We Got Married Episode 39 Picture Summary

The Ant couple and Hyung Don have their own Christmas party.


Marbi couple goes skiing and exchanges Christmas presents.


Hwanhee and Hwayobi engages in more skinship this week.


The new couple gets started on their maiden episode. Kangin told Lee Yoon Ji, “I’m now a married man. And I hope I can to be someone who is wise and manly to buin”. Lee Yoon Ji replied back, “You are near to my ideal type. My ideal type is someone who is big and dignified. I think I will get to smile more.”

Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji on We Got Married

After reading the mission envelope, Lee Yoon Ji met up with Kangin in Seoul HeungSikDong JoongAhng University’s library. Their first meeting was a little awkward for them but they had some rice cakes and stuffed sausages at a snack bar and got to know a little more about each other. They also took a pledge in the snack bar regarding their future as make-believe couples.

They then travelled together on the bus to their next location – Dongdaemun. They would be having their wedding ceremony there. Lee Yoon Ji then suggested getting a couple ring on this episode. And the both of them got their couple rings free of charge from the delighted jewelry shop owner.

Their wedding ceremony at Dongdaemun will be revealed next week. As you know muish will not be subbing any more episodes after JoongBo’s departure last week. Subbed Hwanyobi cuts can be accessed at rikkimargarette Youtube while as for Marbi and Ant Couple, I don’t think there are dedicated subbers for them. For Kangin cuts, you can access it at ktinsj Youtube.

credit: sookyeong@wordpress.com (Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji summary)

56 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 39 Picture Summary

  1. lol coolsmuf summary is short and sweet and i enjoyed watching kangin and yoo ji scene. In fact, it was still enjoyable as a whole. All of them are celebrating xmas..

  2. I’m really excited to watch hwanyobi and kangin-lee yoon ji couple. Sad that there’s no more joongbo couple :,(

  3. Wow pics summary was fast. Thanks for sharing.
    Miss the Joongbo Couple.
    Yay Kang-in~ I hope someone with a loving heart shares a sub for the episode. Can’t wait to watch.

  4. I know we should stop whining/obsessing over this, but whoooo is subbing it now?? Since its Kangin, I’m sure it WILL get subbed.. but then they may just do his cuts. And when are they bringing in Junjin? Guess they still haven’t found him a girl. YAY for another Shinhwa member. Maybe Andy will make a reappearance then at some point?

  5. how i dead wish tablo is in wgm …
    he is such a goof baby
    will bring loads to e show
    yep, still missing joongbo couple but also digging the new couple …esp marco & dambi

    still enjoyable to watch ….

  6. I MISS JOONGBO COUPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I wish someone would sub Ant couple. I mean, theyre the pioneer couple! But theyre slowly being forgotten. Boohooo…doesnt anyone love them anymore? They’re leaving very soon anyways!! Sigh.

  8. I still love the ant couple, and i wish someone would sub them too. I mean they are going to leave in a few weeks.I really want to know about junjin, who will be his couple.

    For all u anbi fans, i think that andy and solbi will be on love generation together and it will air on the 25th.

  9. well “mandolo”, i thought joongbo couple was the most honest couple so far. it’s such a pity that some people can’t see that.

  10. trying to watch the new couples now but still love joongbo couple the most.

    the joongbo is just simply the best in my eyes ^^

  11. to the comment way up ahead…
    joongbo couple fake?!?!
    we watched their transition from awkward strangers to almost a real life couple.

    i honestly felt they were the most real. they let themselves become vulnerable to each other.
    you can’t fake that kind of emotion.

    i, along with muish and others will probably not want WGM anymore.
    coolsmurf, i agree with your previous WGM post. i wasn’t interested in the new couples, but i decided to just watch their parts without bias. i enjoyed it at first, but now find their parts a bit of a drag.

    farewell to all WGM fans. hope you guys continue to enjoy WGM.

    btw, i doubt this will EVER happen, but i really hope PDs decide to do a special reunion episode with AnSol, AlShin, and JoongBo. Eh, maybe even Ant couple and DonDon and Saori.
    JUST ONE EPISODE would suffice.

  12. i don’t know, after the lettuce couple left i no longer have the urge to watch wgm anymore. and with muish no longer subbing, it really is more boring without having to follow up with what’s going with the couples, even if they put kangin in their because i’m a super junior fan 😦

  13. fuck u mandolo r u bashing joongbo because you are a crazy obsessive ELF who found it hard to promote your idol Kangin without taking down others. Get a life!!

  14. I’ll keep watching because of the ANT couple.
    They are of course the only original couple left and once they leave it’ll be the end of the first generation. But if the other couples show promise then I’ll keep watching because WGM became a good part of my tv life as it is.

    I just hope they bring the MCs back they use to be my fave part.


  15. Hum… thanks for the news ! I’m still wondering who will be kind enougth to sub the others couples ? CJ Family is fun to watch, Mario is better now and Jujin is coming soon !

  16. im going to continue watch wgm cause the show is pretty interesting. the concept itself is different from any other american show i have seen.

    tungtungsubs are planning to sub the whole episode of 39 but im not sure how fast it’s going to be.

  17. im so excited for the new couple..oh and if muiosh is a big fan of suju or kngin..maybe she’ll change jer mind..but naywayz…thanks alot..forthis summarry cause if there were no subs we wouldnt know what exactly is going to happen..

  18. Well I am a new fan of we got married. I guess even though some fans are leaving but they are also gaining fans because of KangJi.
    Im really happy that Gomodrii is subbing this (at least Kangin parts). She’s done alot for SuJu fans. <<33

  19. ouu, i like the new couple [Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji] !.. they look cute, young, and refreshing, as well they are some good looking people : ).. sorta like a new anbi-similar couple : ). can’t wait to watch it subbed!

  20. omg. the new couple are so funny! Kangin is very outgoing and he’s hilarious!!! haha. &plus he hates sasages?! lol. i loved it. it’s kinda freaky how they’re so alike though. anyways, thank you for the fast recap!

  21. I can’t wait to watch the Kangin couple! I wonder how he will act around her. I can’t wait to watch those Kangin shy moments where he gets all jumpy and laughs like a kid~

    More skinship between Hwanhee and Hwayobi? Hmm, I wonder what happened =) It looks like they are up to something with the hugging in the pictures!

  22. As far as I know, Hwanyobi cuts will be subbed. Marbi and Ant Couple I don’t think there are dedicated subbers for them. For Kangin cuts, someone I know will be doing it and will be up on UT in 1-2 days time.

    im glad there will be hwanyboi cuts! and good to see the superjunior fansubbers still doing their lovely work 🙂 i find it quite funny how no one truly cares for marco and dambi ;x !

  23. well, I love Joongbo couple 🙂 heck, if they’re fake, that’s because they’re in a fake-marriage. but they sure make one awesome-the loveable two couple <3. Thus why I love and missed them very much right now…*sigh*…missed them so bad…

    but kangin couple seems interesting..maybe will try watching them 😀

  24. Harhhh… e only couple i’m interested to watch is e Marbi couple n nobody is subbing them… sucks…

    e whole wgm thing is becoming another idol publicity program.. bboooorrrrriiiinnggggggggg…

  25. it’s good to know that there are people who’ll sub some couples…fuuh….^.^

    I thought I’ll never watch wgm again if there weren’t any subs…

    but really I prefer if u guys can sub the whole couples of wgm like Muish did…(and as fast as her if u can ^^)

    it’s really hard for us, who don’t understand korean at all but addicted to the show…esp me…T_T

    so someone…
    pls subs all the wgm couples…
    I really am dying here…

  26. merry xmas to everybody be happy for holiday cheer –up joongboers ..just remembered what hyungjoong said he will protect the person he loves.

  27. mandolo: wow. must be a bitter hater.
    Hyunjoong-Hwangbo is by far the most honest/real couple, to an extent.
    love new episode? could it be cuz your fav boyband boy is now here? lolz.

    anyway, thanks for summary.
    i’m at the point where i needed summaries the most, as i’ve stopped watching the show.

  28. Hi, you said that someone is subbing Hwanyobi cuts, can you tell me the name of the person if they are a fansubbing team or has a youtube account?


  29. it hurts when you know you just love to see the WHOLE show and the content but people kept on saying they dont want to watch the show anymore just because you are losing interest because of the couple.

    fuck you all.

    if i am Korean or understand the Korean language, I wont bother looking for subs and faced all your nonsense. but im unfortunately im not. go on and mutter your endless whining to this.

  30. i wish people would actually go and read the whole post. Coolsmurf already put up links of who’s subbing Hwangyobi & Kangin cuts and ppl still keep asking 😦

    and mandolo’s entitled to his/her own opinions. i don’t like what s/he said either, but i dont think you should go ahead and insult him/her.

  31. With the Antcouple leaving soon and no one to sub, that really sucks…
    Well I guess the people subbing didn’t really like the show. I just wish more people would want to share their love for korean variety show, instead of just watching/stalking the idol they liked.

  32. i’m saddened by the departure of all the original couple,soon ant couple..uggghh,but i am expecting a lot from son dambi/marco and also i am already starting to like kangin and that girl..I hope they introduce more couple, I am hoping kinda popular celebs but not too popular because then they’d be too busy.

  33. i am quiet surprise when i read mandolo negative comments on JoongBo.fyi,i am a big fans of Superjunior as well, and frankly, i never interested in other bandgroup like DBSK,FT island,shinee, even SS501.but after watching WGM, especially on our JoongBo, i get to know HyunJoong from SS501 and HwangBo.they are not so bad.

    after watching them, now i change my mind. i am no longer stuck with Suju, but i am more open to other band. no biased at all. surely those who are biased are the most fanatic fans. sorry to say this, but please be open. be happy , for urself and for ur idols. cheers!

    and last but not least, to mandolo and those anti-fans JoongBo, if u watch JoongBo episode from the very 1st ep they appeared in WGM,u can see their feeling and acts are not fake.. honestly,i dont like to watch WGM at first,but when i come to met JoongBo, i love this show, and i love JoongBo for sure!!

    hepi new year guys!

  34. @ mandolo: like a lot of people said i was actually pretty offended at that comment cause i love the lettuce couple& they’re my favourite couple and i don’t agree that they are fake because their feelings are sincere and true and they are definetly the most entertaining couple because they always make you laugh.

    also thank you for posting this blog~ the links are definetly useful.

  35. yeah……. you are right lalala watch the episode ,how beautiful they are JOONGBO fighting lalala did you see their pictures presenting the award theyre so happy together.

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