Lee Soo Kyung Attracts The Guys on Family Outing

Lee Soo Kyung became the second female guest (Tae Yeon was the first) to appear in the history of Family Outing and her appearance saw Family Outing obtain a season high rating of 28.0%, with the 30% mark in sight.

Lee Soo Kyung Gets All The Attention from Guys on Family Outing

Lee Soo Kyung was the object of affection among the guys. On this episode, the family members were tasked to make kimchi. Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Su Ro and Lee Soo Kyung formed the kimchi team while Dae Sung, Park Ye Jin, Lee Hyori, Lee Chun Hee and Yoon Jong Shin took charge of the oysters.

The guys who had Lee Soo Kyung on their team couldn’t hide their delight and kept singing songs while plucking cabbages. They even gave their victory speech with the cabbage as their trophies. In contrast, Dae Sung and Yoon Jong Shin who was on the other team had disappointment etched on their faces. And thus they were given the cold stare by Ye Jin and Hyori.

Both team also competed in a game with the guys carrying the girls and making turns. Before the game, Hyori said, “Compared to strength, strong chemistry is more important. We have already partnered many times so we can definitely do it well.” But Yoo Jae Suk expressed, “Gravity is more critical, weight, etc”, which left Hyori feeling deflated. In the end, because of Lee Soo Kyung slightly slimmer figure, Hyori did lose to the power of gravity in the end.”

Despite the harsh winter, the family members made kimchi for the villagers which left viewers feeling warm in their hearts. Meanwhile for competing programs, KBS Happy Sunday (IMC, 1N2D) obtained 17.0% with 1N2D single-show rating clocking in at 28.4%. MBC Sunday Sunday Night We Got Married continued its slump with 11.8% before its 1000th episode next week.

34 thoughts on “Lee Soo Kyung Attracts The Guys on Family Outing

  1. oh alvin,,,
    i really wish that you sub this,, it’s really hard for me to find F.O subs nowadays,,,,,,

    aside from that, thank you very much for recapping this episode… I want to watch it now,,

  2. oh no..WGM is falling….WHAE?!?!? …yeah, don’t bother answering =.=”

    BUT I LOVE LEE SOO KYUNG!!! Soulmate is my all time favorite Korean drama… IT WAS LOVEE~~!!! I’m def watching this one

  3. I love Lee Soo Kyung. She seems to have such a bright personality. I watch all of her drama so I’m pretty excited to see her not in a drama setting ^_^

  4. 1n2d still is the winner of this week. Its rating is higher than other programs, so FO doesn’t beat 1n2d at ratings, but it is still winner for the week because 1n2d doesn’t stand alone, it has carry the IMO as well…=>technically, FO still lose, but the rating is quite good, and there was a slight less than 1n2d.

  5. WGM’s 1000th episode?? REALLY?

    Okay wait that’s not right….

    Anyways, Im still alot more into 1N2D just cos it’s subbed more regularly than FO. And the 6 guys and Sang Geun are so DARN lovable!!! Including the PDs and crew. Haha!

  6. Well,…i feel KJK doesn’t fit in the family at all. I know, it takes time to get yoself used to something. But he has no spot to fill like the Others. Daesung the youngest cutie, Sooro the Leader i.e.
    I enjoyed watching the episode with C.TaeHyun in it, he would fit in the family perfectly!!
    What yo guys think?

    Love FO though! 🙂

  7. i like Lee Soo Kyung, i’ve seen 2 of her dramas, Soulmate was great. i think the FO guys would go crazy for any new girl that joined them.

  8. Oh, she was on Soulmate?

    An overrated drama. A waste of my time especially with its unrealistic ‘telephatic’ nonsense. Worst, with it’s below average acting and sudden ending.

  9. ^
    She was also in The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea.

    God, I want to watch this!! But can’t find it online with English subs… >.<

  10. Love Family Outing! The guys would go crazy over any female guest star! And it’s all for fun! Love the drama!

  11. Don’t know who she is either, but she didn’t add much to the show other than the guys making fools of themselves over her! Liked Taeyeon more! Have to say the show could do without KJK too! He’s too quiet…..anyway, I absolutely LOVE this show!

  12. theres no point for KJK to be on the show…he doesnt really fit into any of the roles of the family…and hes super quite and is just kinda “there”….i personally would like to see a new girl on the show with KJK off of it…he gets really annoying just standing around being all shy…DO SOMETHING~!

    as for FO….its love..seriously havent watched a show that makes me laugh to my stomach everytime!

  13. oh yeah..now you mention it

    the girl is from Soulmate…

    yeah i agree she is quite pretty ^^

    wish i could watch the subbed version of Family outing…

    thanks for the info

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