Shinee and Kara Music Core Christmas Stage

Shinee, one of the up and coming idol groups of today and Kara, the cute and lively girl group who is gaining popularity will be having a joint stage.

Shinee and Kara Music Core Christmas Stage

Music Core Christmas Special will be held on the 20th. The second special stage for the Christmas episode will be that of Shinee and Kara where they will be singing Silent Night and Jingle Bell Rock. In the first Christmas special stage, Big Bang will be singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town with Solbi.

In other news, Eun Ji Won has been working without a fixed partner since Heo Yi Jae left Inkigayo. This coming Sunday, Kara’s Han Seung Yeon will be his 1-day partner. She was picked for her rich program hosting experience.

44 thoughts on “Shinee and Kara Music Core Christmas Stage

  1. wait
    karas with bb on music bank
    and with shinee on music core?
    lucky gurls…
    alto perosnally
    i dont think tat they desrve to perfrom with either one of them
    but still
    cant wait
    i hope i can see other special joint stages
    i was really hoping to c something with shinee and 2pm

  2. wait
    is there a special stage with bb and kara on music tank?
    cuz they werent on the list….
    wuz it inkigayo?

  3. i’ve gained more and more interest on the group kara. hehe. this grouping (kara and shinee) seems more compatible than kara & big bang. i’m not being sided towards the wonderbang, but because of their outfits, and the way their performance was presented (cute & lively & their age is closer). anyone hands up for this upcoming performance? i’m anticipating for this. hehe~

  4. 3MC? isn’t it solbi? or is the 3MC referring to her, sri and dae? confused. but, looking forward to this special stage!

  5. As long as they don’t sing Pretty Girl I’ll be really thankful.
    I understand that song is bringing them more fame and attention but ugh that song is just so ugh.

    Looking foward to seeing Shinee cuties prance on the stage.

  6. cant wait for that!!!
    and guys,,c’mon..why i still heard some wonderbang??
    please dont compare them..each of them have their unique characteristic..i mean..every single singer…

    i just cant wait for every special stage,,coz it must awesome…

  7. Joint stage is different from collab right? And what’s up with kara? Taking all the hottie boys from Wonder Girls! lol. But if Wonder Girls were still promoting maybe they would get a chance to joint stage with Big Bang and Shinee too!

  8. LOL it seems all the boybands want to work with Kara for the Christmas special!
    But why not SS501 and Kara :[
    I want to see their Oppa/dongseng relationship on stage!

  9. im personally neither for KARA+SHINee nor KARA+BB. KARA is obv bubblegum pop so the genre wouldnt fit SHINee’s which is R&B/Contemp. and would not fit BB’s either.

    maybe SHINee seems cute, but the songs they do, (aside from perhaps Replay) is anything but cute.

    i dont like new KARA that much, the old group could sing better. i prefer BEG. they can sing.

  10. i wonder why DSP don’t let their artist collab, i mean KARA can collab with SS501… but i’ll just go with the flow, SHINee is cute and so is KARA… all the best!

  11. @nimco

    what?? rumours?? so bb and kara don’t exist?.. aren’t they collaborating in another show?


    kara fit way way way better with shinee to be honest, more age appropriate and since they both have a cute-ness in both groupss!

  12. dude stop acting like u are a wonder girls fan, stop with these lame comments…seriously getting annoying to have imbeciles trying to discredit WG fans…

    anyways…so Shinee? i hoped for a group with more umph but Shinee is alright! Can’t wait…Bring ittttt!

  13. @Mees,yes the special stage wont be happening this month .no one could find the original source of that article that kara fans put up. and music bank isnt on Bigbang’s schedule so that wont be their.

  14. confuse everyone. BB & Kara not jointing stage together? rumors? r u kidding me? did I pray too hard? J/K! I guess, if not with BB then Shinee can take over. lmao! well, they actually do blend in together.. BB belongs to WG with two letter syllable and Kara & Shinee with one word syllable. Okay, maybe you won’t understand my English here, but further more I rather have Wonderbang & Karanee together. Thank you.

  15. yes, bb and kara joint stage are rumours! there were no sources to the article that started all this. Big Bang are not attending Music Bank next week, according to their schedule.

    i feel kara and shinee sounds much better anyways! leave big bang to wonder girls, heh =P

  16. What’s wrong with special stages? xD Just because Kara MIGHT special with Big Bang it doesn’t mean Wonderbang’s long gone forever… ❤ Wondergirls, but they have a very big schedule, so wish em luck C: Shinee and Kara has the cute thing going on, xD I can’t wait for the special music stages :D, plus it’s Winter Break! haha.

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  18. OKAY now my heart feels more settled.

    BB + KARA = rumours.

    KARA + Shinee = perfect combo

    Wonderbang is having another joint stage?

    ahhh. i feel more stressfree 🙂

    aja aja fighting shinee+kara ! ❤

  19. So basically kara fans lied and said they’d be doing a stage together lol……….pshhh kara and snsd fans have that in common I suppose. That delusional factor.

  20. Wah, I think this is a better match. Their image would not be as weird together like Big Bang and KARA together in my opinion, and I think SHINee and KARA look better anyway. =]

    I don’t know why people have to bash KARA and SHINee though. Stop hating on others!! Yes, I agree that Big Bang and Wonder Girls are better, but that doesn’t mean KARA and SHINee suck. I like SHINee, too, and KARA’s pretty decent.

  21. WHY does EVERYONE make it seem like ALL boy band BELONGS to only WG.

    for ppl info, just cus they did a stage together dont mean they belong to anyone.

    and kara did suit shinee from what i thought.
    but karnee sounds weird.

    we get hated on about delusional factor but what about taking it too far with bashing kara.

    we are humans too. we are like any other fans that has dreams, hopes.

    but does it really matter. KARA AND WONDER GIRLS ARE FRIENDS!

  22. wonderful: dude you’re funny. if you didn’t know..WG FANS LIED TOO! they aren’t doing no special stage with big bang..

    and seriously wassup with all the bashing?
    what kind of fans are you?

    i agree with carolinevue
    kara && wonder girls are friends?
    so why are we arguing for? yoobinxgyuri ye eunxseungyeon haraxsunmi

    and wonder girls don’t own big bang
    you wonderbangers needa chill
    like i like them too [[g-ye shipper]] but you guys are just too much

  23. hey whats wrong with everybody!!! the fans going crazy!!!
    some comments here are so hateful and at the same time poor and absurd

    they (shinee- kara- big bang) are only singing together, by the way that is their job ^^
    they do not going out or something so what the problem???

    i watched the shinee+ kara perfomance and it so was not so cool as i expected… never mind big bang and kara are comming soon… cant wait!!!

  24. kara don’t deserve to perform w/ big bang n shinee…?????
    laughs my head off.
    as if those two groups DESERVE to perform with Kara.
    i don’t even wanna see kara with big bang or shinee….eugh….
    my girls deserve so much better.

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