VIPs Puzzled As Big Bang Wins Nothing At 23rd Golden Disk Awards

With the 3 major Korean broadcasters SBS, KBS and MBC deciding to continue having music festivals instead of award shows at the end of the year, the only 2 award shows left for singers was the 2008 Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF) held last month and the 23rd Golden Disk Awards yesterday night.

Big Bang

At the 23rd Golden Disk Awards held last night at the Seoul Olympic Hall, DBSK, Rain, Wonder Girls, etc all picked up awards. But the biggest surprise of the night was seeing one of the most popular groups currently, Big Bang ending up with nothing at all which naturally caught the attention of many. According to sources, Big Bang did not attend the awards ceremony because of other commitments and thus the organizers decided on giving them awards.

Although a statement on the Golden Disk Award website wrote that ‘Singers who do not attend are not eligible to receive any awards‘ but there was always going to be some suspicion over the fairness of the judging with Big Bang not winning anything at all when the results were announced last night.

Looking at popularity, Big Bang has released albums like Stand Up, Number 1, Remember in Japan and Korea with title tracks Sunset Glow and Haru Haru amongst the most popular tracks this year; Looking at album sales, the numbers for each album is in excess of 100k with the accumulated total at 400k and above; In the digital realm, Big Bang numerous songs have achieved a staggering number of downloads and definitely exceeding what the Daesang winner, Jewelry have done for the Digital category. If the reason behind the organizers decision to not give Big Bang anything was because of their non-appearance, then this is unacceptable to many, especially VIPs.

While we can excuse the fact that Big Bang did not win a Disk Bonsang since mini-albums or singles are not valid to be tabulated (only full-length albums) but the fact that they did not even claim a Digital Bonsang is really bizzare.

VIPs left messages website showing their disappointment and unable to fathom the reason, “Even if Big Bang album sales are inferior to DBSK, they should at least get the Digital Daesang. I really can’t understand why Big Bang did not win anything at all”, “If Big Bang had been there, they would have definitely have picked up some awards, it’s a pity they didn’t go yesterday.”

147 thoughts on “VIPs Puzzled As Big Bang Wins Nothing At 23rd Golden Disk Awards

  1. one more think i must admit vip werent angry to the point they used violence like i think cassies mightve done if dbsk didnt win awards

  2. I was wondering too. I know Big Bang had a lot of sales too, I was looking at the list of winners and was really surprised they didn’t get an award. I wonder why….

  3. Well, that’s there own thing if they had somewhere else to be. It shouldnt be blamed on others. An award is an award. Its not like they will not go on if they dont get one. They’ll just have to work harder.

  4. isn’t that the rule everywhere though? if you don’t show up, you don’t get an award? dbsk won’t be present for the three major dayos at the end of the year…they’re probably not gonna win either because they’re not present. seriously, big bang doesn’t need to win EVERYTHING. if you’re comparing their vocals and dance to dbsk, dbsk is obviously the winner.

  5. I know big bang has won many awards and people may think that just because they have won enough, that other people should get a chance too.. But however i do believe that their songs haru haru and sunset glow were really popular, amazing, and high on sales as well.. i think they deserve some Golden Disk awards.. Quite shocked that they did not win any..

    it’s just too weird how this band has 2 amazingly popular songs which top charts but win no awards.. and it causes me to assume that it was due to their absence .. absolutely confused.

  6. i dont get how SM won an award and he wasnt even their and i knew they had the most digital downloads.i just dont understand,how this could happen but awards are not have always said that all they care about is bringing great music to their fans.i was mad at first but its their loss and hopefully bb doesnt go next year and the year after that cause the GDA’s dont deserve them.

  7. what kind of rule is that? dont show up = no awards…
    damn korean are soooooo strict!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and everyone knows big bang deserve an award… its in our heart BB

  8. @wtf,didnt you not read the article?it said that that SBS,MBC,and KBS are NOT having award shows.but its okay cause the producers already picked them as the best singers and boy group and wondergirls as best girl group and nobody as best song.

  9. That stinks, seriously.. their songs “sunset glow” and “haru haru” were so good..

    and please.. stop comparing them with dbsk ! >=(

  10. And bb already won a lot of awards?? Think about it, dbsk got 3 in GDA and got 5 at mkmf. BB only got 4. And yeah SM didnt even showed up and got the best producer. OH YEAH! That’s the power of MONEEEEEEEEEEEY!

  11. Aw.. bb you’re still number one to me ! GDA SUCKS.. they obviously can’t see who really deserves the award even if they weren’t present ! HMPH ! and its true.. bb can’t be compared with dbsk.. that gets me mad!

  12. am pissed,GDA’s just lost my respect.SM won in every catagory accept trot,and even best did he produce?he just buys songs and awards for his artists.taeyong won a “popularity award”.thats messed up.

  13. im a huge dbsk fan, but damn Big bang should of had something at least. big bang is huge. if big bang and dbsk debuted at the same time, they be more huge. they should of won something, somebody do something, send ur disappointment or protest or osmething!!

  14. okay,this is messed up. even MKMF was more fair this year then the GDAs.seriously,if you deserve the award then you should get it.if you worked your butt off the whole year and got amazing sales then you deserve your award. i feel like something big is gonna happen after the shock of them not winning gets to ALL korean+japanese and international VIPS.

  15. lsm doesn’t “just buy songs and awards”
    everyone knows dbsk had record breaking album sales in three months alone.. and since the disk daesung is based off album sales… it’s obvious that they will win. big bang had a lot of digital sales, but jewelry won that, and they are not under SM. plus, really. i doubt big bang was even doing anything as important as the GDA… it’s like korea’s grammys, and it’s strange how they did not attend at all.

  16. Omg what the heck ! im obviously mad at how BB didnt get an award at GDA. But im more mad at how people are saying that DBSK is better than BB and how BB shouldn’t get anymore awards. DBSK cannot compare to BB at all. They both are very popular and have topped charts, but obviously DBSK has more experience than BB. BB started in 2006 and DBSK started in 2003? They both sing different genres obviously. So they cannot be compared to each other. Im really disappointed at how people are writing negative comments about BB just because they think DBSK is better. They both are good in their own ways. I also do respect BB and DBSK because they are trying their hardest. and to say that they need to try harder is just too much. TOP had went to the hospitals a lot of times because he was obviously working too hard. What GDA said about those who cannot attend might not get an award is bs, BB’s schedules are jammed pack and they don’t have time to go to all the performances. Just because they dont have time do to the performance doesn’t mean they dont deserve any awards at all. However, i don’t think winning awards is a big thing, you know you tried your best, and if you didnt get an award, its alright.

  17. @jean,GDA’s is nothing like the grammys.they just proved it,they care about tv rates more then the artists.SM had a little thank you video cause he couldn’t make it.they could have done that for the artists not their too.its no excuse.

  18. ahh this made me more confused more then ever lol

    but u no that no matter what happens with bb, this yr they got a LOT of ppl talking so even if they didnt get the award theres more talk about them not getting the award then dbsk winning the award

  19. I decided that from now on I will not think about award ceremonies.
    Too complicated for me to even begin to decode the puzzle those ceremonies are.

    It’s a pity Big Bang didn’t win but look at the bright side they gave us alot of songs in 2008.

  20. wow. It sucks that Big Bang didn’t get an award, but it’s stupid how Big Bang fans are bashing DBSK (and/or SM) for their awards. Stop comparing the two groups. Even if Big Bang did show, they would only be getting an award in the digital bonsang category & wouldn’t even be up against DBSK for the daesang. From all the messages I’ve read, maybe it’s because they don’t understand the awards process as well as Korean VIPs, international VIPs are really immature. Grow up and stop bashing. You win some, you lose some. Life goes on.

  21. i was surprised too when i saw the list of winners for GDA. i thought BB would at least win one but darn, they won nothing! as stated in the article, BB had a great year with haru haru and sunset glow. thus, the tons of questions raised.

    as a fan, i’m disappointed with the results. if the reason was because of their non-attendance, then it’s pretty absurd.

  22. it sure looks like the awards are simply an excuse (or more like bribery) for the singers to perform/make an appearance there.
    big bang are by all means worthy of an award.. but they didn’t take the bribe.
    the awards are kinda messed up
    i dont believe in awards anymore.
    all i care about is good music! and big bang makes good music! 😀

  23. i’m a huge dbsk fan (i’m happy that they nabbed awards), yet when i saw the list of winners, i was REALLY surprised that big bang was no where to be seen.

    GDA really needs a better reason than that…

  24. They should’ve shown up then. They would’ve at least won bonsang, maybe even digital daesang against Jewelry.

    I guess YG thinks they should win the biggest or win nothing at all.

  25. @tiffany,stfu okay. no one here is bashing DBSK. do you know how to read?if you did then you would see that DBSK fans are bashing Big Bang and saying why didnt they attend and like you saying that they wont be against DBSK do you know?for me it doesnt really matter cause Big Bang won two daesangs this the Seoul Music Awards and MKMF.personally,having the most albums and fans doesnt mean anything.i think its about the quality of music.all of the people that got their awards including dbsk deserve it.but epic high and bb’s music to me is more special then any award.

  26. but the thing is GDA is supposed to be really reliable because they base a majority of the factors on NUMBERS and not ‘talent’. which kinda boggles my mind cause Seo Tai Ji, who had crazy album sales, didn’t win anything either. i read this article saying that he was the first artist in 2 years to sell 200,000 (of course this is before DBSK’s return).
    glad shinwha won something cause they were MIA at MKMF!

  27. those who don’t show up are not eligible for awards?

    HOW bs is this award then? how? words are inadequate.

    it’s like, “you’re not my best friend cause you didn’t buy me candy~”

    aren’t awards for people who are musical winners? when did it become… attendance based? they even dare to say it like it was something right. “might not be eligible.” bull. it’s not true right. i pretend i didn’t see this.

  28. regardless of whether they attend the awards or not, they should still win the awards if they are entitled to it.

  29. I think there’s something going on between GDA and YG. This is so absurd, BB won nothing?! considering they’re the biggest this year. maybe lee soo man had something to do with this. (not DBSK okay…) i like dbsk but big bang deserves the daesang more.

  30. one word,absurd.and were not immature for wanting our artist to win.its called an opinion,you guys have yours and we have ours. i wouldnt care if its even the smallest award,but they got nothing,nada.biggest bs i ever seen.

  31. I personally like both groups too! But in reality, it seems unfair for BigBang to not win anything at ALL!. If that would have been DBSK who have not win anything at ALL, I wonder do we still sits here & argue that “life goes on whether you win or lose” I think the situation may even be worst than that.

    Although they may not have 400K sales for 1 album, but they did release 2 Korean albums which had alot of sales too! Especially Stand Up album w/ title song HaruHaru! Yet, they still receive no recognition for it? How is that fair?

    The article even stated, “Singers who do not attend might not be eligible to win awards”…WTF??? If it’s their award, why can’t they receive it? The judges or whoever comes up with this idea is a dumber! They act like everyone do not work on a schedule!?? They act like they do not have kids or family or work???

    Anyhow, I guess life isn’t always fair cuz the world isn’t perfect. People have their own opinions and they will just stand on that opinion without seeing someone elses….

  32. jesus christ people

    mkmf had big bang winnin some BIG names and Cassies were dissapointed

    GDA had DBSK winnin and VIPs are dissapointed….but they’re freaking out….way more than they should
    this whole thing is based on ALBUM sales and such….i’m sorry if it didn’t turn out the way you wanted but the next three major end of year music shows WILL get you what you want, it’s inevitable….so CHILL….your spotlight on your babies will shine soon enough…

  33. Seriously, some of you guys are acting like four-year old children. Yes, Big Bang worked incredibly hard the whole, entire year. Yes, it was disappointing that they didn’t get a single award at GDA. But do you honestly think that making up excuses and automatically stating that GDA, who has a long history of being esteemed and fair, is no longer credible.

    Some of you guys need to grow up. There’s no need to start bashing other artists and saying that they don’t deserve the award. And really now, does Big Bang have to win a award to prove themselves? Personally, they have already proven themselves as great artists and they don’t need awards to continually show that they are. Same goes for DBSK, as well.

    and the keyword is “might.” Awards other than the daesang awards were confirmed to the winners beforehand, so the artists had the choice whether to accept it or not accept it.

    And honestly, while I don’t entirely agree with the attendance rule, I do see where they are coming from. If an artist does not come or does not show any sort of notice or effort of respect, why should those preparing the award ceremony do the same?

    the whole “GDA is no longer reliable” is unfair in itself. just because your own favored artist did not win anything does not constitute that the rest of the awards given were not credible.

  34. On MKMF when DBSK fans says about we gonna wait till GDA comes I could quote a lot of comment that saying GDA is run by the same channel. It is legitimate and the result will be the same as MKMF. Now suddenly it not legitimate and favourized?
    While BB have many success song, but do you guys realize that their song is up again each other? It’s Haru2 vs Lies. While the other winner only have one (except WG) song to concentrate on.
    The award is based on the sells, of individual song/album. That’s why we have MKMF (as popularity) and GDA (to measure the song/album success).
    And FYI, the bonsang has been announced before the show. It’s the daeasng that remain secret (and Yepp). So YG know if he had a chance for daesang or not actually…

  35. @lalallalaal

    People tend to get mixed up one who is eligible for which awards. Haru Haru was a mini album. Therefore, it was only eligible for the Digital Daesang, not the full-length album that DBSK won. The only full-length album Big Bang put out that competed with DBSK’s Mirotic was Remember, and since judges count 60% of the award choice based on album sales, it was only logical that DBSK won the award.

    I get why people are upset that Big Bang did not win Digital Daesang. But I don’t get why people are upset that DBSK won Album Daesang when they indeed sold the most.

  36. okay,am sick of DBSK fans(some of them)saying that that artists know that they’re gonna win before they come. Big Bang came last year. do you have the proof? have you talked to the organizers or the artists themselves?this has nothing to do with DBSK so people stop bringing them into it.@orenji what do you mean haru2vs.lies. lies was last year and haru haru was this year.just wanted to tell you that.if MKMF was all about popularity then Big Bang wouldnt have won obviously.but they didnt even win the popularity award at the so over this,and sick of fan wars.

  37. @lalala,i know your trying to start something.BB’s Remember album was nominated before it even came out so yes,they were for the daesang.Hot Issue and Stand Up were also nominated but it was for the digital bonsang.but again,this isnt about them not winning the daesang,its about them not winning ANYTHING.

  38. well we can see that artist who wasnt present in the award show didnt win probably those artist already knew sth that we dont know..Taeyeon was nominated for MKMF too but y did she chose not to come on that award but in this award??co-incidence? pa-li-zz[sth fishy]
    Hyori unni didnt win anything either :[
    epik high oppas :[
    and most of all our boys “BIGBANG” T_T
    SM artist who were present there got the awards..owow even their sm president got best producer o_0

    thank god! atleast FT island and wondergirls got sth.. fans, hate me, curse me..i dont give a shit to it ><

  39. I’m 100% certain Big Bang didn’t win anything because they weren’t there. They were pretty much screwed over for Disk Bonsang/Daesang anyways. They released their album waaay too late in the year. Who knows when GDA decide the cut off of sales would would be. It the cut off was a month ago, BB wouldn’t even be in the top 10 for the year. They did get screwed over for digital Bonsang/Daesang by not showing up. YG KNEW ABOUT IT THOUGH! VIP get over it! Blame him. Not showing up is kind of disrespectful to the other nominees who showed up and leaves empty handed.

    Lee Soo Young had 4th best selling album of the Year in 2006 didn’t show up, didn’t win ANYTHING.
    Kim Jong Kook won Bonsang in 2006 with 7th best selling album even though he didn’t show up. BUT he had a legitimate excuse, he was in the army >.>

    Lee Soo Young was there in 2004 and won Daesang. Seo taiji HAD the BEST SELLING ALBUM OF 2004 not even nominated cause he said he won’t accept awards/or go to the awards show.

    YG should have known better.

    Lee soo man won even though he wasn’t there, but I don’t think any other people in his category were there either. He obviously knew he was going to win beforehand how else would have prepared the video

  40. :/ Big Bang should at least had some acknowledgement for what they did… Like a 1 minute video clip to present them even though they were absent… It’d be nice if Lee Soo got assasinated xD. Some artists would draft to YG and some to JYP. Haha Wondershinki all day! XD.

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  42. hm…Epik High? They also deserve at least a Bonsang…and how I wish they could give away Bonsangs for Singles…then Seo Taiji definitly had got one…but a good thing: they finally honored Shinhwa’s Album. They sold so much without any promotion and were left out on the MKMF…

  43. well… im both a DBSK and Big Bang fan and I wasn’t disappointed at all when both groups didn’t win as much awards as they could possibly get in the award shows. They aren’t the only groups in Korea right now… There are also other groups that ahve been working just as hard as DBSK andBig Bang this year, all the artists deserved it…

  44. @tiffany

    spot on about the fact that international VIPs are really IMMATURE.

    HAHA i 100% agree with you guys.

  45. ^ all the fan girls are all IMMATURE dear ..don’t try to make your fandom looks good on everybody cuz they are the same as everybody is …all the idol boy band fan girls are all IMMATURE end of story

  46. i’m glad dbsk won many awards. but i was surprised that bigbang’s Haru Haru didn’t get the digital music award.

  47. yeah i was surprised bb didn’ win anything either. and ‘ve sen this happen alot to singers who don’t win anything because they don’t show up. what is up with that? can’t they be told ahead of time of their win and then do an acceptance speech through he giant tv screen at the awards show?

  48. oh~? that’s weird… in my country, even if u didn’t attend d award ceremony, if u r an excellent actor or singer, u will still get an award~ this is new for me…
    and yeah~ why are they comparing dbsk n bb? gosh~ those immature fans! blame the organizers if u want… it’s not like dbsk who decided to gives the awards to who~
    and i love both BB and DBSK… but i never compare them. cuz their music are different… and to tell the truth, BB still needs to improves their stage perf. they’re good wen perf live, but they need to work on their vocal for singing live…
    but still~ DBSK n Big Bang 4ever! yeah~ ^^

  49. The fact that BB didn’t win any awards at GDA is kinda ridiculous to me. With their great digital sales, I would have thought they’d at least get a digital bonsang..

    @ wtf?
    Why are you even talking about how ‘dbsk is better than bb’ at this article when it’s mainly talking about BB not winning anything at GDA? -.- This article is not even comparing bb and dbsk, the comments above yours aren’t even comparing them too.

  50. get over it , sore losers ( i meant V.I.Ps ) . You just make yourselves look so pitiful !!!
    I don’t understand . Whenever SM’s artists get awards , some sore losers will say that SM bought awards for them lol . You’re so poor V.I.Ps !!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. i don’t think there’s any surprise there…
    BB lose…so?….other artists are also good…and not just them…and DBSK is better than them,and they win…and other artists who a lil bit better than them win,so that’s that then….

    rather than saying DBSK is bad,why the BB fans don’t say that other artists also bad?…

    i like Big Bang…but the VIPs piss me off sometimes….

  52. @ who?? i agree with you about whenever sm’s artist get awards, people tend to think SM bought them ==.
    I think dbsk clearly deserves the disk daesang since they broke the record for the year right?

    Yes, big bang didnt win a thing which is shocking, but if the artist was told if they won a bonsang or not then that’s why big bang didnt come?

    oh and this is kind of random but when people say mkmf was more fair than GDA this year, i`m guessing you`re a V.I.P? if mkmf WAS fair then dbsk would`ve won soo much more awards if you voted and saw the results unless there`s other ways in voting for it?

  53. @Teeenarh, just for you to know, MKMF winners are not determined by 100% of the fan votes. I’ve forgotten how much was the percentage though…so yeah…

    I think Cassies, VIPS, they are all the same, so dont have to point fingers. I don’t remember Cassie saying MKMF is unfair when DBSK swept all the awards there. But, when they don’t everything is unfair. So, the conclusion is, all fan clubs are ridiculous. I’m glad there’s no more award show for other TV station this year. I just hate the aftermath of all Korean music awards. Period.

  54. The Golden Disk Awards has been in existence for 23 years. If the rule: ‘Singers who do not attend are not eligible to receive any awards’ (as stated in the article above) is SOP then, so be it!

    It’s not like the award giving body has to make an exception this year just because a sector of the public is questioning said rule! I’m sure if a producer is worth his salt- he, at the very least, should be aware of the requirements for eligibility and the consequences of not adhering to it.

    Hence, if VIPs need to ask why Big Bang did not win anything that night-they should direct said question to YG.

  55. I understand things from VIPs point of view. Yes, BB didn’t get the award they deserved and it’s just ridiculous that they didn’t receive anything just because they weren’t present.

    But, why are some of the fans pushing the fault on DBSK?! What exactly are VIPs and Cassiopeia arguing about? How does DBSK even come into the picture?

    Fact is, they’re not even competing in the same category. Digital Daesang and Disk Daesang are different. Even if DBSK received the Disk Daesang, it doesn’t affect BB at all. They’ll get the award they deserve, if the judges decides to give it to them. Even if they were nominated for the same award, DBSK’s sales has already knocked BB down.

  56. So much war here. lol

    I really wonder WHY NOT in DIGITAL, at least.

    Poor VIPz.

    You should’ve bought/downloaded the album/song at least

    50 times, each of you. lol

    Then you’ll surely see BB in GDA

  57. let’s not point fingers. and let’s not bash any group, or any group’s fans.
    vips must respect cassies and vice versa. please do not assume that any one group of fans are insane psychos. thank you very much.

  58. This is the MKMF award show aftermath all over. It’s STUPID. That you have to attend to recieve an award. Dang, no wonder South Korea has no credtable award shows.

  59. i’m a dbsk and suju fan but i really think bb is a talented group and sunset glow is an awesome track i cant seem to get enough of. also, during the show, the mc mentioned tt the awards were based on album sales or someth like that. bb should have won someth, they deserve it hands down.

    i may not be a vip,but i too am puzzled.

  60. whats the point of giving the awards then if its only based on the attendance and not based on the real talented hardwork/ achievements and etc??

    im sure any vips or anyone would thinks this is such a nonsense awards show then. And yes, big bang did such a hardwork this year and its enough that everyone knows that already. Its just this awards just some **$*&*^*& show.

  61. and its really nothing to do with other artists. just the gda is a stuppid show. no worries other fans, were not bashing u guys.

  62. WOW. I didn’t realize there so much animosity between Big Bang and DBSK. I felt offended when some people said international VIPs are immature. Obviously, I’m a VIP.

    From all the debate going on, I think I agree BB should win the digital daesang based on the album sales. Unfortunately, they didn’t win. Life moved on. There is always next year.

  63. @ asha

    I’m not trying to start anything. Everything you said reiterated my post. And had you read my two posts, you would know that I answered your concern.

    There’s no need to point fingers. It only makes you look immature.

  64. an award show that supposedly awards musical achievement is BULLSHIT if it’s criteria for winning titles are contingent upon a few hours of attendance of said show

  65. oh…that sucks for BB… I’m disturbed that attendance is a requirement in order to win something… I never knew it was this kind of show…

    People compare it to the Grammy as if the it held any fairness…do u see who wins every year?? its all about rating, everywhere…and that’s sad…seriously

    Congrats to all the winners…(except LSM, because I just can’t stand him)

  66. im puzzled too at first – why there isnt any BB images posted ? now thn i know why. but , BB really worked hard and had lots of songs that was on k chart / gotten everyone’s attention just like DBSK, wondergirl’s songs. somemore they had more songs that which are more popular than them. gah , how can like that. its really a waste if they didnt give BB th award jus cos thy not there. i think every VIPS are pissed off with this too . ):

  67. awww….i’m kinda sad too that they didn’t win anything either… : ( i think they’re such an awesome group!

  68. it’s simple. if you don’t respect the awards show by adhering to a rule that has been placed for 23 years, then the award show has no responsibility to show the respect that you didn’t give in the first place.

    stating that GDA is no longer credible just because your favorite artist did not win anything and could not win anything according to the rules is just petty.

    YG had a choice whether or not to go. They knew the rules and the requirements and the consequences that follow. Don’t blame GDA for what YG did.

  69. Ugh VIPs are fast usurping cassies in stupid fangirlism and I’m in the eww cassies camp.

    Anyone with a brain would agree that they shouldn’t get any award. They were ABSENT. They wouldn’t anyway because DBSK sold more CDs in 3 months time then they did over the year. I don’t even like SM artists.

    I wonder why they didn’t attend anyway. GDA are way more important and credible than MKMF. I smell BS. Too scared to attend? Might as well be absent and let that explain the lack of awards that matters.


  71. @ Zoom: is the rule about absence thing has been stated since the beginning years of GDA? i’m just wondering cuz i dont know much about korean music awards :D. Anyway i still think this kind of rule kind of irrelevant, i might say

    I was quite shocked when BB didn’t win nothing, at all…:( but for sure the organizers and YG understand thoroughly the process. They didnt come for a reason, not “too scared to attend” (@ Sert: sorry but it’s stupid to say that, and i’m not VIP, fyi)

    It’s nonsense to compare BB and DBSK, they pursue different genres and both contribute greatly to Korean as well as Asian music industry. and both of them have nothing to do with getting the awards procedure things. What they do is working their asses off and bringing to us great music. I’m happy that there’s no any other music award show after MKMF and GDA. thank god!

  72. its a rule that u cant accept awards if ur not there
    bb had other important stuff to do…
    so they dont deserve it
    thers really no arguing
    and for all those vips that says sm cheated
    tvxq is going to japan for the end of the year awards
    which makes them also not eligible for the other awards-whcih means they mite lose a lot if they dont even win the japanese awards
    so chill

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  74. everyone needs to chill out! here is a voice of reasoning..while we all wallow away about these awards shows not being fair and crap we forget way more important stuff going on in our backyard….like for me (a US citizen) our freaking econonmy…ppl are losing their jobs, home, and “jimmy” can’t pay for his tuition because it’s FREAKING sky high and now he can’t go anymore. These boy/girl groups, NONE of them deserve that much respect and honor especially when they are not helping you with your rent, tuition, education etc. b/c you’re doing it on your own! and they should be bowing down to you guys b/c w/o you they would be NOTHING! especially the amount of money we are spending on them!

    control yourselves, act graciously and say congratulations or something respectful…Brush your shoulder off and move on. They (The bb, DBSK guys) wouldn’t like it if they found out you guys were provoking and arguing with each other….they would consider that to be disgusting. They want you to enjoy their songs and be happy that’s all! go listen to your fav. album or whatever. you can support your group but do it respectfully. please
    Cass were mad, elf were pissed, vip were angry, whatever… everyone was pissed off at one point. We really need to open our eyes and look beyond an award show.

    lol don’t kill me ppl i was just trying *limps away*

  75. it really is no ones fault. i think its more an issue of FAIRNESS. u can’t say someone doesn’t deserve an award because they’ve “won too many already.” that’s ridiculous! since when does the amount of awards u win undermine your hard work? they should have walked away with SOMETHING—that’s just the bottom line. it’s not ppl being sad because their group didn’t receive an award they didn’t have a chance in hell recieving—it’s them not winning an award that they hands down should have won.

    ON THE OTHER HAND—i must admit, anger over it really IS out of the question. fair or unfair—it’s whatever. and it doesn’t change the fact that they worked hard to achieve a really successful year. and if the rule is that if u don’t attend u don’t get an award—then suck it up. the rules aren’t going to change so let it go. anyway kudos to Big Bang and boo to all their haters.




    “MY TOP”


    pfft. thats my lovely…..

    what a joke. 😀

  77. BIG Bang da best no doubt about it!!!! they must of had a reason why they were absent.
    dbsk fans just stfu ok. hahahha. Go comment and congratulate dbsk w/e.Dont go on big bang posts and start talking shit no lifess.. Aint no vipz going over there to comment on dbsk post.
    We aint rude an ignorant like yall dbsk fans.If they seen this they wouldve of been ashamed….

  78. yeah.. big bang deserved win the awards..
    Big bang is one of the best idol in kpop history
    they are unique in style, music and identity
    and they also will success if they debut solo
    didn’t win GDA awards doesnt affect their reputation at all
    they more appreciate if peoples like their music than win those awards..
    they have long way to go…
    so VIPs.. let move on

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  80. well the fact that SM and their artist always buy awards this not a new thing from them because DBsk must get everything if and it doesnt matter if it not fair for other this how they play it in this industry well Idont watch this awards anymore

  81. i think you guys should just STFU ! & get OVER it !
    I still don’t even get how DBSK is being brought into this.
    DBSK and BB is obviously competing in a totally different catergory. STOP COMPARING BOTH OF THEM ! GEEZ this news is not about DBSK ! its about WHY DIDNT BB WIN ANYTHING AT ALL . So stop bringing DBSK in this. GEEZ !

  82. There’s nothing to be puzzled. This is not fuzzy like MKMF. Full album sales. It’s as simple as that. Deal with it.

  83. Does it really matter.. I mean just the thought that they were in the running for awards is good enough. If BB doesn’t care than why should we?

    I really don’t think it’s fair to have awards given out if they aren’t there to recieve it…

    if they aren’t there they could just be a nominee and not win… what’s wrong with that..

    Whatever.. as everyone else says deal with it.

  84. DBSK is running for the DISK daesang
    BigBang is running for the DIGITAL daesang.

    so why are u guys fighting ? D:
    and coolsmurf, it would be great if you could bold on the Digital daesang and add “(DBSK is running for DISK not DIGITAL)” to prevent so much of unnecessary war in here..

  85. Honestly, stop bashing SM.

    Do you have any proof that sm buys the awards? NO. GDA has a LONG history of being a fair award show. everyone agreed with this before it happened and now that the results are out, vips are denying the fairness just becuase their own artist didn’t win. <_<

    IMO bigbang deserved a digital bonsang. And DBSK deserved all the awards they have gotten.

    the popularity of the song DOES NOT MATTER! Its the sales! GDA give awards based on the statistics of the album. bigbang does not even have an full album, they’ve released a mini album which is only legitimate for digital bonsang/daesang.

    Mirotic sold 500k. That number itself undeniably an amazing accomplishments. Who can really doubt that they deserve the award?

    Saying that GDA sucks becuase bigbang didn’t win an award is just immature. I’m 100% sure that is bigbang attended, they would have won the digital bonsang (or even daesang! knocking out jewellry). But they didn’t.

    and now MKMF is all that great? MKMF is based on only 20% album sales. Why is it that when BB win, its like.. “dbsk gets a slap in the face” and when BB loses, its “the show isn’t fair!”?



    BB going for digital daesang am pretty sure there mini album stand up sold more than jewelry( TOO LAZY TO LOOK IT UP ) so why didnt they win anything at the award


  87. ^ a point can be proven without caplocks. Yelling just makes you sound.. eh >_ dbsk. Or maybe its just me.

    look their albumw as released in NOVEMBER. the awards are in december. I don’t think the album made it before the cut off date.

    No attend= no award. I don’t see whats wrong with it O_o even on music bank (or another music station) if you’re not there that day, they have the right to not present the award to you. LSM sent a representative to represent him but big Bang didn’t. You can’t just go “congratulations big bang! ” and then have no one come on the stage to get the award, right?

    for GDA, its also like, if they can’t even spare us the time to come to the awards or even send a representative, why should they present their award?

  88. The funny thing is when TaeYang was holding his solo concert, SBS Inkigayo still gave him the Mutizen award so is this fair??…LOL…

    No more watching awards show for me. Life is never fair.

  89. It is obvious that if Big Bang had attended, they’d have won the award instead of Jewelry… it was their call. The VIPs are just being sore about it…

    If I were Big Bang, I’d have cleared my calendar and made sure I was able to attend the awards. There aren’t many award shows throughout the year. It wouldn’t kill to make room for the last one of the season…

    Having said that… I love both Big Bang and TVXQ for very different reasons. They’re not singing the same songs and they don’t portray the same images. You can’t say one is better than the other. But it is a fact that TVXQ brought in more album sales… and Big Bang did better for the digital realm… so like what everyone has been saying


    All this whining and arguing is lame…

  90. huh?? so weird for jewelry winning instead of BB. but i guess them not winning was expected since they didnt attend.. and it was speculated so that if u didnt go u dont win. still i think its weird that way. i mean i too like jewelry.. but i feel like they only won cos bb didnt attend. oh wells.

    bb jewelry hwaiting 🙂

  91. well, sure…when album sales is counted……you can’t help but to wonder how come they didn’t win anything…
    but to those who say they deserve cuz they work hard…
    c’mon…stop being lame….
    everybody works hard.
    do you people actually know how many singers who worked harder out there but never got any recognition? not to mention those who worked hard and are really good singers but are never on the list..
    at least big bang got popularity and lots of support.
    be thankful.

  92. everyone works hard. not only bb. although Jewelry did very well this year, bb could have very well have won Digital Bonsang rather than them. But the fact is that they didn’t attend or send a representative to receive the award. YG took Big Bang out of the running by not adhering to the rules and as a result, they had to follow the consequences of not fulfilling the requirements.

    Don’t blame GDA for another person’s decisions, and stop complaining about other artists. It’s just petty and rather immature.

  93. Did you see Jewelry’s face expression when they won though? Priceless! ‘D’oh, huh, us?’ Congrats to them, their song was super huge too.

    VIPs WILL have to deal with it, the GDA is over. We all KNOW BB should’ve won, but it’s okay cause they got all the loveeee from the VIPs!

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  95. SusieQ and Sierra have probably spokent he most sense out of ANYONE here…

    HONESTLY, vips GO EFFING BLAME YG…..maybe your beloved boys would’ve gotten the awards IF THEY SHOWED UP….the rule of SHOWING UP is STRICTLY CLEARRR and the GDA’s have been running for more than 20 years, so i think it’s a WELL KNOWN FACT you HAVE to show up

    and all your vips bashing DBSK, go ahead, just keep on being a sore loser and douche about this….that’ll take you places, stay behind your screen and find every blog you can find and talk about how ‘unfair’ gda was or, how BB is ‘the best and totally deserved everything’ or blah blah BLAHHHHHHHHHH
    BigBang, yeah deff deserved something even if they couldn’t compete with DBSK for album sales….IF THEY ACTUALLY SHOWED….so honestly, YG….go complain to him if you want real answers

    this is all just getting ridiculous, stop talking about CONSPIRACIES with all you have is a boy group you love without any GDA’s this year….cassies had to deal with mkmf (you may say that dbsk won a bunch of titles but they’re were like, overseas favorite, or album of the year when they were competing with less popular competitors, and whatnot) and VIPS have to deal with GDA

    your life goes on. you will not die of bb doesn’t get an award at GDA. your oxygen has not been taken away from you.
    breathe. and hope for a better future where you follow the rules of a award ceremony (that is, IF you want to win)

    ahhhhhhhhhh long comment, but honestly, needs to be said

  96. relax wonder the 3 TV stations wanna change award ceremonies to some music festivals..this is exactly what they mean.. after the awards are given, no matter who they give it to, fans will just quarrel like hell saying how unfair this a huge fan of both grps n i juz hate to see fans of both grps starting fan war on the net..juz enjoy the music..doesn’t really matter who wins or long as we ourselves know that they are talented, who cares about who wins the unfair awards that u guys are talking peace=)

  97. God…now next year there will be no award shows at all. so fans will have to fine something better to fight about…..

    maybe………even though bb had “numerous” hit songs, none of the songs INDIVIDUALLY did better than Jewelry’s ONE SUPER HIT SONG? I’m just saying maybe because I’m not about to go count all the digital sales and whatnot. If Jewelry was as popular as BB, I’m sure they’ll be a bunch of people screaming their heads off about how much they deserved the award because the song was SOOOO popular and broke all sorts of records and whatnot, but being an older, not-as-popular, and being girls, they don’t have that luxury.

    People always say there’s an SM conspiracy, whether there is one or not. I’m kinda tired of that excuse.

    I hope fans don’t go flame Jewelry.

  98. ^ u noe Haru haru and Sunset glow both hit number 1 and held/are holding the top spot for a long time. Those two songs were prolly the biggest songs of year the matching up and even surpassing songs by the WG’s and even Mirotic. so i don;t get ur point, when it was well known fact BB had two of the top songs of the year….

  99. why does DBSK have to come into the bashing? I don’t get it. don’t u guys, wait, girls, get tired of it? I know I do.

    Moreover, so many of you go bashing International VIPs like you’re above them. By talking about them like that, how are you less immature than we are? If we are sucked into a whirlwind of immatuarity, your comments and replies are a proof that you are in the whirlwind yourself. Everyone tries to think themselve as above others, but are you really? While we may not be able to see the ‘matured’ side of things, you ignorance of the fact that we too can feel hurt by your words is an immaturity itself.

  100. Why do anyone have to be shocked at anything? They weren’t there = they get nothing. End of story. there’s really nothing to argue about.

    VIPs stop bawwwwwing and get on with life please.

  101. i actually really hope the tv stations would cut the awards out because the fan-reactions are getting ridiculous. stop comparing groups too.

    if their music is going to be quantified by fans to the number of awards each artiste gets, i feel sorry for all the artistes around. some shouldnt even dare to call themselves “fans” – they are really KILLIN the music scene.

    it is silly to bash GDA just because a group didnt win =.= yes, its good recognition, but the world doesnt collapse cuz bb/dbsk/epikhigh/blahblahblah doesnt win an award.

    the rules are crystal clear, like it or not. read em and try to understand some english thanks.

  102. from an american POV it seems really unfair, because even if actresses/actors/musicians/crew don’t show up to award shows, they still have a chance/shot at winning a title.

  103. uhh the golden disk site said no awards for artists who dont come. i think thats enuff said right there. artists have to come to be eligible its simple. i dunno why this is even a controversy. im sure sensible VIPers understand this…those going crazy over it need to use their head

  104. ‘Singers who do not attend are not eligible to receive any awards‘

    Is this for real?!
    How can they judge it in this manner?!

  105. Leave it alone…the awards been handed out and all the artists moved on so why don’t everyone else move on? It’s not like BB is dying/hurting because they didn’t win any award at the GDA and it’s not like DBSK is walking around South Korea, rubbing it in people’s face. Only fans do that to each other. There’s always next year, it’s not the end of the world.

  106. It’s not fair. BIG BANG should win daesang. They deserve this more because they’ve be so active & productive in Korea this year^_^

  107. Come on girls, let’s get this over with.
    I am quite puzzled when I knew the boys were not appreciated enough for one damn award.
    But hey, it’s the rule.
    No attendance = No award
    Although most of award shows allow people to take the award on their behalves.
    So, i don’t even care to fuss about the award thing.
    Come on, the bright thing is
    They don’t need some awards, cause they would still be number 1 for you guys.

    on the other side now, seemingly there are numbers of cassios who sneaked in posting some negative comments here which is pretty much unreasonable.
    will you guys stop hating? even DBSK like bigbang. why can’t you? And saying that VIPs are immature is like.. made me laugh, I’m not one of them in fact I’m a SUJU lover, but no I wouldn’t call myself ELF.

    look at the point of views.
    If DBSK were bigbang. which they didn’t win any awards at GDA, I’m sure enough to hang myself that Cassiopeias would go keraaaazeee, a zillion times more than VIPs. and as for tiffany, who? and etc which I assume are cass, you should be ashamed of yourselves and for the sakes of those cass who are more respectful than you and some of your dumb alliances. [disrespectful cass who keep bashing on vip ] I see that most VIPs are obviously more mature than half cass are.. and it’s the truth, people would not argue with that statement. Let’s see.. for example ; Do VIPs get furious to see their idols interact with females?

    Not really. cause i have seen some posts, where lucky girls get to interact with bb members, and most VIPs seem to be fine with it, even they envy her, without bashing.

    in the other case, one girl is caught taking picture with kang in and BAM that girl’s dead.,

  108. and second :

    you sure know wonderbang, vips fine with that they even LOVE it.

    snsd shooting Cf with dbsk
    then suddenly they all become anti SNSD

    now, I’m not judging or anything.
    this is the truth,
    who’s the immature one?

  109. Anyways, adding the boys are still number 1 for us~
    So, shoo the awards, it’s not like we’re dead without em, lMao

  110. lol,i saw vipz posts stating they’re sad that BB didn’t win anthing, or bashing GDA or LSM or questioning why BB didn’t win anything..NONE of the post cursing/bashing dbsk AT ALL…then came a post stating how dbsk is ‘superb’ than BB,posted by DBSK fans…..

    quote wtf
    ..big bang doesn’t need to win EVERYTHING. if you’re comparing their vocals and dance to dbsk, dbsk is obviously the winner…

    she started it,none of the poster before state any comparison between the 2 ’till wtf post…

    when vipz/non vip bash LSM or SM or GDA,dbsk fans stood out defending’s you guys who made those comparison first…not vipz/non vip. read the posts!

    when they questioned BB or Epik High didn’t win nthing,you bash them back and brought your idols dbsk to the pic….it was aim at vip tho non vip posted it…

    even vip scream in delight when they saw DBSK. it’s the fans that made their idol hated by others. so 800,000 fan base…behave. btw,yunho(and changmin) is one hot looking fella 😉

  111. @v i p . side: uh, maybe you should get your facts straight because you obviously know nothing about the whole SNSD-DBSK CF thing. And really, it isn’t even necessary to bring them in.

    And OBVIOUSLY, every groups has some immature fans. YES, that includes DBSK fans and your beloved Big Bang’s fans.

    @oren: stop generalizing all DBSK fans. You’re talking as if all DBSK fans hate Big Bang or something. Bashing LSM is like bashing SM artists, you know? LSM, buying awards…? That’s equivalent to saying SM artists didn’t deserve the awards… and if you read the posts, you’ll see that ‘Amy’ started talking about DBSK’s awards and indirectly called Cassies ‘crazy’.

    i must admit vip werent angry to the point they used violence like i think cassies mightve done if dbsk didnt win awards

    …I’m just trying to get some things straight.

    And uh yeah, GDA is over and done so whatever peoples. The rules has been there since forever and they won’t change it just because some fans are upset. Duh. I’m pretty sure that Big Bang & YG knew about that rule before they decided to pull out.

  112. WOOOW. they really didn’t win ANYTHING?
    b.b.bbb,bububbbbuuut they’re BIG BANG.!
    something must’ve gone wrong he.

  113. grr.. how come some are really angry at bb..???
    hmmm.. both bands are friends with each other and i think this groups are in good term, personally.

    well. istill love bb even if they didnt won an award
    they’re still my number 1

  114. OMG I’m late to get this full details. Well yeah I think, it’s YG’s fault, if Big Bang was there, they had been given an award, Daesang probably in Digital. I don’t want to be redundant here, so I’ll move on. ^^

  115. i really think that big bang deserve the award,
    eventhough that right now i’m a huge dbsk fan
    but still, even if big bang win they’d win digital daesang i think,
    they won’t get to win disk daesang as dbsk’s sales way more than theirs, *no offence*
    but bb’s digital sale’s good~
    then moreover, sooman never attend the show and he got an award,
    is that fair? i don’t think so,
    and comparing to both band,
    they’re both equally good,
    i mean they’re from different genre,
    bigbang’s more hiphop-ish and dbsk’s more of singing group,
    so if you compare their vocal’s of course dbsk’s win, but if you compare rapping, of course bb rapping’s better than dbsk right?

    and some of them who posted here were so right,
    i think if dbsk’s position was switch to bigbang,
    i’m really sure CASSIE will go WILD!
    i mean seriously, DBSK’s fans sometimes goes way over the line,
    no offence though, im a dbsk’s fan myself,

    in conclusion, we shouldn’t matter too much about award,
    as long as we gave our favourite support,
    it’ll be all FINE ^^~

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  117. In my opinion, Big Bang deserve the award,
    eventhough that i’m a huge dbsk fan too.

    I mean, it’s thiers, they deserve it.

    YOU’RE ALWAYS NUM 1# so,

    DBSK is just lucky fella…
    (i’m on Big Bang side in this..)

  118. Before anything else, I love BB. But I have to admit, for me, TVXQ>BB. But I still love the boys and their music all the same.

    Just because BB didn’t win anything at the GDAs does it mean that the GDAs is any less prestigious? I dont think so.

    It’s logical TVXQ won in various categories and the no show rule… I dont think it really applied in this case. LSM didn’t show up either.

    Fans should stop making excuses for their favourite artistes and just learn to deal with the disappointment. Besides, there’s always next year. ^^

    And v.i.p side:
    Saying Cass is immature is just… “?!” Why dont you tell that to Triples as well and piss off another fandom… TT^TT

  119. just chill out! it is just another awards..nothing more.. so stop bashing each others.

    For VIP
    just deal with the fact that BB didn’t win anything these year and hope for the best next year. there is always next yr right.

    i remember reading somewhere maybe in CR that all the cassie said congrat to BB cause the won on mkmf 08 there is no bashing , why VIP cant do the same..even though sometime cassie kinda annoying 🙂

    whether BB coming or not i believe DBSK will win a lot of award that nite..

    Maybe thy already knew who ‘s going to win n because of that BB will not attend just like during MKMF 07 when DBSK didnt show up

    yup, they said DBSK didnt show up because of things happen in JAPAN.. but i believe it is not the reason..

    these both company compete each others , there are 2 big company that happen to have their major star.. of course they will not send their “super group” to an event that wiill bring their image down.. why u show up when u knew u gonna lose..of course they will protect their BIG superstar artist like BB n DBSK..

    same goes with SM, he will not allow DBSk to attend award that they surely not win.

    that is my opinion.. believe me not, these thing will happen again.. if DBSK not win anything or they knew BB will win that award, there is 4 sure DBSK will not be there. Same goes to BB, if DBSK win i will not show up..

    WOW,, i must get a lot of anti in here after these…

    sorry if i offend VIP N CASSIE

    i am a fan of both group..

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