Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji Confirmed for We Got Married

Thought it would be great to keep this a mystery until this Sunday. Guess MBC couldn’t take the heat with the numerous rumors that had been spreading around about the identity of the new couple. Super Junior member, Kangin and actress Lee Yoon Ji will be the replacement couple for the outgoing Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong on MBC star wedding variety We Got Married.

Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji

Kangin has been gaining prominence recently with his movie acting role in Pure Manhwa while Lee Yoon Ji has been well-known and loved for her ditzy role in Pure 19 drama and her numerous daughter-in-law tv commerials.

Their first recording took place yesterday where they went shopping for a wedding trousseau. They will have a pretend wedding ceremony in public, held somewhere in Seoul on the 17th. The We Got Married production team hopes that the new couple of Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji will receive lots of attention and love from viewers. They will make their official tv debut on 21st December.

The departure of an idol Kim Hyun Joong sees another replacement with Kangin coming in. Wonder how Lee Yoon Ji would fare on variety. I will certainly be looking forward to their debut this Sunday and give them a chance.

137 thoughts on “Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji Confirmed for We Got Married

  1. omg was not expecting KANG IN!!!!! wow ratings will definitely shoot up now but i wonder how elves will take this…

  2. I dont think wgm will ever be the same.
    I miss the old casting perhaps its true that they shouldnt drag the whole marriage thingy and fans like me should be happy for the ending of each story

    I was hoping that they will make us anticipate by showing not one but few other couples and BETTER missions for them

    Still old cast are so heart warming need more of those to keep us watching im preparing to say byebye to WGM

  3. Wow WGM is getting desperate. I mean they are going for any Idol now…whatever the case I’ll view to see how it works..but man Kangin is funny & I love the guy.
    Also I just knew SM will jump at an oppunitry. They know that WGM is a popular show & anyone on the show gets popular in real life or in their words their careers get revived. So of course SM sees an open door they’ll jump for it.

  4. well, i wouldn’t say that they’re just going for “any” idol. Kangin is actually more popular than KHJ was before he started WGM. SS501 is popular…but it’s had to compare to SuJu and their elves. I’m excited! haha I’m curious how Kangin would act as a husband

  5. The upcoming new couple looks good though yoon ji look more mature than kangin. I can’t wait to watch their ‘real’ wedding ceremony held in public. I guess there might be lots of people who will surround them.

  6. smart decision by the producers i guess, kangin will surely bring up ratings cause the ELFs will watch.
    but he’s so busy already :/ and suju will be preparing for their 3rd album soon…

  7. Wow, for some reason I knew Kangin was probably going to be one of the people most likely to become part of the cast. xD He just fits really well. I am actually feeling rather scared for the girl, if Hwangbo was terrorized enough by Triple-S, who knows what ELFs will do to her. :S But I’m excited anyway because I ❤ Kangin!!! =D He’s had so many girlfriends, lets see what it takes for him to be a husband!!

  8. Yay! I’m actually looking forward to this couple. I really like Lee Yoon Ji’s bright personality; plus, she’s also a great actress and the new MC for KBS’s Entertainmental Relay. I hope Kangin will be more of a gentleman than Hwanhee. This couple might actually get me interested in WGM again. I haven’t been watching it since Alshin left.

  9. Sophie – The age gap isn’t that big. She’s less than a year older than him. Plus, she’s very bright so that’ll make up for it.

  10. ^^ I didn’t like watching the other couples though I do like Hwayobi – but the couples just don’t give off that vibe that the 1st generation of WGM couples did.

    Kangin was made for variety, let’s see if this couple can pick up my interest again ^^.

    Thanks for the post coolsmurf :D,


    (PS Will the SUJU subbing teams’ pick up the portion of Kangin/Yoon Ji couple of WGM? Please email me if you know at [ sachibliss21@yahoo.com ])

  11. WOW. i was totally intending to stop watching after this week once joongbo leaves but THIS makes me interested again XP

    i may not be an ELF but i love kangin’s humour. he’s just HILARIOUS on variety shows X) X) shall give this couple a chance and hope they peak my interest again.

  12. though i really hope to have any of the suju members to be in wgm, never expect it to be kangin.
    i miss his sarcasm and straight-forwardness!
    but won’t it clash with his another program “band of brothers” ?
    right now, guess people esp the ELFs who maybe also fans of wgm will have the motivation to watch wgm again. thanks wgm!!!!!

  13. ahhhhhhhhhh Kangin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omo so happy now…
    wow i do not expected this!!!
    hope Lee Yoon Ji will not get many antis…
    i know that Kangin is a player and famous under the girls… hope he will not hurt Lee Yoon Ji

    i love Kangin and i think the people will love this couple…

  14. kangin is obviously being used as a ratings’ scapegoat.
    idols definitely racked in more attention.
    i’m just worried for kangin’s health.

  15. Hi everybody,

    just curious. What is an ELF? or ElFs?


    like Kangin, hope he brings some fresh air.

    Hwanhee/Yobi Couple suxx, Yobi Concept is being naive and stupid? Hwanhee likes her for TV, but u can see he’s far away to ever consider coulping with such a girl.

    Marco/Danbi: Danbi ist hot, Marco is not and he has no idea how to treat a lady. Shows when he trying to hard to be a native korean with his events blabla, he’s not, so he should act like a spicy, non-native Korean. That would make it interesting.

  16. i heard this on their soompi thread and boy am i excited! i was seriously gonna stop watching it after joongbo couple leaves but dang it! why does it have to be him!

    that means i have to watch it again! hehe.

    i was really hoping i didnt get to watch it. but kangin oppa is gonna be on! yah!

    i also heard jun jin is gonna be the other couple(?)..gosh they are seriously trynna get ratings arent they?! scumbags..but yay for kangin oppa! im an elf and i totally support the chick..whoever she is..!

  17. @DBoy: ELFs stands for EverLasting Friends! hehe.


    Shes a lucky girl! and hopefully…he’s not too CHEESY..he has this weakness for girls…but with his members..hes totally violent..hehe..and of course a jokester..

    OMG! I HOPE JUNJIN IS CONFIRMED TOO! IT WAS BE AN AWESOME COMBO TO MAKE UP FOR MARCO AND DAMBI! no offense..but they are boring..and marco is a pervert..hehe..no offense…

  18. OMG!!! I’m looking forward to this show!! Hope somebody will sub it! I can’t believe its Kangin! Lee Yoon Ji will be fun!

  19. wow. well…
    i just restrained myself to prevent major bashing on me, but I just want to say…
    I hope this show doesn’t turn into a joke, if it hasn’t already had.
    I feel as if the new couples will never measure up to the original couples.

  20. tat gal is going to be killed off by ELFes…they r all c*a*y fans…..much worst than ss501 fans…i pity the gal….
    i thk it is stupid of her to accept being paired of w/ kangin

  21. OMG!! cant wait for it!!! hope they have awesome chemistry together!!! lee yoon ji was soo cute in pure 19!! and kangin is always cute!!

  22. I’m glad that kangin is goin to be on the show, but really, he is BUSY as it is… he is taking up too many activities.. he still has his musical xanadu, suju’s 3rd album they need to work on, band of brothers show, his radio show, the continuation of suju’s super show concerts (there will be one in seoul jan. 3& 4 cuz its their encore concert show), guests on shows, like star king this dec. 20, and so many many more…

    hope he doesn’t overworking himself

  23. wow arent they smart!
    i had a feeling it was going to be someone from suju.
    hrmm it mite work out?
    Kangin is funny so hopefully it will be good. =D
    Looking forward to it.

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  25. I wake up this morning and saw this and my eyes were like O_O—–>TT_TT.

    Well its good to see him on more shows even though he is overworking himself.

    E.L.F. are supporting the girl and telling her to take care of Kangin.

  26. Kangin?! Man, he’s so funny and has a super duper sense of humor. lol. Lee Yoon Ji, one of my favorite back then. OMG, OMG, what would be their chemistry?! I can’t wait. MBC really knows what they are doin’.

    It’ll surely have a subbed. Go subbers! please…….

  27. I already expected that they will replace KHJ with another boy band idol and im glad its one of my #1 fav boyband SUJU………..Im not really familiar with the girl but i knw ive seen a drama that she one of the cast………..

    When i read this news my first reaction is im afraid for the girl bec let’s face it all the girls that got link in any of SUJU member……..gain alot of anti fans and hate from ELF…..

    Yap ELF what would there reaction when the show will start i just hope they will accept the girl specialy ELF Kangin lover………..

    And yah what would there concept be its it like the lettuce couple OLDER GIRL YOUNGER GUY or not…….

  28. taeyeon??
    no offence but i dun think they fit as a couple.
    maybe as brother-sister its ok..

    i think lee yoon ji is a much better choice. 🙂

  29. YAY!! I already expected one of the SUJU will be in WGM! and they picked the Kangin, whom I also expected! HE’s a pro for variety shows. Can’t wait~~~Nice move PDs!!

  30. i’m so excited to watch kang-in softer side..
    im really hoping that one of the mebers from SuJu will be a part of WGM and it happened im so happy.
    Thanks to this site really because if i didn’t happen to pass by this site i wouldn’t know about WGM. And now im so addicted watching it. I think the couple name would be kang-ji hehe~

  31. flopunox – It would be cool, but I don’t think the Elves will let that happen, and it won’t help either one of them especially since Tae Yeon is a girl group. Tae Yeon has already been “attacked” by Kang In’s fan during the radio broadcast by receiving nonstop vicious comments.

  32. KANGIN!!! KYAAAAAA!!! Suddenly I feel a wave of hope coming in!!! Didn’t Lee Yoon Ji play Joon Ji Hoon’s sister in Goong? Or am I seeing things? She looks great.

  33. i doubt it is good for kangin as he has hectic schedule. next year will be suju’s third album release and kangin have to prepare for it. i hope he will be off of WGM as soon as their 3rd album is approaching. elf means EVERLASTINGFRIENDS^^
    this is another reason why i should continue to watch this show after joongbo couple leaving. well, i probably get jelous a bit.. lol.

    and.. is there any ppl would kindly volunter to sub WGM as muish had decided to stop subbing?

  34. I love Lee Yoon Ji!!! She’s SOOO pretty and I love Kangin! I’m a little jealous! I think he’d be such a funny husband but would probably do some sweet stuff for her just to throw her off…I love it!

  35. Wooh !!!!!!!!!!! as i read the title..i was like ..”is it juz a dreamzzz???” god!!! hows it gona b???? Kangin is my fav member SuJu… owh god…i still cant believe this…CANT WAIT for this sunday !!!!!!!!!!!! otoke???????

  36. wow..even though i was really sad that the JoongBo couple was leaving and was considering not watching the show anymore becuase it seemed it was becoming less interesting..but now with Kangin coming in, i think im going to consider to continue watching the show.it should be pretty cute, i love super junior! hehe Kangin Fighting! ^___^

  37. Kangin oppa ya~ this show is going down the hill….*sigh*

    Hope that the rating will boost soon~~~~I really miss the old format (when the show first started)

  38. man people are like worried for kangin.
    and i understand, but he is the one who agreed to do this. SM took it but ultimately it is his choice. anyways i know kangin is shy around women,(hehe) but i cant wait until they get close and he shows his real side. then things will get crazy! XDDDDD i am totally looking forward to this! WGM fighting!

  39. WOOOO!!! This is really surprising!
    I just wanted to stop watching wgm because I didn’t like the new couples but Kangin….I don’t know HER but Kangin is really cute so hihii
    With someone like Kangin the ratings will go up for sure xD
    E.L.F’s will watch!

  40. Kangin is getting uber popular these days..well kinda. I was hoping for Hongki from FT Island tho. b/c that would be uber cutEs! but Kangin is aiites too. so..we’ll see ^___^ and hopefully the SuJu netizens won’t go crazy

  41. feyfey – Hongki’s going to be in a new drama soon with Park Ye Jin (from Family Outing). He’s going to have a pretty big role, so keep an eye out for that.


  43. I’m not really a fan of Super Junior, and I don’t know the diff between Kangta and Kang In so I don’t much care for him. But Lee Yoon Ji, I loved her in Goong and random episodes of xman.

    Man, this AND Jun Jin? I’m definitely watching WGM season 2.

  44. Andrea – haha. I really like Lee Yoon Ji too. I’m kind of more excited to see her than Kang In, although I like Kang In as well, but it’s just that since she’s an actress, it’s pretty hard to see her on variety shows like this, whereas Kang In appears on a lot. I’m not that excited for Jun Jin, since I’m not really a fan of his. He seems a bit too obnoxious and conceited for my taste. Plus, he’s old now. lol.

  45. in that picture, kangin reminds me of the host shin dong yup or whatever the host was for exploring the human body lol

  46. Aww I have a feeling they’ll make a cute couple.
    This new addition makes me smile after the JoongBo departure. Hope the second generation can make us laugh, smile, cry, and scream just like the first generation.

    To the new couples: FIGHTING!

  47. I’m a complete Kangin fan. xD But I’ll hold no bitter feelings for the girl at all….really hope ELF is the same way, though I doubt it. x_x

  48. for a non-korean like me the most important question is “Who’se going to sub WGM?”
    please let me know if someone will continue subbing it

  49. i hope someone subs this too, the ant couple’s still there lol

    kangin makes things more interesting, maybe i’ll watch his segment

  50. ;O kangin? ouuuu, i’m anticipating this 😀
    hopefully their episodes will be lots of fun to watch 🙂

  51. although i’m a suju fan and i find it interesting that a member of suju is gonna be in wgm (a variety show i enjoy), i somehow feel that kangin is the least person from the group that should have been considered for the show. given the image he projects to the public, i think he’s going to be too conscious in his role as a new groom that he wouldn’t be able to reveal the real him the way HJ did.

    i would have preferred to have heechul in the show instead since he is as blunt as hj but at the same time so crazy– unmindful of what others think of him that it would be a riot seeing how her bride would react to him and his antics.

  52. hm, replacing an idol with an idol…(altho is suju still considered in the “idol” category?)

    ionno bout this. have to wait and see…

  53. haha
    this reminded me of this one time where suju had a servey thingy to see who would get married first and one of the three were kangin!
    i was like giving all my hopes up when the joongbo said their farewell last sunday and said that if an interesting couple doesn’t show up soon the WGM show is history
    but now suddenlly kangin shows up and i’m REALLY anxious to see what will happend but the most important thing these days would be the subbing teams/subbers and all
    no one is taking in the job and now i’m just wishing to god why can’t i just know korean already!!!!!

  54. with ant couple gone soon. hwanyobi is my favourite among the new couples. well i’ll be looking forward to this, they have to be funny to keep me entertained.

  55. It seems like they’ve gotten the big ‘tv variety’ people. Junjin and Kangin are often seen on tv already. I would have liked to see more non A-list stars.

  56. i’m loving this new couple. they’re both young, and quite entertaining to watch. I’m not a Suju fan, but Kangin is definitely one of the more interesting guys in the group. he also seems really sweet, so I’m excited to see how he fares as a husband. and Lee Yoon Ji is absolutely hilarious. she’s so bubbly and fun and comical! i love her in nonstop and pure 19. i will definitely anticipate for this couple. smart move by the WGM productions, in my opinion.

  57. kinda expected that one from Super Junior will take HyunJoong’s place but it never crossed my mind that it’ll be kangin. i was thinking of either leeteuk or heechul.

    kangin’s really a womanizer, i wonder how will he deal with “married” life.. i wished it was heechul though, he has an interesting persona, he’s carefree and blunt with his words. it will be a cracktastic living hell for the girl. LOL.

    i’m happy that the Lee Yoon Ji recieved a lot of supportive messages from ELFs in her CYworld… because for a minute i feared for her life, imagine all of kangin’s fan dying from jealousy.. :DD

  58. WOW WHAT A SAVE from the pds
    lol, super junior is like a major boost
    but idk, the girl seems a little mature looking for a suju boy
    but first impressions are always deceiving

  59. kangin is known to be a player..i admit that..he is a womanizer..but we’ll see if he come up with cheesy things…

    and seriously! i wanted heechul..kangin..is too weak..for girls…he’s gonna be like marco..a suck up..but i love kangin oppa nonetheless..but just my opinion.

    Heechul is awesome..and always bring laughter through his cold, straightforward, personality..it would’ve been great for him on the show..but he already has a fake daughter..but i would love for him to appear in one of wgm episodes..! it would totally be hecka awesomely funny!

  60. This WGM epi will be interesting
    I think kangin is a womanizer too hehe

    (espero que su relacion laboral con sus colegas mujeres no cambie, cofcoftaeyeoncofcof)

  61. hmmm interesting, kangin….
    i was kinda hoping for heechul, that woulve been amazing!!
    but i love kangin too and cant wait 🙂


    i think this couple will bring a lot of viewers from the college age group… cuz it’s around that time that many people do end up getting married too..(if they choose to marry young)… i’m kinda excited for this couple… a age group that i can relate to…

  63. Cool!! I’ll be looking forward to this Sunday show… Haen’t watched WGM for some time now.. but the addition of Kang In has caught my attention.. ❤ Suju!

  64. yeah,i knew they were gonna pick an idol. i heard that they asked G-Dragon from Big Bang to be on it but YG said no cause he’s too busy with his solo album and the trip to the U.S. but am also worried for Kang In,he has so many things to do now but all SM cares about is getting more attention and power for his artists.

  65. interesting….i quit watching the show a long time ago but i have some renewed interest because Kang In is just halarious…him and Hee Chul are my two fav Suju members….i just hope the ELFs don’t go all crazy over this…im actually kinda excited to watch this again…..im giving it another shot =)

    ps. and i’m super happy its not GD they picked…even if he declined…..i would be devestated lolz

  66. OOO-yeah~ haha… I’m happy Kangin is confirmed for WGM but i feel bad for the girl… i mean, the thing about that suiciding girl who was on star king still bothered me. Fans sometimes are scarier than anti-fans. who know what will they do to this girl when they see Kangin with her…
    gosh~ i dun want to think negatively but still… gah~

    anyway, great choice! haha… kangin will surely boost up WGM rating… i mean, Suju got more fans than SS501 n d fact that kangin is more outgoing could really help boosting the ratings! yaayy for Kangin! ^^

  67. To Eyang : It’s not real. It’s just one of the scene from Band of Brother show. cast by KangIn Oppa and Heenim

    I hope she treat Oppa well…

  68. I’m nOt an Elf but, i luv kangin his funny…hehe..can’t wait…
    haha..smart mOve..for the producer..=)
    i wonder how will the Elf..will react to this…
    well i stopped watching WGM since..ALshin couple are gone…but i’ll difinetly watch kangin..his nOt boring..just luv his humor… …=)

  69. I read on Gomdorii’s ktinsj YT page that she’ll be subbing WGM! Whether it’ll be just cuts or the whole episode, however, I’m not too sure.


  70. Dude, it would have been hilarious if they did “roles reverse couple” kind of like hwang bo hyun joong, but with Hee Chul ROFL and someone like hwang bo n_n lol.

    Kangin is a funny man.

  71. this is gonna be a fun couple.<3 i’ll definitely watch their first episode. Lee Yoon Ji was really cute in Pure 19 ~!

  72. oh kangin will be so interesting. that actress is really pretty too.i hope elfs react positively though, maybe not immediately, but i hope they settle down, like triple s did for hyunjoong.

    but kangin will be cheating on leeteuk! kangteuk couple foreverrr!!!:)

  73. omo? really?
    i just decide dont want watched the show anymore since hyunjong and hwangbo make their farewell..
    cause of hyunjoong oppa i watched the show…
    and without him.. i have no more reason to watched the show..

    but since kangin will also join the show..
    maybe i will think later whether to still on the show…
    happy because it was kangin and not donghae oppa..

    enough allready since hyunjoong had couple with hwangbo and kyujong also had been set a blind dates with yoobin…
    no more heart break!!

  74. wooh! kangin! @_@
    i’m so excited.. argh. hope heechul would also be part of
    WGM.. hahah. it would be chaotic. XD

  75. I seriously don’t understand why everyone is getting so angry as to the fact that couples are being replaced. This is a VARIETY show, sure we all have fallen in love with the couples, but unfortunately good things have to come to and end, and they have to leave. This does not mean that some people have to be biased to the other coupes.

    Sure, in the beginning I really wasn’t interested with the two new couples introduced, but once I started watching more and more, I really started to like them!

    All I’m saying is that Andy/Solbi, Alex/Shin ae, Hwang Bo/Hyun Joong, and eventually the Ant couple will all be sorely missed, but that doesn’t mean people have to stop watching We Got Married entirely JUST because our favorite couples are leaving, people should give the new couples a chance!

  76. i wonder if muish will change her mind if she hears about this news..i hope shes a big fan of neither of them like the way she like the lettuce couple..im loking forward to this..i hope someone will translate..

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