We Got Married Episode 38 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

The 2 new couples wasn’t interesting me initially. But I decided to give them a chance a few weeks back and enjoyed their segments. But in their recent episodes, my interest level in them has gone down again. Wonder why.

Son Dambi and Marco’s 100th day movie concept wedding photoshoot was pretty well-taken I must admit. They have the charisma, physiques and are able to strike all the poses as asked. It would definitely make for an excellent wedding album. But other than that, I really can’t see how this is a wedding photoshoot. It felt like generic models coming together for a photoshoot.


Hwanhee and Hwayobi continued their 100th wedding photoshoot in traditional hanbok at their traditional house, hanok. Perfect setting to fit the outfits, but it didn’t interest me. My attention just keeps ebbing away from the screen unlike earlier episodes of them. Something seems to be lacking here for me.


Hyung Don’s date with his No.1 fan continues here. The focus is definitely away from Crown J and Seo In Young. And with news of their departure confirmed a few days ago, we can understand why this was so. The impending departure of the Ant couple means Hyung Don is in a catch-22 situation. Certainly hope Hyung Don will have little or no part in their farewell vacation.


Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong final appearance on the program. Their final journey ends at Mount Halla as they shed buckets of tears. They will be missed, especially Hyun Joong’s witty remarks. Thanks for the entertainment.


The replacement couple for Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong will however be revealed only next week. Wise choice by the PDs to keep it a mystery.

And as you know, our friendly subber muish will not be subbing anymore after this episode as JoongBo has left We Got Married. Let’s give her a round of applause for all the quick, accurate softsubs these past few months without which you or me wouldn’t have understand and in sync with Korean fans. Despite Kangin appearing, muish will not retract her decision.

We Got Married E38 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Download the softsub at megaupload or mediafire uploaded by muish and pekkles. Download Episode 38 from Clubbox (924mb) or K-Aigo.

92 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 38 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

  1. i have been a BIG fan of the joongbo couple… i will surely miss them especially their crazy antics… no couple can match their witty combats and crazy contests ^^

  2. =( SOB. It would’ve been nice if muish continued until Ant couple left, now, to end the era.. But she really is amazing. ❤ ZOMG, JoongBo’s departure will be Godawfully painful to watch. ='(

  3. They played a snsd song in the last part of the preview when they gave hint of a new couple.

    please don’t let it be someone from snsd T____T I might just go jump off a cliff.

  4. thanks muish!! what a trooper…
    i’m scared to watch this epi….
    i was frustrated last week cuz of the lack
    of ant couple…now we know why…
    hwanee and hwayobi have always been
    boring to me… i guess i expected too much out
    of our dangyuhaji(spl?) queen…
    marco is 98% for sure, there is always something missing.

  5. i cried alot juz to watch the starting of JoongBo split tonight…n gona b waiting patiently for the eng sub by Muish….~ thanks to Muish, MarriedSub n Coolsmurf too……..~ i really adore your hard work…..FIGHTING!!!!:D

  6. i am sooo gonna miss seeing hwangbo n hyunjoong. i agree with u, there’s something missing with both marco-dambi n hwanhee-hwayobi couple…
    and a huge thanks to muish for all her hard work subbing all the episodes!!

  7. thank you muish,감사합니다!~~
    thank you coolsmurf,
    thank u
    thank u
    thank u,
    both of you are jjang!~~yeah

  8. ah…..so sad they are really gonna be out…

    i cant even watch the show right now….


    wish the best to Lettuce couple


  9. omg. seeing the pic of hwangbo and hyunjoong in tears is so…heartwrenching. 😥

    all the best to them in future.
    joongbo FOREVER FIGHTING! <333


  10. I am going to miss Joongbo very much!!!! I wish them both the best in their careers and best of health… I hope maybe they can be a real couple someday!!!

    And finally, thank you all the sub team for the great work!!!

  11. i was just wondering..

    on marco-dambi’s wedding photos..

    them on a motorbike, so like joongbo..

    them wearing the tux and the red dress, so like alshin..

    them with the blackboard stuff, so like anbi..

    them in their normal clothes, so like ant couple..

    can’t they be MORE ORIGINAL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  12. i guess… no more WGM for me after this episode too. oh well, it was getting boring anyway. will miss hyunjoong and hwangbo loadddssssss 😦 😦 😦

  13. MUISH thank you for your SUBS, really loved the show and really appreciate your hard work subbing this for US! really gonna MISS your quick work heheh

    im really sad and i think im gonna cry as while watching Lettuce Couple T_T

    Coulsmurf ur great ^^

  14. lettuce couple farewell episode TTT__TTT
    just looking at their pic is enough to make me cry:((

    thank you so much MUISH for the subs^^

    btw i think Hyung Don and his fan probably going to be the next new couple..LOl

  15. I don’t think the fan and Don Don are going to be the next couple, she might just be the “reason” why he agree to go sogaeting or decides that he does want someone new. I can see then sending him on a speed dating kind of thing. That would be funny, and by them I mean SIY.

    O.o what if they gave Don Don an older wife. Like a SIY Ajumma . Then they would have a new argumentative couple.

  16. With the departure of the Lettuce couple and Muish no longer subbing any of the episodes, what’s their to look forward to. *Sigh* 😦

  17. Thank you so much MUISH 😀 for the hard work pushing out complete subs so quick and all with no other outside help. Really amazing work! <3~

  18. Thank you very much MUISH for all the subs! Surely without them, i wouldnt be able to continue watching. ❤
    Good Luck to the JoongBo couple! May they get together in real life! <3!

  19. JOONGBOO.. TT______________TT

    *cries buckets of tears with them*

    and I haven’t even watched it yet. I think I’m going to wait for the final subs… It’d be too depressing.

  20. Awwwwwwwww….
    Thanks MUISH!!!!!!!!!! honestly, u’re the best! 😀
    one Q: who will be the next subber? (if u dont mind me asking)

  21. I thought I was the only one. The new couples didn’t interest me one bit at first, but then they got quite cute, but now my interest is slowly dying again, especially in the case of Hwanyobi. Between Marco/SDB and them, I honestly thought they’d come out a winner, but these days, Marco/SDB held my attention more than them. Hwanyobi has just been boring and boring. Even Hyungdon/No1 Fan were more interesting to watch, seriously.

  22. thanks muish, i will definitely miss your subs. i hope the new couples will have popular idols, cause that is the only chance anyone would sub the entire show again.

  23. thanks muish, i will definitely miss your fast, accurate subs of entire episodes. i hope the new couples will have popular idols, cause that is the only chance anyone would sub the show again.

  24. JoongBo :[
    I’m going to miss them.
    Now that their gone, I’m probably not going to watch anymore. Well, depends on who the new couples will be.

    I just hope it’s not Kyu and Yoo Bin =x Love both of them, but I don’t want to see them on the show.

  25. i cried for JOONGBO! waaaaaaaaah!
    thanks muish!
    im off to FO now! im just watching the ants and leave WGM completeley…..

  26. Thanks for all the subbing Muish! People should give the new couples a chance. I’ll keep watching, & I guess I better learn Korean if no one is subbing now!

  27. OMG just looking athe pcture summary I broke down in tears.
    I never thought I would see the JoongBo couple cry and then there are the pictures.
    I’m going to miss them, to me they became the replacement for Alshin and a good one at that.

    Wishing them the best.

    && Thank you Muish you really held on for the fans even after some bumps in the road. I and I bet countless other are really thankful.


  28. I am glad that this episode is not out yet. By the time it is out, it is after my exams. I am so not going to watch Joongbo leave during my exam period T.T I hope the newlyweds and the newest couples will be interesting to watch. The Marco and Hwanhee couples are fun to watch, but not fun and interesting enough for me to want to watch it once the episodes are subbed. I hope someone will be subbing the series, now that muish is done.

  29. @ yumi: excluding Taeyeon (the leader) all the SNSD girls are under 20 years of age, so I REALLY doubt any of them will be on the show.

    I hope it’ll be another idol to help the ratings a bit but, honestly, now that JoongBo are gone and Ant are getting ready to depart I’ve lost a lot of interest in the show. 😦

  30. I’m so thankful to Muish for subbing all that time..^^ we appreciated all the effort ❤ ❤
    Jongbo couple had so much chemistry and they were so hilarious..what a pity they had to leave the show T.T

  31. Thank you MUISH but I hope she finish subbing when Crown J & In Young leaves… 😦


    Coolsmurf, you have a point! Marco & Son Dambi took good pictures but it didn’t seem like it was a wedding photoshoot! I guess you could say that they don’t have any romantic chemistry.

    I really liked Hwanhee & Hyobi’s pictures first though but the tradional wear was kind of a downer from their other photoshoot at the chapel.

  32. I wiill utterly miss Joongbo.
    I have loved Joongbo so much. When i watch them, I feel like I have more fun then they do.
    Hwangbo’s great reactions.
    Hyunjoong’s caring personality, sweet and funny remarks surely made me love this couple.
    and how somethings worked perfectly for them for example the horses in the episode before this.

    Good bye Joongbo. WGM wont make me laugh nearly as much anymore. D:

  33. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE! Somehow a virtual round of applause and thanks doesn’t seem to cut it. But I’d like to extend my thanks any way.

    And thank you Coolsmurf for keeping us posted on We Got Married.

  34. I still don’t get why people like the Joongbo couple so much; I still find them really awkward. I don’t know, I can’t find the sincerity in HJ.

    Hwanhee couple’s wedding photo shoot, especially those intimate ones look really convincing; they seem really comfortable with each other. Better than most.

  35. I Can’t Believe JoongBo Are Leaving!!!!>__<
    I Wish Them Both The Best Of Luck!!!!^_^
    I Will Love JoongBo Forever!!!^_^
    JoongBo FIGHTING!!!^_^
    Thank You So Much For Sharing!!!!^^

  36. thank you muish and coolsmurf for all the hard work
    ahh lettuce couple is leaving :((( and im going to cry once i start watching the ep its not going to be the same…..im not sure if im going to keep on watching it. i dont realy like marco couple idk they dont seem to have great chemistry with each other though it was nice understanding what marco said when he talked in spainsh >__< but besides that eh :/. hwanhee couple i might stick around with to see if something happens at least they have chemisrty together . but anyways THANKS YOU GUYS!!

    I am totally not watching it till all the subs are out…I can’t believe it…I can’t believe they’re actually leaving..

  38. many thanks to muish, marriedsubs & coolsmurf ^^^ u guys are fantastic !!!!

    very sad about joongbo’s leaving esp. we can see and feel their great chemistry finally developed well there. anyway, wish them full of happiness and success …..

    the new couples are just not right to me or they are tooo scripted plus surprisingly Hwayobi kept singing whereas son dambi kept dancing to show off their talents at this so called “make-believe-marriage” show

  39. just looking at the way their sad makes me sad too..im in pai already..they have the videos out but no subs yet..goshhh..so annoying ..i wanted them to stay i hope they have better couples next time..but i love the original couples..specially letuce couple and ansol couple..huhuhu…i hope they put like younger and same age couple next tiome..and i hope someone can translate but thanks to muish lot..

  40. =( just seeing the pictures of the lettuces crying is making me cry
    i don’t want to see the episode but i so want to see the episode =(
    they should just really get married already

  41. I will definitely miss the LEttuce couple.:(
    Thank you to Muishi and Coolsmurf for subbing
    I wonder if the show will continue, now that everyone is leaving.
    It’s not the same; no more MC’s;no more Solbi & andy; no more Alshin; no more Joongbo and now no more Ant couple

    Thanks for subbing every week. i look foward the Muishi’s last subbed show.

  42. thank you very much MUISH for everything.. thank you to MBC for the best potrayal of we got married by the JOONGBO couples they are the best couple .now its the end of their LOVE story in tv……lets wait their LOVE STORY in real life to begin.

  43. awwww….

    maybe for a new couple they should do an actual culture clash couple, where they don’t even speak the same language. (i.e. japanese idol and korean idol…both with varying but beginner understanding of the other’s language). that would be funny.

    or maybe not even pick idols, but maybe, for example, a random studious college girl and pair her with a singer guy.

    anything but another couple who is obviously doing it to raise popularity ratings of their own careers (like the two new couples). the thing about the first/original couples is that they never knew it could be such a career booster. show needs a little more fake authenticity in order to survive, IMO.

  44. Big thanks to muish!!! For all the time and effort you have put into subbing the previous episodes!

    My favorite WGM couple will always be JoongBo. I’ll miss them terribly and I will probably cry with them when I watch this episode.

    Thanks to coolsmurf/Alvin as well for keeping us updated!

  45. heh, your thoughts were the same as mine when i watched the sondambi & marco couples
    their shoot was just sooo natural and nice that it really just looks like some pretty shoot for a magazine or something rather than in celerbration of their 100th day together
    and of course, i can never say/think this enough times:
    I’ll miss the Joongbo couple so much~ (and Anbi & Alshin)
    a reason to be added to why i cried a LOT watching joongbo farewell is because whether it was the bad times or the good but arkward times, WGM helped me went through a hard period for all these monthes, that now that it’s changing (not saying that the changes are nessacery bad changes) so much, it makes me realize the obvious that WGM is just a show at the end of the day.
    but then how come i feel so good whenever i watch WGM?
    oh well then, just gotta accept it for now
    it’ll be so lame if i went through all these miserable moment and then some awsome couple appear on WGM !!!
    jk, i’ll always miss this season of WGM and that’s for real~
    let’s all wish the best for the couple(s) that we love!!!!!!!!!
    and if one of them get married in the future, i can die peacefully lmao ;DDD

    and just for the record: mom. you’re so right about korean stuff will make me go crazy~ ^^

  46. Muish U rOcK !!

    Thanks for all the subbing ! As long as I have the episodes of my fav couple JoongBo being translated then I can’t ask for more !


  47. kudos to musih! thanks for the subs! *applause applause* aaah….i will miss JoongBo couple! But i miss Alshin couple the most!! 😦 Thanks Alvin, for the updates!

  48. awww the lettuce couple are leaving as well?
    is it because hyunjoong will be busy for filming the korean ver of Hanadan? then the ant couple will be leaving by january sad sad T_T i hope ansol couple will be back!

  49. i’m definitely going to miss the Lettuce Couple, but most of all, i’m mourning about the end of muish’s subs T_____T

  50. Big Thank for Muish!!!! you made me soo happy^^
    Also, Thank for Alvin who keep going update WGM^^

    JoongBo’s my fav couple frm beginning till now…..and always!!! I’m looking forward to ” boys over flower”…..
    I’ll alway support HyunJoong n HwangBo……LOVE them

  51. i watched ep 38 and its really aching…breaking heart….to ease the pain i watched some video of Hwangbo in You tube X man Lovers in Paris …..opps its a good show i feel very happy for Hwangbo……Aha …there still another guy who cares for her Kim Kyung Rok hows that ????

  52. i feel that dambi and marco arent real because ever since the pd told marco that he and dambi were getting anti fan and they were wanted off the show, marco started to act more mature and got along with her. its not that i dont like them it just they’re not real, probably just faking to stay on the show.

  53. i just feel that the new couple progressed too fast. Especially the wedding photos that the new couple taken, they just look like professional model that strike for a pose and not as shy as old couple e.g. alshin,anbi, joongbo, crownjSiy. i just feel that they don’t have the time to develop ‘natural feeling’ for each other. It is just too rushing for them, the ‘real’ feel is just not there yet.

  54. the new couples never caught my interest. And now after Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong are gone I will not continue watching on a regular basis.

  55. i am so sad. no more WGM. i wont understand anything anymomre. but its okay. muish did an AWESOME job. I hope someone will take subbing or wgm.

  56. thank muish and coolsmurf!!!!!
    i’ll really going to miss joonbo couple!!!!

    oya, how is the fans respons w/ son dam bi?? can they acceptable as a couple w/ chemistry?? coz i see them as 2 models in this ep….

  57. yes2!! thankyouu muish!! i wish you would continue but you can’t continue forever right? hehe so yeahh thanks a bunch anywayy! ^^

  58. lol i cry like a baby after watch Joongbo couple, i’m gonna miss them so, so much, and decide to stop watching WGM

  59. thanks muish! the time i spent watching joongbo were lovely and your subs were very much appreciated! im going to miss them very much ><

  60. OMG! I was just reading on daum, and it said KangIn from SuJu and Lee YoonJi are gonna be the new couple for WGM!!!! It said that their first episode will air the 21st.
    Here’s the link:
    I haven’t been exactly watching WGM, after the departures of AlShin and AnBi and now JoongBo, but I may start watching it again… I’m not ahuge fan of KangIn, but I happen to like some of the SJ members ^^

  61. Say, muish is also a huge fan of Super Junior. Is there a chance she’ll reconsider after the announcement of Kangin? 🙂

  62. credits to musih and her subbing =]
    coolsmurf and your updates and uploading =] you both are gods in my world thanks heaps!!!

  63. taking the softsub… waahhh…. i’m gonna miss teribly sangchuu couple, i enjoyed watching this series mainly because of them…. to muish-sshi a big hug and thanks for subbing it every sunday!!

    joongbo-ers hwaiting!!

  64. Its sad to read that the lettuce couple will be leaving but i completely understand that the hubby is just too stressed to continue…i hope that they will stay in touch because i was starting to feel the bond between them grow strong…but i am also starting to like the hwanhee and hwayobi couple too they might seem boring at times but its still new to them…it look the lettuce couple getting over the awkwardness before they became the “it” couple…without the support of fans we will no longer get to watch we got married… 😦

  65. p.s. Thanks so much Muish! Because of you i have had many laughs and tears thanks for all your hard work with subbing

  66. I guess it’s Love or interpretation of love is what is missing with these couples. look at the former couples and compare… it feels as if they are doing this only because they are thrown together & getting paid, while with ansol & alshinae, it actually looked like they waited for the single day together all for two eeks.

  67. It’s sad but in the first place, we know that this is just a made-belief show that won’t last long. I know that as Joongbo leave, they’ll never get to have the same fun time together as much as they had on the show and for those who wish for them to become a real couple, i don’t think it would happen,it is too good to be true.Though they eventually felt comfortable with each other, I don’t think the feelings they’ve developed is not that strong to make them go out and date.I saw some behind the scenes shoots and in my opinion,wishing for them to date is certainly not possible.
    Thanks muish for subbing, I always loved your comments in the end as well.
    Question:What’s the reason for the Ant couple’s departure?

  68. I was offline a few days… finally saw the subs one… I cry so hard. I think I didnt even cry that much when Alshin left coz I was glad when they left coz of the circumstances that we knew….

    But when it comes to this… the real parting part after playing up the farewell notion for weeks by the PDs… I just find it so hard to let go… All the actions, all the things they said…joy and sadness… arghhhhhhhhhh…

    I am just so glad HyunJoong express himself, when Hwangbo cried… I just cry along…

    Thank u Coolsmurf, thank u Muish, thank u Marriedsubs… for or else I will not understand and enjoy this program at all… you guys rocks…

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