KBS Releases Boys Before Flowers Individual Posters

KBS continues to drum up the hype by releasing individual posters of the main characters in the highly-anticipated idol drama Boys Before Flowers.


Nice color coded posters for each character. Boys Before Flowers replaces The World That They Live In in the Mon-Tues timeslot on 5th January 2009.


76 thoughts on “KBS Releases Boys Before Flowers Individual Posters

  1. Thanks a lot coolsmurf!!!
    Loving this so much,, so glad that they air this when I’m having winter break!!

  2. OMG. i LOVE goo hye sun’s poster; it’s so CUTEEE. i’m MAD excited for this drama to premiere. soooo exciteddd…AHHHH!! :DDDD

  3. I think Hye Sun unni is cute in the picture, she matches the role of Makino just fine.

    Urgh, I’ve always hated the curly perm due with each Hana Yori Dango @_@;;;

  4. @wtf?
    yeah i know her character is tough, but i meant for the poster she was trying to act cute.

    actually one of the reasons i wanna see this is for han chaeyoung. haha. havent seen much of her in a while

  5. does domyouji have a perm in the manga or something?? the character would be much more likable imo lol… :shudders: guys with perms :shudders:

  6. I think it’s supposed to be more quirky than cute. xDD Anyway, whether she likes it or not, Goo Hyesun is adorable.

  7. ongjaemin
    -> yes. Domyouji has a curly hair. not permed. that’s his trademark. he tried to straighten it a couple times on the beginning but it never worked.

    I think the promotional pic of the korean Domiyoji actually portrays the character well. Coz Domiyoji is not a cute-act guy. He’s a snob, immature, childish, cruel, egoist rich brat. 😀

  8. goo hye sun is perfect for the role.

    anyone who has watched NonStop 5 should know what a fiesty woman she is!

    and whoever who said she looks old, goo hye sun was born in 1985, just one year older than hyunjoong!

    anyway, can any kind soul tell me the taiwan counterpart name for 2 of the boys?

    i know the leading guy is Daoming Si and hyunjoong is Hua Ze Lei but the other two is?? (characters played by Vaness and Ken)

  9. @abc, the Taiwanese equivalent is called Meteor Garden. There’s also the sequel Meteor Garden 2 but I heard that it was very unpopular.

  10. I think Lee Min-ho is the most perfect portray of Doumyoji.

    Alvin,, is there a chance that you might sub this drama?

  11. @dooberap: this is too much of a big project for just Alvin to sub this on his own. I don’t think he will. I’m sure there are actually sub groups that will be subbing this. I think WithS2 will probably sub this drama also there is a chance that this drama will air on KBS WORLD..like The World They Live In..TWTLI airs on KBS WORLD so you get the subs already…
    To watch this drama with subs ppl are just gonna have to wait & see.

    Honestly at first I was excited for the drama but now looking at the cast again. I kinda lost the hyphy for this drama. I still think KHJ is a perfect pick for Rui’s character, look wise. I don’t know anything yet on the acting I’ll wait til it actually airs to judge but for everyone else, I don’t know.

    I’m not really feeling the main girl’s poster…Makino is a tough girl. She’s the strongest weed but I don’t get tough girl from her poster. I get a chick that is being cute & honestly that kinda annoys me since I love HYD series. I love Inoue Mao’s portrayal of Makino & I want this adaption of the manga to be just right but looking at the poster..they got it wrong for the girl. She’s not cute she’s tough.

    I’m now looking forward to this drama for HCY. I miss her & I want to see how she & KHJ work.

  12. Thank you for this! I’m really excited to watch this version since I’m a very big fan of the jap. version 😀
    thanks again ^__^

  13. really? they replaced WW??? oh.. i wonder if they can steal viewers from East of Eden, especially EoE is at their peak time now… i think its a bad timing..
    but i will absolutely watching this! have been waiting for long.

  14. emm, i also think hye sun tried too much to look cute there. but i hope it was just in the poster! i love her dramas before, she did it well without overacting.
    i cant stand overacting cute like in my girl. bleh~

  15. there’s someone asked if domyouji should have curly hair. YES. in mangga he has curly hair. and it is a subject for makino to insult him whenever they argue on something. it is funny actually. 😀

  16. @marmar:
    oh, really??? they have sub on KBS World? The thing is I want to watch it right away and waiting for the subbed drama will make me anxious, honestly.
    Do you know how to watch it in KBS World??

  17. who is playing ximen and mei zhuo in the korean version?!?!?!?

    Daoming Si – leading guy with permed hair
    HuaZe Lei – Hyun Joong
    XiMen – ??
    MeiZhuo – ??

  18. @abc
    in meteor garden it was xi men who had some kind of affair with san chai’s best friend right. so i think in korea’s version it’s kim bum (the guy with purple bg) who plays his role since i read somewhere that there’s a scene of him with hye sun’s best friend…and meizhuo’s role is the orange bg guy.


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  20. i really lyk dis drama a lot.it touched me heart since i saw dis drama in kbs world channel.i gives me lee min ho’s,he is so cute n dashing like ma type guy.pls keep dis show go on till i m in dis world.really superb n fantastic drama for the age of our generation.

  21. I’ve already watched it on mysoju for 3 times!!!!
    just can’t expose my emotion, admiration and adoration into words!!!
    even my country TV station have plan to air them here, in INDONESIA!!!! It’s soooo cooool!!!! can’t wait,,, can’t wait to hear junpyo, jandi, jihoo sunbae, yijung, woobin, gaeul, kangsan, jaekyung, junhee unni voices in Bahasa Indonesia….

  22. i think this is agood film
    friend,,love ..family ..
    i am crazi…because this film ..

    special for jinhoo.ilove you..
    iam from indonesia..
    congratulation…every body in indonesia..like your film..

  23. hi,everybodyyy…………………
    I like boys before flower movie
    n Kim Bum,Lee Min Hoo are my favorite actor

  24. BBF yg pemainnya cakep semua tapi Q fans sm kim bum foto kalian ber4 udh Q punya smnya apalagi kim bum yang manis,cakep bangt kim bum kalu terseyum manis banget. apalagi sekarang Q udah punya film BBF jdi Q bisa lihat kim bum main di BBF.
    lee min hoo sebenarnya U cakep tapi kalu di film ini sebaiknya rambut U lu2s jadi lebih cakep.
    pokoknya BBF harus is the bes.
    Q ingin koleksi semua yg muncul di film BBF apalagi kalungnya indah banget.
    BBF………………………………. I LOVE YOU…………..

  25. i really appreciate this drama, this is best one of south Korean. this drama, i really like because this drama is able to touch my heart and i take two conclusions of this drama that it talks about romantic between two kids who come from difference social stratification and problematical of the human’s life.
    i really appreciate the author of this drama, i think the author is able to make the plot of this drama running perfect therefore as the readers or the audiences can understand easier as the author means
    i am really impression of the actresses and actors of this drama, i think they are able to act according of the script with their own acting and they are acting by their heart so that Boys before flowers looks perfect and interest

  26. sukses besar buat boys before flowers

    i like this film

    im bbf lovers from indonesia

    aku ngefans sama smwa artisnya

    ____tyara mahdalena____

  27. i am again
    i am sooooooooooo happy to see boys before flowers is so co0l and cute boys hahaha 😛 🙂

  28. iiihhhhh aQ suka banget sama BBF…… apa lagi ada king bum….
    kapan yach bbf pergi k indonesia,,,,,,,,,,

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