Lee Hyori Solo Concert Gets Off To A Good Start

Lee Hyori’s solo concert kicked off last night at the Seoul Jamsil Stadium.


Despite earlier reports about her being hospitalized due to flu and fatique, Hyori still managed to captivate the 8000-strong fans with a flawless strong performance, epitomizing her status as the top female singer currently.

Hyori performed her hit songs like U-Go-Girl, Mr. Big, Any series, Get Ya, etc. A surprise item saw Hyori performing Only God Knows Why while playing the guitar which further highlighted her performing ability. Her many different outfits and dance performances with her dancers were also a big highlight.


But the biggest highlight of the night belonged to Fin.K.L who reunited once again on the stage. The four sisters got teary eyed at this dream reunion since their last 10 years ago. Fin.K.L performed Forever Love, Ruby and other hit songs which invoked memories of the past among fans once again.


Sung Yuri said, “The stage that you (Hyori) have prepared and the fans too. This is really great. I am really proud to be part of Fin.K.L. To be able to say this, standing on the stage as part of Fin.K.L, I am crying tears of happiness.” Lee Jin said, “This year is Fin.K.L 10th anniversary, all of you must remember this forever, that you are part of Fin.K.L.” Ock Ju Hyun said, “You must take care of your health. I was pretty worried for you. Thank you for this concert that allowed you and us to be reunited together on this same stage.”

Part 2 of Lee Hyori’s solo concert kicks off tonight where top singers like Rain, Big Bang, Wheesung and SG Wannabe will take to the stage.

50 thoughts on “Lee Hyori Solo Concert Gets Off To A Good Start

  1. ^LOL It’s better then Ayumi’s knee which looks like a monkey!

    FIN.KL ❤
    Lee Jin looks hella different. Did she get work done 0.0

    Seriously, I hope her concert will be on DVD and most likely though it will! ugh, so jealous of the korean and some oversea fans that got to go T_T

  2. forever love is my fav fin.k.l song…. Wow, i miss them…they should’ve celebrated the anniversary like S.E.S did earlier this year…. FIN.K.L COMEBACK!!!!!

    Watched a few fancams, and the fans were so crammed…i though the stage was gonna gramble….anyways, looks like tonight was ladies’ night….Bring on the boys!!! hahaha

    hyori = <33333

  3. hyori unnie
    i’m so pround of you
    she was sick a few day ago.
    ock ju hyun ‘s speech is cute.

  4. LEE JIN!
    Man how I love that woman.
    Her stiffness is greatly missed.

    Was I the only one that teared up when they saw Fin K.L together?

  5. @ewgooks

    Wait so when other races wear skimpy outfits it’s alright but let an asian star try it and you call them gooks? HYPOCRITE much?
    Hating much?
    Idiotic much?
    Stupid much?
    Sad much?

    I think yes on all of the above.
    Dumbass 😀

  6. the pic wit guitar is sooo Madonna in sticky n sweet tour when she sing New York..
    not bad though..
    why does she have to wait 10 year to have a solo concert..??

  7. sooo i have a big question: why isn’t hyori and her songs considered inappropriate? while DBSK and Rain’s songs are. i don’t get it….

  8. @xbabyshakesX

    because there is nothing wrong with her songs?
    the lyrics are fine, so romantic, and funny( guess you arenot korean and not a fan of her songs) that’s why you don’t know that her lyrics are fine.

    her MR big ‘s perfs with her Mr bigs on stage was so cool, and cute.

  9. So maybe I expect something out of Hyori that she cant really give, but why does she resort to such skankiness?!

    I expect her to be more like Beyonce than PCD but I guess that’s all she thinks she’s worth. It’s sad because I think she’s pretty and performs well.

  10. @jessie

    Oh yeah! Hey Mr. Big is totally fine. Please, don’t say you didn’t think bad about Mr. Big. Hypocrital!

    It seems a good concert. I want a dvd, please Mnet make one.

  11. I spot a tummy in the second picture! Ha…

    Anyway, can’t wait for the part 2 of her concert! I wonder what performances Rain and Big Bang will put up…

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  14. Great performance…

    (I’ve been saying this everywhere I read this news)… How can they censor Mirotic and Rainism… and allow Lee Hyori to perform an SM-inspired performance in front of thousands of people? ^_^

  15. Lee Hyori= AWESOME
    Fin.K.L= O.O ZOMG~ Dang it, I wish I was there
    Le Hyori’s second concert featuring Rain, Wheesung, SG Wannabe, etc.= *faints* Call 911 for me please ^^

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