Ryeo Won Missing From Princess Ja Myung Go Praying Ceremony

Jung Ryeo Won was conspicuously missing at the praying ceremony for Princess Ja Myung Go which took place on 12th December at the SBS Ilsan Production Center. Other cast members like Park Min Young, Jung Kyung Ho, etc were all present to to pray for high tv ratings and smooth filming. A TN Entertainment representative represented Jung Ryeo Won at the ceremony.


It might be odd to some to see Jung Ryeo Won missing since she is playing the leading role in Princess Ja Myung Go and also her first-ever period drama. But with post-production work on her movie Wandering Mr. Kim still in progress, Ryeo Won was unable to extract herself away for the praying ceremony.

According to her representative, “The post-production for her movie Wandering Mr. Kim has been delayed, resulting in Ryeo Won being unable to integrate herself into the drama filming. With regards to this, she is very sorry and said this is unavoidable as she wants to do her best for the movie poster filming and post-production. In between breaks, she is dilligently reading the script to prepare herself. She will join the drama filming in early January.”

Despite being able to command 20 million won per episode, Ryeo Won will only be drawing 15 million won after the actors’ association had imposed a salary cap. Princess Ja Myung Go will greet viewers in February 2009.

15 thoughts on “Ryeo Won Missing From Princess Ja Myung Go Praying Ceremony

  1. Its okay Ryeo Won unni, it’s understandable : ). pretty stressful to have so many projects during this time of the year, at least she got someone to represent her.

  2. Pig’s head, that’s kind of like chinese tradition as well =P..

    Not sure if this is a bad thing or understandable circumstance, i guess if you’re more traditional it’s a bad thing to not go, but looking it at another view.. she was unable to fit this into her schedule and was very sorry attending..

    Either way, i love this girl ! : ) Can’t wait to watch her act in her first period drama !

  3. It’s completely understandable because I REALLY WANT TO SEE WMK!
    Take all the time you want just give me a good movie lOL

  4. Its pretty obvious why she isnt here.. The praying ceremony is where you pray to an idol; ie the pig’s head. (Trad. Korean culture)

    Ryeo Won is a really deep christian, and wouldnt dare pray to the heaed of a pig. Hwaiting~ Ryeo Won for showing your faith~

    Hence it was a convenient excuse for her to use (movie filming) and instead her management TN Entertainment to go instead.

  5. ^
    i think whether one is christian or not, in korea, they still do the praying ceremony of bowing and placing money.

    is it true?

  6. I am happy to see this drama ( Princess Ja Myung Go ) carried out because Jung Ryeo Won – her project for film and drama is delayed too long . Her viewers look forward to her returning to small screen ! At the end of the year she can not relax

  7. I love this girl!! Well her schduele must been hecka busy especially doing another movie at the same time.. well I can’t wait for this drama.. I really want to see her wearing a hanbok….I love her she is so unique.. It is understandable for me why she miss it.. good luck jung ryeo won

  8. So JRW is a confirmed lead for this series!! I’m so excited; really miss seeing her on TV. And to think she has another movie to be released as well! All the better! All the best JRW; can’t wait to see her in costume! “D

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