Lee Minwoo Admits To Relationship with Amy

In response to the dating rumours with Amy that have been spreading like wildfire since last month, Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo made an official announcement yesterday, admitting to his relationship with Amy.

Amy and Lee Minwoo

Lee Minwoo held his M RIZING concert in Tokyo yesterday (18th) and at the press conference after the concert, he admits that he is dating Amy, “The stage is the place where I can sing for my fans, while Amy to me is someone who can give me my personal space. I hope everyone can be more understanding.”

Lee Minwoo continued, β€œAfter news of us dating was revealed, many fans have expressed their support for me. I would like to thank them and believe that this show of support from them is a form of reward for my hard work.”

Amy who was born in 1982, first met Lee Minwoo in KBS2TV Kko Kko Single and soon developed into lovers after interactions on the program. Their relationship must be really stable now for Minwoo to confirm this publicly after rumors of them dating broke out 1 month ago. Congratulations to them both.

credit: hanfever (news source)

44 thoughts on “Lee Minwoo Admits To Relationship with Amy

  1. GASSPSS. Okay fine. Congrats M. As his fan, I just want him to be happy. Let the guy live a normal life! You deserve it! MWAH!

  2. in all truthfulness, does anyone care?

    what i want to know are:

    1. are YEH and KJK dating?
    2. are SSH and LYH dating?

  3. so it was true, congrats to both =] lol I knew minwoo had a thing for amy since he said how he likes girls like her (when she was drivingXD).

  4. YAY!!! I’m happy for them. They were the only reason I watch the episode because I love their chemistry with one another & that underwater kiss on the first date WOW..you just knew they had to be talking or dating in real life.
    Happy & Glad he confirmed it.

    Everyone should be happy for them.

    Minwoo & Amy HWAITING!!

  5. He annoys me. Why does he always have to inform people that he’s dating someone, and then when they break up, and then continue to talk about private things later on.

    It’s kind of….well his song Don’t Trust Men sums it up pretty nicely. lol

  6. I’m happy for our Minbong, but I really hope Amy isn’t using this as a publicity stunt to get popular in the entertainment world. I wish them the best. It’s about time Minwoo finally got into a relationship again. Though I personally don’t like Amy, I still hope that things work out! ^^

  7. I think both of them suits well hope they are still able to maintain their relationship despite minwoo goes to army.

  8. i like them in kko kko tour!!

    haha…what amy say will be happen..

    “oppa., can we have many vacation together”…hahaha

  9. I dont like her. I personally find amy too annoying and trying too hard to be all cutsey esp in KKTA. I agree with Peachdisco, it bugs me that he talks about a lot of his relationships with media. It’s not like anyone REALLY needed to know.. But hey, if he’s happy then I am happy for him. And Im not even his fan~

  10. They do look like a couple! πŸ™‚

    Hope it lasts… especially when he’s due for military service soon. But I guess the best time to have a girlfriend is when you are serving the military… someone to dream of, and to visit you and bring you yummy foor on your off days πŸ˜›

  11. both of them are so lovely and cute.. I hope they can get on well … and ring bell soon….i like lee min woo .. he is a nice guy and colse with KJK and Yeh…

  12. I knew this was coming. *one of the few people who followed kko kko tours* I think they look cute together! All the best to the both of them!

  13. didn’t he already confess? so this would be confession #2. too bad kko kko singles tour made her seem too possessive, but i guess we can blame the editing & PDs. i don’t like those little captions they put making it seem like it is what the people are thinking.

  14. I hope Minwoo finds happiness, although I wouldn’t trust that Amy girl, she doesn’t look that interested in him and it looks like she is playing with him, that’s how it look like in the show Kko Kko Single. Minwoo is a really cool person and hopefully he would find what he is looking for. Good Luck to both of them.

  15. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok! So I’m soooooooooooooooooo happy that it is true…..
    Never really thought my instinct and observation of their first ever date in KKo first episode DID really come true!

    When I’m taking a break for a while during watching We Got Married, I take a look at KKo first episode. Never was a fan of M nor did I ever heard about Amy at that time. Just watching for the sake of watching. But after hearing Amy letter to M ( At that time still a secret – at the pool) and how very nice of M choose Amy who standing alone out the bus waiting for someone to choose her while no ONE want to date with her. Poor Amy. Later, M despite has admitted want to date another girl earlier choose to accompany Amy and come down from the bus. SOOOO KIND OF M!

    So that was the start of their fun and great first date. They even kiss at their first date and it happened inside the waterfall! M even admitted it was his first kiss in a game show.

    During their first date, I can sense a sincerity from M to entertain Amy fondness towards him and how subtly M too has his own feelings at Amy that time. It was so subtle and thier chemistry is just sizzling. So not to want to get carried away by just a show I didnt continue watching the series and didnt hear or read anything about them UNTIL THIS POST!!

    Thanks Alvin. Somehow it made me really happy.(As I’m happy and believe in Alshin). Now, we know that love is unconditional and when we love someone nothing else matter. We just love and accept the way they are. That is love.

    May they have their own blissful happiness.

  16. Oh, what with these people talking about Amy like they know her!

    Watching a show bear in mind its concern editing. Believe me, listening to Amy’s letter it hits to the string on my heart. It soo touching and sooo reach the deep of the soul. Very rare of me to feel touch like that because of a show.

    Only what you believe when you purify your heart from hatred will reach the truth.

  17. First, Who’s AMY ????? I watched kko kko tour but I never seen her in any variety, drama, or shows before. But compared to the other couplings I like the Amy-Min Woo pair.


  18. All the time that Kko Kko Single was on, I was looking out for these 2. It’s great to hear that Minwoo publicly announce their relationship together. They must really be inlove to be able to reveal it to the public. Even though I heard that he’s doing this for publicity because of his concert. Just watch Kko Kko single, and you can see their chemistry BIG TIME πŸ™‚ !

  19. they even kiss b4 they date and everything, i would be surprise if they r not dating….
    they r too cute together… but M seems like a player to me..

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