JunJin Being Considered for We Got Married

Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji was announced earlier as the new couple on MBC We Got Married with their concept being a college couple who is starting out and living frugally. The replacements for Crown J and Seo In Young couple who would conclude filming at the end of December was also revealed. The production team of We Got Married is saying that JunJin is the likely replacement and they are looking for someone to pair him up with.

JunJin Being Considered for We Got Married

But the producers refused to confirm the possibilty as yet, “Until we find a match for JunJin, we will keep interviewing (possible candidates). If we can’t find someone who can match JunJin, we will look for an alternative. If JunJin is added, the new couple will start filming at the end of December.”

The production team of We Got Married who has been witholding news about the new couples was forced to make official statements yesterday to squash rumors from netizens who have been playing their own fantasy couple pairing.

Some netizens pointed out that idol stars would not fit the show’s image while others expressed that this would be a burden to the already heavy workload of idol stars. But the production team ignored them, β€œAll new couples were selected based on their personalities and chemistry with each other.”

91 thoughts on “JunJin Being Considered for We Got Married

  1. I love JunJin, but another Shinhwa Member to the show? mmhm….idk.
    Like I said in many of your post, I’m going to stop watching WGM ’cause all the good couples are gone. But upon hearing news that Kangin is joing the cast and maybe Junjin, I might continue…with cuts only of course.

    but hey, as long as it’s not Kyu Jong and Yoo Bin. Those two are to precise for me to let them go on that show together.

  2. I LOVE JUNJIN !!!!

    I hope that the girl is worth enougth !! Someone like HwangBo would be FANTASTIC !! >o<

    Looking forward to see it !!With or without sub !!

  3. @ti

    ah taeyeon? i dunno if i should be happy or sad if she join.. haha .. i can’t bear to see her with another person..
    anyway my guess for the couple probably any singer who doin comeback..
    they need more exposure and wgm is a good one..

    i believe hwanhee will have an album soon..
    any other artist doin comeback ?

  4. Whoa! Major coincidence, yesterday I was thinking if I could choose my WGM partner, it would be Jun Jin! It’d be cool if they could get Ye Eun, she’s mentioned on Star Golden Bell that she’s a fan of Shinhwa and specifically him.

  5. Though I’m an avid fan of Joongbo, I would LOVE to see Junjin and Hwangbo together. ^^; Just wishful thinking since Hwangbo said she probaby would never do a show like this again, but I’m just hoping ^^.

  6. another shinhwa member?? abit desperate isn’t it?? i mean….it’s like: Battle Shinhwa-Who’s the Better Husband! don’t get me wrong, i’m an avid shinhwa fan! totally love them! but with junjin on board there are bound to be comparisons (with Andy)… and some people might try to create conflict between them….so i’m a bit skeptical bout this….

  7. oh cool kangin….watch the show center around him once he gets on xDD i havent watched the fo episode that junjin made famous yet but his humor should be unmatched..it would be great to pair him up with hwangbo or chayeon but i feel like their old friends they already have good chemistry…it should be somebody not so known like the alshin couple

  8. damn damn damn…just when i thought i was clear to leave WGM after Ant-Witch couple leave..they just do something to sorta pull me back in..
    First Kangin & now Junjin. Another Shinhwa member.

  9. lol
    the pds are mad smart
    i luv junjin
    but i was hoping for a more romantic guy and stuff like tat
    especially now that all the guys (hwanhee, marco, and kangin)
    arent really that romantic or sweet….

  10. I’m not worried about who’s going to be on the show…. It just I hope someone subs it for those of us who dont know Korean.

  11. Imagine they choose YEH?
    Random I know but when I saw Jun Jin for some reason my brain screamed YEH.

    Hoping they find a good match for JJ. πŸ˜€

  12. they should get JunJin, but he is on so many variety shows already, WGM would definitely overwork him. it would be cool if they re-married off Hwangbo, i like her personality, if they got paired it would be good. but they are already close friends so it would be awkward. pair him up with a Wonder Girl or Girls Generation or an Infinity Girl like Jung Siah.

  13. since there are replacing an idol with an idol (hyungjoong and kangin)

    lets see a hip hop artist replace a hip hop artist
    but are there any that appears in variety shows at all?

  14. I waNt junJIn N hWAnG Bo ThouGH ShE WAS MaRrIeD to hj STiLl..we gET sEE hWAng bo DiFfEREnt PersONaliTY..wheN SHe was WIth Hj She uSED To bE SOO shy n QUiET BUT WiTH JUN jin Who sHe knoWS alREADy miGHT Be DifFereNt..

  15. @ E-Jo

    Your hiphop for a hiphop idea instantly sparked my TOOBIN FANGIRLINESS.

    Sure sure, she looks cute with KyuJong, but still…….TOP. DX

  16. aren’t shinwha members going to military?
    junjin is a cool choice. from some of the shows i’ve seen with him, he seems really funny.

  17. Not all Shinhwa members are going to the military. Do some research on Korean Mandatory Military Service and you will find out that some people are exempt. Mostly only male heirs, or if you didn’t finish high school, or some other factors.

  18. omg im excited now cause i was thinking how it would be if some of the younger stars were to be a couple. back then i was thinking about the dbsk members since it would give them a chance to be going out on dates but kangin is cool too. he is soo funny. hope it turns out good

  19. @Lisa
    theres no way a tvxq member could do it
    cass. just wouldnt let the other gurl celeb live on
    idk how elfs going to react
    i wuz really hoping that bb mite be considered
    maybe the hope was a little too far-fetched….

  20. i thought the first part of this article was supposed to include news about kangin also being in wgm…i think junjin can get along with anyone really well πŸ™‚

  21. “Some netizens pointed out that idol stars would not fit the show’s image….”

    But Hyun Joong is an idol star. lol.

  22. oh wow i am excited! LOL
    although, it sad to see all the original couple leave but
    being a fan of kangin i am super excited! LOL

  23. i agree with the “idols not fit for the show” part.

    look at hb and hj, one of the reasons they were so hesitant and awkward was because of hj’s fans. i think even hb admitted this once.

    but idols = many fans = many viewers. not surprised they still picked them.

  24. I really like Junjin, so hopefully there will be someone who can partner up with him nicely. Doesn’t Junjin have to go do his military service sometime next year?

  25. I wish Park Ye Jin would be able to do it but she’s on FO and that show is just as time cosuming.

    Hmmm…I don’t know…

    Kyujong and Yoobin, I would’ve loved that but they’ll both be extremely busy next year.

    Looking forward to Yoon Ji and Kang In cause I love Yoon Ji…

    Haha, her second love was Se7en and I just saw him here this past weekend! Irrelevant, yes, but just a connection.

  26. @ lisa
    i doubt dbsk would be on it ever since they`re soo busy going back and forth to japan and korea. They have a tight schedule.

    mm i wonder who will be his partner…

  27. ahh!
    why does junjin gets in RIGHT after hwangbo got off?!?!?!?!?!
    dang it i love the two of them together!!!! not together together, just like together-ish

  28. @ katie: I think it will be kind of weird for them though.

    … Anyway …

    If Kangin and Junjin appear on the show, We Got Married is saved. Sooner or later, they will be inviting all of Shinhwa members XP It is smart that they chose the two of them to appear on the show though. With the low rating these days, they really need to invite good guests to replace the old ones. Hopefully the female guests will not be a disappointment, and fans will not start attacking them for being with the two men. It is going to be like a deja vu all over again when fans attacked Hwangbo for being coupled with Hyunjoong T.T

  29. I LOVE Kangin and all … but I think Teukie or Heechul would be much better
    and I didn’t pay much attention to the MC’s before but I seriously miss them so much

    That last original couple T-T
    I don’t suppose this show can go any further
    at least they had a great first season.

  30. I really miss Ansol >_<
    yeah the last remaining pioneer couple will exit this january.
    i love how they quarell like cat and dog.
    i wonder if yoonhye and jihoon will be paired up as married couple beside they work before in mbc so there is no problem with this.

  31. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE JUNJIN AS A MARRIED GUY!!! i find him to be one of the few celebrities that i geniunely like… but i might get too jealous to watch his segments… but still… i don’t mind seeing him being all romantic and stuff… but IF he does get chosen, i have high expectations of the woman they choose to be his wife!!!

  32. Isn’t Junjin supposed to be going in the military soon? And isn’t he still doing Infinity Challenge? (love that show!!!) I’ll keep watching & be loyal & give the new couples a chance.

  33. jinnie will make a fab addition on the show but i dont want him to be on it beause he needs to rest before going for enlistement! he is too overloaded now already … jinnie rest!

  34. @Nungirl, the blog is set to GMT+8. and because daylight saving time is on in ur country, it’s 1 more hour behind.

  35. is soo much exciting n schocking with all the news about WGM new couples…but i was like…”can it really works??” well…i dun know what will happening in future but i juz have that kind of feeling towards all the new couples….

    i still wana watch WGM, to see hows kangin n junjin couples works in WGM..but im afraid it will turn like MarcoDambi couple….i gave so much chance n wana know how MarcoDambi couple progress…but the couple really lacks alot…so, i decided not to watch MarcoDambi couple..

    so, with middle-high anticipating to the new couples…i wish all the best….n i still CANT FORGET JoongBo couple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “JoongBo sshi…how are you doing out there???….” 😦

  36. wooo!! i was hankering for a college aged couple. and adults who were actually enrolled in college. i hope they don’t pretend that part too (enrollment). it wouldn’t be that hard to juggle a variety show and classes. just pretend it’s 20 hours a week spent doing research or something.

  37. hmmm… i’m anticipating who will be junjin’s partner… well, she’s one lucky girl… ^^
    n eh??? he’s going for d enlistment next year right? so dats mean he’s not going to be long in WGM… oh well, WGM does helps artistes who joined it to have more popularity… so, it’s like both side got the benefits from this…

  38. JINNNIIEEEEE!!!! NOOOOO!!! I LOVE Shinhwa but I kind of dont want Jin to be on the show. Argh those PDs, theyre sucking me back in!!! They better find him the perfect wife!!!

  39. @ Niki:

    Yeah, there may be some comparisons, but when has that ever stopped the Shinhwa boys? XD
    I think any comparisons would be just the same as when they did shows like X-Man and especially the first season of LoveLetter. Besides, I think it would just remain Andy and JunJin as the members participating, since Donwan & Eric are in the military w/ Minwoo soon to follow. And Hyesung… I really can’t picture him on this type of show, lol.

    I personally am suuuuper excited to see how Kangin & Lee Yoon Ji would do as a young couple (especially w/ Kangin’s usually crazy antics). And now with JunJin as a possibility? There’s no way I’m letting go of WGM now! haha… even if I’m not going to understand it… ^^;;

  40. oh my.. with the possibility of junjin being on WGM, i might just consider to continue watching it after the ant couple leaves.. only the cuts though. haha

  41. I love to see junjin, but they would then have to find another replacement, rite cuz he is going to the military soon.

  42. andy=WGM (AnSol)

    MinWoo = Kko Kko Tour (AmynWoo)

    Hyesung + DongWan = Family Outing

    JunJin = WGM ????

    *well.. all of Shinhwa members already been into WGM right? during their farewell concert…

    All the members of SS501 hv already be in the WGM already… 3 times for hyungjoon and kyujong, twice for youngsaeng and once for Jungmin…

    Suju also been there, Eunhyuk and leeteuk helping alex to take care of the babies..

    I don’t know but I already got premonition that KangIn will be on the show.. some kind of dream I think..

    So if kangin is on the show, will that mean SuJu members will appear on the show regularly too?

    Leeteuk especially.. haha since he was the original “couple” with Kangin

  43. LOL @ syrinxe! its the banjun dramas! Jun Jin and Baeseulki!

    Too bad Son Dambi is already coupled with Marco…. i was thinking she’d be a good fit with Junjin after watching their dance battle on YSMM.

  44. amy and minwoo would be good actually.
    and @jess, i think park ye jin would be good for wgm too! she’s so awesome on FO with cooking and stuff! But yeah, its time consuming…

  45. ye jin is a sweet .. but reserved for FO and chun hee already.. anyway junjin had already seen her during FO w/ hyori .. haha ..
    jung ah maybe? PARK JUNG AH from JEWELRY
    she has an outgoing personality . a bit similiar to hwangbo.. watched her in kko kko and in real life,
    she seems nice and fun person..
    anyother suggestion?
    perhaps some idol from 90 generation?
    S.E.S or Finkl ??

  46. That would be awesome to have Junjin in We Got Married, I think he would do great and hopefully they will pair him with someone that is not stuck up or rude to him. He is so nice and very friendly, plus another Shinhwa member in the show would probably help the ratings, (just my opinion) :). But I really hope they put Junjin in the show, you just can’t get enought of him.

  47. I love Jun Jin… even though he is bordering on ajusshi-ness lately ^_^ He’s a MAN! I hope they pair him with someone fun. But I’m kinda wondering what kind of girl would they be able to find for him…

    We already have cute (Solbi), fierce (Witch), mature+fun (Hwang Bo), classy+almost perfect (Shin Ae), sex goddess (Dambi) and ditz (Hwayobi). I have no comment for Saori and that other girls since they weren’t around for that long πŸ˜› What other kind of girl can they possibly come up with? Evil+manipulative? Or are they gonna do the older guy+barely legal girl concept since they missed it when Choi Jin Young left.

    Kangin is adorable… hope he and Lee Yoon Ji work out. College couple… interesting concept.

    I’m definitely gonna keep watching now… but it’s the question on whether the subbers are gonna keep subbing.

    MUISH… I love you!!! Keep subbing please? T_T

  48. wow..junjin joining wgm? i probably will start watching again…too bad hwangbo was already at the show..i would’ve like he was paired up with her….someone also mentioned son dambi..yea i think they would’ve been great too..i saw them at yssm and they would’ve looked good… thanks for the updates coolsmurf!!

  49. Nope sierra… MUISH WON’T BE SUBBING..

    she had confirmed that in her account.

    But guess what.. ktisj (YT account name) said she will be subbing.. idk whether she’s gonna sub the whole episode, but I think she will sub kangin’s part..

    go to her youtube account to know more…

  50. Can’t for the upcoming episodes! I love to see Park Jung Ah of Jewelry added to the show. She has a great personality and doesn’t seem to be fake

  51. Ommo… just when I thought, I can weane off WGM like a vampire swear off blood… and they drop the news that Kangin is joining the show?????????????????

    And as I was just thinking what were the chances of letting a Suju boy joins apart from Teukie and Eunhyuk babysitting previously for Alshin… IDK if I should be glad that my prayers are like psuedo-answered? Hmmm….

    No doubt, this has increase my interest to watch like a million fold well mostly just for Kangin cut… I am delirious coz all I do these days is watch Band of Brothers and his Star King cuts… I love my racoon boy… but not too sure who is that girl…

    Nothing will ever beat the 4 original couples (sorry DonDon and Lee Hwi Jae couple if only they stay longer to make more memories and impression for us)… nothing more to say… though I am warming up to Hwanyobi… Marbi still kills me…

    I like Jinnie, I think he is crack good in Yashimanman… hope the PDs find him a good match, though Hwangbuin is out of the question but hopefully they find someone as spunky…

    But overall anticipated as I might be, I am reserving till I see them…the mixed feeling is natural I guess… oh man… will this weekend be the first ep with Kangin?

    Seriously I hope WGM is not a sinking ship but one with potential to surge the ratings again…

  52. Can’t wait to see JunJin on the show!!
    So excited!!!
    But then, I’m a bit disappointed.
    All of the guys remaining are all ‘cute’ guys…
    The four guys are all sweet guys.
    But, I was expecting a romantic guy to appear again…
    God, I’m missing Alex so badly… XD

    blehh it’s not gonna be the original couples anymore and that sucks. i will miss all the couples!
    ‘Ansol’, ‘Lettuce/Joongbo’, ‘Alshin’, ‘Ant Couple’ FOREVER! <333

  54. omg.. I can’t wait for this.. but i hope he has the time.. it is going to be busy for him then.. well i hope he get paired up jang young ran.. the girl that always bothersome to him in x-man.. she is cute and always happy.. i think it will be hilarious if they were a couple..

  55. ooooooo i’d love to see Junjin with Bae Seul Gi…
    it would be funny for them since they did a kissing scene in the banjun drama ^_^

    ….i dun think that’s gonna happen though if Seul Gi is still filming her teaser trailer for her film at that time….:(

    by kangin! it’s gonna be hilarious seeing him there!!

  56. i’m so happy that Kangin is going to be on!!! But i’m so sad that Ansol, Joongbo, and Alshin are gone. =(

    Now i’m sadder that the ant couple are going away! =(

    But i’m really happy that i still have Hwanhee and Hwayobi!

    I’m really excited to see KangIn on the show! i’m also happy that Junjin will be on the show.

    i really hope that he will either be with Bae Seul Gi or Yoon Eun Hye.

    But i’m pretty sure that YEH won’t be available. =(

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