Netizens and Fans Protest Against Park Shin Yang Drama Ban

Simple explanation of the whole mess: Park Shin Yang was banned by the Korea Television Drama Production Company Association last Friday from Korean dramas in the future. This after they claimed that the unpaid wages claimed by Park Shin Yang for his work in War of Money was too high (read more).

Park Shin Yang Being Made A Scapegoat?

Fans and netizens have been voicing their displeasure on the internet in the aftermath of this whole fiasco, “Is it a sin to take legal action for not adhering to the terms of the contact? This is not a fair and just decision.”

Park Shin Yang has no doubt been hit hard by this decision. His acting in Painter of The Wind as Kim Hong Do was questioned by critics and the lacklustre tv ratings also meant that it did not achieve what was expected of the drama beforehand from many. And now, Park Shin Yang has been “punished” by the Korea Television Drama Production Company Association despite claiming his unpaid wages in a legal manner. It’s understood that Park Shin Yang flew to America to reunite with his family after wrapping up filming for Painter of the Wind, giving the customary post-drama celebratory party a miss.

But with regards to Bae Yong Joon receiving in excess of 200 million won per episode for Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi, the association expressed, “Bae Yong Joon wields a lot of influence which led to many foreign investors investing their money in the drama. In addition, the drama was a big project that was aimed at the overseas market. There was also no issues between the production company and cast, so you can’t lump the both of them together.”

The association has 30-odd members including Samhwa Production, Kim Jong Hyuk Production, Chorokbaem Media, Olive9, Pan Entertainment, etc.

Industry critics felt that the harsh “punishment” meted out to an established A-lister like Park Shin Yang was to make him as an example of implementing a salary wage cap on stars. With hallyu stars like Kwon Sang Woo, Song Seung Hun lowering their wages recently and Park Shin Yang being frozen out now, the days of earning big money from acting looks to be a thing of the past.

34 thoughts on “Netizens and Fans Protest Against Park Shin Yang Drama Ban

  1. This is a bit ridiculous, in my opinion.
    Is it all because he filed a lawsuit? If so, maybe it’s their way of not paying him what he deserves. Didn’t really watched War of Money but I heard it was a big hit. I think he deserve to get paid. Banning him is totally unecessary!

    Korean laws are just too much for me…

    ::waves @ ayoepan::

  2. wait…they’ve agreed on the payments before filming starts right? then why d hell are they not paying him???? instead banning him..????

    favourtisim….bae yong joon got paid….weird…..

  3. that is ridiculous and wayyy messed up. they totally have a double standard. it’s not like money’s warfare wasn’t huge in korea…it was insanely popular, having incredible ratings [almost reached 40%]. i get that the legend was also mad popular and that byj drew in a lot of money from foreign companies, but byj got paid like 200+ billion won per episode while park shin yang is asking for like half of that for only the extra episodes that were added to the original 14 [i think it was meant to be 14?].

    ughh…park shin yang is such a great actor too. it’s such a shame that he’s getting this kind of unfair treatment. they shouldn’t just single out one person; it’s ridiculous. if he were doing a crappy job of acting and had done a drama with super low ratings and was asking for such an amount, then i would understand why he’d get banned…but he’s not. ughhh.

  4. i find the punishment to harsh. but i think there are some missing link in the story. was it ever mentioned whether park shin yang was paid for the extensions? how much was he paid?

    before agreeing for an extension, from what i believe, there should be an amendment to the contract and new terms for payment. maybe park shin yang was not really paid for the extension. otherwise, i don’t think he’ll not take any legal action. but is he really asking for 170 million won per episode extension when he’s only getting 40 million won per ordinary episode?

    with regard to byj, he did get any professional fee but instead he took a risk by investing. in return after two years since the start of production, twssg earned profit. byj’s company also got the rights to sell related items from the drama and get bonuses for the export right.

  5. i hope he will not commit suicide because of this. he turned in doing dramas as his movies were not doing good. his furniture business was closed, he has no product endorsements and he created his own agency. the sanction they gave on him was very cruel. if they do not want to pay him, don’t pay him by winning the case…banning him from making TV series is unreasonable.

  6. I think byj bankabilitiy is different and is out of the question. He is the one who started hallyu and after hallyu boomed the prices of drama exports went up. Naturally the actors will command higher pay too. What they don’t analyze first is the market as a whole. Successful projects can’t be achieved by just the casting alone. The script and presentation must be good. The production companies should have concentrated more on how to make good projects. What they do is to produce mediocre dramas that are really forgettable. They should plan and execute a project mediculously.

    Actors who had made a hit or two had this hallucinations that they are already big in Asia well in fact they are not. They started to command higher fees because BYJ set the barometer for them.

    Sorry to say that the producers and the actors should sit down and talk while it is not too late. Before they know it, the whole k-drama boom in asia will vanish sooner than they expected and nobody will be interested to buy their works anymore.

  7. i guess nowadays, K-dramas are not selling as much as before. even in Korea their dramas are not anymore patronized by the Koreans. even big stars cannot anymore guarantee the success of a drama and recession is also hitting Korea right now. producers do not want to invest in their dramas. and even though they are hit in their country, they are not having huge market anymore outside Korea. that even if they are purchased by other countries, they also are not guaranteeing those who purchased them a gain. thus some are doing reruns of successful dramas instead of purchasing new ones. whatever…once Korea have tried airing foreign dramas, the people will start wanting to see such quality in acting and story in their own dramas.

    life must go on with PSY. he has his family which is more important than his career.

  8. Another case and much worse than Lee Junki’s punishment from his former agency…we are now witnessing the uglier side of the Korean entertainment industry…ever wonder why the drama Hyun Bin and Song Hyekyo isn’t rating even when the storyline, screenplay and directing is good? It’s because the drama itself shows what’s really happening behind the scenes in filming these shows…and Koreans don’t want to see that.

  9. now i hearing 933.. they say that he sue the company for extra money… and he requested too much for each eps thats why they banned him..

  10. woah! thats some harsh punishment. why ban?!
    can’t they just suspend him or something..

    what about bae yong joon and his ridiculously huge wage?! why don’t they do something about that.

  11. they are basicially breaking up his career!!!
    even if he requested too much…was he wrong to get back the money he should be paid legally.
    its like working OT yet the boss dun pay you the righfully OT salary. and he fired you juz becoz you put up a lawsuit to get back wat you deserved.
    Korean showbiz is sooo weird…i learnt new thing every time.

  12. If it was stipulated in his contract to be paid X amount per episode and the production company accepted those terms then they are required by law to abide by those terms. If the company fails to abide by those terms then the actor/actress has every right to contact a lawyer have him/her file suit for failure to pay.

    As for the committee banning him that in itself seems to be a violation in and of itself. They are punishing a man (and his future career) over the failure that the production company failed to their end of the contractual agreement. As the article suggests the action was in a sense a way of telling other actors/actress to lower their asking price seems to be a misguided step and one that will cost a lot of people their livelihood (be it as an actor/actress or those who work in production).

    To place the blame of a shows ratings on a single individual is rather petty as a number of people were drawn to this show because of Moon Geun Young and not Park Shin Yang as it was slated to be her comeback (in some sense as I understand it).

  13. banning the guy seems unfair, especially if they already agreed about the payment amount with a contract, it seems like all these companies are breaking their word. if he sued them, he would win. i haven’t seen any of his dramas or Bae Yong Joon’s dramas, so i don’t get why they are so popular & get paid so much. i did hear War Of Money did well, and they should pay the guy what they promised.

  14. I can’t believe the banned Mr.Dimples!
    Might as well say you’re fired!
    That seriously is messed up.
    There are tons of other stars who are probably paid high then him.

  15. These are the facts as i understand:
    – PSY commands top fees since Lovers in Paris (also had successful spinoff: Lovers in Prague), War of Money were hits. In movies, he starred in Big Swindle (hit), & 90s melodrama The Letter (hit; with Choi Jin-sil.)
    – PSY is suing because the 2007 (not current!) contract between him and SBS are not honored.
    – This TV association is using PSY as example with extreme PR tactic, to keep OTHER stars in line. they’re 3RD PARTIES to contract b/n PSY and SBS!
    – Hallyu’s problems are not started/made worse by PSY: the association DOES NOT institute a pay scale standard that makes sense to market conditions, a LOT of middlemen inflate the price in buying/selling between korea & other asian countries. these businessmen GO BY stars and name brands (because their fanbase are easy to spot), so quality/story aren’t the issue – as they should be for our sake.
    – the latest from SBS is they’ll continue to hire PSY if he lowers his fees. the truth: all of PSY’s last 3 series were with SBS, PSY’s fees for Painter is _already_ reduced, SBS is playing good-cop to the association’s bad-cop.
    – PSY’s own prod. company co-produced the extended episodes. PSY did the extension at request of SBS (who couldn’t let go of 30%+ rating.) SBS AGREED to PSY’s asking price.

  16. i think his talent deserves a just compensation. banning him from future productions is a big loss because this guy really portrays his character well. i hope everything will be fixed.

  17. If it is true that PSY is being made an example of then all that is logical does not exist in the Korea Television Drama Production Company Association.

    Actors/ actresses have the right to set their wages and production companies have the right to hire a actor/actress that meet’s their budget.

    I am quiet perplex by Korean law????? @_#

  18. Banned for winning a legal battle for what is rightfully yours? To use the word absurd is an understatement. If they didn’t want to pay him, they should’ve fought his court battle. Since he legally won that money, these associations are now ganging up on him by BANNING him? It just sounds like bitching and moaning on the associations part to me. I hope this case gets resolved and FAST. I think I might go postal if there are no more PSY movies in the near future.

  19. That is totally unfair… he was only asking for what he was promised. Wasn’t he?

    I know that times are bad… but does the association have to resort to this? >_<

  20. I started liking Korean Dramas because of Park Shin Yang. Ever since I watched Lovers in Paris, I started watching other Korean Dramas, too. Now that they are going to ban my all-time favorite Korean Actor, I don’t know if I should even support Korean dramas anymore. They are so unfair with how they are treating PSY. He is the best actor in Korea and not seeing him in another drama will put a big hole in the Korean Drama Industry. I hope that they will settle this in PSY’s favor. If they don’t, they might lose people like me who buys Korean Drama DVDs, OSTs, etc. If they continue banning PSY, I am going to ban all their dramas, too. How they are treating PSY is such a turn-off for fans like me?

  21. Latest news (hanfever 12/8/08) says this association is not backing down on his “ban”.

    they’re inventing more sordid stories of how PSY “harmed” the Money’s Warfare production, making people mad, etc.

    (so, he was suddenly Mr. Nice Guy on Painter of the Wind??)

    I feel sad/angry about their bullying him.

  22. This is ridicules. >_>

    With Lee Seo Jin probably go early for retirement. And with Park Shin Yang ban, Korea gonna missed the dimples. T_T

    They are such an excellent actors…

  23. Anyone can help PSY to attack against the stupid ban of TV drama association ? How can this happen , is it the way of not paying money for actors and actresses of the TV drama association? they ban the actor so they dont need to …pay , they are really bastards !

  24. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me considering the whole Yoon Eun Hye and Coffee Prince Fiasco where her own agenting company withheld her wages because she wanted to act in Coffee Prince and not just their one studio (Despite Coffee Prince’s wild popularity and their dramas (such as Goong2) always falling flat… Making me feel bad for JJH whose caught up in that crap and they must have been pissed to see all of their non-studio stuff she chose succeeding wildly because unlike *them* she knew a good drama when she saw one). Just as petty as this.

    But then Korea doesn’t work on suing and logic as a country. Gut emotions often win out…

    This year’s drama selection was weak because everyone wanted to do historical dramas after Hong Gil Dong set the trend. Leave it to the Hong Sisters to have everyone quaking in their boots about having a job. Always setting the trend. I think this is why this year’s numbers slumped. Though When it’s at Night is an excellent drama the range of good dramas wasn’t as much this year as in previous years.

    As for this story… sadly, I’m not surprised. Petty, yes. But Korea often runs the politics on that suing is the last thing you do. They probably expected him to do it like Yoon Eun Hye instead of making them lose face and making it public with a lawsuit. But I do think the way they chose to follow it up is not preserving face at all, just pointing to the fact that they were in the wrong, but being Korean, I can understand the brazen “challenge” “pride” and “stubbornness” of it. Typical of Korean behavior. *cough* Me being one…

    We Just Got Married doesn’t lie when the actors and entertainers claim to be broke…

  25. I really can not understand Koreans why they do not value well the drama of painters. It is an excellent work, with much higher standards in every aspects than those of favouritely rated others. Maybe they are bored from their own culture or just they are not interested in it at all while foreigners are staring with wide eyes both the paintings , painters and the actors, and the excellent team work which resulted in this brilliant series. Maybe the marketing is bad , it is more interesting abroad than at home. It seems to me that Koreans like lighter soap-stories….and they like young actors

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