Lee Hyori Checks Herself Into Hospital Before Concert

Looks like her fans’ worries just came true. Singer Lee Hyori has been hospitalised 2 days before her first-ever solo concert since debuting.

Get Well Soon Hyori!

She checked herself into a local hospital on 17th December in Gangnam-gu, for flu and exhaustion. Hyori had been busy preparing for her sold-out concert and other scheduled activities. She had fallen ill with flu and felt fatiqued after her scheduled recording for SBS Family Outing on the 15th and 16th.

Mnet Media expressed, “Lee Hyori has been hospitalised for flu and exhuastion. We wanted to let her rest for a few days at the hospital but it would be hard for her to rest totally since we are just 2 days away from her concert.”

Lee Hyori returned to her concert venue for rehearsals after receiving her treatment at the hospital on the 17th. It was the same on the 18th as she took in some rest at the hospital before going back for her concert rehearsal.

Concert erupts on 19th and 20th December at Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

credit: sookyeong@wordpress.com

18 thoughts on “Lee Hyori Checks Herself Into Hospital Before Concert

  1. thats great…but still not that trill to see her concert..i think its not a solo concert but its lee hyori and friend’s concert….

  2. Idk, if I should feel any sympathy for her, since most of her fans told her to stop filming SBS family outing and get ready for her concert, but she continue to film and got herself check into the hospital with the flu and exhaustion. I hope she’ll get better soon. But seriously I don’t think her concert should be called a solo concert when she has so many guesses to pump the concert up. Instead it should be called *(LeeHyori & friends concert) Thank you.

  3. It’s no surprise she caught the flu since they’ve been filming in freezing temps! I feel sorry for unnie but I’m glad she hasn’t stopped filming cause I love her in Family Outing!
    Hyori’s going to have the hottest concert!!!!!

  4. She really does work very hard.
    I’m glad she’s taking the necessary actions to keep herself healthy.
    Wishing her a flawless concert.

  5. She has to have alot of guest in her concert because it’s too tired for her (think* she has to dance and sing whole concert- faint!).. she need some rest and give her guest to show.. just only a little woman seem weak.. and u want her to control her concert and no guest by herself? and she has to performance 2 day 19/20 Dec!!

    She’s not a singer that only use voice but dance too..
    I think you can imagine how tired even man did it


    Ps. hope she get well soon

  6. oh my gosh, it sounds like she’s really tire~
    i really hope she’ll be ok
    not just for the concert or anything but since it IS a big thing for her career, she should rest until she’s ready to do a good job with it

  7. This girl is too much, everyone told her to get some rest before the concert but she always goes over, I hope she does well in her concert. Fighting!!

  8. Aww I hope she feels better! Hyori should’ve rest before her concert but I like to see her on FO; she’s funny there. Get well soon!

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