We Got Married Episode 37 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

The JoongBo couple braces themselves for their farewell vacation, back to where they started off in the first place, Jeju Island. Oh the memories!

Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo Farewell Vacation at Jeju Island

A surprise guest turns up at the Ant Couple’s home, looking for Hyung Don.

Surprise Guest For Hyung Don?

The 100th Day wedding photoshoot for the 2 newer couples.

Marbi and Hwanyobi Couple 100th Day Wedding Photoshoot

We Got Married E37 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Download the softsub at mediafire or sendspace or megaupload uploaded by muish and laydeebutterfly. Episode 37 from Clubbox (1.1GB) or K-Aigo.

47 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 37 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

  1. Is this JoongBo’s last episode, or one more?/ SHIT, they’re dropping like flies. URGH.

    ZOMG, who’s the girl who likes HyungDon??? o.O

    100th day photoshoot already!! HwanYobi’s are looking surprisingly lovely, aww! ^^

  2. sad to see my favourite couple leave. 😦
    the new couples photoshoot looks gorgeous though. especially son dambi. hwanhee looks sweet with hwayobi.

  3. The 100th anniversary photo looks lovely.
    I love the Marco and Son Dam Bi picture, I seem to see it in every lovely wedding picture where the bride and the groom can’t hide the excitement and smile widely at the entire session πŸ™‚

  4. I would of loved it if Saori came and visited HyungDon haha.

    OMG Joongbo couple- i think i may cry watching this episode.
    Marco and Dambis wedding photos look soo cute. Hwanhee and yobi look great too.

  5. i juz watched JoongBo couple….this is really sad …i know this is make-believe couple..but i juz dont know how to deal with this split by my own… ~ they really look good together..even i know that they always leave without word after each had their interview in purple room..but, even the horse now play role to witness their love, the mission box juz drop off so suddenly??? ~ this is really hard for mr to accept their split…why after they become all naturally in conversation, skinship n also mind set…n now the idea to split is juz really bad to take…. ~ i feel really bad…………. 😦

  6. There’s still one final episode after this one … gak! … the Dec 14 broadcast is the last we’ll see of them. Sigh. I really wish that if WGM survives in the new year that Alex and Shin Ae or Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong came back when their schedules permitted as surprise specials or guests for couple vacations or something.

    :o) wishful thinking, I know

  7. Oh soo soon, the lettuce couple will finish next week. Seriously, they should have brought saori instead, what kind of girl would like the pig devil don don. Anyways the photo shoot is cute. hwayobi and dambi looks really good.

  8. im hoping that after Hyunjoong finishes filming they will come back to the show..im really going to miss them..after they leave i probably wont even watch the show anymore (unless they get an awsome new couple..) γ… _γ…  *cries*

  9. They’re forcing Marco & Son Dambi. I still wish that they’d have a different husband and wife…

    Anyway, I’m not too excited to watch ‘We Got Married’ anymore….

    It’s just not the same and I’m usually one to not complain.

  10. Does anyone else think that Hwanhee’s side profile in the Hwanyobi picture reminds you of Alex? Or is it just me? 😑

  11. I’m soooooo gonna miss my favourite couple: The Lettuce Couple 😦

    But looky-here Dondon has a new wife? Oo ttuk kkae???

  12. I like how the JoongBo couple when full circle.
    They are the couple who has improved the most to me.

    I actually miss Saori… she should come back and get some redemption.

    && I’m happy for the 100 day couples/

  13. after the last two episodes, i’ve become so much more optimistic towards the marco sondambi couple
    they have some rough edges, but once they smooth them out, they fit each other quite well

    =( sigh, so gonna miss the lettuces

  14. I’m gonna go with paid actress so that my logical world doesn’t come crumbling down on my face as I find out decent girls could actually like a guy like that.

    Someone save my imaginary world, please!!!

  15. i know it isn’t gonna be the same after joongbo leaves, but it is how it was since anbi left…i think i need to let go of the pass, lol. i’m starting to like the newer couples more…they look really nice in their photos! can’t wait to see this episode πŸ˜€

  16. Does anybody know a forum or a website where you can get larger wedding pictures of the new couples … or they haven’t been released yet?

  17. Lisa,
    try the soompi forums, the main thread and the individual couples threads shd have some good pics =)

    Sad for the Joongbo fans though, thank goodness now HwanYobi is my fave so it’s a great time. but I’ll still miss HJ’s wonderful humour… well, i guess the farewell will be painful now, but it’ll get better in time. Wonder who’s that female guest though, anyone knows?

  18. oh i’m excited to see them take pictures… i like the two new couples.
    i’m not too sad about JoongBo couple leaving because they seem to be doin the same things over again.. EXCITED FOR HANA YURI DANGO!

  19. I heard the female guess is a fan of don don who pretents to be a college friend with SIY in order to make it easier to get close to him. Can’t believe don don got such a fab, lolzzz.

    I love the Killer Couple fotoshoot. It’s somehow similar to Lecture Couple concept, very lively and creative.

  20. omo! The Marco Dambi couple was made for the camera… their pictures came out soo well.

    I believe their photoshoot is my second favorite after the Joongbo couple’s fun photoshoot.
    The HwanYobi photoshoot looks like a lot of fun as well ^_^

    *sigh* They really are “dropping like flies though”. It’s sudden and heartbreaking but then again… it’s a variety show, neh? I got over it when Xman was cancelled, I can pull through this change as well.


  21. do you know what song is playing in the background of hwanhee’s and hwayobi’s shoot at the korean traditional house? >.< i really wanna download it!

  22. I don’t care for Dambi – Marco – something about them two drives me crazy – but I love Hwanhee and Hwayobi. Sad to see Joongbo leaving…

  23. Hwangbo,Hyunjoong will miss you ..sad….sad…sad But its Ok.we know that someday you will be together again,and we love you more……………………………………………please make movies or drama with good story….

  24. Did anyone else hear that the Ant couple will be leaving at the end of December and the next season of WGM will start with the new couples and will run in 3 month cycles. I mean 3 months really that is hardly any time at all.

  25. thanks for the post coolsmurf!! πŸ˜€ it’s been a long way for wgm =) hopefully the new season will pick up:)

  26. looks amazingg~ joongbo will be sorely missed : ( they were def my favs.
    dambi and marco looks soooo good together!! : D

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