Ha Joo Yun and Kim Eun Jung Forms Jewelry-S

Jewelry members Ha Joo Yun and Kim Eun Jung will debut as a group.

Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yun

From next year onwards, Ha Joo Yun and Kim Eun Jung will be active as a sub-group known as Jewelry-S and begin their activities. According to Star Empire representatives, “Jewelry-S is a group that will be centered around Ha Joo Yun and Kim Eun Jung. This will be a sub-group of Jewelry and will not be relying on the assistance of Park Jung Ah (release solo album) nor Seo In Young (extended vacation). This will be a great opportunity for the both of them to show everyone what they can offer. They are training hard now and will debut early next year. All preparations for their new album are primed and ready.”

Fans responded well to Ha Joo Yun and Kim Eun Jung performance of Lee Hyori’s U-Go-Girl at Mnet M! Countdown Adieu Special on 4th December and was likely a prelude to what Jewelry-S can bring to the table in 2009.

(credit: Krakenbwool01@YT)

40 thoughts on “Ha Joo Yun and Kim Eun Jung Forms Jewelry-S

  1. to bang bang: how is it any different than a 5 member group having a sub group? since the other two members are busy, the rest of the members can carry on with activities. i wouldnt call them a group though since its only two people. its more like a duo.

    i cant wait! i think eun jung is so pretty and if joo yun can just stop rapping in engrish (very bad engrish) then i m fine with her too because she s a good rapper she just needs to rap in a language she understands and is able to speak.

  2. I think forming a sub group would be good for the girls since their still pretty new in the music industry. While the two old members rest, they can go and still promote jewelry and show them they both have a lot to offer.

    @BangBang you’re use an idiotic who can’t even see the difference between 4 and 5.

    There’s so many subgroups 0.0 And it all started with SUJU subgroups T_T

  3. Eh, the performance was okay. I personally didn’t like their version of U-Go-Girl. Not doubting that they have any singing ability, since they definitely do, but the song just didn’t seem to fit either of their voices.

  4. yeah this is a good idea for them since they were usually outshined by PJA & SIY. they dont really catch my attention,but good luck to them

  5. Seems like a bad idea…I thought Jewelry’s recent success was all thanks to Park Jung Ah & Seo In Young. Neither of these two girls stand out. I haven’t even bothered to remember their names even though I’ve seen them on variety shows here and there.
    The U-Go-Girl performance was pretty bland. It really lacked the charisma/x-factor that Lee Hyo Ri brings to her performances.
    However, with a catchy song/new & fun dance moves, they could gain some popularity…but I doubt it. And if they debut early next year, they’ll be competing with SNSD so it’ll be even harder.
    Eh, good luck to them anyway.

  6. I think this sub group is necessary because they need to show people that they can shine even without Park jung ah and Seo In young. I believe they have the talent to be a singer-dancer! Jewelry S fighting!

    P.s: Even if SNSD is making a comeback, they are both different genre and style! Also, I am anticipating Jewelry S than SNSD.

  7. Firstly without the original touch of the original members will only make it empty but just want to sae to them good luck

    Why cant they just make a better other duo?

  8. LOL @ Ichigo-Kun XD

    but seriously, Jewelery-S immediately make me think of the Suju subgroups. The word “subgroups” makes me think on Suju.
    (i was thinking the S stood for “small”? cuz they’re the younger members or something…ionno…)

  9. Yeah i also think that Jewelry succeeded because of the other 2 members i mean these two definitely need more improvement ^^

  10. I’m happy! I like these two. Ha Joo Hyun doesn’t get much screen time and she’s my second favorite, after chic SIY of course.

  11. I think it’s definitely a good opportunity for these two and wish them well as I will also be watching. Both of them definitely have talent, they just need more experience.

  12. i don’t like it when these groups form sub groups, i like the original groups better. those sub groups of Super Junior is annoying, i think there is m, happy, t, some others.

  13. Well… uhm what?
    I hope they know that the old Jewlery members will still outshine them like A L O T.

    wishing the luck I guess.

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  15. um, lol, looking forward to this, but i have to say, ha joo yun’s middle finger in the picture cannot be normal

  16. What? Sub groups never work! Anyway, that U-go-girl performance was not very good! They should’ve stuck to their own songs!

  17. obviously their lacking a few things, why? b/c their new goshh some ppl r so harsh. their new to the industry and their forming a sub group to become more noticed. srsly guys if ur not skilled as them u shouldnt be saying anything i mean i dont see u guys having the guts to go out there and trying hard

  18. To Morgan:
    Your argument is a timeless and unfailingly senseless one at that -_-

    The argument that A must be as good as, or better than, B at activity C before A can criticize or comment on how B performs activity C or is able to recognize when B performs activity C poorly is flawed in SO many ways -_-

    I don’t have to be a maestro to know when someone is playing a piece of music off-rythm and out of key with hints of mistaken notes.

    I don’t have to be an amazing artist before recognizing the massive fail in the quality of children’s crayon sketches, no matter how cute they may look while drawing said sketches.

    I don’t have to be an amazing singer to hear when someone sings off tune.

    I don’t have to be the world’s best b-boy to know when someone sucks dick at dancing.

    Your second “observation” of “i dont see u guys having the guts to go out there and trying hard” is even worse. How do you know they aren’t trying hard? Eun Jung and Joo Yeon are two of a VERY VERY lucky miniscule portion of a MASSIVE pool of people with “guts [going] out there and trying hard”, all of which you cannot see having the “guts to go out there and trying hard”.

    I’ve had enough of the hundreds, if not thousands or tens of thousands, of inane internet fools bringing up these arguments and points that don’t even MAKE SENSE!

    REALLY, if you (as in anybody reading this) are going to reply with some sort of criticism of your own towards another poster’s equally inane post PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use SOUND criticisms and SOUND arguments that DON’T make you sound like an uneducated 12 year old… unless you ARE an uneducated 12 year old, in which case pay attention, daddy’s teaching.

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