Han Ye Seul Says Sorry For Leaving During Awards Ceremony

There had been an uproar over Han Ye Seul sudden departure in the midst of the 7th Korean Film Awards last Thursday (4th December) for which she gave an official apology today. During the 7th Korean Film Awards, Han Ye Seul left the awards ceremony after the first half, leading to widespread speculation that the reason was because she didn’t win the Best New Actress award.

Han Ye Seul at 7th Korean Film Awards Red Carpet

Han Ye Seul posted on her Cyworld minihompy today with the heading, words that I would like to say to my fans. “Sorry for disappointing everyone at the last movie festival of 2008, Korean Film Awards. I am also hurting because I made a really big mistake. After wrapping up filming for Tazza, my schedule has been really jam packed with activities. Frankly, I am very tired. When I thought of the fact that I had an interview to do after the awards ceremony, I decided to make a move first. Thinking back, maybe I shouldn’t have done that.”

She added, “I was worried that the winner of the Best New Actress, Seo Woo (Crush and Blush) might have some misgivings about me. I hope that everyone can be gracious towards me who is still learning and not being tactful enough. I will be more careful and patient in future, please continue to support me.

Han Ye Seul also thanked someone who had helped her, “Before the announcement of the Best New Actress, Kim Yun Jin sunbaenim held my hands tightly (helping to dispel her nervousness). She is very talented. I really respect her from the bottom of my heart because she is so kind and thoughtful.”

34 thoughts on “Han Ye Seul Says Sorry For Leaving During Awards Ceremony

  1. oh !This girl made a bad impression because of her behaviour without much thought at last movie festival .

  2. i feel sorry for her, but she should have known better. I’m sure there were lots of tired people, but that’s just part of going to a big awards ceremony, you have to sit through the whole thing. i’m sure it would have been different if she won right? being tired wouldn’t have stopped her. and being tired didn’t stop all the other actress and actors from sitting through the whole thing. But i guess as long as she doesn’t repeat her mistakes, she should be okay.

  3. i understand her feelings, but at the same time as a professional view, that was a bit immature, at least she realized her mistake..

  4. @reynie: its not something that can be called trivial…when you’re invited to award shows like these even if you didnt win you have to suck it up and sit through the whole thing…its called manners. Its not an excuse that she was tired – if she was tired she shouldn’t have attended in the first place.

  5. People who are making this into a big deal, especially korean netizens, really boggle my mind. SO WHAT?! She was tired, and she left during the intermission. Big deal, who the hell cares? This is just another example of how netizens always blow things out of proportion and making nothing into something. She even apologized for gods sake, and she said that she really regretted it, can’t people just leave it at that and take her apology for what it is. Some people must really have nothing better to do to then to get rattled over something like this. It’s not like other celebs haven’t left early in plenty of other award shows before, it’s just that no one really took notice because no star officially came out and apologized as if it was a big deal which it isn’t. It’s not considered unusual especially since they are stars have crazy schedules, and have other things to do. Some don’t even show up to award shows at all. And in this case, Han Ye Seul said that she was very tired, and even Kim Yun Jin told her she should go home early. This just shows how a bit naive Han Ye Seul is to be concerned over netizen’s remarks over this issue to have felt the need to make an apology on her personal cyworld. FYI, she’s the one who’s always smiling at the award shows when others celebs look bored as hell out of their mind. Cut her some slack will ya.

  6. Plus, there are plenty of other celebs, even kpop boybands, who don’t apologize for doing even bigger messups that I will not mention, but that I’m sure you’ve heard of.

  7. kio – which is why she apologized. it’s not like she’s coming out and saying that she didn’t do anything wrong. she admitted her mistake and said that regretted it greatly, will not do again, etc..

  8. did I say something about her not admitting to her mistake? I was merely pointing out as to why this was considered a big deal in Korea and I agree on you on the whole boyband thing btw…but reality is that koreans will always find some flaw in celebrities which is why they always have to be on their “best” behavior.

  9. wow… people’s opinions seem to affect others very much…when will we ever get past that stage… then again it what she did was kinda err… if she didn’t want to endure all the formalities, she should’ve stayed home….its part of her job, so being tired isn’t really a good reason…everybody is tired

  10. @ ridiculous

    Point taken but like kio stated “koreans will always find some flaw in celebrities which is why they always have to be on their β€œbest” behavior” and to be fair there was a lot of talk when Kanye West made a hissy fit when he didn’t win at the music awards.

    Sorry to say but you can’t have the good without the bad. Celebs have fame and wealth and so they lose their privacy in return. Sucks but thats that.

  11. Yea, but what upsets me is that she didn’t make a hissy fit like Kanye. There’s no proof that she left because she was upset that she lost. People just assume that since she didn’t win the Best New Actress and left shortly after during the intermission period that it must’ve been because she didn’t win the award. Just because one thing (A) happens after another (B) doesn’t mean that A caused B. You (not you specifically) can’t just jump to conclusions and conclude that there’s a causal relationship between them. And yet instead some netizens are doing just that.

  12. with all the discussion being thrown around, the thing about the korean celebreties needing to be on their ‘best behaviour’ is a big understatement. The korean netizens will always find flaws, totally agreed.

    Why are there so many suicide rates in the korean entertainment world, I wonder?

    Personally, I think that there is a high possibility that it may neither be her being upset for not winning, nor being too tired. She just doesn’t want or may not be able to share the truth. But with the demanding media and consumer, she HAS to come up with something. Though if you really think of it, if a personal emergency like a family emergency came up and she doesn’t feel like telling the world, who are we to pressure her right?

  13. I’m sure there are plenty of other actors and actresses that are exhausted there. Who else there didn’t work just as hard to get nominated? But despite that, you should always stay for the entire ceremony despite how tired you are. Otherwise, half of the nominees would disappear halfway through the ceremony. It’s just respect for those who have invited you and your fans.

    Look at BoA who fainted after her performance at MKMF in 2005, but she still went back to the ceremony after leaving the hospital. It’s just mannerism. You stay for a ceremony as if you were winning, regardless of whether you really will win. We would leave a wedding halfway because we were exhausted, right?

    Some mentioned that at least she apologized. Well, if her management tells her she needs to do some damage control, then of course she’s obligated to write an apology letter. I don’t know her personally, so I can’t say she wasn’t sincere while writing her letter of apology, but 80% of the time, an artist’s actions are the results of their management’s demand.

  14. I think it was an upset loss, because she’s won some awards for Miss Gold Digger before. the winner that night was only nominated/winning this one time – Korean Film Award esp. likes to highlight new faces, and Han Yeseul in comparison is more established through more roles/publicity than her.

    As for leaving early – it obviously creates more problem than if she stayed, because i often see netizens praising stars just for sitting through entire awards show IN THE FRONT ROW. they see it as supporting their industry, the awards are supposed to “celebrate” fruits of their labor that year. a large part of this work is sitting through hours of waiting (for camera/technical setup, for makeup), so it’s built-in aspect of the job. but she should leave if she’s about to faint or get very ill or something…

  15. I don’t blame her for leaving.
    One has to put their health first at times, if you overwork yourself out of mannerisms and courtesy then you would be sick 90% of the time. It doesn’t seem like she’s mad about her loss, she just sounds more regretful for leaving and really sorry.

    As an actress I like her.
    For her honesty I like her even more as a human being.

  16. The ‘netizens’ need to chill! Seriously!

    I’m sure none of them can’t imagine how busy she must be but atleast she apologized. πŸ™‚

  17. I enjoyed her drama fantasy couple but after hearing personal issues about her, i became displeased with her at times. i used to not live too far from her and people i know knew her personally. i was told that she stole from a shop before and when caught, said she was going to become a big star so it wasn’t a big deal to take that one little thing anyways. this was when she was starting out in the industry and was a model at first. i know it sounds a little odd and a rumor, but thats pretty much what i heard. i still think she’s a pretty decent actress though and that incident did occur before she officially debut as an actress. i hope she improves in the future

  18. @J, mm that’s interesting. personally i don’t really care what she does in her private life (except for murder & other amoral biggies.) to me she’s an actress (best in light comedy), not role model for good character. it sucks she’s flawed, but as long i’m not the shopkeeper she stole from… πŸ˜€
    anyway it seems korean society really is more forgiving with men. at least 2 actors i know were previously convicted of sex with minor. they served jail time briefly, and are now back to acting again. on people’s screens. even though they were over 40 and buying teen girls. some netizens protested this, but it’s a very SMALL number. too bad han yeseul isn’t an ajussi – she could leave early w/o wagging tongues πŸ˜€

  19. @ J: Some people just like adding oil to fire, and by ‘spreading’ the rumour, it’d only stir up more disrespect or hatred toward the actress.

    She apologised, so people should just get over it. It’s no skin off our nose.

  20. Even though she had a reason, it’s still not a polite thing to leave in the middle of a ceremony. If she was tired, she could’ve just not attended the ceremony in the first place.

  21. yea ok so she left cuz she was tired and that was alittle rude…but honestly netzitens should just all burn in hell because they always blow things out of proportion and hurting ppl…what they fail to realize is that celebrities are humans too and that humans make mistakes…that’s how we grow…are celebrities not allowed to make mistakes? what next they can’t show emotions?

  22. feeling like kanye west rite now
    no matter what is the excuse, leaving in the middle of a show is a definite no…
    it would be better if u dont come at all
    then people will actually believe all the excuse of have to be somewhere else…

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  24. If she had a video phone she could have still watched the awards after she left and be seen as well while relaxing in her hotel room or whereever. The lack of knowledge of available technology was a disadvantage, see: 5linx.net/ulric for video phone

  25. personally i think if someone apologies, the story should end here. it takes a lot of courage for one to do so. anyway no one is perfect. han ye seul, ajar ajar fighting!

  26. Wow guys its nothing to make it big, i feel her. She have something to do, and since she already apologize. Don’t need to mkae it big. Aniways Congrats to her for winning top 10 star award and Tazza =]

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