Former H.O.T Member Lee Jae Won Might Still Be Charged With Rape

Lee Jae Won, a former member of popular idol group H.O.T back in the 90s and was earlier alleged to have raped a female trainee, has been cleared of all charges after the latter withdrew her appeal in a day of drama.

Lee Jae Won

According to a police statement, Lee Jae Won was alleged to have commited the offence last month with the victim (female trainee) claiming that Lee Jae Won had lured her into a situation where she couldn’t resist and raped her.

A representative for the police station expressed, “Lee Jae Won has denied the rape allegation and explained that sexual intercourse took place after they both got drunk (without being aware of what was happening). As the victim has asked for Lee Jae Won to be put on trial while the latter has denied raping her, the case had to be futher investigated before further action could be taken.

Lee Jae Won was called up for investigation early this morning. Since news broke, Lee Jae Won’s Cyworld has been bombarded by netizens and fans. Most of his fans couldn’t believe that this has happened and hope this isn’t true.

the following are the latest developments (credit: elisa@DTH/elisa*@soompi)
The woman has negotiated to cancel her appeal to the court.

Lee Jae Won’s management company stated, “The woman who had initially sued (Lee Jae Won) has stated that she does not want any legal punishment and will be submitting her documents canceling her court request. The problem has been resolved as a misunderstanding between the two parties”.

Lee Jae Won’s party stated, “The woman (and Lee Jae Won) have known each other for quite a while, so there was no force used whatsoever. This issue occurred because of a problem between the two. Lee Jae Won is undergoing a big struggle and feels very apologetic toward his fans.”

Despite the woman withdrawing her charge, the police are going ahead with investigations and have gathered some evidence against Lee Jae Won. The police stated that despite the woman settling the issue with Lee Jae Won in private, it will not affect investigations since a charge had been filed. The police will hand over their findings to the court after they are done with investigations. The court will rule within 20 days on whether they will prosecute Lee Jae Won. If the rape charge against Lee Jae Won stands, he could face time in jail.

77 thoughts on “Former H.O.T Member Lee Jae Won Might Still Be Charged With Rape

  1. Hmm. I don’t know the laws in Korea, but in the US, a man can still be charged with rape if they were both drunk… Being under the influence of alcohol affects the consensual aspect of intercourse. I know someone in my college who was charged because of this.

  2. NO!
    Not my sweet Jae Won!
    He had a one night stand with a traniee and it turns into a rape case!
    I’m speechless…

  3. wow, i am totally shocked. grew up w/h.o.t.

    there was news similar to this mos. ago but the ppl were remained anonymous. i wonder if that news is this 1….

  4. DDDDAYUM! i love LOVE luv H.O.T!~ for some reason..i think it’s true. idk…but i really hope it’s not.’s jux…i don’t wanna believe it! >.<‘ plus…alcohol? dude…that’s soo not cool for his image. it’s okay to drink and not but to admit that both was drunk and did it…man..’em fans will go craziE ::koo-koo::

  5. wow.. and all this time i thought he was gay..

    but in all seriousness, if true, i hope he rots in jail..
    if false, a rape allegation is hard to turn over, but i hope all goes well.

    i have a feeling its true though, cos if the girl had fabricated this, chances are this matter would have been dealt with under the table involving an exchange of lumps of money.


    The woman who has accused Lee Jae Won with rape has negotiated to cancel her appeal to the court. (She canceled suing him basically). Therefore, Lee Jae Won has been completely freed from the rape accusation.

    Lee Jae Won’s management company stated in a phone call, “The woman who had initially sued (Lee Jae Won) has stated that she does not want any legal punishment and will be submitting her documents canceling her court request. The problem has been resolved as a misunderstanding between the two parties”.

    Lee Jae Won’s party stated, “The woman (and Lee Jae Won) had known each other for a while, so there was no force whatsoever. The happening occurred because of a problem between the two. Lee Jae Won is undergoing a big struggle and feels very apologetic toward his fans.”

    Seoul Sung-Dong police underwent an investigation on the 19th on the possibility of former H.O.T. member’s Lee Jae Won’s raping of an aspiring singer, and Lee Jae Won underwent interrogation that afternoon. Lee Jae Won will be released from custody on the night of the 19th.

    On a side note, Lee Jae Won is planning to release a new album on the 20th of next month and will be performing.

    translation credits to: elisa@DTH/elisa*@soompi

  7. @binnie:Thanks for the info.

    Stars like them should be more careful about themselves. Especially they are public property.

  8. I think it’s possible that the trainee wants to get famous. Wonnie didn’t rape her, it’s just having fun together and it turns to a rape case after that when the girl thinks she could gain famous because of saying she was raped.

  9. Im not a real fan of hot cos i didnt listen to their songs at all.
    But its really predictable that such females are just good for nothing futhermore it takes two to clap right?

    RAPE however is involving one party abusing another who doesnt really want it either. And this girl have fun with him drink alcohol and such knowing his famous she might think it would be great to have fun with him that turns to be sexual activities. If someone really really RAPE you, would you take back the charges although they are famous?

    IS ALREADY KNOWN THAT female is just accusing him and i know of a guy who gut accused and because she lied to the court she was sued instead or gaining sheesh

    FEMALES if you want guys to stay with you all the time perhaps handcuff them or say ure pregnant not that ure rape cos it will affect another parties reputation and you will just embarrass ureself.

    I hate it when females use rape just to be safe or take revenge poor males…

  10. I.Am.Shocked.

    But after reading through, there was alcohol involved. However much the female want to say its all Jae won’s fault, as a female she should have protected herself better instead of making herself vulnerable by being hazy under alcohol.

    I’m not approving jae won getting drunk to a point of being totally out but to ‘bangbang, don’t you think that you’re a little narrow minded?

    If jae won wanted sex, i think he could have well gone for a prostitute, paid her to shut up instead of this huge career harming one night stand. I think he could easily find someone willing considering his former fame.

  11. WOw, a lot of you don’t actually read the article did you T_T It said they were both drunk but that he hadn’t forced her, it’s only rape if they were both unwilling. It clearly states that it was a misunderstanding, not that she was totally unwilling’ especially since they were both drunk.

    This is one of the cases where a hell of a lot of people are going to side with the girl simply because she’s a girl; so she’s weak and was totally helpless while he “raped” her.

    For all you know at the time she wanted it too.

  12. CarrotPlush•: It’s not like that, but if she’s drunk he should be mature enough not to do anything like that, even if she says something stupid like “I want you” or whatever she said when she was drunk. And she’s over 20, she should know when’s the limit, seriously >_<
    He should think about the consequences, because she was drunk. This is not really an excuse.

    This is so fucked up T_T Since I’m a fan of ALL H.O.T members, I hope this isn’t true, because the new article above isn’t official yet (because there are many articles who says otherwise)
    But I surely don’t think girls are weak and helpless, because there are sneaky stupid girls, who wants fame.

    And I’m pretty sure this is the case. This whole case makes me really suspicious. Something about this is really strange, so I don’t think it’s true.

  13. Isn’t she a trainee? Why did he act so unprofessional? I’m not saying that they can’t have drinks or dinner but if she’s a trainee in your company, you have a be a role model and set an example for your staff and future stars not to get into these situations.

  14. …if the girl agreed to drink with him, she’s probably not underaged…and he never denied the sex act although he couldn’t remember being intoxicated at the maybe consensual and not rape but let this be a lesson to most idols and popular entertainers out there…there are traps(girls who will take advantage of the idol’s popularity) all around and things like this are just waiting to happen…if and when you like a little drink, just drink at home by yourself…

  15. i´m really shocked.

    do groupies really believe their ´idols´ are perfect human beings, or that they should get preferential treatment just b/c they have ´fans´?

    lee jaewon is known in korea to be a real playboy. additionally, his family is very wealthy.
    i´m surprised it´s taken this long for a rape charge to be leveled against him.

    additionally, though I take personal offense at all the comments saying the rape charges were the work of a ingenious gold digger, the comments saying the trainee wanted ´fame´ — too ridiculous for words.

    Korea is not America. No female becomes a superstar from having sex with ANYBODY. there is a very good reason the trainee´s name has not been made public. she would be forever ruined, and not just as an entertainer, if her identity was made known.

    additionally, you guys seem unaware that sexual acts during intoxication are LEGITIMATE legal grounds for a rape charge.

    one more thing: the drinking culture in Korea is completely a world apart from the U.S. Many times, it´s not an acceptable option to not drink. Especially in the workplace, believe it or not.

    my opinion is that the girl in question canceled her charges out of fear for her personal and professional life.

    wouldn´t you?

  16. He’s in the clearing but not home safe yet :[
    I really hope he doesn’t get charged. And i hope this doesn’t ruin his career.

  17. i agree with eunbit’s comments, esp. the final part. when news came out about her dropping charges, i thought of how he could hire hitmen on her for the rest of her life.

    no anonymous trainee would’ve dared to stir up big trouble for a famous, wealthy, connected star (at least more than what she has), without knowing he could use everything he got to get her back. nobody in his position would get ruined without putting up a fight!

    she has to have a good reason beyond hush money. she has to know this would ruin her own reputation (sadly rape victims wear scarlet letter in this culture!), her career, and have a lot of people mad to get even with her not keeping quiet.

  18. umm just because she’s not suing him anymore it still doesn’t mean she wasn’t raped >___<
    i’m not saying she was or wasn’t but she could have been paid off to not sue him
    just my two cents.

  19. Wow I just loooooove how everyone is blaming the victim. *rolls eyes*

    We don’t know if he did do it, but saying that she asked for it, or that she shouldn’t have gotten drunk with him, or that she’s just trying to get popular is disgusting.

    Not even the most STD ridden crack whore deserves to be raped. & Being a pop star isn’t a get out of jail free card.

  20. I don’t think Jaewon is the type to do this kind of thing… I seriously think it’s really the woman who wants to hold on to Jaewon after what had happened, but they might have an arguement or something.

    It’s not that everyone is blaming the victim, but Jaewon really doesn’t seem to be the type of person to do such a thing. Now that the girl has dropped charges, I think it already says something regrading the case. If you truly are a victim, you’d sue the person if they rape you. She probably dropped the case knowing that there’s not enough evidence or it’s really a lover’s quarrel…

    I just hope Jaewon would be okay and that this case would be solved rather quickly…

  21. i have a theory that the girl was just looking for publicity. come on now, she IS a trainee. she probably made a big deal about it and fabricated some info. but then again, we can’t really tell if he did do it intentionally or an accident. alcohol makes people do crazy things. but i hope it’s not true though.

    best of luck to jae won.

  22. A trainee accusing an ex-idol star of rape is really NOT the best way to gain publicity. Oh yeah you’ll get some air time alright… Just not the kind you want if you wanna pursue a career in music/entertainment.

    So, if she did it for that.. She’s retarded and probably not that great of a talent.

    I just think she was so drunk and can’t remember wtf happened and feels violated when she probably wasn’t… Or is having financial issues(quite common now days) and is doing anything possible to get through.

    In any case, bad for everyone involved.

  23. He didn’t do it.
    I can’t bring myself to actually believe that crap!
    He’s a freaking idol bimbos are throwing themselves at him from every corner of freaking Korea!
    Plus if she really got raped wouldn’t you go to the hospital and get your proof first?

    She’s a lying hag.
    What people do for fame is sad and simply garbage. -_-

  24. rape cases are always tricky but no matter how “famous” this guy is, the police is doing the right thing by sticking to the evidence. sooo many people use their power over people it’s disgusting. alcohol…look if ya can’t make a good judgement while drinking, then don’t drink! it’s her fault for being under the influence and putting herself in a risky situation. BUT it’s also his fault for taking advantage of the situation. it’s hard for us to judge what really happened cuz we weren’t there that night and we dont’ have access to the evidence. so, for fans to say that this dude is or is not guilty is a bit presumptuous. don’t you think? how can you make an educated and well-informed opinion when you allow yourselves to be deluded by the mere fact that the guy is famous/musician/or whatever. i’m not saying that i’m supporting the trainee either. but i’m just suggesting that people should be more open-minded to the situation. the truth’s gonna come out eventually unless someone’s paying the police to keep the truth from coming out.

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  26. HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

    the majority of the comments here are unbelievable
    its so funny how many are so opinionated about
    a culture theyve never lived in,


    so retarded…. go ahead and blame the victim,
    if it did happen i can understand what she’s going through
    because reading from your responses you guys really dont…

  27. I can’t believe that people are defending the perpetrator and condemning the victim. Maybe thats why she withdrew the case – because of delusional netizens who are too overprotective of their idols and think they know his true personality.

  28. Rape is hard to prove…especially if she agreed to have a drink with the guy…if both got drunk I wouldn’t know how it could have happened…they’re probably just tipsy…but he admitted that he did the act which means he wasn’t completely intoxicated because if he were he wouldn’t be able to do so, drunken men just can’t do it…and to say he has no memory of what has transpired is just a lame excuse. Poor girl, she should’ve known better than have a drink too many with a man, celebrity or not.

  29. Just because the two of them have known each other for quite awhile doesn’t mean one or the other aren’t capable of rape. Rape happens and it’s unfortunate!

    I truly hope that he didn’t rape her but chances are, I’m sure he DID force himself! I think Korea needs to work on their women’s rights!

  30. i don’t know about korea, but in america “date rape drugs” are often slipped into drinks. it makes you drowsy enough you have no control over fending off someone having their way with you. you’re lucky to even remember they had sex with you – and the guilt is huge because victim already tend to blame themselves for getting into that situation in the first place. of course the fault lies with whoever insisted on the sex transpiring!

    there’s really nothing to use for/against anyone here, except what they police have for EVIDENCE. it’s been 10 days since the alleged rape took place. what did they collect? is it strong enough they say they’ll try to prosecute him anyway? (currently he’s not in custody)

  31. I’ve been discussing this with my friends all day.
    Why suddenly drop the charges?

    That’s the part I don’t understand I would believe her more if she didn’t all of a sudden draw back. The news is already out so you can’t hide anymore, the damage has been done, so now what? What does she gain by accusing him and then pulling out on the last minute?

    Was she trying to tarnish his rep?
    Because it’s been proven before and again loyal fans stick to their idols like freaking mounting tape no matter the situation!

    I still stand by Lee Jae Won because I don’t know for a fact who’s lying or teling the truth. I grew up with H.O.T music so my love for him as an artist will not fade away with a simple scandal. As for the trainee I’m a bit on the fence, I’m still screaming into my friend’s ear (ove the phone) WHY WITHDRAW YOUR DAMN CLAIM?! Even if he does have connections the evidence will speak loud and clear unless she’s “unsure” about something why would she drop her charges?

    LEE JAE WON be strong you still have two fan girls My mom and I LOL

  32. lee jaewon was my FAVORITE member in H.O.T., but that doesnt stop me from believing that he really did rape the girl. sure he was once an extremely famous idol and lots of girls would be glad to have sex with him, but would that really stop a guy from raping a girl? NO. many wealthy good looking men rape women all the time. and im really disappointed reading some of these comments like “omg, this cant be true, hes an IDOL, i idolized him my whole childhood.” sure its suspicious that the victim dropped the charges. however, i suspect that maybe she didnt want more attention, because essentially, majority of the people are going to BLAME her. for those who accuse her of trying to be famous they should be reminded that this is KOREA, not AMERICA. yes in america u CAN get famous through sex (Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian). but in korea its LOOKED down upon. baek ji young’s career was almost DESTROYED because of a sex scandal. i truly believe that lee jaewon took advantage of the fact that his trainee was intoxicated.

  33. I’m kind of amazed that some people would take rape lightly… I think it’s pretty serious to have performed sexual acts with someone without complete consent. If she really did not give consent, even if she was drinking with him, and she should’ve had better judgment… it’s still not “her fault” — and it’s totally twisting things out of context by saying that she was asking for it. And if they truly have known each other for a long time, doesn’t that just mean she TRUSTS him enough to drink with him like that?
    But I agree with everyone else, that if she really wanted fame, her name would be up in lights right now. But no name was mentioned. Also, I don’t think being raped is actually good publicity… it can only tarnish her reputation. People ask why she pulled back her claim; well, there could be a few logical reasons, like maybe she was afraid that if further investigation was done and her name was brought up, her career would be over (and she’s just a trainee, too…so all her hard work would equate to nothing) because crazy delusional fan girls would stick to their idol and make sure they make the trainee’s life a living hell (we all know how crazy it can get). Or maybe something happened behind the scenes that we don’t know about…like bribe or threats.
    I guess we don’t know the facts right now, and it’s really hard to say who’s in the wrong or in the right, or whether it really is just a misunderstanding…but maybe we’ll never know, because we’re not them and we weren’t there. But my two cents is…don’t take rape so lightly, even if there is a possibility of it being fake (maybe she needed money, like people were saying)… but either way we shouldn’t rule out the fact that it really might be a rape case. And just think, how would you feel if you were the trainee being raped, and no one believes you because they think you’re after money or fame?

  34. I’ve always been a silent reader but this time I’ve gotta put in my 2 cents.

    First question, do any of you “fans” actually know the guy??? You keep saying “he didn’t do it” or “he doesn’t seem like that kind of person.”
    Do you really know him personally to know what kind of person he is? He’s in the show biz for goodness sake. We only know these people from what they present to us. Just because he’s a former top idol or whatever doesn’t mean they’re perfect and not capable of doing anything wrong.
    I’m not saying he really did it. I’m just saying don’t get blindsighted with love for your idols that you refuse to see their faults.

    I agree with Eunbit and Karen wholeheartedly.
    This is KOREA not America where you can get famous from a sex scandal, write a tell-all book and make millions or be on a reality show. People are worried about his career and his life. What about hers? Do you think she’s actually gaining something from making such allegation? Sure, maybe she’s been paid hush money but think about her social life. She’s a trainee in the same company. How do you think people will treat her after this? In any case, she’s still the girl who got drunk with a celebrity, involved in a sex scandal that ruined a former top idol and is gonna be humiliated and scarred for the rest of her life. Plus, Korean netizens are mad scary and crafty. If her identity is found out, I have a feeling there might be a suicide news in the headlines soon.

    The truth is none of us were there. None of us really know what happened. All we’re getting are third-party information so don’t jump to any conclusion just yet.
    Let the police investigate and let the truths unfold.

  35. its so sad, the stance a lot of you take just shows what a facade women’s rights are to vulgar misogyny.
    youre more concerned about his rep, “poor guy”, SHES doing THIS to him?! she shouldnt have been drinking with him??
    maybe you can blame it on what she wore?!
    its so sad to see the large amount of the population still internalizing the whole woman-as-immoral-temptress, to blame for all which happens to others and herself.

    put yourself in her position: YOU ARE RAPED by someone you think you know, your trust is ruined, you are scared, but coming to terms with it, with your anger, and making him stop or understand what hes done is important.
    the second you come out with this, people are going to question and bash you in your already weak and vulnerable position.

    just give it a rest on the bashing. YOU DONT KNOW THE GUY. he could be the biggest asshole alive.

  36. i agree with ieannex… well said! i’m a women, and i think every women have their own right to stand up for the truth… this victim obviously doesn’t want her life to get even worse, its so silly some people are saying how she wanted fame… even though i myself don’t know the truth, its very disappointing when fans are a little too protective of their idols…

    i’m shocked too, i’m a fan…. but just think, he’s human like everyone else, he makes mistakes…so don’t bash the victim, what would you feel if you were in the same situation?! let the police handle it, and think before you make any commments…

  37. In all case of rape about 80 percent are from date rape, meaning the victim usually got raped by somebody they knew and TRUST. This is most common because most women usually get really drink around somebody they know they feel safe with. The rapist would wait around for a opportunity. This is way most case of rape goes un report because victims are scared of the outcome and it so easy to blame the women for drinking and not the men for taking advantage. The bottom line even if they were both drunk she had to be more drunk than him because when a guy gets really drunk he would not be able to have sex purely because he would be too drunk to get hard. Date Rape has a lot of gray and most likely he would not be jailed because even the USA it is very hard to put a guy in jail for date rape.

  38. yeah, as peacnluv just wrote, if he were really drunk he wouldn’t be able to do it…probably they were just tipsy and did the craziest thing and before they knew it they were in a very compromising situation…very hard to prove that it’s rape and yet not consensual since both weren’t in the right state of the mind…things alcohol can make you do and suffer for what you think are fun times…good luck to both of them, they need lots of it right now in this no win situation.

  39. Re: “i have a feeling its true though, cos if the girl had fabricated this, chances are this matter would have been dealt with under the table involving an exchange of lumps of money.”

    Why do you think she withdrew her accusation?

  40. I love how pathetic some of the little girls on here are oh he didn’t do it? cause what? he’s cute? so is andrew luster and so is f*cking ted bundy are you kidding me? andrew luster was handsome and had more money than this boy ever will and still raped how many women was it…? 10? 12? who knows, he video taped many but I’m sure there were alot that weren’t taped.

    Pathetic, I have never in my life been so ashamed to actually be female, this is just digusting. Wow. You all defending a potential rapist deserve death and nothing less. If this man were some crazy looking dude you wouldn’t even give this case a second thought and would just be crying “rape” like a bunch of idiots.

  41. The misogynistic undertones of some of these comments sickens me. THIS is why rape has become one of the easiest atrocities a man can get away with. It’s bad enough here in America, I can’t imagine what it’s like in Korea considering how conservative the society is.

  42. Do not judge how others think of this situation. It’s all very wishy-washy. We will never know 100% truth.
    Put those people who are loyal fans of H.O.T./LJW as your situation to what they would think…
    How would you feel if say Yunho or Jaejoong or even Changmin of DBSK were to ever be accused of raping someone?? Seems crazy and unbelievable, right? Because you wouldn’t think they’d be like that, right? Seriously, think about it. You would really want to believe they wouldn’t do this, right? Be a little sensitive towards others’ reactions about this.
    Whether he’s truly guilty or not, his reputation is damaged. I don’t know if it was the best thing to do for the girl to drop her case, but you know, that’s her life. Whatever decisions she makes, she’s gonna live with it.
    This whole situation is icky, that’s for sure.

  43. Alcohol is only a lame excuse for rape.

    Just because a guy has been drinking, he isn’t able to rape!

    Stupid! Anyway, I hope she wasn’t raped and not being threatened for her life to drop the cases!

  44. I know someone who got raped by her boyfriend’s brother and trust me, prior to that, she didn’t think “he was the type to rape.” I don’t know why people think their so-called feelings and intuitions about celebrities they do not know personally mean anything.

  45. Ya’ll don’t even know this guy besides what you see on TV, so how can you just talk out of the side of your mouth & say he didn’t do it? Even if it is true or not, the girl could have been pressured (or threatened) by people around her to drop the charges.

    Like someone said above, this isn’t America. Things like this happen often, for example Kobe Bryant or Mike Tyson. Kobe Bryant is still enjoying his success I think no one really knows if he was guilty or not. I certainly wouldn’t want to get famous by lying & said some rich & famous guy raped me. That is sick! But I think some women are sick & will lie like that. I guess this is a reason why in Korean a lot of idols don’t really date, (If I’m correct about that).

    I don’t even know who this guy is, I don’t listen to Korean music. No one knows the truth except the two of them & will face judgement sooner or later.

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