East of Eden Finally Breaks the 30% Barrier

The drama is gradually moving towards its climax with the unveiling of the real parentage of Shin Myung Hoon and Lee Dong Wook. Viewers are thus turning in to see the outcome and it was evidently reflected in the high ratings.

East of Eden Moving To Higher Ground

According to TNS Media Korea, East of Eden obtained 32.3% yesterday which was 2.7 percentage points higher than Monday’s rating of 29.6%. In contrast, SBS Terroir got 8.4% while KBS The World That They Lived In ended its run with only 7.7% (I thought it was 20 episodes, but it has ended at 16). It must be worrying for KBS since despite it being the finale, a good script, Song Hae Gyo and Hyun Bin, the poor ratings didn’t really balance it out. With the follow-up drama being Boys Before Flowers, will the ratings slump continue?

The focus and the MVP of this week’s episodes was Park Hae Jin whose character Shin Myung Hoon had to grapple with the knowledge that the father he had know for all these years, Shin Tae Hwan was actually his enemy and the one who killed his father. He goes around leaving subtle hints to everyone that he is actually not who he seems to be. In the preview for next week, he even goes to his real birth brother, Lee Dong Chul and gives him information that could destroy Shin Tae Hwan. What’s even more interesting is that Myung Hoon’s wife, Ji Hyun becomes the 3rd person to know the real truth.

The rebellion and betrayal begins! Karma bites!


Myung Hoon looking at everyone he knows in a different light.


Can’t wait to see Lee Dong Wook’s reaction when he knows the truth.

20 thoughts on “East of Eden Finally Breaks the 30% Barrier

  1. what will Dongwook do? will he stay with dong chul’s side and still get revenge of shin tae hwan or will he turn his back and accept his birth right?!

  2. ahh cant wait for this episode to be subbed ! i love how it keeps you engaged into this drama even on the 33rd episode !

    amazzing drama !

  3. ……very sad for Shin Myung Hoon. He must be very confused right now…..i wish Myung Hoon will still ‘cool’ in whatever situations…

  4. It is indeed heart breaking for myung hoon, all the years living with an adopted mother while his real mom is right in front of him and the harsh encounters and incidents he said to his real mom and while peeping, viewing quality time between dong wook and his mom breaks his heart to pieces, very emotional for viewers too!. Many lessons to be learnt in real life from this drama.

    Will MBC increase the 50 episodes, remain to be seen.
    Miss Na congratulation to you. You should win an award for best drama in 2008.

  5. how did JiHyun find out? i’m watching on MBC America so i have to wait a while. i’m excited that it is getting better.

  6. This show is crazy, I have watched every single episode and can’t get enought of it, it is addicting. The story and concept are amazing and how everything is coming together, this is great.

  7. i’m just so in luv with this drama…i feel sorry for both of them..MH and DW…it’s such a horrible truth…T__________T

  8. I am watching East of Eden on MBC America. We are behind a few weeks. My only complaint is that Sun Seung Hoon has been beaten up in every episode for the last few weeks. No gangsters go around unprotected and without bodyguards. This plot does not make any sense. The writers should not take us viewers to be fools. Besides, stop bruising Son Seung Hoon’s face.

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