14 thoughts on “Park Min Young NTDTV Interview Photos (6P) 081209

  1. I love her hair.
    Everytime I see a picture of her the first thing that pops out to me is her hair. I envy it for the simple fact that it’s so wavy and smooth like where as mines is a mess of waves & curls.

  2. Shes gorgeouss ! I love her hairrr.

    I love how she can wear no makeup at all and look SO PRETTY! natural beauty for sure : )

  3. From some parts of her look, i feel she looks like son dam bi. hahas! pretty girl. *off to singing Pretty Girl by Kara* 😀

  4. she reminds me of kim eugene a bit. and she looked cute before her plastic surgery, but now she looks pretty. I liked her in I am sam

  5. I agreed with CannedPeas. She really was so cute before surgery and now she’s so hot in many ways. Before and after some jobs done she’s still had killing smile, not to mention about her laugh. My heart stopped beating for some time when she laughed especially in “I Am Sam.”

    Please stop referring her as a Fake. There’s slightly different before and after. At least she was so lovely before the jobs. Only her small native Korean eyes.

    Anyway, Park Min-yeong, fighting! Love U 😀

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