Reporters Taken For A Ride at Star’s Lover Press Conference

The production of SBS Star’s Lover has infuriated reporters after they were asked for their participation in the drama without any prior notification.

Reporters taken for a ride at Star's Lover Press Conference

This particular scene was filmed yesterday and was intially just about Choi Ji Woo plus other co-stars at the usual press conference to announce their drama just before the premiere this week. But shortly after the (fake) press conference had started, it was announced that the reporters present would be filmed for the drama with the real press conference starting after filming concluded.

Because of this sudden turn of events, the reporters who were not notified of this at all felt that they were being treated like fools and started leaving the press conference to voice their displeasure. Those who remained behind expressed that the so-called interview only lasted for a few minutes. If they knew it would be like this, they wouldn’t have come in the first place.

What was more ridiculous was that, in the press kit that the production team sent out to the reporters today, it had mentioned, “‘This is the first time in Korean drama and movie history that 70 invited reporters will be filmed in the drama as extras’. After first “using” us without any prior notification, they sent us this press kit which makes us look even more ridiculous.”

The SBS PR team expressed their regret, “We are really sorry for not making the situation clear to reporters beforehand. We are really sorry.” Star’s Lover debuts this Wednesday night on SBS and this particular scene with the reporters acting as extras will be shown in Episode 4 on 18th December.

24 thoughts on “Reporters Taken For A Ride at Star’s Lover Press Conference

  1. i read this news somewhere else but didn’t quiet catch it,, lol,, you’re the best!!!
    now i know the news..

    interesting eh,, how they do it..
    no wonder why Choi Ji Woo poses a little bit too extreme for just a regular Press Conference
    but i was curious, had the reporters known about it before hand, why wouldn’t they come?

  2. that’s totally lame! they’re reporters, not extras. such pure disrespect…

    i know the economic crisis is bad right now, but that’s just plain rudeness to tell them, “since you’re here, might as well help us out…”

  3. that’s shady

    @vivi: imagine if you were invited to an event and then they used you. i don’t think you’d be too pleased either.

  4. You could see it as a turn of fair play. The media uses celebrities as chum why not the other way around? I admit it’s a little underhanded and all, but they need to get over it. Any way you look at it, this little stunt is positive press for the upcoming show.

  5. i think that’s rude. yeah, the media uses celebs, but as a celeb, you need them too. as a reporter, it’s not your job to be film and stuff like that, unlike being a celeb. that’s why you work behind the scenes. I would have left too.

  6. i would be extremely pissed if i was one of the reporters.
    going there expecting for a press con and what you get is to be an instant extra for the show. that’s totally awful.

    i think the press would have cooperated if they were notified before hand…

  7. crazy. seriously do you think reporters are so free as to take part in a filming that can last a couple of hours?

    This is just ridiculous. They will end up with nothing but bad press.

  8. I think it’s great! REPORTS FOOLED! I really got a kick out of this. Can’t stop laughing now. Thanks! It’s okay everyone, the reporters will live hahahah….They aren’t all that innocent. How many times have reporters invaded or blown things out for their own interests. It’s nice to see actors/actresses do the same. An eye for an eye lol. I love it…I can’t wait to see the drama especially with some real footage!

    Thanks for this article..

  9. well i think its kinda cool that they do this
    the reporters make some really horrible news about these celebrities in order to make money. and i mean horrible, fake news too

    so why not? maybe they should get a taste of their own medicine sometimes too
    plus they’re in a show, be happy jeez

  10. Wow…I didn’t know Korean reporters were so touchy…can’t they even take a joke or a pleasant surprise? I actually thought the idea was pretty cool. Gosh, these people need to take a chill pill. CHILLAX dudes.

    LOL to bangbang….I guess it is another way to cut expenses.

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  12. am i the only one who find this absolutely pure genius?!
    i mean seriously, they didn’t have to spend a dime for extras and it was more natural… although, i do agree that this was pretty mean and it was a dirty scam for the photographer but i have to give it up to the director quite of a plan!

  13. reporters were in raged because maybe they want compensation. Sometimes we need to understand the give and take principle specially now that we have economic crises. Everybody is participating in the pay cut syndrome. I hope they will understand and be cooperative its for their sake also. if there is no drama they have a job to do as well.

  14. for me it’s kinda rude.. the situation was very non-ethical.. it’s like your friend used you as if like there’s nothing wrong with it.. i’m sure the reporters will help if the production approached them and explained nicely about the economic crisis.. let’s hope the best for both sides! ^_^

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