Choi Ji Woo Becomes Hwang Jin-I for Star’s Lover

After the reporters fiasco 2 days earlier, the production team have acted swiftly by releasing another news related to the drama Star’s Lover today. Choi Ji Woo will be turned into Hwang Jin-I, a legendary gisaeng of the Joseon Dynasty and this will be her first time wearing a period costume since her debut.


Since her debut in 1994, Choi Ji Woo has never been in a period drama and this will be her first. This particular period movie scene which sees her character, Lee Ma Ri turn into Hwang Jin-I will be shown in the first episode tonight.

Choi Ji Woo has been acting out lots of scenes associated with a top star, walking the red carpet, drama announcement, press conference, etc and now a movie filming scene. Those present at the filming felt that it was like a woman from a painting and expressed, “Hwang Jin-I is back.” Although this scene appears for just a few seconds, Choi Ji Woo took nearly 3 hours for makeup, outfitting, etc. Choi Ji Woo expressed, “It’s a pity that the scene was for only a short time. But my wish of appearing in a period drama was fulfilled.”

16 thoughts on “Choi Ji Woo Becomes Hwang Jin-I for Star’s Lover

  1. Well it was only for her star lover’s drama so I don’t see what the big deal is about

    she looks great as usual

    Ha ji won pwned in terms of hwang jini. she was damn fierce. But shg’s movie was showing different deeper moods but it still bore me

  2. She has the right looks for a period drama… but unfortunately, its more suitable for a villain role 😉 but of course… she is so good… I am sure she can turn it around even if they gave her a goodie role ^_^

  3. Choi Ji Woo is so beautiful, elegant & sophisticated in any outfits & costumes including this one. She’s not replacing the original Hwang Jin I, she’s just playing parts of different movies & dramas as a superstar in “Star’s Lover.” They only show parts of the different dramas & movies, not the complete stories. Ji Woo is a great actress & can play any part. She already done so many different genres & earned awards from a lot of them.

  4. She is gorgeous in that outfit. I saw the first two episodes of A star’s lover and enjoyed every second of it. Both CJW and YJT are doing a great job at portraying the complex characters of MaRi and CS. Looking forward to seeing the next episodes.

  5. I think she should be given the opportunity to play an entire period drama or movie because she has the beauty of a pure korean, not like some other S. Korean actress. She’s a great actress & can play any character. I saw her old dramas & movies (most of them she won Best Actress Award & other awards). She’s very lovely in this ancient costume. I love Star’s Lover. She’s so beautiful in this drama.

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