Suggestive Bed Scene Trailer from Frozen Flower Released

A new teaser trailer with the main focus on the bed scene between Jo In Sung and Song Ji Hyo for the homosexuality movie Frozen Flower has been released recently on the official website which got a lot of attention.

(credit to lldoryll@YT for video, watch with caution)

The 19+ restricted trailer was released on the official website which required one to login with a Korean social security code for verification before viewing for 2 days only (10, 11th December). From the trailer, you can see Jo In Sung (playing the king’s bodyguard) engaged in a sexual tryst with the Queen (Song Ji Hyo) with the Koryo king played by Joo Jin Mo looking on in sadness.

Frozen Flower has completed post-production and is now being reviewed by the censorship board. It will be aired in theatres on 30th December.

62 thoughts on “Suggestive Bed Scene Trailer from Frozen Flower Released

  1. Isn’t that a bit too much for a trailer?
    I understand you want to grab viewers but… WOAH.
    I’ve seen scenes but woah!
    Not even the movie Beautiful comapres to that.

  2. Wow, even by american’s standards… only that one scene where they show her thigh, thats a bit much.

    what kind of viewers do they want??
    its like giving away the movie…

  3. from what ive heard the scene is removed so its more like a notice in case it wont be shown in theaters,
    I think that scene is just one of the many yet to watch out for so its not that the be all and end all of the movie, being sexual, however, the scene got hyped.

    being the fan girl that I am, i find the scene too much since Insung is so much in it, literally. hehe.

  4. I think it looks fine. That’s why it is 19+.
    I mean look at Lust, Caution.
    It revealed much more than this trailer has.
    If people are mature enough then they should be allowed to see it.

  5. I think the term “suggestive” is not enough to describe the trailer.
    my heart beats so fast just by watching this..
    great, now i am curious enough to watch this movie(with sub, of course)

  6. is this what you call SUGGESTIVE?
    this is not suggestive to me.
    Jo In Sung is a talented actor, i never thought he would jump in this bandwagon. it is his choice. if this will make him a better actor then so be it.

  7. dang i dont give a damn if its suggestive or not,
    whatever, i have my eyes on Insung and he is fckn HOT!

    im interested though, why was she all coy and shy at

  8. LOL@ bird flying into window comment.
    yes i agree this was insane. it’s made suggestive by the editing – you’re made to imagine what he does between the cuts.

    if it were a 2 minute scene, all we get is sex involving a handsome guy, but not as titillating. thank you ang lee for leaving behind a trail of destruction ;D

  9. need something usualy will reach box office????? ~ perhaps, they will try to show more about korean TRUE culture in the future n prove that korean TRUE culture can also bash all the ‘western standard’ to reach box office….it juz getting sick n lame idea in any movie to show this kind of scene that ‘usually’ will catch viewers eyes…but i BELIEVE that one movie which to show the KOREAN TRUE CULTURE n hit the jack-pot in box office is something that REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY great n can b proud of s korean n also bring up high standard to asian culture…. ~ ASIAN is rich with GREAT CULTURE that always be a jealousy of western culture (MOST ASIAN DONT KNOW THIS!!!) ~ but one person that can come out to show GREAT KOREAN TRUE CULTURE in a movie without any intimate scene like this but then will hit jack-pot in box office is not just a person, but he/she is really something…~ but where is that person??? or perhaps………NONE ??????

  10. omg omg omg wow if he can do that in a movie. imagine what he can do in real life. what Moi said was right in lust and caution they showed waaaaaaaaaay more then this.

  11. Yeah the trailer wasn’t as sexually provocative as I’d thought.. tho it’s still a bit too much as IT IS a trailer/teaser?

    I watched the other trailers.. and Jo In Sung looked really feminine in them. I wonder why he as the bodyguard of the King, is having sex with the Queen? And isn’t it ironic how the King’s going to be jealous of her because she’s doing it with his lover..hahhaa…

  12. What the…

    Uh, what a trailer!

    Anyway, I never been a big fan of the guy in the girl…. hated the girl in the drama ‘Goong’!

  13. LMAO @ most of the comments XD
    I’m wondering if u guys have seen any Hollywood movies yet!!
    But that girl sure must have enjoyed it ^^ lol

  14. omg…jo in sung: so hot. grossness, i know, but honestly…he is. this trailer just made his already hot hotness go up by like 328598868043. hahahahaha.

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  16. is not that’s shocking or “little too much” lol. The movie is more than a bed scene, they are just teasing us and maybe this is the only suggested scene in the whole movie idk.
    i think Jo in sung really wants to prove something with this movie, and it’s very brave of him choosing this role.

    i can’t wait to watch Frozen Flower.

  17. okay …. ehmmmm hmmmm hmmmm ….. grrrrr … errrrr… I don’t know what I’m going to comment. My mind just went blank after I keep having the trailer flashing in my head.

    JO JIN MOO is DAMN HOT though !! I’m an In Sung Fan but .. Jo Jin Moo ooozessss sexyness .. he should be in the trailer doing the scene with Song Ji Hyo ..

    Just remembered that it was what I wanted to comment.

  18. @ iris

    u do realize that asian people have sex too.
    it was never said that the film was going to represent korean culture. its just a movie.
    lay off the drugs honey.

  19. damn jo in sung is hot…i don’t see the big deal with the trailer…it was already rated 19+ if you’re not 19..don’t watch haha.

  20. Holy cow! definitely not “suggestive”, it was obivous. Haha, I’m looking forward to wach this.

    Hehe. Underage, back off ! (though I doubt they would do as told)

  21. ….i wasnt expecting that….i didnt see the ‘watch with caution’ till after i finished….and by that time….it was too ….late………

  22. holy crap! that was a trailer!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    dang….they’re really going all out to create hype about this movie.

  23. lol… it wasn’t that bad. i am actually kind of shocked everyone else is so shocked. i’m pretty conservative about these things, too. sex is sex. so this was surprising… how?

  24. I think the scene was ok but definitely not for the underaged

    Both Jo In Sung and Song Ji Hyo did a great job in the scene cos it looks great and worth all the efforts put into it.

    Jo In Sung looks so hot!and I love how he looks so painful after doing it with someone that he doesn’t even love..make me wanna hug him badly. ^^

  25. SEXY TRAILER. I like it a lot! It definitely caught my attention and curiosity. Plus, I didnt know In Sung could kiss like that.

  26. It was artistically done!!!! You haven’t seen any private parts being exposed so those who are playing so naive,pleeeaaaassseeee…’re getting into my nerves!!!!nice acting for JIS and SJH!!!! at least others looked at it so real coz the actors did a good job!!!!

  27. yeah…..the girl from goong! her face looks much slimmer in this movie so i didn’t recognise her from the posters…! …. it feels like i’m intruding on their moment; watching this trailer….its such an ‘intimate’ scene….

  28. …nicely done, unlike those that I’ve seen before where the actors acting as lovers are too stiff…they’re just good actors, so there…the scene might be edited by the more conservative Korean Board of Censors for all we know.
    …and in the story, it was the King who requested his lover Insung to bed his Queen, so the slight over the shoulder look to make sure the King is watching…everything…the King being a closet voyeur as well.

  29. I watched Frozen Flower and it was a bit disturbing at first seeing Jo In Sung in so many bed scenes (very well-executed, I must say) but the story is really interesting. It is actually about love and loyalty…and LUST.


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