Infinity Challenge Parodies Big Bang Haru Haru

The 6 members of MBC Infinity Challenge recently challenged themselves by imitating Big Bang’s Haru Haru MV and filming footage was shown last Saturday. The full MV will be revealed at their Christmas Day concert.


In the 20th December episode of Infinity Challenge, footage of Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Jeon Jun Ha, Jung Hyung Don, Noh Hong Chul and JunJin rehearsing for their 2008 Infinity Challenge You & Me Concert was shown. The members will be performing Haru Haru during their concert and took vocal lessons from Wheesung in the studio for the first part of the episode.


The second half of the episode saw each Infinity Challenge styled to look exactly like each member of Big Bang as they filmed the same Haru Haru MV. Yoo Jae Suk became Suk T.O.P., Park Myung Soo was Myung-Dragon, Noh Hong Chul was Dubukri, Jeon Jun Ha was Won Sung while JunJin became An Yang (can you identify them?). As Big Bang was a 5-member boy group, Jung Hyung Dong became a new character in his role of a extra carrying a “Big Bag”. As for the girl in the MV, Shin Bong Seon took the place of Park Min Young. During the course of filming, it got so real that Myung Soo had a nose bleed.


The episode also showed Noh Hong Chul picking up Crazy from Son Dambi while Jung Hyung Don learnt Disco from Uhm Jung Hwa. The 2008 Infinity Challenge You & Me Concert erupts at MBC Dream Center on 25th December.


Looks like it’s gonna be a fun Christmas Day concert. If you can’t wait, watch the following 2 clips for their filming of the Haru Haru MV.

(starts at 3:10)

(Park Myung Soo bangs his nose at 2:37)

credit: sogoodla@YT (videos)

50 thoughts on “Infinity Challenge Parodies Big Bang Haru Haru

  1. I freaked out when PMS banged his nose on the roof of that car
    I thought he was just messing around like he always does but blog seriously came out
    props to him for continue on with filming
    and him as Bong………… haha
    can’t wait for the whole MV

  2. lol, it doesn’t feel comfortable, seeing pms as g dragon
    but this is gonna be funny, looking forward to it

  3. Seriously~I agree with Andrea. I can’t believe no one is subbing this regularly. Or at least I haven’t found them. But this show is pretty popular and its hilarious even without subs, but man someone should seriously sub this show more regularly.

    Yoo jae suk makes a surprisingly good TOP. =^.^=

  4. i loved big bang’s mv of haru haru so i laughed my ass off when I saw this! MC Yoo was so funny when he did his TOP look in the first vid and PMS’s scenes in the second vid were …o_0 XD!!! lmao!

  5. LMAO! so hilarious! park myung soo! with the whole strutting w/ the gang & the jokerface mirror! ahaha oh man luv it! xD can’t wait to watch it all.

  6. omg I almost spit my milk out when Myung-Dragon first started rapping XD

    And I seriously cried from laughing too much. These guys are so awesome! I love how Hyungdon is just the guy-wth-the-Big Bag.

  7. Harharhar … this guys are absolutely hilarious! I love how they just get into character with gusto, each and every time.

    MC Yoo looking quite handsome as TOP.

  8. i hope Park Myung Soo’s nose is okayy, they did a fabulous job at recreating the video, cracked me up so much hahaa

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  10. as far as I know because of some strike of PDs in MBS KBS and SBS this mv was cut off from the Christmas concert (you and Me)

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