Youtube Has Gone HD Officially Following Widescreen Change

Frequent and occasional users of would have noticed a big/wide change today when you tried viewing a video on their website.

Youtube Goes HD

Having introduced the widescreen player for all their videos on 25th November, Youtube has gone one step further by now introducing a watch in HD option (for non-HD, the watch in high quality option remains). This option will come into play if your videos are uploaded in 1280×720 resolution. This option was actually working for a few months already but you had to use a url hack by adding &fmt=22 to the end of a video url. So now, Youtube has truly gone high definition with a widescreen player and the ability to watch HD by default.

Watching HD on Youtube is awesome. But it also means that it would be laggy for those who have computers with lower specifications. To get videos with high quality back (less lag also), add &fmt=18 to the end of the video url. It will also take longer to upload a video in future because of the bigger filesize.

30 thoughts on “Youtube Has Gone HD Officially Following Widescreen Change

  1. hmm….
    I’m using a Full HD laptop, but it shows “watch in High Quality”
    but it’s still in wide screen though…
    do you need to set anything to watch in HD?

  2. i love the changes they did. Especially that now you can watch all videos of a playlist or quicklist in fullscreen . Now i can watch a show without having to always select fullscreen after 10 min. Much more comfortable.The quality of the vid has gone up also and the widescreen shows the vids better now on my screen. So if they continue with this type of changes, all i can say is i want more ^_^

  3. I’ve a fast connection but 1GB of RAM and it works half-fine because I’ll always get at least 2 seconds lag but it’s ok as long as I can watch in HD.

  4. reply to more:

    youtube doesnt make the video HD, it depends on the person who uploads the video whether or not it was HD quality to begin with.

    i think its great although not every video is of the same quality. the old videos arent widescreen format so its alittle weird sometimes.

  5. @jolly

    HQ is just HQ it’s sharper/clear than LQ BUT HD is like the highest quality you can get right now…

  6. @nuguya
    thx for the reply πŸ˜‰
    just realized the differences…

    too bad my old PC lags everytime i watch vid in HD. Damn -___-

  7. I thought I’d share a little tidbit – FF is awesome and has lovely scripts.

    I use one that converts the YT video window size back to the old one and another that instantly converts the videos to HQ, with no need to keep pasting the little bit of code in the end of links.

    YT </3

  8. that’s why my computer’s always so laggy when i get on yt! X| i generally have a moderate speed when watching normal and hish quality, but lately, it’s been really bad. i don’t like the widescreen either.

    ah whatever. i guess it’s good for those who have new computers.

  9. Youtube is awesome since they had caption and wide screen capabilities! πŸ˜€

    Only it sucks when there is LIMITED amount of videos you can favorite in Youtube. Mine have reached maximum amount and I cant fav anymore. W T F?! T________T

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