21 thoughts on “Park Min Young Ceci Magazine December 08 (9P)

  1. i have a big nose too, what the fuck is the problem? the good thing is that it doesn’t make me judge people just by the size of their noses

    her nose is perfect, i approve it.

  2. Awww, Gorgeous, i just dont like picture 7, i hate how the makeup artist darkens her brows with some black color, grr. but she looks soo pretty in the other pics 😀

  3. @krysti: heehee, I wonder how a hard core irrational fan would say…..lol. Im not sure, all i know is that in some of the pics they drew over her eyebrows, 😀 ….some of them are light and some of them are dark and busy….

    I like ur choices coolsmurf

    I wonder if I can have nice skin like that…..*sigh*

  4. To Tiffa- Really? I think the red lipstick in #3 looks fantastic on her (I’m a huge fan of that classic dame look). I think the lipstick on #6 washes her out a little bit, but that could just be the lighting.

  5. #5 my favorite

    Hate red lipstick on every girl…I like pink lipstick more <33 Much more attractive eheh =P

  6. hmm. i don’t think she’s that pretty. she looks just a bit better than average to me. and it’s a little strange how she’s facing the same direction in all the pics.

  7. Her eyebrows just doesn’t ‘cut’ it for me!

    Anyway, I think she’s pretty even with the hideous eyebrows. I’ve seen worst!

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