Lee Jun Ki Decides To Be A Hero Again

Lee Jun Ki has finally decided on his next work and would be acting as a hero-like character again in 2009. He is now actively preparing for his role.

Lee Jun Ki Will Be A Hero Again

According to Lee Jun Ki’s management today, he has decided after careful thought that he would take SBS drama Unseen War (temporary name). It was previously named as Strange Heroes by the media and talks about a man who possesses extraordinary talent and resorts to anything for success. But after the death of his lover, he lost his motivation to live and wallows in degeneration. He eventually wakes up from his sorrow and decides to help the poor, fighting for the weak in society. (credit to hanfever)

Lee Jun Ki who has previously acted as a bandit who helps the poor in the Joseon Dynasty as Iljimae will once again be acting as a hero who helps the weak in his new drama. Lee Jun Ki expressed, “There were numerous reports earlier about my next work which put me under a lot of stress. This drama was chosen after careful thought among the many scripts that I was given. I believe that the viewers will not be disappointed with the drama.”

40 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki Decides To Be A Hero Again

  1. It sounds so much like the roll he played in Iljimae (a hero helping the weak/the poor)

    He’s a versatile actor, why not choosing something refreshing and challenge.

  2. ya agree, why jun ki not choosing something refreshing and challenge? he’s versatile actor & amazing acting.

    overall likes same but mybe his new drama have something interest, different with iljmae! i believe jun ki have own reason why he decides this drama right?

  3. wow…waiting for this. Like his acting, he’s amazing…
    and I believe his choice since he never disappointed me with all his dramas. He can portray all well^^

  4. I like the fact that hes’ a hard working guy living out his dream.
    He’s a good actor and a great role model.

  5. He will be great in any role he will take, I have much faith in him he is so beautiful and talented. good luck

  6. another hero type drama… i wish he would diversify more but i still love to see him on screen.
    thats a hot pic of junki<3

  7. no matter what junki decide to do… i’ll watch it ^^

    we fans trust him ~~

    Oppa fighting !!

    i’m sure although it’s a hero drama, it will be different from Iljimae coz junki never cast in same characters ^^ he always said it

  8. do you have any news about his falling out with his previous agency? i thought they were still at war over his contract… and Junki was being put in the freezer until 2010…

  9. mentor cannot freezer jun ki career until 2010:

    1. jun ki’d contact with mentor expired may 2009
    2. jun ki’s already cancelled his contract with mentor
    3. jun ki’s is ambbasor for law ministry
    4. mentor delayed his payment first

    JUN KI will WIN his case … believe me!

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  11. Yay!!!!

    I’m so excited that he’s going to be in another one. I think I’m going to like this one too.


  12. it nice to see LJK having a new drama i really like his last drama just a little disappoint about the ending but all in all it still good so cant wait for this drama

  13. Fighting!!!! Go Oppa Jun ki! Love u so much!! can wait to see u again! About the problem, Just believe that U can solve it soones! Fighting Fighting!!!!

  14. I would love to see this movie. I’m sure Lee Jun Ki will do a pretty good job. I will be waiting for it! 🙂

  15. yesss…
    i’m also too excited that he will be a hero in de next drama….i love his acting in fighting scene…his so talented and charming …hehe
    Wish u the best and hope u win in ur case dear…

  16. We’re waiting for U, Lee.

    Go a head and donn’t worry we will like UR Drama.

    * Don’t stress UR self and be healthy.

  17. Wow, love Lee Jun Ki’s acting…… have seen him in iljimae….great drama…. hope to see more of his acting….
    Cant wait for his next drama. Will buy only ORIGINALs…

  18. I really like our Jun Ki Oppah! His dramas are interesting. He had been putting a lot, a lot of efforts to make the best drama. As a No.1 fan of him, I will surely support him in his next film! Jun Ki Oppah, keep up your hard work! Saranghaeyo


  19. lee jun ki es el hombre mas guapo de corea ,el mas sexi y el mas romantico soy numero 1 de el LO AMO

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