Park Shin Yang Excluded From 2008 SBS Drama Awards?

The backlash against Park Shin Yang continues to sting. Despite acting in SBS Painter of Wind which just concluded its run recently and also being his first-ever saeguk drama, there was no sighting of his name anywhere on the nomination list for the various awards at the 2008 SBS Drama Awards.

Park Shin Yang Excluded from 2008 SBS Drama Awards

Park Shin Yang was awarded the Daesang award in 2004 and 2007 for his excellent acting in Lovers in Paris and War of Money respectively. But with his role in Painter of Wind a big contrast from his usual roles, it was not well-liked by many. His co-star, Moon Geun Young was however nominated.

According to the higher-ups in SBS, “Park Shin Yang came in for some flak in the earlier part of the drama (Painter of the Wind) for his acting. In addition, his performance was pretty lacklustre compared with Moon Geun Young. Then, you have the pending case where he had asked for high appearance fees which got him banned indefinitely by the Korea Television Drama Production Company Association recently. He has lost the trust of the production staff. Even if you do act very well, it’s useless if you can’t get along with your colleagues.”

Park Shin Yang is understood to be spending his Christmas with his family in America while Moon Geun Young has gone to Australia to visit her sister. But she will be back in time for the 2008 SBS Drama Awards on 31st.

32 thoughts on “Park Shin Yang Excluded From 2008 SBS Drama Awards?

  1. that’s totally messed up! okay yeah his request was a little unreasonable, but i’m positive you discuss things like how much you’re getting paid PRIOR to filming. all of it has to be agreed and signed in a contract before any work begins…that’s what that business is about…money. i don’t think anyone is dumb enough to get only a few hours of sleep inbetween two or three days not knowing how much they’re going to get paid.

    it’s unfair that now they’re backing out of paying him and using it against psy! i feel for you, psy!! fighting!

  2. ^You said everything that was on my mind.
    Being ban over money is a stupid thing. And it’s stupidier what they are excluding him and only him. There are plenty of higher paid actors and actresses why not also ban them?
    Maybe if they had tried reasoning with him about his pay instead of discussing it without him that he has to be banned.

    I love PSY, he’s an awesome actor. He’ll always be Mr.Dimples to me!

  3. according to a later comment by SBS, this above news is a case of “media spoke too much too soon” again. apparently PSY is back on the nominee list, just not up for Daesang. they threw around some lame excuses (low rating, acclaim), which has never stopped anyone from including stars at these awards before. it’s an end of year celebration for all – they just didn’t want controversy, or everyone thinking only of “PSY and his Lawsuit” watching TV.

    “i don’t think anyone is dumb enough to get only a few hours of sleep inbetween two or three days not knowing how much they’re going to get paid.”

    this is so true! PSY and crew were exhausted from entire War of Money series. to suddenly add demands to existing contract, of course anybody would ask for higher fees. if they’re not acceptable, just NIX the idea for extended episodes! you can’t agree to a legal contract then have “buyer’s remorse”. what about all the advertising money from War of Money’s 30%+ rating?

    PSY is NOT the first and only korean actor to be owed his rightful paycheck. they only retaliate because of the amount. yet they have already made a practice out of owing actors paychecks so OFTEN! smearing his name is just disgusting.

  4. The higher-ups are full of crap. Painter of the Wind was an awesome drama, one of the better ones in a long time. And it was because EVERYONE’S acting inside was stellar. Park’s performance inside was also good. How can they say his performance is lacklustre…..that is just ridiculous.

    Not only do they not pay him money, they seem determined to undermine his acting. *shakes fist at higher-ups*

    I hope Moon wins the award and she can tell everyone to shove it.

  5. it’s what you call ‘politics in showbizness’! please give credit where credit is due! park shinyang deserves to be respected not just as an actor but also as a person. he contributed much to korean entertainment. fyi…his drama ‘lovers in paris’ gained the highest rating ever for a primetime show here in the philippines, beating our local shows. and now, ‘war of money’ is airing. it only shows that he is well loved and supported by lots of fans all over…

  6. everything is unfair..why are they doing these to PSY?..he deserves some respect from the industry he love and cared for..he’s an a-list actor in korea, and a respected one so he certaintly dont deserve what is happening to him now

  7. the way i see it, PSY doesn’t have that many friends in the industry like Jung Joon Ho and Jang Dong Gun…and that is why he sometimes does not know how hard other people also work in the production. i know he asked for a much higher fee and the company who produced War Of Money agreed and still owes him his paycheck…he should have not filed a lawsuit and should have become diplomatic to them…like at least give him 50% of what they owes him. better to get half than nothing.

    maybe the company didn’t earn much really overseas in selling the series thus could not pay him as there is nothing to give him. that company is also financing other series perhaps. anyway, PSY should be more sensitive also of others in the production. yes, he is respected by his fans, but how about his colleagues? did he even think of treating his colleagues(to a simple dinner or simple things) for their hardwork in WAR OF MONEY where got paid the most? did he even think of sharing his blessings? there is a saying those who keeps loses and those who loses gains…

    although i acknowledge him for being one of the finest actors, PSY to me has the flair being conceited. with his sudden rise to fame in Asia, he thought he is already at the level of Song Seung Hun, Kwon Sang Woo, bae Yong Joon, Jang Dong Gun…where his products will always sell in Asia…

    when he and KJE went to Taiwan, he never left a space for KJE to sign for the photos they will distribute to the fans…and then when KJE needed to sign…he even told her “don’t write on my face.” that KJE had to tell herself, “write small to fit in.” as she signed the photos with small space left for her signature. that alone reflected his being selfish…

    anyway, there is the movie industry…if he is really well-respected, he can always have a HIT movie if he will choose a good movie. look at Jung Joon Ho, not popular in TV dramas and in Asia, but he is considered an A-lister and belongs to the 2nd highest paid actors as he had had many HITS and record holder movies, and he is a very diplomatic actor who has the respect of his fellow actors including Jang Dong Gun, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jung Eun etc…

    no matter how great you are if you are not good in your social skills, it will hamper you from your greatness. this should be a lesson for PSY…he is a Korean and he know how his fellow Koreans think he should have been diplomatic rather than filing a lawsuit. now he is banned from making TV series…he lost another source of his income. he should think IT IS NOT CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY, and must learn to be flexible…

  8. Okay that’s messed up! I feel disgusted to have sided with the tv producers before…First of all they have to pay him what they owe him and they shouldn’t humiliate him like this publicly… Not only yuo promised him money that he didn’t receive, then you banned him cuz he wanted his money, now you humiliate him like this??? Those crooks…What? lackluster performance? are you serious?? This is very sickening…

    ps: just read fan’s first paragraph….. hmmmmm

  9. I think I tend to agree with cattleya in that PSY, though good actor, should have realised that circumstances have changed and that he should have had more understanding than to sue the company for fees owed to him especially in times when most companies are experiencing financial stresses.

    Having read of other actors/actresses willingly taking large pay cuts just to see the productions complete successfully, I find that PSY’s demand for such exorbitantly high fees is just pure arrogance, insensitivity and greed.

    I feel quite sad that he was once my favourite actor.

  10. @ cattleya, PSY has been in the industry for a long time since pre-hallyu boom in the 90s. he knows practically everyone & i’ve seen him at the weddings of many folks. just because he isn’t hobnobbing constantly w/ the hallyu crowd (he has a family y’know), doesn’t mean he’s “friendless” as you suggest. both JJH and JDG are single and DO make extra effort to be likable, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is poor at socializing. everything i’ve ever read/seen about PSY was always about him being a nice guy, in fact on the non-controversial side. the people banning him are suddenly pulling out a lot of accusations, which are unsubstantiated (who are the actors he “disrespected” & what incidences were these? anyone can say anything about on-set events many months ago right?) non-legal reasons to dishonor a legal contract. even if they’re true, shouldn’t they be handled in the real world, rather than used as excuse to skip a paycheck?

    i don’t know about your speculation of Warfare not selling overseas. again are we all basing it on how much PR/fan-blogging? neither are absolute indicators of how well a series sold to oversea buyers. are you suggesting that his fees were contingent on series’ overseas gross? how is it calculated exactly?

    you’re entitled to your feelings about him, but i think personal feelings (i’m a casual fan actually) should be separate from legal contracts. wouldn’t you think it’s fair KJE gets paid what’s owed her by contract, even if a project she contributed to didn’t become overseas sensation? even if the production company, whose job it is to balance their own books from MANY OTHER series on their slate, to honor their contracts no matter how they poorly they run their own company?

    i have no idea about PSY’s “conceit” – he is a very private man with a big family life, so he’s not always out there trying to touch up on his image. he does seem very strict about producing good work, so being perfectionist and driven MAY sometimes rub colleagues the wrong way — but all their accusations can easily be exaggerated, as tho he’s maliciously throwing temper tantrums? do you think it’s realistic that a star who has the huge burden to make an entire series work on his back (Money’s Warfare was also physically demanding of him in nearly every episode), that he should spend the back-breaking time to constantly schmooze other people on set?

    all the hallyu stars you name actively cultivate overseas audience, which PSY doesn’t do — and i don’t think he has the matinee idol looks to compete with them either. let’s face it he has a bookish, family man image that people will watch for quality of his acting and shows, not how much he’s good for romantic fantasy and eye candy. but is it fair to simply write him off for not being a hallyu heartthrob and easily slap on “conceited”, when everyone doesn’t fit a narrow set of criteria?

    without this fee dispute/mudslinging campaign, i’d easily read the autograph “incident” with KJE as a joke: it depends on how it was all said, the tone and intention. besides, even if PSY has the worst character in the world, is he stupid enough to make himself appear loathsome in public, by berating a costar he spent many months working with? was KJE publicly being intimidated and oppressed? i say, take it easy and not so seriously 🙂

    ** personally i think they’re really ousting him because he’s at an age when anything less than huge success (Painter of Wind was decent but not big hit in ratings), gives the powers that be reason not to concede to his influence anymore (influence meaning his fees based on seniority, experience, skills.) ultimately this is a battle for “top dog” position, and TV production wants to reserve the right to skip pay on actors they want without repercussions.

  11. @ cattleya,
    P.S. banning him also has less to do with “Friendship” as you suggest, but business strategy. PSY belongs to his own company, so he stands alone business-wise. if he’s under sidus or something, sidus could leverage with production company, threaten to withhold their stars ABC from casting if stars XYZ aren’t paid, etc. (conversely prod. company are “forced” to cast some inexperienced newbies as a “package deal” from same agency if their goal is their top star – this has angered many older supporting actors because newbies get jobs w/o audition, just on the coattail of a top star for belonging to same company.)

    they have bargaining power, y’see. so banning PSY brings TV production company minimal repercussion other than his own career “ruined” (tho i’d argue they’re leaving a trail of things they can be sued for 😀 ) , while they can use PSY’s example to indirectly “threaten” other top stars who DO belong to powerhouse agencies like sidus, what have you. so you may see this as a case of the established biggies ganging up on an independent, while they use this “economic crisis” time to their advantage of REGAINING control of a market that’s increasingly commanded by powerful agencies who have all the top-, 2nd-tier stars everybody wants.

  12. well there are a lot of older actors and they are still given projects…to me he had become conceited and want to the level of Bae Yong Joon, that was why he suddenly became the 2nd highest paid actors in TV and then Painter of the Wind was disappointing in rating.

    yes, he has been in the industry and had been in weddings of other celebrities, just because he worked with them previously and not because he has established friendship with them. he was invited as a colleague to add glitter to celebrity weddings you know.

    i hate to think he badly needed money to sustain his own company…his furniture business was closed…i was thinking it didn’t flourish thus the closure and he ventured into putting up his own company like BYJ…

    didn’t he tried to take advantage of his POPULARITY in Japan when he produced that A LOVER project which i believe didn’t sell. and then his movie SHINING DAYS was done for 2 years, i was thinking that movie had had financial problems causing the delay of its production and unfortunately it was a certified flop…then came War of Money which was a hit and he thought he can demand higher fee now that War of Money was a runaway hit after Lover in Paris and too bad Painter of the Wind was a disappointment althought had had a decent rating.

    PSY must learn to be humble…as i found him conceited…and he thinks he is THE BEST one out there.

  13. all the while i thought he was able to escape the jinx of Lovers in Paris as all the 3 leads of that series suffered bad luck in their projects…however, his is worse compared to the other two with him being banned and bad mouthed by some people of the TV industry…if he were a well-respected actor, i doubt he will receive such treatment after being banned…rather people will support him and give him encouragements…and that is not the case. is there a single actor who is HIS FRIEND out there who defended him…so far i have not heard of one. not even a PD defended him that he is a loss in the TV industry if he will be banned.

    there is what we call KARMA, and if this is the bad Karma he will receive i feel sorry for him. we do not know how he really is as a person…

  14. his back was injured during A SHINING DAY, and there were other production problems adding to the delay (including overproduction in 2006 that suddenly swamped the distribution scene later on. many films released in ’07/8 were also ‘leftovers’ from ’06.)

    i don’t profess to know more about his personal/social life than you do, but i AM curious why you’re so confident and absolutely certain about his personal/social life (or what goes on in his head!) when all of us get such things filtered through the same media. translation: what appears to be chummy friendship can also arguably be a mutually back-scratching management of stars’ public image. another example, the recently deceased veteran actor park kwang-jung: none of his good friends showing up at his wake were previously publicized as his good friends. yet many of them were devastated and crying at his funeral. how come we didn’t know about their friendship before the sad funeral? if something’s not in the media or caught on camera, then it doesn’t exist, right?

    “is there a single actor who is HIS FRIEND out there who defended him…so far i have not heard of one. not even a PD defended him that he is a loss in the TV industry if he will be banned.”

    let’s turn the Q around then: even if he has people wanting to defend him, you think anyone dares to risk losing THEIR job now that the association would even boycott someone who gave them hits with his hard work? all along this was a LEGAL dispute, between TWO PARTIES. no third party had a say because it does NOT concern them. what the producers can do is COUNTER-SUE, which they would do if they stand any credible ground in the contract dispute. since they don’t, they’re opting to use extra-legal measures.

    “there is what we call KARMA, and if this is the bad Karma he will receive i feel sorry for him. we do not know how he really is as a person…”

    so you think PSY’s banned for bad karma from telling KJE not to sign on his face? LOL keep us posted then.

  15. i agree with you fan..
    catleya didnt know psy that much to say all those negative things about him..yeah , that’s her opinion so be it..psy will always be a great person for me even those negative things they say bout him

  16. catleya..
    reading your post, it appears like you know lots of things about psy?and im sure your not a fan of him, right? so it makes me wonder where did you get all those negative rumors about him?are those just your opinions without valid facts? yeah, your entitled to your own opinion regarding the issue but please have some respect to some psy fans here.your comments are very degrading & personal..why? did psy did something bad on you? or on your idol KJE to say all those stuff??
    regarding psy’s social life– he himself admitted in one of his interview that he isnt too good in socializing.he’s an introvert and just because no one among his colleague came up on his defense doesnt make him conceited, rude & unfriendly..

  17. tinster,

    i am not his fan, but there are friends of mine who follow news about him and they told me. besides, i also read some infos about him during Lovers in Paris days…

    yes, they are my opinions and fans normally do not see the bad side of their favorites…while i myself give my negative criticisms to KJE in her acting, her wrong judgements and yet i let her learn from it and still support her.

    PSY is still for me a conceited actor…he thinks he is THE BEST when there are other BETTER ACTORS out there…and more popular than he is. he wants his cake and eat it all and now KARMA came to him and it is a very BAD KARMA.

    he created his own company/agency…and i do not know any celebrity under his agency…that means his company is not generating income and only HIM brings in money to pay for his employees…and sad to say…he lost his stint in TV series…is he a LOSS in the industry…NOPE! because there are so many BETTER actors out there who can fill in the spot he left…is TV series his LOSS…indeed it is.

    sad to say…his wrong judgement led him to this fiasco…
    he always thinks about Russia…maybe he should start acting in Russia…

  18. and how many people who visit this blog really who bothered to check this entry to give their sympathies? only a handful…where are HIS FANS, fan and tinster?

  19. coolsmurf is not really the hub of PSY fans. you may find them on bulletin boards of PSY’s official site, and also fan boards in china and taiwan.

    i’m not a diehard fan of his, but i take notice of this news because it creates an UNFAVORABLE environment for OTHER ACTORS to be vulnerable, at the mercy of TV bosses who may do whatever they want to actors when it suits them.

    so there are at least 3-4 major hubs of chinese fansites, and 1 taiwanese — all very well organized. 99.9% of korean drama boards in chinese i’ve seen support PSY on principle of the contract issue, not based on personal feelings about him.

    but if PSY is so friendless & widely hated, why are you cattleya the only one slamming him on this blog? 😀

  20. Good Luck to him…he is now reaping what he sowed…

    as i have mentioned, there is RUSSIA which he always brags about in his interview. my guess is he can speak(fluently) the Russian language, why not try acting there…

  21. listen, psy is only after what is due to him. his being conceited and all that have nothing to do with him trying to get what belongs to him.

    whether his films made money or not, a contract is a contract, no matter whether person is arrogant or not.

    he did not resort to a lawsuit just like that i assume. he probably reasoned with them, met with them and was diplomatic as well. no one was in the room when all these were being discussed so let us not point fingers.

    if you are owed money for your effort wouldnt you go after that money as well? i would if i put blood, sweat and tears in it. this guy has a family to feed so it is only right he goes after it.

  22. catleya..

    try to visit his official site and his chinese & japanese site as well and see for your self how he is respected, well loved & supported by his fans overseas.frankly speaking your the only person who lambasted him by posting such harsh & nasty things bout him..
    why do i have this feeling that you personally hate PSY? is it because your wishful thinking bout your idol kje & psy did not become a reality?just because psy did not fall in love with your beloved kje??
    if your not interested with psy, then why keep on visiting this site??

  23. Good Luck to him…he is now reaping what he sowed…

    there is RUSSIA which he always brags about in his interview. my guess is he can speak(fluently) the Russian language, why not try acting there…

  24. I think cattleya was only try to elaborate something that she read about psy or the scope she got from her friends….although we are not know them in real life but we still searching their real itself….thats what cattleya wanted to emphasized…

    With kje and psy I dont think we wish too …..their are not match couple celebrity in korea although lover in paris is hit in asia but I was disappointed with the story I mean it’s already common all over the world…(.Fairytale).

  25. but then all the depredating.. here is not fact or opinion we just something to proof out our knowledge….that we have to shared….

    Thats why everyone/everybody have the freedom to express and visit this blogs about the news especially we are fan in korean entertainment..

  26. So basically,he get fired simply because he’s asked too much money.Banning an actor is really a cruel punishment and unfair move.They are not just loosing a good actor but also violating the right of his fans enjoying his future work.Can’t we do anything to change this situation? If so,korean showbiz world will be hopeless in the future….

  27. what the hell yoo??? how can they treat him like that??? damn man!!! is it wrong to ask more money??? i think the korean movie industry is being totally UNFAIR by basically “forcing” him to lower his salaries!! who does that anyway??? and refusing to pay??? OMG! thats the production company’s faults!! follow the rules yooo!! it’s not like PSY bolted out of the project, he stayed with the drama till the end. whew….. i think PSY deserves the rest of the money. keep fighting PSY!! we’re rooting for you!!

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