Rain, Wheesung and SG Wannabe At Lee Hyori Solo Concert

Korea’s top singers have come together for Lee Hyori’s solo concert.

Rain and Big Bang

Lee Hyori first solo concert, Invincible Lee Hyori will be held on 19th and 20th December with confirmed guests Big Bang and Fin.K.L as reported earlier. But hold on, there’s more good news for those lucky fans who managed to get their tickets. Rain, Wheesung and SG Wannabe will also be performing.

Off-screen, Hyori are known to be on very good terms with Rain, Wheesung and SG Wannabe. As seniors and juniors, they have had numerous collaborations for their albums and on stage and thus have a good relationship.

According to Mnet Media, “Hyori’s friends wanted to celebrate and cheer on her for her solo concert. Despite it being the end of the year and with their own tight schedules, they still managed to squeeze out some time for her concert. I believe this will be one of the best concerts in recent memory.”

It has been 10 years since Hyori debuted as Fin.K.L and this will be her first-ever solo concert. For this meaningful first time, Hyori has been putting in 12 hours of practise daily for a perfect show. It’s understood that Hyori’s fans had asked her to stop recording Family Outing since her concert will be 3 days later and she might hurt her vocals. But Hyori still went ahead and fulfilled her schedule like a professional since it was already fixed.

39 thoughts on “Rain, Wheesung and SG Wannabe At Lee Hyori Solo Concert

  1. wow i so wanna go to her concert!! even more so when big bang and rain and wheesung are gonna be performing!! :DDDDDD

    the fans who managed to get their tickets are sooooooooo lucky!

  2. go! hyori! go! she might be over rated but she’s got good stage presence and all-round support from her colleagues! You Go, Girl! i can’t wait to see her concert…on the internet! πŸ˜€

  3. What is the point in calling it a ‘solo’ concert if she’s having so many guest performances?

    Is she not confident enough to perform a full show by herself (she obviously has no problem selling the tickets)?

    Those artists are really amazing but if I wanted to see them I’d go to THEIR concert (not that I’m going to Hyori’s concert, but that’s not the point lol). :/

    (and I’m not an anti! I love Hyori :D)

  4. wow, she has so many guests going to her concert.
    the people who goes to her concert are pretty damn lucky.!!

  5. Haha dang, her Concert is the hottest of the year and the biggest.
    Not surprise about SG Wanna Be since their under the same management.
    I wish I could go :[

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  7. (for those anti)
    the BIG stars appear at her concert, because they are her BEST friend.
    they want to support her.

  8. omg i want to go to her concert! lucky fans that are going. I ENVY YOU ALL!
    well i`ll just wait till the dvd releases and buy it ^__^.

  9. There’s a limit between inviting a guest singer and a joint concert. Hyori has make her concert as a joint concert between her and her friends. It should be called “Hyori and Friends” concert and not “Hyori Solo Concert” anymore.

    Anyway, good luck for her…

  10. let her do what she want..
    she had a good relationship with all of them..so whats the prob with you..
    i want the DVD!!!!

  11. ”According to Mnet Media, β€œHyori’s friends wanted to celebrate and cheer on her for her solo concert. ”

  12. lol^^ maybe it is all about making money! i know she’s friends with all of them, but when i watched the big bang. hyori perf. at that one award show, she seemed mostly comfortable with dae sung only, soo idk… but if anything this show will def. sell out!

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  14. Really… this doesn’t seem like her solo concert anymore. It’s more like she is organizing a party on the stage and inviting so many people to share the load of performing πŸ˜›

  15. All I can said is WTH?!?! Does she afraid that people won’t come to her concert if it was just her alone? Is she trying to cover up her lack of talent/skill with all the famous guests? I agree with you guys that this seem more like a joint concert than Hyori’s solo concert. Now my little respect for her seems to diminish a bit.

  16. to people who think hyori is having guests because of her lack of confident:
    uh, have you ever thought of the possibility that the artists that are going to perform at the concert because they respect/like hyori??
    it’s really weird to just lose your respect for her just because of what YOU think about the situation when it might not really be like that
    i’m not sure that i’m right either but i know that hyori got famous for a reason and she didn’t GET famous because of all these other well known stars but she did it with HER talent and HER personality. And just my two cents on this: hyori is as well known right now as any of those stars.

  17. alot of concerts have one or two or maybe more guest appearances by their supporters, i don’t think she is “using” them to gain her own popularity.. it’s more like a little reunion with her friends : ). yes it does seem more like a group concert, however, many solo concerts have guests as well.. nothing special in particular except that she probably felt bad of leaving out one of her good friends so instead she included them as welll?

  18. This concert is worth attending for Bi,Wheesung & SG Wannabe. Hyori’s ok but nothing great imo. In rgds to sexiness, Bi beats her pants down anyday, pardon the pun. In rgds to vocal prowess, I won’t even bother going there. To give her credit, she sure can entertain, in more ways than one I’m sure.

  19. Why are people so critical just because Hyori has the power and charisma to lure so much support from her celebritiy-friends. Give it a break.

    This concert is for Hyori’s fans. If you don’t like it, don’t attend it. Simple.

  20. WHOAAAA! OHMYGOSH. This is going to be SO COOL! I wish I could go! Ohmygosh! This sounds amazing, and her fans are so nice to even tell her not to record FO.

    And it makes me sad that people are using this AGAINST her. It’s obvious that these celeb-friends are there to support her in a good way, not for some underhanded trick.

    It’s really ridiculous that you guys would think she’s USING them. She has no need to use other people because I mean, really guys… she’s LEE HYORI. Even if she doesn’t have all these idol guests, her concert will be bangin’.

    Not to mention, I would agree about her singing abilities not being really that great, but she’s an amazing performer. It’s not like Rain’s uber amazing vocally either. It’s all about putting all your skills together to make a great performance. πŸ˜€ I mean, think Britney Spears also… average vocals can create AMAZING performances, too!

  21. i juz can’t understand some people… performing solo is wrong, inviting BEST FRIENDS as GUESTS also wrong… geeez~ (-_-)…
    anyway, hyori unnie… FIGHTING! Gah~ i wish i can go to her concert~

  22. But isn’t she in the hospital for exhaustion, so Popseoul reports? Anyway, I hope she does get rest before her concert! I’m not going but I’m hoping to see her and Rain on stage!!!


  23. lol it’s crazy how people are trying to use this against her! It’s not her fault she’s popular and well-liked. I’m happy to see so many respected artists supporting her in her first solo concert and I’m wishing her the best <33. Hyori jjang!

  24. It’s her first concert, so what’s wrong with having her friends there too? It can still be called a solo concert cause she’s going to be singing her songs most of the time and it’s not like the other guests are going to hold their own lil concert there!
    Anyway, I totally envy those with tickets! I wanna go soooo bad! Please please please, someone upload it on youtube!!!!!

  25. hyori is already awesome enough by herself and already had a sell out b4 anyone knew her friends were going to make guest appearances! it’s awesome that she has so many friends who want to support her and and make the concert even more of an event for her fans! stupid haters……

  26. hey there…been reading abt hyori lately and i found this page..just my 2 cents worth..this lady is over rated..she’s a great entertainer but vocal wise..goodness..i think the reason why there’s a commotion is because the concert itself is titled her solo concert and to have many big shot guests on the stage is misleading..and please im not even an anti..doesnt mean that when some one comment constructively, he/she’s an anti..

    anyways good luck to her..

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