Shin Ae Moving On

From now on, fighting!” That was a sentence that accompanied photos of Shin Ae which she uploaded to her Cyworld minihompy on 8th December.


Through her photos, we can see Shin Ae relaxing with her pet dog. Shin Ae has been grieving since the death of her close friend, Choi Jin Shil not too long ago and also recently departed MBC wedding variety We Got Married.

Seeing how cheerful Shin Ae looked in her uploaded photos, fans left messages to show their delight, “I have found energy from within Shin Ae’s message”, “Many fans have been bonding together to show their support for you, please continue to stay like this, full of energy/jest, and live in happiness.”


Shin Ae is now busy filming for her role as Hwang Bo Seol in KBS2TV saeguk drama, Empress Chun Chu which will be shown in January 2009.

42 thoughts on “Shin Ae Moving On

  1. I’m glad that she’s at least fighting for happiness.
    A loss of a friend is a huge blow to one’s heart and all we can do is move on and as her fans support her.

    Wishing her the best of luck.

  2. Very please and glad to hear she is doing well.

    She is one of the shining star, a real human out there who are very real and different than others star. Take care dear!

  3. Aww I really hope and wish the best for Shin ae she really deserves some peace and happiness. She has had to go through so much this past year and it must be especially harder being in the media. Shin Ae unni fighting ^ ^

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