So Nyeo Shi Dae Making Their Comeback in January 2009

After two aborted attempts and a year of relatively inactivity on the music front as a group, So Nyeo Shi Dae will make their comeback in January 2009.

So Nyeo Shi Dae Making A January 2009 Comeback

They are currently filming their music video and a teaser clip is due on 2nd January. This will be followed by their comeback performance via Music Bank on 9th January. It will not be a full-length album like most hoped but a mini-album which will drop in the same week. The new song will be composed by E-Tribe, the same person who created U-Go-Girl for Lee Hyori and Pretty Girl for Kara. So Nyeo Shi Dae are expected to stick with their cutesy concept.

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49 thoughts on “So Nyeo Shi Dae Making Their Comeback in January 2009

  1. i thought E-tribe produced “yodel”? (which is a good song btw…i could be wrong…as far as SNSD goes, I wish them a peaceful comeback… cutesy is a bit overly done, but hope they make the best out of it…

  2. ahh~
    i thought they were gonna change their concept, especially after so long since they got started with the bubble-gum image

  3. Finally! After how many months?!?! I’m really anticipating for their comeback! I don’t really care if they change their concepts since it doesn’t really matter. As long as the mini-album and the songs are great, then it’s okay.

  4. after so many months
    the same concept and only a mini album??????
    im disappointed in sm
    but i still do miss them a lot
    so ill be looking forward to them making their comeback!
    music bank???
    usually sm artists make their comeback thru inkigayo…

  5. was kinda expecting a new concept as well.. but hey, they are still young and still have alot of time in the future to produce more mature concepts =P.

  6. omg i miss snsd like.. crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    they’re really talented actually.

    but i wish they’d stop with the cutesy already.. i like it but baby baby and kissing you are enough already.

    more like what they did with TOP shinhwa will be good!

  7. E Tribe also worked on Nassun’s Its Okay. freakin love that song. I agree with bluefire. It’ll be a hit.

  8. yeppee! SNSD will be back ^_^ finally, i can see them perform with a new song 🙂 keke.

    i kinda want them to stick out off the cutesy concept.. but i think it’d be greater if they would stick it out on their mini album~~ keke.

  9. Mm… After making their fans wait so long, I really expected them to come out with a full album, not a mini. I think they should have had sufficient time to make a full one, but I guess you make more money making mini albums anyway.

    I’m disappointed to hear that their sticking with their cutesy concept, but I mean, if you think about it, seeing 9 girls suddenly going to sexy would be overwhelming, and in my opinion, some of SNSD girls are not ready to go that route.

    I really expect them to go out of the box this time around, considering their rivals, the Wonder Girls, have been through many developments and changes in their concept and even their style already, and there’s also KARA, who’s been doing the cutesy concept effectively lately. If there’s anyone that they’ll have to fight with with cute concept, it’ll be KARA, although they may be more successful since SNSD IS more popular.

    Plus, January 2009? They definitely picked the right timing, didn’t they? Wonder Girls stops promotions in Korea after December, and they’ll head here in the US. Most of the rush from all the big comebacks this year will be subdued, and they won’t have much competition.

    I hope they do well. SNSD, although I’m not a fan of bubblegum pop, has good songs, so I’m expecting they’ll be better this time around considering they got E-Tribe.

    But dude, that photo’s photoshopped badly. Tiffany looks like she’s about to cry, and I agree with wgftw that Jessica’s eyes are unnatural. SooYoung’s too. Whoever photoshopped this sucks.

  10. i knew they’d still use the cute concept but i’m hoping it’ll have a hint of something new and different. and then maybe by the end of 2009, the cute concept will go away completely, not that i have a problem with it but y’know..change is good too.

    i really hoped for a full!!
    oh well
    as long as they come back..
    i reallllly reallly miss them performing..
    Factory girl cant cover up my longing for their singing.. haha

  12. For those who don’t know, SNSD had already recorded a few songs and was supposed to put out a full album for their comeback. However, one of the producers did a sampling for one of their songs and they eventually didn’t obtain the full rights to it, thus had to trash out everything they had done, which includes recordings, photo shoots and even the music video.

    So the poor girls’ hard work was all trashed no thanks to the sloppiness of SM Entertainment.

    And by the way, SM Entertainment had never released an official statement on SNSD’s comeback so you can’t really say they had “two aborted attempts”. It was all rumors from fans.

    For those who said that they chose the right timing to make a comeback when Wonder Girls will be away in the United States, it was really due to Yoona’s drama filming schedule. As we all know, KBS had extended the drama so that it ends in 2009 and not in 2008, which will allow them to broadcast their new drama in the New Year and not at the end of 2008.

    Fortunately, it was all in good timing so SNSD can make their comeback fresh in the New Year. But unfortunately, they will not be able to interact with their friends, the Wonder Girls, who will be away in the United States when they make their comeback.

    Finally, the mini-album was released so SM Entertainment can “test waters” with the concept that they’re implementing on SNSD. Also, with a mini-album, it will give SNSD the time to put out a full album later in the new year thus allowing them to qualify for the end of year awards.

    All in all, everything looks promising for SNSD and we hope they will receive lots of love from S♥NEs and maybe even recruit new S♥NEs in the process.

    May the brand new year 2009 will be a good and blissful year for the 9 member girl group, SNSD.

    All the best girls!

  13. For me, if SNSD will stick to their cutesy concept or release similar type of songs, full album or mini, i’m cool with that, as long as they do comeback(sounds like i miss them thatd bad huh?XD), and yes i believe that they’re all hardworking that’s why i don’t regret putting my faith on them from the start. looking forward for the mini-album and the come back with full positivity.

    thanxs for the good news.

  14. ^^well i agree 100% agree with you.
    All the K artists are friends. of course they have a competitive side,they are singers. the fans just love to bash and hate on others.

    about kara’s cute concept, its good dont get me wrong. but i would really like to see ji young and hara sing… or sing more lol.

    no matter what concept either cute or sexy. some rapping or no rapping. they will be compared and hated.

    snsd is the only album that i have ever listened to that had all catchy and good songs. snsd owns imo.

    about competition in the new year. i wonder when this oneday is going to come cuz imo 2pm is better off how they are now. that leader of 2am is just too f*ckin much.
    and i want that new YG girl group to come so no more of this wonderbang cuz now its karabang.

    snsd ❤

  15. gladly..i don’t see any negative comments..but anyways i can’t even if it is just a mini album..just want to see the girls back..haha
    u go girl and kara’s pretty girl was and are popular so it’ll be good for the girls plus in my opinion the girls brought cute back into the kpop industry as a girl group so it’s their thing…and of course the girls will do well, the songs they promoted became all #1’s at one point on the music shows….
    SNSD unnies hwaiting!!

  16. FINALLY…
    I don’t think I can see them waving those lollipops any longer…
    Nice to hear the girls are coming back!
    Wish them all the best~


  17. mini albums are just ways to make more money. seriously.
    they cost the same as full albums…
    way to be absent for almost a year and the come out with a freaking MINI ALBUM.

  18. I’m glad they’ll comeback.
    I’ve been waiting ….

    I heard Jewelry will make a comeback next year, but dunno exactly when.
    Well, correct me if i’m wrong.
    I think there will still be a lot of competitors….

    I’m kinda sad that SNSD can’t interact with their peers, WG…. They once said they like seeing each other backstage cos they’re about the same age.

  19. dear bananah,

    as S♥NE had mentioned in his/her comment,

    “For those who don’t know, SNSD had already recorded a few songs and was supposed to put out a full album for their comeback. However, one of the producers did a sampling for one of their songs and they eventually didn’t obtain the full rights to it, thus had to trash out everything they had done, which includes recordings, photo shoots and even the music video.”

    Thus the reason why they had to put out a mini-album.

    So if you can’t read, SCRAM.


  20. i really,really hope when snsd come back.thank you S♥NE about information (hope that is true).but i don’t understand:you write:the girls and lsm never say they come back in the october or november,but say me how is with press conference? i remember girls say they come back something in the 2 months and taeyeon say,when maybe they can be colloboration with japanese group w-inds… something not sound like that.i really hope they come back in the january,but a little bit dissapoint,when again in this way :with lollipops and short skirt… i haven’t not something for skirt,but lollipops…. a little bit too baby… and i think too,the clothes what the wear on the stage,sometimes looks like after sorry when i say that “garbage”,really how from waste bin indrawn!i hope they change something in this way and too correct their performance.and about the “sexy” image.lsm never haven’t do for their artists like that image,too s.e.s was very nice,and interesting.lsm not that who makes “sexy” image,how do the sluts “wonder girls” that’s sm entairtenment.

  21. and to one who say:this photoshoot new suck!not at all,i think or i am sure this photoshoot is made 1 year ago…. when they come back be passes 2 too new image-photoshoot,so that can be different.this photo is old!

  22. Who cares?…

    and lol at the snsd fans bringing up WG. You snsd fans still don’t get it yet that 1. WG are on a much higher level than SNSD now. 2. Look where bashing WG got you last year. Guess you still havn’t learned.

  23. ive been reading alot of negative comments whenever soshi is mentioned…i was abt to comment upon no negative comments here until ^ …aish…

    090109 tt is! soshi comeback!! wooohooo!!! they are greatly missed!!

  24. @santa…
    Why do you have to bring up Wonder Girls? you’re just making the soshi fans look bad… wonder Girls aren’t sluts, so please keep you’re stupid comment to yourself! It really sucks to have fans bashing other groups, this article is about their comeback so please respect that… immature fans like you are the reason why sohi gets antis!

    anyway, i can’t wait to see them! i really miss seeing them on stage… SNSD HWAITING!!!

  25. ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can’t wait any longer
    i was like so sad when they kept on moving it
    aw…. mini-album… T^T
    at least thaty have a comeback
    i so support them
    can’t wait to see them on Music Bank
    and i SO wanna see the teaser like right now
    So Nyeo Shi Dae Fighting!!!!

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