Andre Kim Guest Cameo on East of Eden

Fashion designer, Andre Kim will guest star on East of Eden.

Andre Kim cameos on East of Eden

Internationally renowned Korean fashion designer, Andre Kim appeared at MBC Dream Center in Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of 18th December for filming. He will act as himself in a Andre Kim fashion show designed to raise funds and will work together with Kim Ji Hyun (Han Ji Hye), who is managing the hotel.

8 thoughts on “Andre Kim Guest Cameo on East of Eden

  1. My mom loves this man, where as I have always feared him. He has that “I’ll suck your blood!” Type look LOL

  2. He is an awsome designer, I rrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaly admire his work
    (some of them might took the creeps out of you)
    but still cooooooooool.

  3. He is as scary as he looks in real life. I saw him in person in one of those fashion shows that’s held in front of Seoul city hall every year. Boy did he give me the creeps when I saw him. Why is he world renowned again? fashion? he needs help.

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