Photos of Shin Ae from Empress Chun Chu Released

Is that human or an angel?”, that was what most people remarked photos of Shin Ae dressed in a light purple period dress at the filming scene of her upcoming saeguk drama Empress Chun Chu was released yesterday.


According to her management, “In KBS2TV new saeguk drama Empress Chun Chu, premiering on 3rd January, Shin Ae plays Empress Chun Chu (Chae Si Ra) sister Hwang Bo Seol who would become the mother to King Heonjong.”

Last month, Shin Ae had already exhibited her chinese lute (pipa) skills which she had learned in her free time prior to her first filming. Shin Ae’s alluring charisma as the pure and kind-hearted Queen won the praise of the production crew. While Shin Ae was being filmed playing the chinese lute, people started gathering around to watch her, resulting in filming being stopped.

Not just that, the production crew also explained the amazing scenes that followed. When Shin Ae started playing the chinese lute, the child actors/actresses and other production crew stopped what they are doing and started to focus their attention at the sight of Shin Ae filming.

One recalled the comments being said, “Looking at Shin Ae, it’s like an angel had just descended from heaven”, “She is a very beautiful queen”. With this being the first time that so many people had gathered around for a filming scene, one crew jokingly said, “Shin Ae is the only celebrity here.”
(Jung Hyung Don used to say that on We Got Married, lol)

Empress Chun Chu PD, Shin Chang Suk also couldn’t stop praising Shin Ae, “Shin Aeis simply perfect for the camera for her role as the Queen. I am very happy to be able to retain her beautiful looks on camera.”


Shin Ae would be appearing at the end of January on Empress Chun Chu after the conclusion of the children drama scenes. Shin Ae whose popularity has skyrocketed in a short time thanks to MBC We Got Married had received lots of invitations to appear at the year-end awards ceremony/music festivals. But Shin Ae will only attend those that doesn’t affect her filming schedule for Empress Chun Chu and will make her decision at a later date.

64 thoughts on “Photos of Shin Ae from Empress Chun Chu Released

  1. i’m glad Shinae is getting such good news. i saw her old movie recently, i was surprised that she would do that kind of movie, a comedy.

  2. i always love korean hanbok’s color. the colour is so soft. super like it!
    ps: i know she wasnt wearing hanbok there πŸ˜‰

  3. i always love korean hanbok’s color. the colour is so soft. super like it!
    ps: i know she wasnt wearing hanbok there. but the color is korean color.

  4. this role is perfect for her
    she’s so elegant
    and her eyes, they always make me wonder if ppl photoshopped her eyes when she’s on a show or something haha cuz it always seems so sparkling and bright
    love it

  5. She looks beautiful!

    Shin Ae, aja aja fighting!

    I hope the drama does her justice! She’s really a kind-hearted person in the inside. πŸ™‚

  6. she’s so beautiful…
    Now more people experience what Alex have been experienced when they are shooting the 100 anniversary photoshoot.

  7. Al~goon.
    That’s all I can think about when I see Shin Ae.
    Plus I can’t help but think she has killer eyes. (Marco is getting to me)

  8. AWESOME!!! she’s so angelic looking! Alex must work hard to catch his wife. Still hope they’ll get together in real life! πŸ˜‰ Shinae’s a pure beauty!

  9. @Ello, wow then your standards must be pretty pretty HIGH! good luck getting a man or a girl!

    she’s definetely very very beautiful, her soft and innocent beauty is breathtaking… i really love the last pic, her eyes look so far away…

    damn! im def tuning in for Shin Ae’s drama…

  10. She definitely is beautiful.
    @Ello – I would understand that some people might find her just average/pretty and not breath-takingly gorgeous (I must admit at the beginning of WGM I didn’t really care for them), but after a while I think she’s a person that grows on you easily.

  11. gahh shes soo pretty!! Would love to meet her in person!!! Oh and I hope she does attend some of the music festivals or something…anywhere that she can bump into Alex! haha!

  12. Yes Shin Ae is Very beautiful but I just hope she can act.

    Don’t get me wrong I love Shin Ae, she alone was the reason I watched WGM but with all this about her this and that I just hope that it doen’t turn me off on the drama.

  13. Ayame is right…
    A lot of ppl would be badmouth her if she can’t act.

    I mean.. after WGM she became so known and well-like among us all. … BUT ther will always be antis who awaits the opportunity to badmouth her if she’s a bad actress.

    on a side note..
    – Shin Ae is really a natural beauty.. She might not be a breath-taking beauty, but there is some natural charm around her that just makes you like her. – and WGM really made me like her even more ^^

  14. Shin Ae fighting! She looks absolutely gorgeous in her atire. I think I will check up on Empress Chun Chu just to get a glimpse of Shin Ae…I guess we all know what Alex-oppa will watch beginning Jan. 3rd…=P

  15. @ruΒ° – ….when u gasped…ur breath just got taken…so i guess she is breathtaking! lol

    Shin Ae unnie is super pretty! and from WGM she looks like a nice person!

  16. OMG~ she’s really pretty! Gosh… i’m stunned! but yeah… lets cross our finger about her acting… i’m really hoping she can act. i dun wanna see her getting bash by d fans… i mean, korean fans are SCARY! They can just posts harsh comment in d internet, n d next thing we know the artists will suicide bcuz of the stress from the anti-fans!
    Shin Ae unnie… FIGHTING!

  17. Ilove how shinae isn’t the really skinny types of model but the kind who is pretty but is strong and elegant.
    I miss Alshin noww. he must marvel at her beautiful pictures :].

  18. gosh i speechless when i saw this post she is an angel…
    shes just…litreally their isnt a word that can say how beautiful she looks…just beautiful

  19. Ya Alsin couple, I guess she’s too busy in new drama, but I wonder if we’ll see her with Alex in the future somewhere??? you never know.

    She’s such a shy one, glad she is blossoming in new role.

  20. shinae’s so pretty!
    and her personality is like my best friend~~quiet, shy, loud at times, plays along :] i<3shinae!

  21. Shin Ae is very pretty. Unlike many other female celebrities who are sickly thin, she is curvy. And she has a beautiful face even without a single trace of makeup. AlShin was my favorite couple in We Got Married too.

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