DBSK and Jewelry Daesang Winners at 23rd Golden Disk Awards

The 23rd Golden Disk Awards took place last night, 10th December at the Seoul Olympic Hall with male group DBSK and female group Jewelry ending up as the winners for the Disk and Digital Daesang Awards respectively.


This year, the organizers had created Daesang awards separately for both the Disk and Digital Bonsang (music) categories. Thanks to it’s oustanding album sales of more than 460,000 copies for Mirotic, it became the best-selling album of the year. And with the same album winning the Best Album of the Year at last month’s 2008 MKMF, they have become double Daesang winners.


Jewelry meanwhile had a stranglehold on the digital realm, thanks to their One More Time song which dominated mobile charts, online music charts, etc. The E.T. dance move in the song also became one of the highlights in 2008.


It’s just weird that Big Bang and many others did not turn up nor win anything.

– Disk: Dong Bang Shin Ki
– Digital: Jewelry

– Disk: Dong Bang Shin Ki, Kim Dong Ryul, SG Wannabe, Rain, Brown Eyes, Shinhwa
– Digital: MC Mong, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, Wonder Girls

YEPP NewComer Award
– Disk: SHINee
– Digital: Davichi

YEPP Popularity Award
– Disk: Son Ho Young, Dong Bang Shin Ki
– Digital: F.T. IslandTae Yeon (SNSD)

Trot Award
– Digital: Jang Yoon Jeong

Rock Award
– Disk: Nell

Special Achievement Award
Kim Changwan

New Trend Award
Kim Jong Wook

Producer Award
Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment

credit: sheena0627@Soompi + sookyeong@wordpress.com

55 thoughts on “DBSK and Jewelry Daesang Winners at 23rd Golden Disk Awards

  1. the first thing i notice in the group pic was how Ye Eun’s and Junsu’s hair colour is coordinated. LOL XD

    congrats to all winners…

    Seo Inja (^^) looked very nice. 🙂

    Dong Bang shin Ki in plaids…. not my favourite but they look preppy. Especially Changmin. *squeal*

  2. Only Full album sales counted for GDA. Remember (BB) not release within the cut off to qualify for this yr. That’s why even though BB is active throughout 2008, they can’t get 😦

    Although WG dominate this yr with So Hot and Nobody (tell me not sure counted this yr or last :P) But to win digital Daesang needs 1 powerful song like One More Time, many repackage and remix… WG So Hot and Nobody are competing against each other 😦 Would be great if they can combine though… Infact So Hot won the bonsang, not Nobody…

    GDA is a practical Awards, it’s really all about what sells.

    BTW, Rain’s performance was HOT!! He is really Micheal Jackson of Asia!! Really dominating the stage. Great showmanship!!

    Wondergirls was hot too!!! The 5 Solo stage was unique!! Did you see Yoobin??? She looks so Jazzy/HipHop 😀 I am biased cos love her the most Haha.

    TVXQ, fantastic stage too!! Are you a Good Girl was a surprise but in a fabulous way 😛 Mirotic remix was cool but the ‘under my sky’ needs a little getting use to. Is there any other group that can dance this vigourously and yet keep their voice control like belt out a tune this well??? I am impress because I expect them to be lipsyncing.

    Did Jewellery, FT Island and Shinhwa perform?? M looks hot as usual 😀


  3. i’m surprise that BigBang didn’t win anything from golden disk… didn’t their 2 albums sold out quite an amount???

  4. Congrat for winner…
    @hopin: it was mini album which only count into digital daesang.
    For a disk you have to have full album, so it only count Stand-Up. I guess they didn’t sells as much as other winner.
    But I’m surprised that they didn’t win any bonsang for digital consider Lies and Haru2 are big.
    Someone enlighten me, somebody say in soompi that the bonsang winner is already know before the show but not the daesang. Is it true??
    And, though I’m not a fans of WG (but fans of Alvin work ^^) I must say the girls rock the stage tonight. 2 thumbs up for them 🙂

  5. yeah,i still dont understand how BB and Epic High didnt win anything but i also heard that if your not their then you dont win anything. even Seo Taji and Younha didnt come. i found MKMF to be more realistic,a least they gave awards to the people who didnt show up.something’s fishy but,am over it.

  6. Suppose they won a lot of awards but didn’t sell as much? It is possible, especially with the illegal downloading these days… I wouldn’t know though, don’t live in Korea

  7. i cant believe Brown Eyes,Seo Taji,and Epic High didnt win anything. they had more album sales then all of these artists except DBSK of course.am sorry to offend but how can they not win ANYTHING when Rain,who had way less album sales won?and he cant even sing.

  8. big bang is popular and their music is cool
    but as SINGERS and in ALBUM’S SALES.. dbsk are so much better

  9. A lot of people are saying Big Bang didn’t win anything
    because they only let out mini albums this year
    except for remember, which they just let out
    but Brown Eyed Girls won a bonsang for their minialbum
    so something’s definitely wrong here
    Big Bang’s one of the hottest and successful groups ever

  10. yay!!! congrats to DBSK!!! with their album record and great comeback..i knew they would win..but no big bang at all??? okaayyy….i dont get this part..at least they sould get 1 award….

    DBSK and Big bang is the best group ever…but they have this kind of different style so…BDSK wins thats great..big bang doesnt..well..thats ‘okay’?!?!

    anyway..congrats to all the winner!!!! ~~~

  11. people say GD is th only legit award show…i say, everybody has flaws…congrats to all the winners…WG brought us something amazing once again…

  12. as far i’m concerned JYP should’ve gotten it…he produced quite a few hit songs this year… From Joo to 2PM… also I just want him to call WG “angels” in front of everybody like last year!! hahah

  13. Congrats to all the winners here

    But I feel disappointed that BigBang didn’t win anything…Seriously, out of all of the albums they’ve put out during the year, not a single award? Their Stand Up album they’ve got like 200K & Remember is 100K, I really don’t understand why they didn’t win…Not only that, but why are so many aristics didn’t show up either? I’m superstitious & wonder if this is really fair although Golden Disk Awards is known for their “fairness”???

  14. SHINHWA!!! YAY!! Congrats to them and all the other winners! Even though they didn’t win the big awards, i’m glad the members showed up! Shinhwa Changjo!

  15. @ lalallalaal – that would be the same issue that started with the MKMF 2008 awards. Every one won for a reason. BIG BANG did win two awards. I too tired to look. Let it go. Their is three more award shows and next year.

  16. Well wonder girls and big bang had won mkmf 2008 big prize. This time round is DBSK and jewelry, fair and square :) Everyone is a big winner during this year 2008. What a wonderful ending!! Even Mc Mong and brown eyed girls won, i’m really happy for them.

  17. erm…can someone explain to me whats the difference between Daesung and Bonsung? Disk and Digital? Its really confusing me..

  18. Seriously?!?! How can BB not win a single award? I literally almost fell off my bed! And Epik High?! Their ENTIRE album was awesome this year too! Aww I feel cheated!

  19. CONGRATS to my forever ‘sunbei’ boy band SHINHWA…..n also CONGRATS to my ‘hobei’ boy band DBSk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ LOVE U !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  20. New Trend Award – Kim Jong Wook? its the guy who sang WGM’s theme song right?
    YAY! DBSK WON! n double YAY! Jewelry! n ft island too~ hoho… but yeah… no BB? that’s… weird…
    i’m happy for all d winners, but it is weird bb doesn’t show up n not even win anything~ it’s like they gives award to whoever shows up only~ geeez~
    n JJ~ gosh~ he likes to wear fur thing~ even in MKMF~ haha… dun like it… but JJ still HOT! ^^

  21. lol all the disk awards went to male artists.
    that would lead one to believe that buying cd’s is almost exclusively a girl thing these days. atleast by a large proportion.

  22. congrat to DBSK yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh
    wooooowww GOOD..

    Shinhwa…… I miss U ( ANDY ) his come??
    with who??

    No SS501??

  23. yay congrats to dbsk & Jewelry~
    ahh dbsk look soo happy in the photo.
    I was hoping for wonder girls to also win a daesang but i guess they`ll have to wait for next year.

    Naww to bad big bang didn’t win anything. I was shocked by the news.

  24. Congratulations to all….

    Bad thing that I was not able to watch the full show…but those few glimpses which i had, sure was gr8.

    Loved Bi’s performance..jesus! this man was really born for remarkable stageshows..

    WG’s performance..I loved the individualistic concept for their performance (seemed somewhat similar to TVXQ’s individualistic perf. in MKMF, not that I’m complaining ^^) Well, not really a fan of WG but definately a fan of Yeeun’s voice(damn that sexy R&B in that chair,in that hat..*spazzes*) n yoobin’s rap (her coolness just skyrocketed there). So, in simple word, they just wowed me. “Nobody” sure is a catchy song cus unconciously, even I would start singing the first few lines of the chorus part.

    TVXQ’s perfomance, as expected, was full of surprises..I mean good surprises. I was literally drooling over Jaejoong’s body though the “fur” thing was quite an annoyance. Changmin’s voice crack in the encore part, after they won daesang, was quite funny as I thought “damn!the maknae’s excited/happy” but nevertheless I found it more cuter as I thought more about it later. “Are you a good girl” perf. sure made my jaws drop as I got to see new dance moves but even more interesting was the latter half of the performance where Leadersshi Yunho started showing off his dance skills. I just couldn’t get enough of it thus the reason I stalked youtube, naver, daum all night *lol*

    There were few other award stuffs I got to see like MC mong’s award, F.T. Island’s award, Shinee’s award (oh their performance as well). They performed 3 songs, I believe: amigo,noona u’re pretty & your love like oxygen although i only got to see amigo. O.k. enough of my spazzing..thnx for the post Alvin. this comment box sure are helpful sometimes as I get to eject,talk off, brag etc. abt the show.

  25. Wow. If this isn’t the most rigged award show on earth.. Seriously? DBSK snags Daesang and Producer award to Lee Soo Man? And Big Bang doesn’t win anything??? God I hate SM.

  26. Congratulations to all! DBSK got it again?! even in Japan they have many prestigious awards too, so no wonder why in Golden Disk too. These guys are awesome!

    The list got me irritated because Big Bang is missing + Epik High. Anyway, that’s past. Let’s fly….

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