2008 SBS Drama Awards Daesang Nominees Revealed

The talk of the town had been whether Park Shin Yang who is involved in a pay dispute and antagonizing industry bigwigs, would be among the Daesang nominees in the 2008 SBS Drama Awards which was announced today.


In a statement from SBS today, “The nominees for the different awards hinges greatly on the opinions from drama production companies. We can’t totally disregard tv ratings also but that is just one of the many criterias from which we pick the nominees. The Daesang will be picked from those who have acted in SBS dramas that has aired over the past year. The nominees was derived through 70% of votes from drama producers while the remaining 30% are from tv ratings, how much influence it had, its impact on society, the acting, etc. Viewers can express their opinion through the popularity poll.”

The Daesang will be contested by Song Yun Ah (On Air), Kim Ha Neul (On Air), Oh Hyun Kyung (First Wives Club), Moon Geun Young (Painter of the Wind) and Lee Jun Ki (Iljimae). Lee Jun Ki will also compete for the Best Actor Award with Kim Rae Won (Gourmet), Lee Bum Soo (On Air) and Park Shin Yang (Painter of the Wind). The Best Actress Award will be contested by the female nominees for Daesang. Awards ceremony goes live on 31st December.

Also check out the nominees for the 2008 KBS Drama Awards.

28 thoughts on “2008 SBS Drama Awards Daesang Nominees Revealed

  1. The only drama that I haven’t seen up there is First Wives Club.. so I can’t really comment on the actress who has been nominated for that drama..

    My pick goes to Kim Rae Won, Lee Bum Soo, Kim Ha Neul and Moon Geun Young for the awards.. I will be happy if either of them wins DaeSang.. ^^

  2. I’m rooting Song Yun Ah (On Air) for the The Daesang and best actress award.She ‘s job is excellent .I want On Air to be best drama nominee ,Park Yong Ha is the best actor nominee and Song Yun Ah +Park Yong Ha are best couple too.

  3. my bet for the Dae Sang is Oh Hyun Kyung of FIRST WIVES’ CLUB…why? that series hovered for so many weeks on the 30%…thus the Dae Sang will be given to that actress…

    Lee Joon Ki will win the award next to it…because Il Ji Mae reached 30% on its finale…

    again, it is the RATING that will speak who will win the Dae Sang.

  4. hhehehe….oppa lee bum soo is number one!^^.Fighting !Fighting!!!!!!!.He is a good actor…..I love him so much in Surgeon bong dal hee and On air ……

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