Myung Hoon and Dong Wook Birth Parents Finally Revealed

MBC East of Eden reached another climax this past Tuesday night as the birth parents of Shin Myung Hoon and Lee Dong Wook which had remained hidden for decades by Rebecca who had switched them was on the way to being revealed in full to them as it caught the attention of viewers.


In Episode 32 shown on 9th December, Myung Hoon (Park Hae Jin) felt that the hatred shown by Yoo Mi Ae/Rebecca (Shin Eun Jung) for his father Shin Tae Hwan (Jo Min Ki) had more substance to it than what it seems. He goes to find her and goes down his knees, begging for her to forgive his father’s error and help Taesung Construction to pick up financially. But of course she refuses his offer but Myung Hoon tries again and manages to get into her car.

Myung Hoon tries again to ask for help from Rebecca. But just at this moment, two cars starts pursing them and rams into them repeatedly. Despite feeling flustered intially, Rebecca senses that it’s Shin Tae Hwan’s doing, and with rage and hatred burning in her eyes, she blurts out the birth truth that had been hidden for decades in her heart, “Before you die, listen carefully to my words. You are not the flesh and blood of Shin Tae Hwan! He’s not your father!”

But before Myung Hoon can take in the truth, their car crashes as both of them are knocked out. As Myung Hoon regains consicious, he sees the face of his father’s lackey who was checking the crashed car and realizes that Rebecca did spoke the truth about his father. He momentarily starts to tremble in fear.

In the preview for next week, Myung Hoon does a DNA test and verifies the truth with Rebecca in hospital about his real birth parents. What will the truth bring to him, Dong Chul and Dong Wook? Will they persist with revenge?

In other developments this past week, Dong Wook tries to prosecute Shin Tae Hwan but is held back due to the intricate political games. During their entire exchange, their fatherly bonds was highlighted in great detail indirectly.


Hye Rin parents and Young Ran’s father tries to link Dong Chul with Hye Rin by sending them on a business trip to Japan. Young Ran who was also there felt immense jealousy and you can feel the tension. Young Ran asks Dong Chul not to go but he does go in the end. During the trip, Hye Rin develops an interest in Dong Chul and confides in Dong Wook that she has found a new man.


Young Ran decides to help Dong Chul betray her father by stealing vital bidding information, required to takeover Taesung Electronics. She wants him to strike out on his own and not be subjected to her father’s orders anymore.


And in a simple scene between Ji Hyun who met Dong Wook by coincidence at a bookstore, they reminisce about how they used to spend all their time in a bookstore. But Ji Hyun said something heartwrenching to Dong Wook, “My heart (her love for him) has remained the same. Even now. It has not changed.”


Dong Wook is just like his father, Shin Tae Hwan, unable to safeguard their loved one. First it was Ji Hyun and then Hye Rin. Ill-fated Dong Wook.

35 thoughts on “Myung Hoon and Dong Wook Birth Parents Finally Revealed

  1. pls young ran…u better stop involve with dong chul…past as past….let dong chul ‘free’…

    i just want to see the way dong chul attract with hye rin….

    to Mr Gook…..i like him….

  2. Wow you totally spoiled it for me…….

    ….but I don’t care! I love spoilers! LOL. I’m still a few episodes behind so gotta catch up soon. Thanks for the summary.

  3. Oh btw, doesn’t the way Hye-rin like Dong-chul rather……I don’t know…..unbelievable? Feels like she suddenly likes him for some reason. I’m not buying it but whatever makes the story move forward. New interaction is always good. Can’t see how Dong-chul will like her back though. Weird.

  4. i agree with bangbang, it does seem quite sudden. They did try to hint at it in earlier episodes the way she would gaze at him every time they met, well not to think about it it isn’t that sudden. she’s plainly and simply physically attracted to him IMO. and it’s not a deep and passionate love, its just wanting to get to know him better i think.

  5. hermm.. it looks like HR really likes DC. she tried to ‘hit on’ him many times. i know DC YR doesn’t going to end together, but i’m not ready for this HR DC relationship yet. moreover, i didn’t feel any chemistry between them. YR+DC loves still remain in my heart. lets see if their relationship can make people let YR go. until now, i believe it didnt.

  6. i agree with the majority. I don’t seem to feel the onscreen chemistry between dc and hr. Both seemed so awkward with each other. It makes their scenes a bit difficult to watch at times. They’re just not convincing enough; just as yet. If they were to end up as couple eventually, i wished both actors could work on their chemistry and make this onscreen relationship believable.

    and to, YR and Ji Hyun, give up your old love! It stinks to be in a relationship with someone else when your heart belongs somewhere else. It’s selfish and imo, unfair towards the other party esp when they have been so generous and ever so magnanimous. I wished that Ji Hyun could eventually feel something for Myung Hoon; it’d be a nice change to see them coming to love each other and embrace each other as a family truly.

    and boy, the main plot/twist is finally coming!!! Wheee. =D

  7. to all viewers..just want to say..

    1. YR = be a good mike’s wife and Mr Gook’s daughter. (please dont bother with your old lover and please support your nice husband…’pitty’ him at Macao) i hate your character and made me ‘fastfoward’ the video…

    2. Ji Hyun = be a good Myung Hoon’s wife, and Shin Tae Hwan’s daughter in low…(also please give up with lover Dong Wook and please support your nice husband….he is very ‘suffer’ at this moment…)

    3 DC = i wish you all the best…your are great son and good Mr Gook follower…but please give Hye Rin ‘space’ for you…)

    4 DW = fighting….i like you as prosecutor….

    6 HR = i wish you can ‘grab’ DC heart and hand…..and can make you happy….because your are very profesional….

    7 The rest casts……your are also good acting…..congratulations

    8 The PD/script writer = please make happy ending without nobody dying….


  8. omg I agre with Mal and KIKAY, DC doesn’t like HR not even a little, the trip they made to Japan, after they had a drink and went to their rooms you can see clearly that DC doesn’t even make a conversation with HR he just said good night and went to his room, then in his room he start remembering YR is obvious he miss her and love her!!!

  9. oh my gosh!!! finally the truth! lol
    thanks for the recap!
    mann…i think dong-shul goes wayy better with gookja. lol

  10. i’m on ep19, it is taking forever for this thing to be revealed. before i saw this drama i kept reading articles about it but they never really said what it was about, but now i know one word would describe it best “revenge”. everyone is pissed at each other. good drama, can’t wait for it to end. for some reason i’m not a fan of YoungRan & DongChul’s love story, maybe because in the beginning she was a brat. i’m more of a fan of DongWook & JiHyun, i hope they get a happy ending. too bad this whole baby switch thing may have many repercussions.

  11. Ugh, I hate how even though YR/JH haven’t committed adultery, they’re very closed to doing so. It’s like emotionally cheating. Let it go! You’re both married women now. I know viewers are rooting for the one true love to belong together, but what they’re doing right now is quite selfish.

  12. Am I the only one who’s getting a bit dissapointed with the drama?

    It’s def not turning out how I expected. I like the fact that it keeps me guessing but also I wish the love issues would be resolved already.

  13. To Anna:

    Which is worst? committing adultery by emotionally cheating or being forced to marry someone you do not love. Remember how JH was raped and how YR’s dad basically held her at gun point to force her to marry Mike. Selfish? think again.

  14. hmm.. it’s getting more interesting but the couples being paired up for love relationships are so messed up ! >=(

  15. wow,im very pleased w/ how the story is going
    not dragging as much w/ the yr and dc relationship
    but i hope he starts liking hr like she does with him
    yr should just let dc go;she shouldnt be jealous bc she has mike!
    anyways,IM LOVING THIS!

  16. to Janeella80

    Forced to marry someone who we don’t indeed terrible, but yet both of the men they married to is totally in love with them.. loves them more than their own self ..
    I’m not sure..depends on the character itself on how they will behave …

    For DC – HR part..yup..have to agree.. cannot truly sense it coz too little scenes between both of them .. and suddenly interested … but I am interested in their relationship … not only for DC-HR but also for DW-HR.. ^_^

  17. Wow interesting comments………enjoyed and actually had fun reading it agreed with some and disagreed with some.
    Am a DongChul and Gracie fan I am hoping they will still end up in the long run.
    Bangbang I agree with you esp. your last comment abt DC and HR
    Well heard the writer will sort of change by episode 36 the former one got sick and someone else is taking her place but the former will sort of support the new one coming in still. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  18. gah~ i hope dis drama ends soon! i haven’t started watch it cuz i hates to wait for the next episode… i’m going to watch this and glued to the chair from 1st to last episode wen dis drama completed! hehe

  19. agree with Janeella80

    JH was raped and even kill her self. remember she was in a bloody bathtub? i was really shocked and it shows how stressed she were fighting her feeling inside her.
    and YR, a gun was pointed at her by her own FATHER to make her married someone she didnt love. they’re mentally and emotionally abused. maybe if i were them, i need to have my personal psychiatrist doctr.

    and they are not EVEN committing adultery! they just keep their feeling deep in their heart. did they ever seducing the man in their heart? did they ever tried to kiss or hug them? NO. these 2 poor girls are fighting inside.

    and for episode 32, i see YR is helping DC to have a good successful life. she help him secretly for his bussiness and wish him goodluck for his new love (indirectly when she help him with his tie to meet HR), although she did feel jealous at first.. she didnt want him to have a miserable life like her. that is actually so sad.. i blame her father!

  20. u’re right mal.

    HR likes DC and she tried to ‘seduce’ DC.
    i noticed that the first time was when she suddenly praised DC have an aura which everyone will trust him. then, she admit, she didnt want to let go the exchange bag case just because she want to meet him again. and she wear pretty dress to meet him that night. and she also teased him many times, but DC didnt responded anything.

  21. totally agree with Janeella80.

    They are not selfish when you watched the whole drama and see how they are placed into their current conditions.

    i still root for Gook Ja and Dong Chul, the fisherman and the fisherman’s wife. lol.

  22. this time HR makes more step to make DC fall for him than she made for DW. but until now, DC still didnt respond anything.

    and YR tried to help DC successful secretly. aaww..poor YR. i’m worried about her. mrguk doesnt seem to love her more than his success/money. i wonder what’ll mrguk do when he finds out.. poor her.

  23. @ dr.siti
    how can she be a good daughter while mr.gook himself is not a good father. how can she help and support her husband when she didnt even know whats happening. she is worry for him, but when she asked, nobody wants to tell her.

    Janeella80 and 🙂 has a good answer.

    i enjoy reading all the comments.

  24. i just dont feel the spark in dc and hr that i felt for when he was with yr!! i feel for both couple when you watch the whole drama then you will know why it would be quite impossible for them to fall for their husband when they never really truely moed on put yourself in their position
    hope yr+dc get back together

  25. Yes these three women (jh, yr and hr) were abused
    by their parent and also by circumstances that lead the two almost committing suicide, they were helpless but they make the decision to go on with their lives even though they are not willing at heart. Could they make it alone at that point of time?. They have to lean on someone for support, love is not the answer at that crucial moment and the men involved are not able to support their family what about a wife. Idle talk about being a fishermen is to comfort themselves.

    But as years goes by, now they are quite successful and the women they loved are married and their character changed, priorities change, so do you think they want to rekindle their love again?. The men and women will not be the same as before.

    The men still have unfinish mission.
    Not only hye rin dress-up, Dong Chul dress-up too as commented by Mr Guk. They are not strangers anymore because they met quite many times since the first encounter meeting on humane compassion – helping someone in distress.

    As for the love to spark, Mr Guk is trying to matchmake dong chul with his niece hye rin with good intention?. Dong Chul being a batchelor for too long, high time to settle down but with whom?. What expection dong chul has from a woman to be his match? He is so alloof, can hye rin bring the smile, happy moments back to him again as she now have her freedom not committed to anyone.

    In episode 32 hye rin shows more interest in dong chul because of his pleasantness and mystery. As a news reporter she is inquisitive which dong chul might not like someone to dig his work as a lobbyist, his past and mission. So will there be a conflict?

    How will dong chul react when he knew of her connection with dong wook and also hye rin’s reaction when she knew that the two men are “brothers” and also dong wook behavoir towards them remember he has shin tae huan blood ?. As for the children being brought out – Myun hoon was a rapist with an illegetimate child and dong wook became a prosecutor. One thing quite obvious, thay have good, loving mothers.

    In episode 36 eoe will have a new scriptwriter so lets wait and watch.

    If you notice, we see more christmas lightings and the acting are more indoor because winter in on the way. As for speaking other languages, I think Miss Na has a flair on languages and she spend two years writing EOE so give her credit when due.

  26. this drama is interesting…the plots is more difficult to predict compare to other korean dramas…rooting for dc-hr really cant wait for the next episodes hehe…

  27. actually, i wonder why hye rin’s parent didnt like DW. he is kind, charismatic, intelligent (best student in univ) and handsome too. plus, he has bright future. and i am thinking, if DC is not the DC they see now, i doubt they’ll like him as they like him now.
    some of these sudden change doesnt make sense. maybe they realize it has only 20 eps left, so they rushed the story. like they do in iljimae.

  28. like most of u i dont fell chemistry between HR & DC but when YR-DC were together there always seen to have chemistry

  29. i’ m totally agree with Janeella80

    YR was forced to marry with mike. she done that for the good sake of DC, to help him achieved his guys must remember that. And DC will not be succeed without Mr. Gook helped and YR reliazed that. so the only way to get DC dream is by follow her wish…poor YR and DC.

    if u guy still remember, both them cried when they told their love at the beach…one day is like one thousand yr!!!

    DC will still in YR heart and same goes to DC!!!chayo!!CHAYO yr & dC!!!!!!!

  30. It is okay for yang ran to end up with dong chul because she is a two timer, no wonder dong chul commented that she is not a good wife, this is from dong chul’s mouth!!so go on dong chul take her if you want because is your love still glowing or dimming?.

    Anyway her father’s character is like shin tae hwan but with different motive. From the beginning they meet yang ran kept telling dong chul to stick to her father so that her reason whenever she come back to korea dong chul is available for her. Always being her chauffeur. Get a life of your own dong chul !. She didn’t even bother to get help for Mike!! What a woman with no heart, except for things concerning hers.

  31. ^looks like u really hate her. well for one thing, she never love mike in her life. she was forced to marry him even by gun, and she had tried to kill herself.
    and the reason she wants mike to be with her father at first, bcause thats the only way for him to rise. he was just gas boy before! the truth is bitter, he is who he is now is because the chance her father gave her, although her father is a bad guy. and she herself doesnt really like her father.

  32. I’m really looking forward for hr and dc pairing.. i want to see more of them “together”! i think the writers were really good to manage this number of cast and their relationship with each other..

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