2009 Infinity Challenge Calendar Pictures

It would be lovely to have this calendar for 2009. From the guys at Infinity Challenge who went through different costume changes for the calendar.


If only I knew where to get it. ROFL at my fellow smurfs.


Download (MF) | password: coolsmurf.wordpress.com

52 thoughts on “2009 Infinity Challenge Calendar Pictures

  1. lol don don is dressed as a little girl in the wizard of ox. How i wished i could buy them.. any source for me to buy this calendar?

  2. AHHAHA ROFLMAO for some reason, i’d get it just for daily laughs. these are too hilarious. 1n2d guys should make something like this too

  3. me too wish infinty girls would make one.. i would buy…anyways

    hahaha! i seee a bunch of smurfs!! *sorry, can’t help it* lol
    they are so silly!!!

  4. OMG!!! ROFL!!!! These guys are hilarious!!! Love them!

    My favorite has to be the smurf one. PMS loooks ridculous! Well they all do in all of them!!! ❤

    isn’t that something amazing to keep with you all year long haha
    I love the smurf one too kekekekek

    HyungDon as Dorothy……….uh……

  6. missin’ HaHa oppa. Will he be able to join in next year? hope so. =(

    anyway, i love to had that desk too, i can’t find it in yesasia.
    my favorite pic is May, hehe, not a fan of Jung Ha but I like that. And also the October, oh~ I’m liking Jung Ha now..haha
    I can’t recognize who were the smurfs in the March

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. So cute!!!

    I miss Haha the Tiny Kid so so so much… This is one of the bestest show ever. Haha Guerilla concert make me cry so hard…

    If only they did the ahjumma one like the Chuseok Special or the recent Aerobics one that would be cute and oh my goodness… DonDon as Uhm Jung Hwa kills me… haha… The calendar for August with PMS as Count Dracula is really funny… I want to buy but trust its gonna be really expensive…

    Love them so much for all the laughter they provide… Hwaiting…

  8. My favorite picture is the Marry Me one. XD MC Yoo’s face is priceless, and Nong Chul is hitting Hyung Don’s face.

  9. ROTFL!
    I want this calendar!
    It’s too freaking funny.

    Was I the only one that fell off my seat when they saw PMS in his vampire costume, Jun Jin in the Mona lisa, the novemeber parody of SAD MOVIE, and last but not least MC YOO in the scarecrow costume?

  10. LMFAO, this is amazing!
    If anyone finds out how to buy these calendars, please notify me! I REALLY REALLY want one!

  11. This show is my favorite, it makes me laugh so much every one is hilarious. The calendar pics are funny, yes it would be nice to know where to get this calendar. 🙂

  12. A friend of mine is getting me this calendar (both desk and wall) for Christmas =) I think there’s an online shop for this (MBC, so it’s official) — let my try and search for it so I post it here.

  13. January, June, and November were the only decent looking ones I would look at for a month, the other ones…. quite disturbing.

  14. to get the calendar- 4rm what i remember, you’ve to go onto their site. & they only make limited copies (think it’s 2000?).

    i like how they don’t leave haha out. so nice of them. but he feels loved.

  15. HAHAHAH .. the pictures came out better than i thought!!
    i laughed so hard watching jung joonha doing the babo family ..
    awesome .. moohan dojeon rules .. i hope it never ends!! m<3

  16. oh! I really would like to order it but I don’t understand korean and the site does not have an english version! Does anybody know how much it costs in delivery fees to Quebec, Canada?

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