Certain Korean A-Listers Resting On Their Laurels?

With 2008 coming to an end, some fans have been griping about their idols lack of inactivity this year. A-Listers like Jang Dong Gun, Lee Young Ae. Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Tae Hee, Bae Yong Joon among others have not put out anything of note for their long suffering fans. Be it dramas, movies, there’s practically no sight of them anywhere. The only time that their fans can see their idols are through their TVCFs which lasts for less than 1 minute every now and then.


News of the A-Listers reported lack of inactivity surfaced after Jeon Ji Hyun’s schedule for 2008 was debated by netizens and made headlines in the middle of last week. Netizens who have looked at her schedule on her website remarked that it looked like she did practically nothing for the entire year.

She had actively promoted her movie A Man Once a Superman (with Hwang Jung Min) towards the end of January. But since then, Jeon Ji Hyun disappeared (presumably for Hollywood) and nothing was heard of her again. Her schedule for the year was listed practically with deciding on scripts or resting.

Although there were magazine photoshoot plus CF filming shoots in between, but most if not all can be completed within a few hours or taking up at most 1/2 of the day. Netizens poured sarcasm at her, “the busy schedule of a top star, Jeon Ji Hyun”, showing their displeasure at her passive schedule.

Jeon Ji Hyun, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Young Ae

Korea’s representative icon, Jang Dong Gun has also come under fire from his fans. You can’t see him in any movies or dramas at all this year. But in contrast, he has been actively involved with filming commercials and photoshoots for 5 different advertisers. With his fans only able to catch a glimpse of Jang Dong Gun’s friendly smile through TVCFs, how can they be satisfied with that?

Lee Young Ae meanwhile has been given the nickname of Invisibility Queen by her own fans. Since her 2005 movie, Sympathy of Lady Vengeance, she has practically vanished. Lee Young Ae did made an appearance for a special MBC program I Am Lee Young Ae in October, allowing fans to see her again. But for her long suffering fans, this short and hasty reunion is just insufficient.

Kim Tae Hee and Bae Yong Joon have similarly done little to impress their fans. They do not have any movies or dramas for their fans but appearing in various commercials. Kim Tae Hee seems to have devoted her entire year towards filming CFs while Bae Yong Joon has been pre-occupied with his work in neighboring Japan, totally neglecting his fans back in his homeland.

Kim Tae Hee and Bae Yong Joon

No matter what, acting should undoubtedly be considered as the primary job of an actor or actress. If you stay away from acting from any drama or movie for a long period of time, this will only leave your fans feeling disappointed and ultimately losing their support. The only and best way for these top stars to repay the fans for their support, is to film a good drama or movie for them. So hopefully, 2009 would be a better year for their fans than this year.

28 thoughts on “Certain Korean A-Listers Resting On Their Laurels?

  1. it’s because if they do act and ask for money, they’ll be banned…….

    sorry, i still can’t get over the PSY things. and I’m guessing these stars would ask for a lot of money too, so doing ads or whatever else they are doing is probably making more moeny (even if it was less than usual), without the tiring drama schedule. Plus, a low rating will affect them, so I guess they are playing it safe. Sucks for fans, but eh….

  2. i say if they don’t find anything worth filming, they shouldn’t take crappy roles….quality over quantity.

  3. maybe becuz there isn’t any good scripts for movies @ drama dis year… cuz i couldn’t find many good drama with good plots dis year… there’s so few… well, i shouldn’t complaint… i’m not living in korea anyway… haha…
    but yeah… i miss seeing them in movies n dramas… esp JDG, BYJ n KTH…
    but i’ve only watched JDG in All about eve, BYJ in winter sonata n KTH in love story in harvard… hahaha…

  4. well, cant blame them tho.
    cf gave them alot of money instead filming movies & series.
    while they’re still not find a good script for them, why not just enjoying doing cfs.

  5. even being inactive pose a problem to those netizens. if their fave stars overworked, they will go like: “[INSERT COMPANY NAME] should give [INSERT ACTORS/ACTRESS NAME] a rest!!!” -__-lll

    these stars are expensive… unless a production allocation is high (eg: East of Eden), i think most drama/movies won’t hire them.

  6. Well, this is a funny sentiment. I guess actors are seen as entertainment machine, to churn out products at all times of the year. Can’t they have resting period and lazing around and traveling, taking vacation?? Sorry, but this argument from fans are unreasonable to me.

    Heck, these A Listers probably get more for CFs and stuff, no wonder they’d choose to stay inactive and just film CFs.

  7. yeah, like last year i was confused at how popular Song Hye Gyo was cause if seemed like she was only in CFs for like Game Boy. acting should be their main priority not rolling in dough advertising stuff for their fans to buy. but on the other hand maybe to scripts they are given are limited since there are so many entertainers out their or maybe they would rather do a CF than a crappy film or tv show to pay the bills.

  8. I don’t mind that they took a long break.
    The filming process seems tiring and I completely understand if they need to take a rest.
    I think one’s health should come before anyone or thing else.
    Before actors they are human beings with a life outside of their job.

  9. I agree with OMG, these stars don’t owe anything to anybody, & they can rest & spend time with their families, or whatever. Maybe they got sick of the bright lights & no privacy & tiring schedules. I guess I feel like this because I don’t really have a fav actor or actress, I just watch whatever is good.

  10. Well Jang has that Hollywood movie coming up ..Laundry Warrior, and isn’t Kim going to be in that drama with Lee Byung Hun? They might be inactive this year, but we’ll be seeing them again the next ..well, some of them.

    I understand fans frustration, but let’s not overwork them. They’ll get started once they’re ready.

  11. i miss Yoon Eun Hye too.
    i know she doesnt care too much for money, since she only took a certain percentage of her paycheck when she was shooting TVM.
    I also miss Lee Young Ae and Jang Dong Gun.

  12. yeahh..where is lee young ae…i luv jewel in the palace…=) but she’s supah dupah popular her name is epic! even if she doesn’t have any drama…=) …i miss yoon eun hye..tOo..i thought she’s gonna be the korean version of makino of boys over flower..hehe..i guess nOt…

  13. yeah i mean what happened with some popular star who has mediocre skill ,maybe that’s ok for someone who can act i think korea has the rarest activity star in East asia . really look Tony Leung ~ cannes winner he really active releasing his movie, Maggie cheung, ken Watanabe, ZhangZiYi, even moon sori, JEon Doyeon~ she take a rest since she is pregnant noe they still releasing their projects each year Too.

    Kim taehee yuck pathetic!! mediocre acting but still picky. actually not only kdrama who talkinga about big fees but also CF too now korean company tend to choose foreigner for their models due Kstar high cost

  14. well can u blame them seriously…i mean they are not getting the pay that they want or if they talk against it then they will be BANNED!!! better for them to just do cfs where they will have some profit…i mean after all this is their job…why wouldn’t they like to make money the easy way when they have the chance??

  15. I’m excited for what Yoon Eun Hye does next, she usually picks roles that both fit her and have fun plots! I was pretty bummed out Personal Taste with Joo Ji Hoon fell through.

  16. bae yong joon was in injured during the last few days of filming the legend last year and have to gone under therapy for 6 mos…maybe that’s why he didn’t have any dramas or movies this year..but i heard he has a new drama next year…C;

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