Park Min Young Cyworld Updates 081214

Park Min Young was in an updating frenzy on 14th December with lots of pictures being uploaded. I am only posting those that has her face accompanied by what she wrote. Some are quite dated pictures.

Our drama’s first episode will air next Feb.
I’m the youngest who is working hard to follow orders.^^
With the bright new year and the outfit, I will show you Princess Nakrang.
Pleae anticipate the show a lot!


Hum….. The scene where I go to sleep.
In place of that, I can’t move
So I have to fall into a shallow sleep but..
I’m in the middle of shooting an M/V (Haru Haru)
where I cry and sniffle a lot.


Hum….. swimming? Tanning?
let me see.. what else? Hehehe


Some leftover shots from Ceci Magazine photoshoot.


credit: gomdorii (translation)

14 thoughts on “Park Min Young Cyworld Updates 081214

  1. Dude, I used to have a thing against people who had plastic surgery. But damn, look at her!

    She’s so gorgeous I don’t even care if she had plastic surgery.
    She must have had good bone structure to turn out like that.
    Most people just look weird with surgery. She looks incredible and I envy her so much! XD

  2. hard to tell who isnt plastic in k entertainment anymore…

    just wondering.. all those women with sanggapul (double eyelids) did they all have plastic surgery?? i’ve come across one korean person with natural sanggapul and so its hard to imagine that ALL these ppl have it…

    anyways park minyoung is pretty.. plastic w/e.. too many in this business to villainize her for it.

  3. not everybody who has ssangkapul has had surgery
    i am korean and have ssangkapul and know a lot of korean women who have it naturally

  4. She’s so pretty, especially in the Princess Nakrang pics. Can’t wait for the drama to air (and JRW is in it too XD).

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