East of Eden Mooting Possible Drama Extension

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any longer. MBC is now calling a different tune and gauging the response from viewers after claiming that a East of Eden drama extension is very much possible and even workable.

East of Eden Heading for Extension?

After breaking the 30% barrier for its TV ratings last week, viewers are starting to ask if there would be any changes to the initial plan, like a possible extension of episodes. MBC has denied any plans of extensions in the past but have changed its tune after seeing the ratings hitting the 30s recently.

The spokesperson for MBC expressed, “We can’t really confirm now and will only make the decision after a while (gauging viewers response).” Traditionally, any dramas with viewership reaching above 30%, such as Yi San and War of Money will receive extensions as the TV stations and production companies would want to gain more advertising fees. This change in tune by MBC means that the possibility of an extension to East of Eden could come true.

Just not too long ago, the Korean media had ruled out a possible extension citing reasons like the schedule of the stars will be heavily disrupted. But with the industry experiencing a dramatic decline amid the global economic crisis, the cast may actually agree to the drama extension. Furthermore, the plot which was supposed to air in episode 25, was pushed all the way back to episode 30. This has led to many people believing that an extension is inevitable.

One member of the production team for East of Eden said, “Judging from the current pace, it is indeed very difficult to end the drama within 50 episodes. However, the team does not have any plans for an extension as yet.”

In the event of a drama extension happening, it will be a gloomy future for SBS and KBS dramas in the Mon-Tue timeslot for the next couple of months. Furthermore, the storyline is likely (hopefully not) to drag even more.

credit: hanfever (news translation)

23 thoughts on “East of Eden Mooting Possible Drama Extension

  1. I don’t want them to extend it because its already long enough, just get to the end so that we can see what happens and get it over with. This show is so addicting.

    Seeing this makes me a bit happy because we get to see Evil dude with the white hair (always forget his name) do the evil eye squint.

    It’s the highlight of my nights watching EOE.

  3. i was expecting it to be extended bc i dont know how they are gunna fit everything in when its about to end..like apparently hr and dc were gunna be togehter but i dont see that happening yet..it should be extended;if not,it will be too rushed into relationships and stuff..

  4. 50 episodes too long.

    I hope they don’t extend it!

    End the drama while it’s still hot, not when after it drags!

  5. huh huh, did someone just say WOM & “gaining more advertising fees”?!!

    yes agreed, 50 is already enough to tell whatever story they got!

  6. There’s no need to extend this any longer. Esp. now that LDH has left the show. Why drag out the plot when there’s no love triangle between the Lee brothers and HR?

    They need to wrap it up quickly now, DC and YR getting together, the three brothers putting the evil father to justice. What else is there?

    I’m so disappointed with MDC.

  7. wth, this drama just keeps going on circles, all they do is revenge,exagerate, now that LDH left, they should just shorten it instead of extending it.

  8. i never got bored of the drama.. but now it seems a bit boring reaching episode 34 : (.. hope they don’t extend, i’ve been pulling through this far enough haha.

  9. NO EXTENSION. If it happen, it would jus become boring and dragging. i dont care much about the romance anymore. SMH is killing me with his story. NO Extension!

  10. Its a real NO NO from me..

    I’m afraid they will drag the story and in the end..lose the interest in the drama itself…

    It surely lost 1 viewer, ME, as LDH wont be in the drama anymore…

    Whatever people say… Lee Da Hae is one of the viewership attractor and I am not sure on East of Eden future ratings as well…

  11. I hate MBC and scriptwriters….
    Lee Da Hae is A-lister actress….same with others comments….i watched EOE because LEE DA HEE..

  12. without Lee Da Hae’s character they should cut it short. they better not go the Yisan extension route, cause that show kept getting extended so many times.

  13. i think they need to extend this drama i love this drama too much too see it end so hope they will extend to like 20 more episode and to all LDH fan who get a fuck if LDH leave she sux in EOE anyway her role is so boring anyway

  14. this drama sucks, but for sure they have to extend, with all the leaving of lee da hae and the adding with another person in… it would end really stupid if they just end at 50 as they planned…

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