
    I don’t know how Jae Won will ever forgive her.
    If I was the CEO of the company, I would kick her out.
    I hope she never debuts.

  3. No offence everyone, sorry, its just my own opinion only.. i also hope that the matter is just this simple, but another part of my mind was thinking this matter probably is more than what it seems to be. this may be just a cover up, to not blow the matter as it will affect lee jae won’s career. there may be some discussions made to wrap the matter up.

  4. i agree with tsemin.

    in the last article I read, Lee Jae Won said they did have sex, but it was in fact consensual and he didn’t force her. Now they’re making it seem like he never spent the night with her.

    sorry, but this girl did not file for and believe she was raped just because her outer jacket was off. I honestly doubt she thought she was raped if she woke up completely dressed. Do you guys really believe she thought…”oh, my jacket is missing…I was brought to this motel, raped, and then he dressed me again after…even putting my underwear back on.” Nobody would jump to those conclusions and actually FILE.

    She’s a trainee…and I’m sure they talked to her and told her that her future as an entertainer would be destroyed if she’s forever known as the girl who was raped by LJW. Not to mention LJW’s career would definitely be over…I think it’s possible that they pressured her into taking the law suit back.

    Please don’t be so naive to believe that this un-named trainee was only looking for money/glory. Keep in mind that this is Korea…when it comes to rape and sex, they’re very conservative. Look at the entertainer who’s being sentenced to jail for adultery. Obviously, Korea still has this “man’s world” mentality, because I honestly believe if the entertainer were a male she wouldn’t have been judged so harshly. So please don’t judge this trainee so quickly and think that everything’s so black and white.

  5. Something is definitely FISHY with this storyline.

    Would she not know the difference between rape and mutual or drunk sex? I mean, if she was serious enough to file to sue, then I think something is maybe up. I’m sure a few threats or money is involved but anyway, I hope the lady is fine!

    Rape is SERIOUS and people shouldn’t take it so lightly.

  6. Hmmm…she might not have gotten rape, but they probably did have sexual intercourse. Didn’t LJW admit to that?? But whatever….

  7. @ baj: agree with what you said.

    When I read this updated news, first thing that came to my mind was, “didn’t he say before they have sex together ‘willingly’ because they were drunk?

    Suddenly the story became about a jacket that was taken off… Err… okay….

    They shouldn’t say anything in the first place though then trying to cover up the story…

    Hope the trainee is okay..Poor girl… 😦

  8. ok, i’m confused. he admitted they had sex…now it was a prank. this is veryy shady. i really hope his management company didn’t pay the girl off to lie. if i were the police, i would continue the investigation…

  9. wow. this is what it said in the article a while back

    A representative for the police station expressed, “Lee Jae Won has denied the rape allegation and explained that sexual intercourse took place after they both got drunk (without being aware of what was happening). As the victim has asked for Lee Jae Won to be put on trial while the latter has denied raping her, the case had to be futher investigated before further action could be taken.

    i think the management paid her or something.
    it does say that jae won admitted having sexual intercourse after they got drunk.

  10. This story doesn’t add up. When the news broke out, LJW’s camp said it was mutual sex (even if it was under influence of alcohol). Now it’s all misunderstanding on the trainee’s part!!!

    I don’t think any girl would file a rape case just because her outer jacket was removed!!!! Come on how dump would this sounds?

    It’s certainly very fishy and probably there’re more to the story.

  11. But he did admit to having sexual intercourse with her — where’s that statement, now? So it’s all just a misunderstanding on her part? I don’t believe that.

  12. …someone should investigate the first report where he admitted the sex part…then go on from there…if he admitted the act then why this and why now only?
    …are they playing pranks that make fools of everyone including the police?…then the police could sue all of them too…and this is what …newspaper fodder?

  13. Some of the earlier reports were FALSE as in not true. It seems we have to break it down for those that don’t read in detail. I’m sticking to Lee Jae Won I doubt that he would actually rape a girl when he could get any desperate bimbo on the spot.

    To me this is over.

  14. it may sound fishy… but what was the reason for LJW to rape her? i mean, he’s not some unknown celeb that can’t get any girl he wants. quite the contrary.. hmm ?

  15. Can someone explain how Korea’s justice system works? Why is she suing? In America, when women are raped, and the rapist is found, the victim presses charges. They want the guy locked up… not to PAY THEM. That’s fishy to me too, however, I also don’t think that any woman would think she was raped just because her jacket was off. Puh-lease. I smell so much fish…

  16. ah..it sounds fish at the same time i hope they are right i mean who wants to see their childhood idol becomes like this? i don’t even know what to say cuz i totally feel for the girl!!

  17. lol. uhhh. id wanna screw jaewon. HAHAHAHAHA.

    but anywho. =/ i am a bit disappointed. aigoo…otoke..OTOKE?!?!! fighting to jaewon. and…im not liking that kim chick. -___-“

  18. i bet you ANTHING, that girl was PAID to shut up and tell lies. it dosnt make sense! they brought her to a motel?! because they were concerned over her safety???!! lol, i unno mann, sounds kinda shady to me. the way i see it is that someone had the chance to take advantage of a hopeful trainee and jumped on the opportunity right away. this just shows how DIRTY the korean entertainment industry can really be. ssssiiiiiiigh, i feel bad for both of them.

  19. To clarify things, past reports are false… Jaewon did not sleep with the girl!!! This was a prank gone bad.

    I really wonder how the investigation is in Korea. I mean, if she was really raped, then they could’ve done testing on her, like a vag swab or something. I just found this ridiculous. They really should have more evidence before accusing Jaewon.

    I really hope this won’t be an end to Jaewon’s career.

  20. for those who doubted the girl for dropping charges:

    it appears she only dropped charged against lee jae won. the OTHER 2 men with them that night were being charged!

    so she’s not giving up because of hush $.
    this is so sordid…sound like a gangbang situation. *SAD*

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  22. Jaewon didn’t do anything… Again, she just brought the girl to the hotel and left her there… The girl jumped to conclusions because of what the other Lee guy said.. Jaewon even met up with the girl the next day after this happened. If he really did something to the girl, I don’t think he’ll dare face the girl. Also, he went to the police station to help the investigation on the 15th, that’s when he found out what the Kim girl was accusing him off. It wasn’t until the 19th that his side was able to talk with the girl to clarify things cause this apparent Lee guy said things to make the Kim girl misunderstand that Jaewon was involved with the situation.

    Jaewon doesn’t have a management company right now, so anything on the paper that said someone from his company saying something is FALSE!!! He even clarified it on his homepage… That’s why he talked over the phone for the interview…

    I’m not believing anything the paper says cause right now, even the girl comes out to stand up for him. I’m sure it was a misunderstanding or a prank gone bad. I really hope this case gets investigated thoroughly so Jaewon can be cleared of everything… He’s really innocent…

    Again, I just have to say, if a girl got raped, I don’t think she’ll let them go. For sure, I wouldn’t… So please everyone, stop speculating about the girl being paid. I find this really thinking lowly of people.

  23. Are people really believing the “prank gone bad” defense. Ridiculous. First, if this really was a prank, then why didn’t LJW say that from day one, second one, as soon as he new police had gotten invovlved and squashed the story.

    2nd rape isnt about the sex its the power.. the very reason why he doen’t seem like he would be a rapist (rich, celbrity could get lots of girls) is the reason he would be such a dangerous and he would be so “offended” if a girl did not want to get it on with him. Plus, he has to be careful who he hooks up with cuz he is a celebrity that’s why guys like him prey on women who who least likely to be believed.

    This is not to say that woman are faultless, clearly drinking with a bunch of guys till you are unconcious is not safe in any country.. on the other hand she probably thought she was safe since she was with hoobaes/sunbaes.

  24. so when the rape news broke out, he says he had sex with her but it’s consensual. but this did not help with his image, because even admitting to having sex is disturbing in the korean media, thus he changes his story to “a prank”, completing omitting the sex part of the story which is what sprung forth such a lawsuit.

    i, for one, do not believe in either side. there might have been so many different scenario cases, so I won’t judge either side. However, both parties are to be blamed for this. And what’s certain now is that, lee jae won has turned from famous to notorious.

  25. Geeezzzz… Why would a girl go drinking with old(er) men in the first place 😛 She wanted a shortcut to stardom?

    So many things can be said about this…

    Ugly: The trainee was forced to state that nothing had happened
    Nice: Ooh… So it was a misunderstanding… o.O

  26. @Jennifer Hu

    Its her fault because she got drunk? wtf that is such a wrong statement to make! That’s like saying its someone’s fault just becasue they look nice or have a good figure.

    As Lisa so correctly put it, rape is not just about sex, its about power, about a guy deciding he wants something and knowing he is string enough and able to take it without conscience.

    No-one here knows LJW or the girl personally, nor the others involved, so to make bold statements that ‘he couldn’t have done it because he is not the type’ ‘she has been paid off’ ‘she accepted money’ is totally unfounded. we don’t know these people, we don’t know what they are or are not capable of nor what goes on behind the scenes nor were we there that night so to make assumptions about what happened is also unfounded.

    Its easy to think we know celebs from tv shows and interviews, but we don’t. I think a whole lot of people’s opinions (anywhere in fandom, not any one place in particular) are heavily influenced by idealistic fanfictions and overactive fangirling.

  27. Yup..there is something NOT right on Lee Jae Won’s and the girls’s statement ..
    Possibly a cover up…

  28. What gives people the right to think it’s all a cover up? It may be true but it may NOT be true.
    Don’t say mean crap if in the end, we all don’t know the effin’ truth!!
    Don’t say “I think it was a cover-up / she got paid” because you don’t really effin’ know!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just as people shouldn’t say “I don’t think he did it”, because you don’t effin’ know!!
    All we can do is ACCEPT that the charges are dropped. There’s not effin’ point in making assumptions when you’ll never know the damn truth! So people STFU and accept that the charges are dropped!
    Let Lee JaeWon and this girl cope and move on with their life!!
    It’s bad enough how all this crap was even handled in the media/police/etc… so quit making everything worse as it already is!

  29. Yes rape has nothing to do with sex it is more about power and I think it also a way to shame a women into having a relationship with a guy. It is very hard for somebody who has been rape to go to the police and report because of the outcome most people just want to forget about it or pretend it never happen. After the rape the guy still has control over the victim because society tend to blame the victim first. Oh and for all the people faults saying she should hadn’t gotten drunk, the statement is not only bad for women but also for men. I hope that there are men that can control their sexual desire. In other words give men some credit they do not think with their D***, they also have minds just like women are not sex toys.

  30. Trainee girl – Fighting~! we believe in you! I wish she brought justice and went with the lawsuit. who wants to enter an industry that does something like THAT and then tries to pay you off?

    If it was a “misunderstanding,” why couldn’t they do it in court and reveal the truth rather than paying money behind closed doors? And like everyone said, LJW’s story is VERY INCONSISTENT…aka liar.

    If they cared for her “safety,” they should’ve picked up her cell phone and called her MOM or DAD who would’ve picked her up immediately. LMFAO..taking her to an ajusshi motel makes her “safe”?

    Poor girl. That’s why Korean parents should teach their kids the dangers of drinking with dirty Korean ajusshi’s or alone with MEN period.

  31. Hey EOE=crap,

    Then do you know that girl personally?

    Hoh! Or maybe you are her friend???

    It’s ridiculous!

    If that girl didn’t remember anything, she woke up and directly went to police station to sue Jae Won, it’s crazy!!! She should have gone to hospital to check her self! Not to the police station!

    Think of it! If she only could think about a rape. Then why did she hang out with 3 older men and have drunk?

    That girl didn’t know that it was a prank, it meant she remembered anything that happened the last night.

    If they had sex with their own desire, why she sued Jae Won?

    If they did have sex by force, why she withdrew the appeal?

    It’s really stupid! She didn’t know anything but sued Jae Won to the police. She knew what happened but she withdrew it. It’s non-sense!

    I myself will say “I believe Jae Won wouldn’t do such a thing” But I won’t make it as a top reason why this girl is a jerk!

    You can see it. Whether Jae Won lied or not, if she was really raped and it hurt her dignity, why didn’t she continue? She really can destroy Jae Won image with her lies. And made her self as a victim.

    That girl doesn’t deserve to call Jae Won “oppa”. He would never be your ‘Oppa’!

    You talk like you are a very kind-hearted girl-“I sincerely hope that this would not affect H.O.T’s reputation and Jae Won’s solo activities”. Fuc**** Shit! You have ruined him!!!

    I really want to see that girl’s face!

    [b]Coolsmurf[/b], I’m sorry for my words! But I can’t stand it.

  32. A accusation like that could ruin someone’s life
    For her to do something like this is just plain stupid
    How come she just go and ruin someone’s reputation without any proof and sue!!!!! STUPID GIRL

  33. actually, this makes it even more confusing. ah, they probably paid her to shut her up and change the story 180°. from “we were both drunk and had sex but i didn’t force her” said by lee jae won to “oh i was punked” by the trainee. these are two totally different stories here. way too sketchy. but i can’t believe how many ppl bought it. oh wells…

  34. sounds more like a cover up to me….
    and to all deluded fangirls…juz because LJW is an idol doesnt mean he can do no wrong….
    i m not saying tt he definitely did rape her…. no one except them noe wad happens…

    but to juz blame the girl and go “he is a celeb….many gals wld jump at him so he will not resort to rape” is just plain stupid…
    c’mon not everyone wld wanna sleep with LJW!

    judging by how the fangirls act… even if she did get raped she wld probably dropped the charge cos everyone wld stand on LJW’s cos he is a celeb…and the victim gets the blame… wad a sad world huh

  35. Hey Prince Tony,

    Calm the fuck down. You can become a prostitute and then LJW will be your OPPA.

    Crazy fucking fangirls ruin the world.

  36. I think she was waay too rash to sue LJW so quickly
    without even getting the story clear.

    But I’m glad to know he didn’t do it, I was soo shocked when
    I heard he was accused. Phew. thank goodness.

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