JunJin and Shin Bong Seon Picked As Most Compatible Married Couple

Shin Bong Seon and JunJin came out tops in a marriage index report which indicate they would become a good married couple in real life.


Members from SBS Gold Miss is Coming Yang Jung Ah, Jin Jae Young, Jang Yoon Jung and Shin Bong Seon recorded an episode of Ya Shim Man Man recently.

During the recording, the marriage index of the unmarried singles on Gold Miss is Coming and Ya Shim Man Man were revealed which created attention. The result indicated that Shin Bong Seon and JunJin would make a good married couple while the worst couple would be Kim Jae Dong and Seo In Young.

The 8 unmarried singles from each program were matched up based on their appearance, family relations, finance, enviroment, character, etc and were assessed by a marriage research firm before coming out with a report.

This episode will be shown on 22nd December.

31 thoughts on “JunJin and Shin Bong Seon Picked As Most Compatible Married Couple

  1. I think the two of them will be interesting to watch, especially if the cast of We Got Married decided to pair the two of them up together. Shin Bong Seon may not be that attractive, but what counts is her personality, and she is really funny. After all, I am sure this is based on their personalities and not their looks. Those who are only about looks are just naive and simple minded who only care about how they will look with others~

  2. >>Uhhhh NO, I don’t think that can happen. That’s just too funny<<

    Haha that’s why it should happen!

  3. hahaha I hope not… nothing against her but I really don’t see them together. Too bad it can’t be lee yoon ji and jun jin.

  4. Junjin and Bongsun (if ever it’s true) will surely be fun. Anticipating Junjin’s humor and Bongsun as one of the gag princesses. However, i am still considering the fact what will happen to them as a couple? πŸ˜€

  5. dude shin bong seon is hilarious and seems really fun to be around. i think she’d be compatible with a lot of ppl. i love her! junjin seems like a cool person to be around too…totally agree that they’d make a great couple. i wonder if this is a hint that they’re gonna be a couple on wgm πŸ™‚

  6. To damyoungji:

    I agree with you that personality counts, but appearance is what attracts the person first hand, imo. To give an example, the female comedian by the name of mo’nique. Some may find her funny, but can you see yourself marrying this thing, I mean her. Do you find her appealing? Yeah, that’s right.

  7. LOL…I’d be the first to admit that she’s really funny and a great person. But I wouldn’t like them as a couple. They wouldn’t look good together. Call me shallow but that’s just the way I see it…


    Now i really wish PDnim would watch this show and consider her as a new wife for Junjin…She is the most hilarious girl in kpop…All the infinity girls are!

  9. I love Shin Bong Seon…and I love JunJin but I can’t see them as a couple? Maybe funny friends but that’s about it.

    I think some of you should give her a chance. looks aren’t everything in this world.

  10. shin bong seon is hilarious but her and jun jin is um .. yeah.. LOL. i think they’re more of like close friends. they’re so friendly around e/o. i can’t imagine them as a couple.

  11. wow. people dissing shin song seon for her looks?
    waaahhh, i dunno that much about her…
    but i can so picture her n junjin together as a couple.
    i think they’d make a sweet couple.
    if they’re to be put in We Got Married, i’ll probly just start watching it again. (LOL, n this is actually from a completely diff show)
    people only look at shin bong seon as either

    ‘ya know? that’s a lil shallow. maybe she’d be able to show her different side that’d make people love her paired wif junjin if she got the chance to. WGM should be a good opportunity to show it, sadly….from the new couples, it seemed that wgm is now just a show for entertainment n no ‘reality’ anymore =/

    anyway, thanks for sharing.

  12. wow. it would be totally kool. junjin and shin bong seon would be awesome on WGM. i think they would be so fun to watch. she is so funnie and lovable. her personality is awesome and so is junjin.

  13. Jeez, everybody’s gotta stop bashing BongSun for her looks- first of all, she ain’t ugly or anything, i actually think she’s kinda cute. second, she’s hilariously hilarious.
    i just don’t think she and JunJin will make a good couple…just seems…off?

    LOL, JaeDong would be EATEN ALIVE if married to Seo In Young xD

  14. @ nignug:

    Well, for one thing, I am a girl who is straight, so it will be hard to say if I will marry a female who is not attractive LOL

    From what I read, I guess you are saying that non-attractive people do not deserve to date or marry? That is pretty harsh because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If someone loves someone else for who they are, they wouldn’t dump them just because they are “not attractive enough according to the public”. That just shows how naive and simple minded someone is to care enough about looks to not want to be with someone, despite the fact that they appreciate the person for who they are.

    Look so count, but it is not the end of the world to marry someone who is not “attractive” according to others. If that is the case, then the person is no better than those who only cares about how they will look standing next to the person they so call, “love”. There are a lot of people who were born with birth defects and such. Does that make them not marriageable? If that is what you are saying, I find that really discriminating against those who were born with birth defects, or those who suffered serious accidents. Or those who are simply labeled as “ugly”, “unattractive”, or “below attractive” because they are not the stereotypical “model” that everyone so called “desires”.

  15. can’t hwangbo just participate again…
    a second marriage perhaps…
    hehehe…i just love and miss her on the show…
    and i think it would be interesting to pair her up with junjin though i know they’re best friends and all…

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