Boys Before Flowers Teaser Trailer

Teaser clip to the highly anticipated KBS idol drama Boys Before Flowers has been released. Featuring introduction to characters, New Caledonia/Macau filming footage and the kiss between Goo Hye Sun and Kim Hyun Joong.

(credit to ffjrebmaster@YT)

55 thoughts on “Boys Before Flowers Teaser Trailer

  1. Nice teaser! Looking forward to the premiere. Seems like they’re doing a good job with the PR for this drama 🙂

    feyfey – haha, I wanted to see more to the kiss, but it was just a tap on the lips. It’s like the kiss between Top and Hyori during the Mnet Festival.

    It’s not surprising that it wasn’t anything more than that since kisses in K-dramas are usually like that and also because it’s rated pg15.

  2. the kiss scene is not that attractive though.
    it seems that Domiyouji acts really good … look at his eyes and facial expressions when watching them kissed… not bad at all ^^

  3. this trailer looks so good and pretty!!
    i’m a little relieved that they doing the drama like the manga, and not like HYD japanese version…

    i can’t wait for january 5!

  4. lee min ho looks totally adorable!
    nice scenery i thought at first it was in las vegas.

    eh didn’t expect more than that kiss, lots of koreans dramas just do that touch lip thing

    can’t wait though!!!!

  5. the kiss scene was awkward. what was supposed to be a poignant, tender connection was a stilted peck…i think they need better direction. they must have been short on time. let’s hope the acting is better than the preview makes it look.

  6. wow after watching the preview/trailer..i sorta take back what i said on the post w/ the individual posters. i’m still not liking main girl’s poster because she looks more cute then tough but seeing the trailer changed my opinion about F4.
    Looks interesting.

  7. Woah.
    The drama looks good, I hope it can live up to this teaser!
    That tearful kiss between KHS and KHJ was amazing!
    I’m def excited but still on the fence.

  8. well at least this shows that what he had with HwangBo was special, because when he had to kiss her it was very awkward and he was really nervous..and here he looked more it was REALLY acting ^_^

  9. zzzz – top’s kiss with hyori is more exciting than what i saw in the preview! similar to what others have commented already, that scene was so awkward. i felt uncomfortable looking at them.

    although i love the guy (because of wgm), i feel that he is lacking in charisma here. compared to the rest of the guys (who i think are newbies in acting like him except for kim bum), i see a need for him to improve. i hove overtime we see that improvement.

  10. lol what witht he Hj and Hb thing. It’s a drama, no one is gonna get a broken heart from watchin a lil. kiss.
    I also hope Hj will prove that he can act. Love him and his witty personality in WGM. Just absolutely hate it if he gets criticized for being a bad actor in such a well-known drama.

  11. goo hye sun cast dont look a like poor girl..she has a great dress..
    and i think lee min ho look a like kim rae won..

  12. maybe the kiss was meant to be awkward, we don’t know since we haven’t seen the full scene.

    Anyways, i recognize the places in a couple of the scenes, i’m pretty sure that some of the scenes are from Macau. I recognize the ruins of st. paul’s, and the venetian Macau casino.

  13. whoaaaa!!!
    it totally has like the korean feel and everything!!!
    i hope huynjoong called hwangbo right after that kiss scene! ^^

  14. I also think that the kiss was meant to be awkward… if you have seen the Japanese version, the way Rui kissed Makino in the hospital bed was kinda awkward was well…with the acting of the whole cast lets wait and see…xD

  15. …just watching the trailer makes it feel like this is going to be better than Meteor Garden already…Minho is looking good as Tsukasa and Hyunjoong’s in character too…but we’ll have to see if this version can at least keep up with the JDorama HanaDan, acting wise that is.

    @nania: The poor girl is a student in an exclusive school for the rich that’s why…and then in this trailer’s storyline, Domyoji bought branded dresses for the poor Tsukushi before he brought her along for the vacation/weekend trip…this trailer also shows the part where Tsukushi tried to console Rui and kissed him only to be caught in the act by Tsukasa…I think I’m gonna enjoy this version too.

  16. the first kiss between khs and khj is supposed to be a bittersweet first kiss, at a crossroads in the relationship when the girl is still confused, and i don’t think iit’s meant to be a passionate kiss. khs is a very experienced actress, she looks good in the trailer and F4 looks awesome too. plus i like the scenery, beautiful beach. definitely looking forward to this drama!!!

  17. I hope this doesn’t take place in just the first episode. Kind of fast don’t you think? It seems like with all the hype with the promotional pictures, posters, and teaser there’s nothing left to think of that’ll ‘excite’ the fans to see something new.

  18. @ Anna:

    You’d be surprised… xD Some minor casting hasn’t been revealed/confirmed yet, and this isn’t the official trailer or anything either… just various clips from just the overseas filming. The official (hopefully more fancy/elaborate) trailer is coming out next week. And after that it’s just one more week till the actual show airs.

    And no, it’s not going to be in the first ep… The whole series is 24 episodes so they’ll probably space the plot out more evenly throughout the eps. I heard from somewhere it would be out in episode 5 or 6 or something? I could be wrong.

  19. @haru – ah, thanks for clearing that part up. i hope the minor casting gets as much screen time as they should. the official trailer should be more elaborate. should be! XD

  20. Seriously, spazz worthy? THAT??
    There’s nothing promising about that teaser at all. The acting feels so freakin’ awkward.

    Well, if this is just another “idol” drama and all it matters to fangirls is the eye candies than, bad acting shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    But of course, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    It’s rather funny though ..this guy is so much taller than the one I’m used to.

  21. I kept thinking of Hwang bo when I was watching this, sadly. )’: But, the kiss was SUPPOSED to be awkward guys, considering in the manga and other versions, Rui doesn’t like Makino in that way. It wasn’t supposed to be passionate at all.

  22. hmmm– don’t justify HyunJoong acting skill…. admit kiss scene look awwark ..but is it really suitable for Rui’ characteristic ( quite and deep heart… )….I think this problem maybe is Makino– she loves Tsukasa , but she close her eyes long time even when Rui put out his lip…is she falling— I guess she sgould appear to surprise more than just satying still in dreaming land like that……..And if u notice…hehe u can see Rui ‘s lip abit moving after touch Makino’ sl lip— attention— really Huonjoong’s smexy …

    Anyway, support for HYD, of course including Hyunjoong ~ the trailer deserving much more interesting than HYD are investing in this film…. Many secens and acting promissing… I guess….. of course….. just only look at actors and customes and abroad scene ^^

    cheer , guys — spend ur feeling on positve things !!!!!

  23. ugh. it seems that the episode was way too fast. i just wanted to watch it since hyunjoong was there. hope they would give justice to the drama.
    i hope that the drama would turn out good and would not disappoint everyone. i have high expectations for this..

  24. no offense khj is alright but the main guys is like 100 times hotter than him… why didn’t they choose someone else? rui is supposed to be REAL goodlooking… =/

  25. Kisss??????OMG!

    ^ sorry about that..

    why is Makino short hair?? That’s not what i expected..erghh..Makino has long straight hair..why SHORT??

  26. haha i’ve been to the venetian in Macau…. but the acting doesn’t look that good. Gu Hye Sun is amazing but I don’t know about the rest of them.

  27. this domyuoji doesn’t look like domyuoji, more like jerry…..
    and what with the perm… it look ugly on him…
    makki is def not makki……. i want my makki….
    why does they make the trailer look like the story look so stiff(weird for MG)
    I , my self is a MG & HYD lover…… this better be good

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