Baek Ji Young Wins 2nd Consecutive K-Chart on Music Bank

Baek Ji Young won her 2nd consecutive K-Chart on Music Bank last night.

Baek Ji Young 2nd consecutive K-Chart Win

This was Baek Ji Young’s 2nd consecutive win with Like Being Hit by a Bullet against Lee Seung Chul Can You Hear Me and Big Bang Sunset Glow.

Baek Ji Young got a small embrace from birthday boy Seung Ri and expressed, “Today is Big Bang’s Seung Ri birthday, happy birthday to you. I am very happy to be receiving this award. I was very nervous earlier on in the waiting room but I have to thank my manager for encouraging me. Thank you.”

Performance & Winning No.1 (credit: jaeurazn1live)

20 thoughts on “Baek Ji Young Wins 2nd Consecutive K-Chart on Music Bank

  1. Congratulation for 2nd week winning. I’m proud of her for not giving up. I ❤ this song. So emotional. Thanks

  2. aahh poor seung ri. would have been nice if Big Bang had won on his birthday. their performance was filled with bday shoutouts to seungri! haha but congrats to baek ji young anyways! Haha someone help her with her huge bouquet of flowers please!

    This lady went through a lot, has a beautiful voice, I’m glad shes doing this well!! GO FOR ANOTHER ONE!

  4. after listening to beyonce on x factor…her voice is kinda mediocre.

    eh. what’s the best talent in korea? anyone know? and not based on popularity/most catchy songs or anything, but on vocals.

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