Crown J and Seo In Young Will Leave We Got Married Next January

I resisted blogging this but eventually reality got to me. We have just 1 more day to seeing the last of JoongBo on We Got Married, and then this news hit a few days ago which announced that the Ant Couple would also be departing the show by next January. Their departure which had been coming frankly due to a lack of airtime and the familiar been there, done that syndrome will herald the end of the pioneer generation as Season 1 comes to a close.

Crown J and Seo In Young Huge Presence

It was revealed 2 days ago that Crown J and Seo In Young will be the next couple to depart MBC Sunday Sunday Night We Got Married. The PDs expressed, “Seo In Young and Crown J couple will film until the end of December and then depart completely. Their segments will finish airing by January.”

Seo In Young management, Star Empire confirmed the news, “Seo In Young was only supposed to film until November. But it was specially extended until December. After her filming for We Got Married ends in December, she will going to America for a vacation in January before returning home.” Meanwhile, Crown J is also understood to be heading to America in January as well to work on his music. Coincidence? Maybe. A honeymoon in America, anyone?

A representative from Star Empire added, “Seo In Young hasn’t been in good health since her Jewelry promotion and then she started her solo album promotion. It was about time that she got a break”. The PDs of We Got Married expressed, “We were worried somewhat about her (In Young) health during this while and we hope she gets a nice break this time around.”

We Got Married Season 1 Almost Over With Everyone Gone

Seo In Young and Crown J departure will mean that the “purge” of all the pioneer couples have been completed. Jung Hyung Don – Saori, Lee Hwi Jae – Jo Yeo Jeong (always never mentioned, but I WILL), Andy – Solbi, Alex – Shin Ae (twice) all left the show earlier. Kim Hyun Joong – Hwang Bo will make their final appearance this Sunday (although they completed filming in November).

With only 2 couples (Marco – Son Dambi, Hwanhee – Hwayobi) remaining on the show soon, the PDs are now actively scouting for new members to take their place. They expressed, “At the beginning of the new year (2009), 2 new experimental couples will be added. At least one of the couple will be accepted onto the show permenently if they create some interest among viewers.”

Hwanhee, Hwayobi, Son Dambi, Marco Representing the Future

They ended by saying, “The couples from season one were on the show for 6 to 8 months and the novelty factor might have disappeared due to the length. We are considering changing it to just 3 months instead. While they are a couple, if they become unsure or are unable to hit their peak (lack of chemistry), we will make it (scripted?) in a way that they can make the decisive changes.”

I have had a love-hate relationship with the Ant couple. Hated them initially but grew to love them. Hated Hyung Don moving in with them, but grew to like the family concept somewhat. The tantrums of the witch Seo In Young, the random english of A-Town Crown J (I even bought the A! shirt), her shoes, his bling-bling (and clean shoes), his special events (Too Much rocks), I could go on and on frankly. Kinda early to say goodbye, their presence will be sorely missed.

Thinking about the past, where it was short (1 hour), simple (believable) and sweet (romantic chemistry). But it’s still only make-believe afterall.

credit: gomdorii (news translation)

102 thoughts on “Crown J and Seo In Young Will Leave We Got Married Next January

  1. how sad… now the last original couple will leave… I’m sure though that seo inyoung and crown j will hang out in America together… am I right???

  2. Finally the Ant couple are retiring as well~~
    I have been grieving since the last time I heard about Sangchoo “Lettuce” couples’ retirement from the show…& to think that, they haven’t even aired the Lettuce couple’s departure yet and we already get to hear this sad news from the Ant couple…More grievances I guess..*sigh*

    Honestly speaking, rather than “We got Married”..I feel that the show is more like “We got Divorced”

  3. You bought the “A!” shirt?! Ahaha that’s cool!

    I stopped really paying attention when AnBi left. And that was a while ago lol now I’m officially done. The new couples are okay but nothing beats the original.

    Lol @ SIY going to the U.S. for a break. How many K-pop artists is that now? XD

  4. finally!!!!!

    i love them since the first episode, they are the reason for me to watch this show until today and they are my favorite couple, but WGM became boring i can’t watch it anymore, so i’m relieved reading this news.
    i wish all the best for Crown J and Seo in Young, and i’ll truly miss them…

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  6. yeah i heard that the ant couple will be leaving the show too! sucks, because they are the “sonbaes” of the show and i’m gonna miss in young’s tantrums & crown j’s blurt out konglish whenever he’s on a bind.

    hopefully they find a suitable couple to spice up the wgm’s viewer drought. i have a suggestion: how about lee minwoo & amy, since they are dating in real life after meeting in kko kko single?

  7. this is bittersweet….its good to see them go now, since there is no point in sticking around anymore…. it all became really weird…i might still watch it…Marco and Dambi are doing great….i wanna support them…this is gonna suck without the ant couple…HEAVEN SEND ME SOME HELP!

  8. they honestly have the best chemistry among all of the couples..and for me the only reason continuing watching WGM is the Hwahee/Hwayobi couple!!

  9. i love watching the original couples!!! this is bad news!! errr. that’s it…although i’m growing fond of the Hwayobi couple…i can’t really watch the show anymore b/c i am disgusted with Marco. ugh. i use to watch it b/c i was looking forward to the Lettuce couple scenes and the Ant couple/family scenes. now..after the Ant couple is gone…i lose faith in the PDs (but i think it’s been lost since Andy and Solbi left)

  10. awh… how u wrote this blog… i could feel u’re really dissapointed, how sad, but i wish WGM starts to find other good couples

  11. I’m gonna miss Crown J, but it’s about time Seo In Young leaves! She was the most annoying and fake girl on the show!

  12. I love your last sentence. “It’s make-believe, after all”. Yeah, I admitted sometimes I really thought the couples had seriously sth going on, b/c it’s a little too true to be acting. They are not robots, they have feelings too. It can’t be all acting

    But still, with all the cameras on them, they are all make-believes

    Btw, I enjoyed WGM, but I’m glad on Ant Couple’s departure. They are getting boring. (Yeah, it makes marriage a little more realistic, hahaha )

  13. I should have realized that they are going to leave sometime soon when I heard about season 1 coming to an end. I didn’t like them at first, but I started to mid-way throughout their times together. I really wish they won’t leave, but since it will happen, I hope that the two new couples will just be as entertaining as those from season one. The new couples now are interesting, but not interesting enough to make me feel so happy when I watch the first season couples. They are all missing something in their relationships that does not make me too happy about the new couples.

    I hope Seo In Young feels better. I heard about her depression when Jewelry gained more popularity. I have no clue if it has any connection to her not feeling well though. If it is, it is better for the couple to leave since she does need the break. Isn’t everyone in Jewelry taking a long break anyway?

    No matter how many couples have left us and will leave us viewers in the future, they may be separated, but in their fans eyes, they will always be together ^^ (or at least for the ones who got along well, or was entertaining to watch!).

  14. Awww… era has officially passed!! All of the couples have seen some sort of success so I guess the show served it’s purpose. The 3 month maximum for each couple is too short though!!! They should go for 5 months at the least. It took me 4 months to actually enjoy this couple! Although they were the most realistic couple. If they don’t hook up in real life there is something seriously wrong. They should get a celebrity and a non celebrity as a couple!!! That would be good tv.

  15. I used to have that love-hate feeling also..
    I will miss them..

    Ha… I like the new couples and I hope that the 2 next ones will make the WGM 2 as much enjoyable as ever πŸ™‚

  16. this really sucks. i agree with you the whole love/hate thing with the AntWitch couple, i was so annoyed by SIY’s behavior & CJ’s gangster thing, but i grew to like them. the PDs should test out more than 2 couples because it will be hard to find any couple to replace AntWitch or Alshin or Anbi. this show is definitely scripted so its sad that these couples won’t be real couples but at least it seems like they will be friends. this show is going downhill, 1st the original couples leaving, now no in studio segments & no MCs. the best thing this show had was Jung Hyun Don as an MC, he really shined here.

  17. Now what!?
    Ant Couple leaving..
    It’s the end for WGM..
    All my favourite couple have left and are leaving..
    Anbi, Alshin, Ssangchu and now Ant couple..
    Really hate the two new couple..
    Everything they do doesn’t seem sincere and touch my heart..
    Hope the Ant couple will still meet each other after WGM..
    With their closeness in WGM..
    I doubt that they would surely meet up and maybe become an item in real life..
    Ant couple hwaiting!

  18. aww… they’re leaving too
    she’s coming to the US for a vacation?
    maybe Crown J will be her tour guide
    the Ant Couple is no more on the show
    but who say anything about real life?

  19. OMG!!! The show will officially become trash after they leave. The newer couples aren’t enough to keep me interested.

    Thinking on the positive, after they finish WGM, hopefully they begin dating for real. I mean, they already behave like a real couple. You can tell that they like each other in a way the other couples didn’t.

  20. No more!!! This show has brung pain and suffering but it has brought fun and excitement to all of us. I hope the “Season 1” couple enjoyed their stay on We Got Married

  21. It was only a matter of time but I’m glad they stayed a little longer but unfortunately, the fast rapid leaving of the other couples can’t keep the show as interesting as it was in the beginning.

    I hated Don Don moving with Crown J & In Young and he ruined the show for me. In fact, I stopped watching WGM indefinitely after Alex & ShinAe left. I do like Hwanhee & Hyobi but unfortunately, I still think that Marco and Son Dambi are still mis-coupled. Oh well.

    So, what’s new at Family Outing? πŸ˜‰ You got to admit, it’s actually more interesting than WGM now.

  22. well thats it for me..after ant couple leaves show i guess im done with WGM just isnt interesting anymore..especially since my FAVORITE couple Joongbo is leaving…unless they get some new awsome couples im out (like someone from Big Bang or Super Junior would be totally awsome!!)

  23. This couple was my favorite on the show, hands down. This is such depressing news. I’m officially done with this show!

    (I’m still hoping that Seo In Young & Crown J will start dating, though.)

  24. The Ant couple were my favorite throughout~! =>.<=
    I don’t think its just coincidence that they are both going to America. I could really see them hooking up for real.

    Aw dang~that means no more reason for subbing by anyone.
    I would still continue watching the show because its fun and amusing, but I highly doubt anyone is going to sub it now. *sigh*

  25. … the show needs 2 REALLY GOOD couples in order to survive through the lost of season one couples.. grr.. i kinda lost interest in this show.. i only watch the season one couples cause they had already built feelings in one another and they were really good matches : ) but now it kinda seems more fake with the new couples.. more scripted? i just prefer the old couples.. they seemed more natural : ( MISS THEM DEARLY <3.

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  27. So I should invest in another box of Kleenex?

    What I’ll mist the most is:
    “Who’s the best?”
    “Of course you oppa!”
    && of course “Watchu doing man?! I’m tired of dis yo!”

    They seriously made me laugh and even though they weren’t my fave couple I was part of their mania fan club.
    Wishing them the best will miss them loads.

  28. does it occur to anyone that they’re the first pioneer couple that started in wgm chuseok special, and in the end, they’re the first pioneer couple that also ends the show…somehow making a closure to all this make-believe thing?…it kinda feels that way don’t you think?…*sigh*..I’ll probably still watch wgm, even after my favorite couple leave for good this sunday…just for the sake of ant couple…I don’t know..maybe something interesting might come up next January..

  29. aaawww……i like the ant couple. They’re so real…i like the fact that even though they bicker so much, their on-screen chemistry really shines through! And they’re real sweet! SIY said on YSMM that she “may” end up marrying Crown J…but she’s keeping her options open! (i’m keeping my fingers cross) πŸ˜‰

  30. noooo! they`re the only reason i`m still watching we got married T__T. They`re my fav couple! Ok after they leave i`m not even going to bother with WGM. Totally switching to family outing.

  31. “Thinking about the past, where it was short (1 hour), simple (believable) and sweet (romantic chemistry). But it’s still only make-believe afterall.”

    Honestly, it’s like the exact opposite now. Sigh. One less show to watch after this?

  32. eventually the departed come to Ant couple… n all original couples will left WGM sooner.. ~ still feel sad n dealing with JoongBo couple tho… T___________________T

  33. noooooooooooo ! not my ant coupleee !!!!!! nooooooooooooo
    but i knew it was only a matter of time but still nooooooooooooooooo
    i love them sooomuhccc omgg ughed !

  34. I have a love hate relationship with them too.
    But I already knew they were leaving before the news. I’m not surprise. When a couple starts getting less air time, it means their leaving.

  35. Wow, WGM is really going down. Might as well close the whole damn show to save money.
    I think Crown J and SIY made WGM who they are today.
    I definitely have no urge to watch it anymore….

  36. They really need to be careful now picking out newer couples… because the whole novelty of the show has already been set and the newcomers immediately have the awkwardness that we love.

    Because this show has been aired for months now and expectations are created, the artificial couples might seem actually more artificial than the pioneers simply because they want to create those moments that the season 1 couples created through time and getting to know each other (I think this point is more obvious now since they’re shortening their time periods).

    – Switch to 1N2D! –

    Note: I have tried to watch some FO because I’ve essentially watched all the subbed episodes of 1N2D, but have had a hard time finding them.

    I did manage to get 2 episodes of KJK (with CTH and Rain) but that’s about it… any ideas who subs them?

    (Also Alvin – I assumed since you are a fan of WG and KJK that the Come2Play episode featuring both of them would be subbed! Is there a reason why no one subs Come2Play?)

  37. sigh.

    well we all knew it’ll come to an end.

    the good thing is, i’ll still watch it for hwanhee and hwayobi, i grew to love them. but ant couple is the first couple i fell in love with, i will sorely miss them. and i’ve suspected the ant couple of dating each other in real life, seriously.

  38. @ jyyjc

    I think so too! Because during the Kpop Night Concert in Singapore, I made a big “A” placard. SEOINYOUNG SMILED SHYLY WHEN SHE HEARD ALL THE FANS SHOUT “A”.

  39. well i’m gonna miss them : ( i’m sure the pds of wgm want high rantings so they’ll probably bring in cool, interesting couples that’ll get us watching. but i’m sad, no more subbing from muish : ( hopefully someone will take on from where she left off ❀

  40. T-T Damn I knew the day would come. The new couple are growing on me though special Marco and Son Dambi.

  41. As much as i hate to hear about the Ant Couple leaving, it IS true that Seo In Young needs her rest.

    She has been actively preparing Jewelry’s Kitchi Island album since late last year and actively promoted songs as a Jewelry member from late Feb till mid of the year.

    Soon enough, she did promotions as a solo artist and after which, she landed a gig as Music Bank female MC.

    All this while filming WGM. (remember the Ant Couple started all the way from the New Year Special which was at the beginning of the year).

    Not forgetting the ENDLESS CFs/advertisements/pictorials she has been getting.

    GOSH. This woman needs a rest. And I suspect Jewelry might be coming back with an album next year.

    So I guess at the end of the day, we all have to learn to let go…

    It was great to have met SIY in Singapore and getting her to autograph my “A!” shirt.

    Even though this was a make believe show, I really do hope things may still progress further btw her and Crown J.

    all the best to Ant-Witch Couple!


  42. i can’t really say that i’ll stop watching WGM because i’m still VERY curious of who the new couples will be!!

  43. the show sucks now.
    no lettuce couple, now no ant.
    there isn’t any hilarious studio recordings (I miss the MCs)
    and the other couples bore me.

    I think the 2nd season is going to fluke O_O

  44. NOOO ! T_T
    Hope that kyujong and yoobin will be a new couple..*roll eye*
    ahah, honey moon in america xD maybe? we never know!
    Anyway, I will really miss joongbo and ant =(

  45. Am I the only one that’s curious in how they’re going to send them off being such the pioneer couple they are?

    I was hoping they would at least make it to one year on the show, but if they’re insinuating that they’re going to the States ‘together’ that’s a better send off than any of the other couples and leaves the Mania fan in me very satisfied.

    Gotta say, I think Mania fans will lose their minds if their send off is at the airport boarding the plane to the States together.

  46. i’ll miss them dearly! Ant couple has always been my favorite. I hope they get treated well and have a memorable send out.

  47. As much as I like having longer airtime per couple, WGM as a show was much much better when it was an hour program.

    Personally, neither Hwanyobi and Marbi are very hooking for me. They’re okay, but they don’t make me want to watch them again and again as was the case with Ant, Anbi, Alshin, and Joongbo. I haven’t even watched their (Hwanyobi and Marbi) parts in the last couple of episodes. The hooking element is just isn’t there.

  48. you have an “A!” short? i wanted one. but not in my size =T
    sad to see them go, but they can’t stick around forever.
    hopefully some interesting couples will show up.

  49. i know in my past posts about these news in WGM
    i mentioned that it was a neccesary for them get new couples to have the novelty factor high


    with the ant couple
    i dont think i can make my self watch it ever again

    the marco/son dambi is awesome
    so i’ll watch for them πŸ˜€

  50. As for me i will still keep a lookout for the wgm 2nd season. I going to watch how the PD is going to survive with this type of situation. Will it be a miracle or will it be dead end of this show. Honestly, lst season wgm has already lost its meaning when anbi declared their departure. All the things changed after that. For those , who doesn’t want to watch wgm after joongbo couple departure you may consider to watch 1N2D. That is another one of variety show that i loved to watch followed by family outing.

  51. i agree, i will miss them too! they really bought much laughter to me.
    all the pioneer couples are going, i may lose the motivation to watch the show..

  52. oh my gdness. THEY ARE LEAVING?!!!
    nw all the pioneer couples are gone.
    it feels so sad.
    im sad nw.
    more sad nw. haish..
    i hope CROWN J and Inyoung will be together in reality.
    BEST OF LUCK in their future endeavours. (:

  53. oh noooo i will miss the ant couple!! i’ll be done with WGM after the last episode of the ant couple. in fact i’m already only watching the joongbo and ant couple cuts now lol. moving onto family outing~

  54. Has anyone seen the lasted Hwayobi/Hwanhee & Marco/Dambi wedding photo shoot? Not me, it got so damn boring, I only watch the Hwayobi/Hwanhee couple when Hwayobi cooks.

  55. From the article, it seems like the PD want them to leave more than they want to leave themselves. Well both of them will be in america, maybe a birth of new couple. Its probably time that they shold leave cuz they have been together for a long time and the feeling is getting too real.

    In YSMM seo in young said that there is a chance the she will marry crown j if he passes all her test and she was only testing crown j no one else.

    BTW just random comment, i think the show was better with the MC.

  56. ah~ No!!! one by one they’re gone…

    PDs are recruiting new couples huh?? I wonder if they’re considering KyuBin?? LOL…

    But I don’t think they’ll go fo IDOL couples..


  57. I have to say that season 1 & the old couple will always be the best, everything at the beginning is great but once they extended or remake it again they just spoil it, that what happened to X-man..

  58. i love them i love them i really do!!!!!

    i always knew that someday some time, they would depart.But i just cannot help to feel sad and miss them already.Similar to you alvin and many others, at first their impression to me is that they are a irritating couple-bickering non-stop and so irritable.
    I havent even realised myself when i started looking forward to their part every week and i guess thats when i grew fond of them (probably after the ‘too much’ stage for inyoung)
    They have their unique charisma and chemistry thats so different from all the pioneer couples.

    i love them

    I dunt want them to leave, but i have to let them go.T^T

  59. with the exit of the season 1 stars and the entrance of season 2 comes the ax of the MCs, two new couples, and more interference from the PDs? as well as a time limit? my god—this show is seriously losing all the things that made it so charming!

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  61. i really like the family concept. it shows each of their individual charms. i often laugh at the scenes when “don don and in young” vs crownJ. though i used to hate the sight of crownJ and in young for the first few episodes, but they really do have their charms and you can’t blame either one of them. though it’s a make-believe, i don’t know y but i agree that both crownJ and in young are compatible after all and may turn out to be a real-life couple one day. though i’m a joongbo fan, it’s really a pity to see the pioneer couples leaving. though i really like we got married for its theme, but without the pioneer couples and the MCs, it somewhat feels something is missing. by shortening the length to 3 months, i think fans will be seeing couples leaving without strong chemistry and compatibility. but at least we can anticipate more make-believe couples every 3 months or so. we got married is going downhill next year? i really hope not (:

  62. dang.i knew it.
    if one leaves.. the rest will follow.
    it just wudnt make sense if dese guys stay while they get more new couples on.
    i mean i totally love the old couples [specially joongbo]
    & it sux deyre going [3 already left one to go]
    these guys are whut made dis show what it is right now..
    [or whut it was on its peak]..
    as the PDs were experimenting with the first season…
    im pretty sure theyll try harder in season2… but it just wont be the same..
    the awkwardness.. i guess the “newness” of the concept of putting celebrities together..
    now its just … idk… old news?
    the new couples would know how to act… [since deyve watched the 1st season]…
    & it`ll just be pretty fake in my opinion..
    i`ll still watch it..
    see where it goes.
    i just blabbed… sorry alvin..
    feel free to agree or disagree=]

  63. i will not surprise if they become a real life couple after they come back from america.hahaha.they would definitely hang out!
    for me yobi couple and dambi couple are boring enough for me to watch WGM.i would never ever watch WGM anymore if theres no interesting couple added!


    they might be together in real life but i wanna watch them!! haahaa.

    its really sad to see that they’re really leaving.
    i even cut my hair because of Inyoung Unni.

  65. You’re right.

    We all have a love-hate relationship with the Ant Couple. I do hope they would really start dating in the reality. I can’t see they could be with someone else better than themselves.

    Sad…sad…sad…But we all will keep on loving you, praying for you and supporting you.

    Crown J must be the King of EVENTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  66. awww~ dis sucks… but oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later tho… wish them good luck in their life and career.
    WGM used to be my fav show n i can’t wait to see new episodes every week. but now… ~sigh~
    i guess i’ll still watch it… but with less interests… gah~ i miss d old couples~ (-_-)

  67. We Got Married…..because of arranged married.the couple show us their married style i love the Joongbo couple the best. age gap,awkwardness,then slowly develop their relationship to a loving couple. in the end the mother – i- law (the pd)…said got..divorced no…no…live happily ever after tell death do as part……..Hwangbo dont cry we love you your the best wife in the Show and in real life of your relationship agree.. cheer -up we are here for you and Hyung joong 365 a day 24 hrs a day more event for both of you guys. WE LOVE YOU…..

  68. Ugh, WGM.

    I can’t say I didn’t expect this. Jewelry already decided to have a vacation in spite of the big events at the end of the year so that they can rest. I wondered how long In Young would stay.

    Hopefully, they keep contact in America. In Young’s SEOBAAAANG can show her A-town in America… which is… uh, LA. o.O XD

    AND I STILL WANT TO BUY THE A! SHIRT. ToT Anybody got info about that for me? =[

    I also had a love-hate relationship with the Ant couple. At first, they were annoying, but then, it’s like oh, this is interesting. Then, at one point, I got really into them that I would watch them more than the other couples. It’s sad that the last of the original couples are done. They definitely left a mark in the show. ANT AND WITCH COUPLE FOREVERR!

  69. 😦 I’m gunna miss them.. But seo in young is leaving for a good reason.. Plus kinda expected that they would leave soon..
    I hope the permanent one for the next one will Be Marco and Son Dambi they have become my new faves after alex and shin ae left..
    It sad that they decided to change all the orginally couples.. But the new look for we get married might be better..
    I’m hoping for Kim jong kook and yoon eun hye to be the next couple.. πŸ˜€ that would be sooo cool.. N cute
    Shan Shan x

  70. sad sad, i got a teary eyed after reading this.
    Ant couple is really funny
    Lettuce couple although abit awkward for their age difference but in the end i find them cute.
    Alsin couple is sooooo romantic.
    and of course my fave couple the Ansol made me cried alot.
    they are the cutest couple, reading between the lines of Solby and Andy i find that the relationship beetween them grew. And you can see that they have feelings for each other.

  71. I don’t know why some of you guys are disappointed by the original couples leaving. but i see no way for them to be left around.
    They have done all the things couple could have possibly do, & gave all the butterflies to the viewers & there is just no more fresh things we can expect from.
    just my 2 cents, i had to write it down. lol

    but chyea, really hoping new couples would be interesting.

  72. ah. man so they probly won’t be selling those A! shirts anymore huh=[
    ayo. man sadly, this show’s dying =…..[

  73. Though these are “make believe marriages” one can see that some of the couples have very strong emotional ties and may end up being together after the show. I especially hope that to be true for the lettuce couple as they are very compatible together even though there is an age difference. HB really helped to bring out HJ’s personality throughout the show. Though he is very quiet, he has a fabulous sense of humor and some statements he make are very deep; he also displays sincerity when he speaks. She is very outgoing and strong and basically appears to be a very happy inidividual. I love both of them.

  74. AAAAAAHHHH!!!! NOOOO!!!!!

    I’m getting to like Hwanhee-Hwayobi couple, but I’ll miss the old couples very much! It won’t be the same without them!!

    Looking forward to the new couples…
    I just hope they don’t ruin it for me… -_-;

  75. OMFG!!! They look so good together on WGM!!!
    They are my favorite couple in fact…
    I like the way SIY speaks on those short interviews…She looks so evil.LOL.
    Anyway,I wonder if they really got together….hmmmm.

  76. :O!
    I stopped watching after Anbi & Alshin left, But still watched the clips of Ssangchu and Ant couple~

    Pfft. I miss the old couples!
    The shows dead for me now; argh.

  77. This is really sad. I just started watching…
    I only watched because of Solbi and Andy.
    The show’s still funny but…..

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