Kim Jong Kook Dressed As A Girl and Reunion with Shootdori Kids

KBS2TV Immortal Musical Classics this past Sunday revealed how Kim Jong Kook had looked like 14 years ago when he was still part of Turbo. Among them, an image of him dressed up as a girl left Jong Kook feeling embarassed.


Kim Jong Kook appeared as a guest on KBS2TV Immortal Musical Classics on 7th December and shared stories about Turbo plus his solo career. After finishing introducing December, Twist King, Love Is, etc classic Turbo songs, the production suddenly showed footage of how Kim Jong Kook had looked like 14 years ago which led to roars of laughter around. Kim Jong Kook sported short hair back then with a youthful look and was quite eye-catching.


One particular footage however left everyone in stitches. It showed Kim Jong Kook wearing a wig and being dolled up to look like a girl. In another, Kim Jong Kook imitated how a grandpa would talk, showing his outstanding comedic talent already. After seeing how turdy he had looked in the past, Kim Jong Kook just collasped to the floor, covering his face and refused to get up.

The program also saw the reunion of the kids from FC Shootdori (Season 1) with Kim Jong Kook. He had to bid a tearful farewell to them 3 years ago after being served with a sudden enlistment notice. Kim Jong Kook got really emotional upon seeing their faces once more and there were a few tears shed.


Kim Jong Kook is really made for variety. The kids still look the same!

38 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook Dressed As A Girl and Reunion with Shootdori Kids

  1. awww KJK could really pass for a girl! whahahaha that was waaaay before his muscles showed up! hahahaha its soo funny when he just stayed on the floor! I really love this Han Namja!

  2. wow… i’m still imagining the shoot dori kids as they were 2-3 years ago. Look how grown up they look! Aww… that must’ve been a happy reunion.

  3. Is there anyone subbing shows with KJK on it? I just realized that he’s been on lots of variety shows and i would love to watch them all. The kids are so big now, though they still look as cute as before and aww he cried. He must have missed them a lot since his sudden departure ❀

    I see my favorite Goalie, and he hasn’t changed a bit. Handsome as ever. Haha I admit, even I got teary seeing their faces.
    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already. Time sure flys face.

  5. What is Shootdori?
    Sorry, I just getting to know about Korean artists this year, so need to learn about many things

  6. OMO!!! Shootdori!!!! I am so happy that he was able to reunite with them! And look at those kids! All grown up now eh!

  7. Kim Jong Kook got really emotional upon seeing their faces once more and there were a few tears shed.


  8. ahh~ i saw seung joon and taehoon! miss them ^^
    i must watch this ep!

    oh is that sungwoo!
    he grown so big!!!!!!

  9. i am glad that the one man is back again, he should really do a show with eun hye again. I rememeber, when kjk told the kids that he was leaving they were all really sad.

  10. OMG, Taehoon and Minho still look so cute after a mere three years! Although they got taller, all of them are still so cute! I’m still excited about how they’ll look like when they’re in their teens.

  11. Gembul10: Shoot dori was a show, about these kids playing soccer and kim jong kook was their coach πŸ™‚

    Awww i miss these kidss… they’re still cute, and they look like they haven’t changed either!

  12. I remember when he said bye to the kids on Shootdori I cried when I saw the farewell. I teared up looking at the pics of their renuinion.

    P.S KJK makes a sexy woman haha.
    He’s sexier as the One Man though.

  13. Love KJK however, I was very disappointed that he got into the girl as boy trend that the Idol stars are into. It is not so cute when you are 30!!

  14. SQUEEEEEEE!!!! SHOOTDORI KIDS!! OMG, I miss them so much!!! The kids are grown up!! Look at the girl, she looks so pretty now!

    Is there any way that we could get a hold of the video of the reunion??

  15. Can anyone sub this episode, in particular, KJK with the shoot dori kids? Missing the shoot dori kids . . .

  16. LOL hahah XD. KJK covered his face and refused to get up. poor man :P. But dangg, he sure was dolled up, I thought that he was really a girl in the pic even after knowing its him :P. HAHAH..but seriously.

  17. i could still recognise those kids!
    brought mii back to the past where i always laugh looking at those kids! so cute!~

  18. Love love love Immortal Music Classics with KJK. It was hilarious.
    He was so embarassed seeing those clips from his debut days..understandably so..that was more than 13 years ago lols.
    KJK is really made for these kinds of variety show…personally I think he does better in a set variety show than a reality TV show (i.e Family Outing).

    The Shootdori kids are absolutely loveable. It’s so nice to see them reunited with their coach again.

  19. Look the same?! Those kids have grown so much!! Aw! I was wondering if he ever had his reunion back with them because when he left, he promised to see them again.

  20. Omg, I forgot all about those little kids! I remember watching those with my mom a few years back ^_^.
    The girl was always the cutest to me.

  21. pchan, thanks for the URL for the show! Really enjoyed watching it. KJK and EunHyuk on one show!! Although when you have too many people, not everyone can participate as much. I’m not sure why korean shows have so many hosts/guests on at one time. Oh well, love watching KJK on all these variety shows!!

  22. AH!! The shootdori kids. They have grown so much :O but they still look like they did about two years ago still recognizable!!

    KJK as a girl…lol. He still looks very masculine

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