Producers Rebuke Celebrities Who Ask For Huge Drama Fees

Television producers from the 3 major Korean broadcasting stations (SBS, KBS, MBC) and representatives from drama production companies got together at a press conference held yesterday afternoon and strongly rebuked celebrities who had asked to be paid a huge fee for acting in dramas/movies.


In a press conference titled “Joint Agreement By Production To Solve Drama Crisis” held yesterday afternoon at the KBS Hall in Yoido, television PDs and representatives from drama production companies strongly rebuked celebrities who had claimed for a high salary, “When 1 person takes away nearly 1/3 or even 2/3 of the whole production budget, other colleagues in the same team would have to take a big sacrifice and this is very unfair for them.”

Celebrities commanding a high salary in the drama industry has been a long standing problem. This became more evident with the entire world currently embroiled in a economic crisis. Not long ago, the Korea Television Drama Production Company Association decided to ban Park Shin Yang from acting in dramas indefinitely. Their reason being that Park Shin Yang had asked to be paid 170 million won each for the 4 extra episodes for War of Money.

They also responded to Park Shin Yang’s indefinite ban, “We are not ganging up on Park Shin Yang. All the A-list producers knows that the successful completion of a drama production comes from the hard work of everyone in the team. It’s not done simply by one person. Although we have to respect the hard work dished out by a big-name celebrity, but that cannot be achieved by sacrificing the benefits that should be enjoyed by others in the team. We hope that this will serve as an insight for celebrities to care for their colleagues’ welfare.

24 thoughts on “Producers Rebuke Celebrities Who Ask For Huge Drama Fees

  1. those celebrities have to understand that korean indusrty is really small, and with the financial drought in place, people can’t afford to pay you all that money… It sucks to be a top star and being paid peanuts, but they need to tough it out..

  2. I feel sorry for PSY but I understand where they’re coming from. A show is not dependent on the actors and actors should not get paid as if the show would fail without them. That kind of attitude is selfish and ungrateful. Especially since the industry is in trouble. Even stars bigger than him took pay cuts recently!!

  3. it is about time that these stations & companies stood up to these celebrities & their high demands. but they shouldn’t have agreed/signed contracts for actors demands if they don’t plan to follow through with it. wtf on both sides. actors need to know their casts & crews suffer as much as them on set (long hours/bad conditions), & these companies/stations should make it so actors get paid according to their time/episodes instead purely on popularity, cause celebrities that have brought in ratings in the past might not do so nowadays, like Chae Rim for Powerful Opponents, or Kwon Sang Woo for Bad Love.

  4. but you need to understand for PSY it’s not a pay cut for an upcoming drama. it’s getting paid for work he’s already done. if they agreed to pay that fee, they should pay it. if not all at once, at least start working towards it. if the same thing happened in any other job to any other person, legal action wouldn’t be seen as unreasonable. just because he’s a top actor doesn’t make his situation different from any other employee that has been wronged by an employers.

  5. i agree with them….stars should act because they love to act not for fame or fortune…i hate when that happens…good actors get so big headed by the industry they think they can demand any amount for their services

  6. Park Shin Yang and this is totally different cases..
    In PSY they already agree and sign a contract for it, so he deserved to be paid as it was said in the paper. Or if not, they could talk about it…

    But I do agree that star should pay less… Start taking from BYJ for examples, he was paid for 200 million per episode for more then 16 episode.
    If they refuse to pay PSY money, for the sake of balancing and not taking side they should ask for re-fund from BYJ too…

  7. and ps…
    PSY ask for money after the production finish. So it means after the company got the money from the extra episode.
    I’m not fan of his but the company can’t get away with this.

    I say, pay him than you can ban him all you can. Not just banning without paying.

  8. Actually, Hyunbin and Song Hye Kyo’s “World’s Within” drama even had scenes about this. Hyunbin and SHK are always having to tackle the problem of popular actors/actresses who ask for too much money… so they always opt for lesser known actors/actresses because they ask for less pay.

  9. I agree with you orenji. and it seems they are using the economic crisis as an excuse in order to keep more money. we all get it. times are tough. but when you made a contract and already agreed to pay a certain amount of money, you pay. and you don’t ban him, geez.

  10. Eh.. Park Shin Yang.. That’s really disappointing. I mean, c’mon, that’s a little much.
    I don’t think they’re using that as an excuse, but I do think it’s wrong to ban an actor for something they obviously readily agreed to. How about NOT paying him that money? It’s not like you were forced to.

  11. I totally agree with playprtnd. I also agree with bluee that they are using the current financial crisis as an excuse. PYS filmed this drama before the economic downturn and it’s the company’s fault that they didn’t pay him when they had the money. I think the company is being greedy not PYS and they are trying to use the economic crisis to their advantage.

  12. I feel bad for PSY. Hopefully he has loads of money to live and another job for now. i hope this time netizens annd his company will stand up for him. An outright ban on the actor is shameful. The three broadcasting company can always choose not to hire him anymore. but instead, they go the childish way. I fear for other actors too. What if you finish a drama, and then they ban you for asking for too much and never pay you and you can no longer work anymore? And the ban is INDEFINITE… could they? I mean, a couple months as a warning would be unfair, but more reasonable…..indefinitely? I think he should sue all of them.

  13. in my opinion, the case of PSY and the company he sued is still on going. only with this lawsuit he filed, it made the organization of TV Drama Production to ban him and even the company PSY is suing is banned from producing.

    the organization gave a sanction to both parties and too bad PSY will really be a loss in the TV drama industry.

    with this an actor/actress asking for too much pay at least will think twice in asking for a high fee or file lawsuit.

    the organization made a decision to help the TV drama production in the future…

    anyway, he is only banned from making TV dramas…he can be an emcee if he still wants to be seen on TV.

  14. Some celebrities are not understanding what is going on in the world, but there’s many that are willing to help. Economy is really bad everywhere right now so for them to be asking for so much when there’s so many people in the world with nothing is kind of selfish. They need to stop and think if there getting a little is better than nothing.

  15. why are you so ready to believe their corporate-speak? PSY already reduced his fees for Painter of the Wind. why didn’t they praise him on that front?

    his “high fees” were only for 3-4 extended episodes, of a HIT series that was drawing TOP advertising money. any payment is negotiation between 2 parties.

    how does this set a trend of “harm”, if producers would just grow a backbone and REFUSE high fees, or CAST somebody else? but this ban TAKES AWAY EVERYONE”S RIGHT to cast PSY if they want to or not. it’s ridiculous. PSY is also suing them on legal grounds: black ink on paper.

    NOW, who else are they trying to scare? it must be A-list stars who command oversea markets – but who else is left, when nearly ALL the big names (except BYJ & lee byung-hun – who both are co-producers/investors) have been reported to lower their fees: choi ji-woo DID, kwone sang woo DID, song seung heon DID. am i missing anyone? everyone else is just taking baby steps to groom their overseas fans now (i see kim myung-min, the younger “pretty boys” are all grooming japan market now.)

    OK, so you have people trying to balance the books, but only doing it FOR SHOW — because all the big names are already working for less. do you honestly think an A-list star getting less money, means the producers automatically raise the pays for electricians, cameramen, drivers, makeup, set design, etc etc?? Nooo…

  16. That’s explains the whole banning issue …
    They do have a basis for the doing such a thing to A-List stars..

  17. I feel bad for PSY too.But there should be someone to sarifice,if not the celebrites won’t know how bad the situation is.Hope the production company and the television company can eventually solve the problem…

  18. they’re only trying to say…”Who’s the BOSS now….”

    the A lister selebs know they price… like Chae Rim, KSW… yeap the rating in Korea is low, but they can sell the drama outside their country…. because they have many fans outside Korea

    PSY deserves the money…. it was written on the contract…

  19. hmm.not sure who’s right or wrong here..but definitely agree that they should at least pay him some amt of money then they can have the rights to ban him.Now they banned him but has PSY received any payment for the extended episodes yet?

  20. Yes, the economy is down, and everyone is broke. But, you shouldn’t not even pay someone, when he has already done the work. These producers are going back on their word. It’s like hiring someone to paint your house and he has already painted the house, the house looks good, but just because you spent too much money shopping the previous month, you don’t pay the painter. The painter takes legal action against you…And then you ban the painter from painting anymore houses….wtf…

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