Kim Myung Min Confirmed for My Love By My Side

Kim Myung Min was today confirmed as the replacement for Kwon Sang Woo in the movie My Love By My Side and play the love interest of Ha Ji Won.

Kim Myung Min

Kwon Sang Woo who was original scheduled for the movie, decided to pull out of it after developing some serious conflict with the production company. After some deliberation, the production company decided on Kim Myung Min as his replacement. My Love By My Side talks about a man who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease (progressive neurodegenerative disease) and his touching love story with a woman played by Ha Ji Won who looks after him.

Viewers are curious as to what kind of potrayal will Kim Myung Min exhibit this time, having won rave reviews not long ago for his conductor role in Beethoven Virus drama. With Kim Myung Min confirmed, the production team will be finalizing their preparation work and begin filming next January.

18 thoughts on “Kim Myung Min Confirmed for My Love By My Side

  1. wow..another appearing of kim myung min after BV…really looking forward to seeing this movie…. he is one of the BEST actor in korea ….. LOVE YA !!!! πŸ˜€

  2. he is a super good actor.. i’d like him to emphasize on MY like he did in BV.. MY love by MY side.. πŸ™‚

    share one of his CF link ::

  3. There he goes again. Taking a role that means he has to “learn how to do something”—this time play a guy with ALS. Lucky for us he’s a good learner. Also an actor’s actor.

  4. ^hwhat! your just hating on him cus KSW isnt on it…

    id say more like an upgrade, we need a variety in actors and couples, and i for one am glad that we dont have a repeat in chemistry between KSW & HJW…

    im looking forward to his acting in My Love By My Side, it sounds like a good movie!!!! im glad to see HJW in something recent…

  5. YAY I can’t wait!
    I love how versatile KMM is – I’ve always wanted to see him in a purely romantic role πŸ™‚
    What a fantastic actor!!!

  6. Will it be on aired in Malaysia??hmm…don’t think so…It makes me wanna go again to Korea & buy whatever I could find that related to KMM, dvds, posters, billboard, megazines so on & so forth…

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