KBS Releases Boys Before Flowers Posters

We are just 2 weeks away from the premiere of the highly-anticipated idol drama Boys Before Flowers which will replace The World That They Live In in the Mon-Tues timeslot on 5th January 2009. To keep up the hype, KBS has released some official drama posters to the media and fans today.


Korean F4 in Boys Before Flowers

I think the posters and cast are excellent. Now for the acting.

Boys Before Flowers Vertical Poster

Boys Before Flowers is produced by Group Eight, the same company which produced Goong S in 2007. Directed by Jun Ki Sang whose previous works include Witch Amusement, My Girl, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, etc.

73 thoughts on “KBS Releases Boys Before Flowers Posters

  1. SOOO excited for this!!!!
    Everyone looks soo suited in their roles!

    although Goong S really didn’t cut it so I’m hoping Group 8 does better this time around…

  2. just because japan’s version of domyouji had a perm doesn’t mean this one has to have one too! they gave matsujun a perm because his hair is naturally long and straight, which is too casual for domyouji’s character. as a result, they gave him a perm…that doesn’t necessarily apply to this domyouji. if they wanted to do a perm, at least make it look decent.

  3. If anyone is familiar with the manga Domiyouji had a curly curly perm. -_-

    @wtf? His hair for the drama was cut short then permed for season one. Season two they dropped the perm and used hair spray and a curling iron.

    The guy with the “perm” now doesn’t have a perm they used the same hairspray curling iron technique if they actually permed his hair that thing would have been… let’s not talk about that.

    I like the poster I just want to know why Gyuri looks… weird.
    Can’t wait!

  4. huynjoong’s pose doesn’t really looks like how Rui would “pose” but his facial expression is really in character
    and lmao! i agree with most people here : the guy that’s playing Domiyouji doesn’t really need the curly hair!!
    i kinna want the korean version to kinna have it’s own feel to it without going overboard or anything though
    but they didn’t need to follow with the origenal format so close and all

  5. ahhh can’t wait.
    i dont care about the guys perrmm, in the jap one i hated it at first but then i got used to it & im sure ill get used to this one too!

    >.< like i said…. can’t wait!!

  6. I know that Goo Hye Sun will be fine ❀ She’s an awesome actress
    My concern is Hyun Joong. Though, he really does stand out among the cast…maybe because of his bright hair. haha

  7. woohoo!! Hyun Joong!! I love Hanazawa Rui the most in Hana Yori Dango so I’m glad Hyun Joong is playing him for the korean version..soo can’t wait!!

  8. it’s gonna be really though for Hyun Joong I must admit,
    first because the nature of the drama itself- everyone is waiting for it

    second, because of himself – everyone is anticipating his acting. So, I really hope that he’s doing a good job.

  9. the perm hair guy would definitely look better if his hair was straightened if he was gonna getta a perm might as well get a hairdresser that is good at it

  10. i don’t think the F4 match that well together… and the girl is not well complete yet… iono the characters is all wrong to me..

  11. Yahh!!! love the black poster….guys’re soo hottt!!!
    I’m seriously waiting for Korean F4…..coz HyunJoong and KimBom<<<3

  12. eeek! love the posters, can’t wait for the drama

    hate the perm, should have just left the hair the way it was
    he was cute!

  13. @wtf & all others talking about the perm.

    the lead of F4 will always have a perm, or crazy hair. the initial production of a drama based off hana yori dango (the taiwanese drama meteor garden) made the lead actor have crazy weirdass hair, thusfore its been almost a tradition/trend for diff drama productions to all give him weird hair. lol

  14. Ack, bad perm. I kind of hate how they gave the 2 other dudes basically the same hairstyle! Distinguish them more somehow! Don’t just give them the typical hairstyle that every guy has.

  15. i have very high expectations… i hope i don’t get too disappointed..but Lee Min Ho as Domyouji looks amazing..he even has the distinctive curly hair!!! AND HE LOOKS GOOD IN IT TOO!!!

  16. but stilll Matsumoto Jun is still the most outstanding, lamest, and jerkiest Domyouji!!!! he played the part to perfection… now let’s hope Lee Min Ho will live up to the standards too…

  17. hmm, kind of agree with Pearl. the guys kind of, don’t look quite right together. that’s just my opinion though. but i guess they’ll look better to me after watching this, hopefully.

    can’t wait. πŸ˜€

  18. leave the perm be it supposed be that way tho i don’t care for the lead
    thank you thank you for positing this
    kim huyn joong such a dreamy rui
    i really wonder who will plya yuki for the yuki/soujiroh pair they have to have that pairing in there
    or i will only be disappointed

  19. okay Doumyoji’s hair is kinda weird and off..but i hope if its the hair he will be sporting in the drama, it will look better in action than in picture.besides that, i cant wait for Hyun Joong’s acting.

  20. omg~!! hahaha~! when i saw the first comment abt lee min ho’s perm, i couldnt help but burst out laughing. the poster does look good, i must say. haha. hyun joong looks so hot! totally! cant wait for the drama to air. hopefully channel U (singapore) will consider airing it here too!! omg!! hahaha.

    thanks alvin, for the updates!!! :DDD
    i seriously cant do w/o u. lol. πŸ™‚

    p.s: goo hye sun looks cute! haha. y does lee min ho look like as if he is smirking instead of smiling? gives the flirtatious bad boy look, which is in anyways, still HOT! haha. except for the..ehem..HAIR PERM! spolier man. haha. just jokin. πŸ™‚

  21. waaahhh! i’m so excited for the korean version of hana yori dango ! i loved the jap one to bits so i’m hoping this one is just as good ! must say though, the cast of this version are even more goodlooking than the jap one (:

  22. if you read the manga
    you’d know the hair just HAS to be VERY ugly
    i think they succeeded
    it’s by far the worst out of the 3 doumyoji =P

  23. o deng. distracting rui O_O. He’s pretty AND handsome. Although, I’m looking forward on his acting though.
    Well, quite. If it sucks, get ready to just mute the tv and stare at his face drooling-ly πŸ˜€

    ouh. I should have put some faith and believe on him. But a majority part of me is negative. soo, we’ll see~

  24. I think there is nothing wrong with the perm. In Hana youri dango manga, domyouji has natural perm! So people stop saying how his hair sucks and everything! get your facts right~~~! –||

  25. FYI…Domyouji has natural curl in the Manga hence permed hair of the character in the series and it will not (and should not change) until the end.
    I really enjoyed and love the manga version of Hana Yori Dango. I’ve seen the Japanese drama version and still love it, haven’t seen the Taiwainese, I just hope Korean version will meet my expectations and not drag the story.
    From the poster I can tell who’s Domjouji, Rui and Makino, so which is Akira and Soujiro?

  26. why is everyone complaining about the HAIR…………. In the japan version it looked weird at first too but i got i used to it later on. It aint all tht bad… I LIKE IT

  27. I think I’m gonna fall in love with the Hanazawa Rui character the most again…and the first episode hasn’t even aired yet! But I can just tell… ❀
    I loved HYD so much, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Korean producers have done it!

  28. I don’t mind the perm because it keeps with Hana Yori Dango’s depiction of Domyouji. The only time they didn’t use the perm is Jerry Yan in Meteor Garden but that’s ok cuz he’s got GREAT hair. McDreamy hair. Better than the pineapple hair he had in the first few episodes.

  29. forget Domjouji in the korean version hahaha i love the JERRY YAN! hahaha and matsomoto jun is really good too! im soo looking forward to RUI! goodluck to Hyun Joong! make Hwang Buin proud!

  30. the main perm hair looks like he is wearing some wig.. lolz..
    hyun joong and the rest looks pretty well, cool and shud i say, fits the cool and rich guy type.. looks pretty good..
    as for the main, disappointment..

  31. I’m so looking forward to this. I don’t understand what some people are talking about- the cast is perfect! Even a guy I don’t know too well as domyouji so I don’t get disappointed when he and makino are together in the end. haha πŸ˜‰

  32. Okay I putting a blind eye for the perm … but the pics and Hyun Joong looked mighty tasty for me .. can’t wait for the drama !!!!

  33. lolz.
    what’s with the gazillion complaints on the perm and lame lame lame comparison with Japanese ones….
    seriously, if you people like Japanese one…..go watch that one and don’t even bother other versions.
    btw, Jap one isn’t even the first drama version of the manga.

    so what if the perm looks ugly or whatever?
    he is supposed to have weird ugly hair. it is in the original storyline.

  34. super super excited and i am so happy that kbs is producing this because they always come out with subtitle which means i can watch it infront of my TV! LOL πŸ™‚

  35. ahhh i can’t wait to watch this!!!!!! ^____^
    guy in the perm…..well its not THAT bad hahahah ^^”
    but i remember hating the japanese Domjouji
    until halfway into the drama lol

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  37. i wish the girl was prettier.
    im always disappointed by the girls choice in all version of this drama.
    i know she is supposed to be from like rough background and all that, but it just doesn’t make sense when all the rich guys chase behind this not so attractive girl.

  38. Domyouji is so tall @_@. Haha. Is he really that tall?
    Rui played by Hyunjoong really handsome. Haha. <33
    Kibum is cute, and that other guy looks like he can fit in the role. Looking forward to it.

  39. the perm is sonna be there.. cos the character does have it.. the japanese character did it anyways.. IT LOOKS GOOD ACTUALLY! HOPE THAT IT WONΒ΄T DISSAPOINT US, LIKE WORLDS WITHIN-DRAMA DID..

  40. …in the manga, Domyoji is the tallest among the four and curly haired, but the hair straightens when wet…under the shower or in the rain (as in the JDorama), is bratty and idiotic. Tsukushi is plain faced and tomboyish, Rui is fairhaired and a loner (high functining autistic), Sojiro is a playboy and hotheaded while Akira goes for older women, he is the peacemaker within the group.
    ..know the manga first before you criticize the characters, the story lines may change but the main characteristics will always be the same for all versions…though Meteor Garden didn’t use the high school theme of the manga, it followed the college theme of the first live movie adaptation made by the Japanese way back in 1995…sorry to those who think Meteor Garden was the first live adaptation of the manga.

    …to the fans of the manga, the different versions will always be welcome…there’s just so much storyline from the 36 volumes that was published that there’s always a hunger for more… BTW, the original fans of the manga are now mothers of daughters who have become fans too…please remember that Hana Yori Dango is a shoujo (girl’s) manga and is still the best seller in all of Japan up until now. Good luck to this KDrama version…looking forward to watching this.

  41. I didn’t lik Goong S much..that drama was ..not .. good. .. I hope this drama ‘s good..plz..let’s it b good. The Hwang Bo Hyun Joong ‘s couple have to say good bye because of this..It has to be gud~~

  42. man cant they get some actress better looking then her i do not like her she does not look good with those guy well at lease the three guy anyway

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  44. wth with “i hate the perm” talk xD
    jun pyo’s hair looks just like Tsukasa’s in the fricking manga
    …unless some of yall haven’t seen the manga.

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